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    Name: GGNetwork
    Company: GGN Global Ltd.
    URL: ggnetwork.com
    Founded: 2014
    Ownership: Private Company
    Headquarters: British Virgin Islands
    Licensed by: United Kingdom


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    GGNetwork was founded in 2014 and shortly after its inception, it has become one of the world’s biggest poker networks that today consists of over twenty brands and works alongside over one hundred business partners.

    About GGNetwork

    Back in 2015, a small team of poker experts and enthusiasts formed the GGNetwork company in Toronto, Canada. Over the years, GGNetwork has partnered with many companies in the same business while the company’s powerful poker software and great online poker tools have satisfied millions of players around the globe. The company’s hard-working team of poker experts and professionals focuses on delivering only the best omni-channel poker software which is today packed with great promotional offers for all recreational players.

    Casinos using GGNetwork

    As mentioned in the previous section, GGNetwork works alongside over one hundred business partners while it has over one million active poker users across the globe. The company’s player base keeps growing daily and the same goes for its network of business partners. Today, the company’s excellent online poker software is employed by many iGaming facilities and poker rooms, and some of these are mentioned here.


    GGNetwork Games

    When it comes to the company’s solutions and products, GGNetwork is best known for its online poker games that are featured on its network including loads of different cash games such as Omaha, and Hold’em in loads of different variations. GGNetwork also provides excellent online poker tournaments, Rush and Cash games, and even casino games.



    Is GGNetwork licensed and regulated?

    Yes, GGNetwork is licensed and regulated while the company’s products are available to residents of Sweden, Estonia, the United Kingdom, Latvia, and Ireland.

    What kind of poker games are offered by GGNetwork?

    GGNetwork offers all sorts of online poker games including an excellent variety of Hold’em and Omaha games alongside excellent online poker tournaments and online casino games including classic table games.

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