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  • Amaya


    Name: Amaya
    Company: Amaya Inc.
    AKA: Chartwell, Amaya Gaming Group
    URL: amaya.com
    Founded: 2004
    Ownership: Private Company
    Headquarters: Canada
    Parent Company: The Stars Group


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    Amaya Gaming is one of the true giants of the gaming industry. Worth over $5 billion, Amaya is one of the finest online gaming software developers you will come across, developing some of the world’s best gaming software.

    About Amaya

    Amaya Gaming is the largest publically traded gaming company - the status it acquired back in 2014. The company owns and operates various major gaming brands such as PokerStars and is also a provider of the gaming software for many online casinos and other gaming establishments.

    Worth over $5 billion, the gaming giant that is Amaya Gaming is one of the best known names in the industry. When it comes to online casino software, the company creates and distributes online slots and many other casino games to some of the world’s best online casinos.

    Casinos using Amaya

    Amaya Gaming is a huge name in the online gaming industry and as such, their software is used by countless major online casinos. You will find slot machines and other software with the Amaya brand in some of the most popular online casinos out there and considering the number of titles this company has produced, some online casinos focus primarily on Amaya branded machines, and why shouldn’t they?


    Amaya Games

    Amaya Gaming owns quite a few online gaming brands, but it also develops software used by other companies and online casinos. Popular slot titles such as Wonder Woman, Shogun Showdown, Cash Inferno, and Double Panda are all products of Amaya Gaming’s fantastic game development team.

    Amaya Gaming slot machines stand out from the rest of them with unique designs and gameplay options, being created by some of the biggest experts in the field of online casino gaming out there. Amaya makes sure to employ the best in the fields of graphics design and programming to come out with online slots that make Amaya Gaming online casinos some of the best in the business.



    Is Amaya Gaming trustworthy?

    If there is one name in the online gaming industry you can trust, it is Amaya Gaming, which was certainly proven when they purchased PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker and made good on all the debts the companies had made towards the players, especially in the case of Full Tilt Poker.

    Are Amaya Gaming Slots any good?

    Amaya Gaming slot machines feature a variety of topics and gameplay styles that will ensure that every player out there gets what they love in online gaming.

    Where can I find Amaya Gaming slots?

    There is a number of popular Amaya Gaming online casinos out there which includes some of the finest online casinos in the industry. Amaya Gaming slot machines should not be too difficult to find.

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