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    Name: Eye Motion
    Company: EYE MOTION
    AKA: EM
    Founded: 2014
    Ownership: Private Company
    Headquarters: Yerevan, Armenia
    Licensed by: Curacao
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    Seated in Armenia and founded in 2014, Eye Motion is a quickly expanding software development studio, focusing on the development of branded slot games created using new HTML5 technology, making them available across various desktop and mobile devices. 

    About Eye Motion

    Although they only appeared on the scene in 2014, Eye Motion are already making some serious noise in the online gaming industry. Their Beating Slot app was a hit immediately upon arriving to the market and it only took a short while for the amazing slots from the collection to make it to real money online casinos, where players get to enjoy the games and make money at the same time.

    The company's gaming library is constantly expanding, with new titles regularly added to the portfolio. Apart from slots, Eye Motion develops other iGaming industry products, primarily their social gaming platform and the custom Eye engine. The Eye engine is powered by HTML5 technology and allows for creation of flexible, cross-platform games. Featuring a code editor, a scene system, and texture atlas support, the engine isn't just flexible but is also very user-friendly and easy to use.

    Casinos using Eye Motion

    Eye Motion started out with a mobile app that was free to play, with players able to pay to unlock new games and levels. Nowadays, the company is moving into the world of real money gaming, with real online casinos introducing their slots into their library. Although the number or Eye Motion casinos is currently not big, this is bound to change moving forward as Armenian company has been very productive as of late, improving their gaming library with new titles and looking to create strategic partnership, which are bound to take them to a next level.

    Eye Motion Games

    Eye Motion is a company with an eye on the future. Their games currently allow players to explore various ancient worlds, offering an interesting take on history and making it possible to virtually travel through time and discover many forgotten myths, legends, and wonders of the old lands.

    Eye Motion slots are aptly titled to reflect what players can expect to find inside a game, i.e. Old Russia, Old Armenia, Gothic Century, Old Egypt, Secret of Aztecs, American Indians, etc. Apart from these, there are other slots well worth a few spins, such as The Last Drop and Lucky Chest.

    As mentioned, all games are developed using latest technology, making them available for play across various platforms and offering high-quality visuals as well as many entertaining in-game features.


    What’s unique about Eye Motion?

    This game developer focuses on primarily creating games with a historical background, taking players on an adventure through ancient civilizations, offering a unique perspective on the world's history.

    Can I already play Eye Motion games?

    Yes! You can play them through the mobile app or at one of the few casinos that already have a deal with them.

    What are some of the most popular slots by Eye Motion?

    All games from this developer have something unique about them, making them well worth a try. Some of the titles that definitely stand out include Old Armenia, Gothic Century, and American Indians.

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