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    PlayFrank Daily Challenges Taking Fun to the Next Level!

    PlayFrank Daily Challenges Taking Fun to the Next Level!
    PlayFrank Casino Special Offer
    Special Offer PlayFrank Casino Daily Challenges give players a chance to earn valuable rewards every day by playing their favorite games and moving up through different Tracks, each next one more challenging and rewarding than the last.

    Casinos for You

    All existing PlayFrank players have a lot to look forward to thanks to the Daily Challenges promo intended to give you the boost alongside your regular play. And, if you don't have an account at PlayFrank Casino yet, this is a good reason to open one, as these challenges really take fun to the next level!

    Move Through the Tracks & Earn Rewards

    The Daily Challenges system is based on Tracks you get to move up through as you play your favorite games. Everybody starts at the basic track and move up through the levels by spinning slots and playing other casino games.

    By unlocking the next Track, new ones become available as well, so the fun never stops. For as long as you keep playing, there are new challenges awaiting ahead, bringing new rewards for you to unlock.

    Pick Your Prize

    PlayFrank offers several different types of Tracks, so you won't be stuck with just one kind of a reward. Depending on your preferences, you can always choose a different Track and go for it.

    Types of prizes offered by the casino include extra spins, percentage bonuses on your next deposit(s), and more. If you prefer to get surprised, you can also pick a mystery reward Track.

    There are up to three new challenges every day, so you're not likely to get bored any time soon. Try your luck with PlayFrank Daily Challenges and see how far you can get, earning valuable rewards in the process!



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