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    Game information

    Software: NetEnt
    Game Type: Poker
    Game Variation: Red Dog Poker
    Variation: Red Dog Poker


    Progressive Jackpot
    Live Dealer
    Virtual Reality

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    Despite having the word poker in its name, Red Dog Poker by NetEnt actually has very little to do with the classic game of poker, except the card values. Nevertheless, Red Dog Poker is a very exciting betting game where players are asked to make fairly simple spread bets. Initially, the player pays an ante bet of his choice and two cards are dealt face up. The player bets on the value of the third card being anywhere between the two cards that are face up. The smaller the spread, the bigger the payout if the card is within the spread.

    Red Dog Poker is an extremely fun game to play, but can be costly if you play it progressively, which is the initial setting of the game. Progressive betting can of course be turned off and the player can collect his winnings manually at any time, but it is very easy to get carried away in this game where action is truly fast and furious.

    A True Gambler’s Game

    Red Dog Poker is a heaven for any gambler out there who wants to experience the thrill of chasing a huge win. The game is meant to be played progressively and hitting just a few right cards in a row can turn a small bet into a huge profit.

    The game really draws the best out of anyone who loves to gamble as the spread betting is extremely hazardous and there are no advanced strategies involved. You either feel it or you don’t and that’s exactly how NetEnt meant it to be in this simple yet addictive game.

    Despite the casino only having a 2.5% edge over the player, the progressive nature of the game can make it extremely costly to play and lead to great variance. Still, if you play it with caution and in a responsible way, Red Dog Poker by NetEnt will easily be one of the most carefree and thrilling gambling experiences you will ever have.


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