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    Name: Bluberi
    Company: Bluberi Gaming Technologies Inc.
    Founded: 1994
    Ownership: Private Company
    Headquarters: Quebec


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    Canadian software company Bluberi Gaming Technologies has been actively designing, developing, and commercializing casino games, which includes both video slots and slots with multilevel progressive jackpots, as well as bingo games, community gaming and other types of games. The company has been mostly busy on the North and South American continents, but they’ve recently started to offer their products via Microgaming’s Quickfire platform, which gives it a wider reach to an audience through the BBI Interactive label.

    About Bluberi

    Bluberi has a clear goal when it comes to the gaming industry – providing exciting and amazing gaming experiences to players with their remarkable software solutions. With the use of a wide range of different themes and concepts they have managed to engage players in the games. The games can be modified to be incorporated into almost any platform and to most gaming markets, which includes Class II and III as well as server-based platforms. One of the biggest advantages of their software is the fact that the games can be modified to fit into any niche market, and are suitable to most online casino operators.

    Casinos using Bluberi

    Bluberi’s high-quality games with amazing graphics and special features attract reliable customers that are looking for quality gaming experiences. This makes them a great partner for casinos all over the United States and the Caribbean. Bluberi online casinos can rely on the latest technology as well as trained technicians that work in customer support and are available 24/7. The company’s software offers adjustable solutions that help out casino operators.

    Bluberi Games

    Bluberi has four different categories of games, all of which are available through the Quickfire software platform. One of the best games is the American Beauties series, which consists of American Beauties Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard, most of which feature 30 paylines and free spins bonuses. The other popular game is Burglin’ Bob, which includes five interactive bonuses. Other notable games include Conga Party, Mr. Magic, Jumpin’ Rabbit, and Timber Jack.


    Does Bluberi only design video slots?

    Bluberi is a company that does not only develop slots, but other casino games such as bingo and community games, as well as land-based casino games.

    Do Bluberi slots feature progressive jackpots?

    Some Bluberi slots feature progressive jackpots as well as multilevel progressive jackpots.

    Can I play Bluberi games for free?

    All Bluberi games, except progressive jackpot slots, are available for free, in demo mode.

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