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  • 22_bulb.pngAndroid has been competing with Apple for a while now, trying to capture their fair share of the market. Although iPhones continue to dominate the market, Android has been on the rise lately. With that, the number of Android online casinos has also improved quite significantly, especially with the introduction of instant play casinos.

    At the very outset of mobile casino gambling, the focus of the operators was heavily geared towards iPhone users. The reason for this was two-fold. Primarily, there were more iOS phone users out there and secondly, Apple store allowed casino apps to be listed. Google Play Store, on the other hand, has only started to allow this recently, and it is still only open to a few countries.

    However, Android players came to their own with the introduction of instant play casinos. These online casinos can be easily accessed from your phone's internet browsers, not requiring a standalone application. This was a big breakthrough for Android online casinos.

    There are some online casinos these days also offering installable Android apps and that number is bound to grow as more countries are allowed to advertise casino apps in the Google Play store. However, with the popularity of instant casinos rising, it is likely many operators won't see a special reasons to develop standalone Android casino apps.

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