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    Name: Igrosoft
    Company: IGROSOFT LTD
    Founded: 2014
    Ownership: Private Company
    Headquarters: Russia


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    Over the course of 17 years in the business, Igrosoft have become professionals at creating games that make players laugh. Check out Igrosoft games, their most popular titles and enjoy playing them at one of many Igrosoft online casinos.

    About Igrosoft

    Based in Moscow and in operation since 2000, Igrosoft is a relatively obscure casino software developer who mostly deals with Russian and ex-Soviet facing online casinos. With a portfolio of only a couple of dozen games, a fairly outdated website and next to no marketing, Igrosoft is definitely not a software developer you should be ashamed of not having heard of.

    Despite their lack of speed in company development, Igrosoft have managed to do some things right over the course of the years. Their slots and arcade games tend to follow a trend of silly and funny characters and graphics, which makes for some very enjoyable and exciting gameplay.

    We would love to see Igrosoft get more involved in the industry by increasing their output as they seem to have some solid minds working behind the curtains, but at this time the best we can advise is that you visit one of Igrosoft online casinos out there and check out some of their popular titles for some laughs and giggles.

    Casinos using Igrosoft

    Despite moving forwards in a fairly slow manned and not really doing too much in terms of growth, Igrosoft were successful in making deals with a number of online casinos, mainly those who like to please Russian players. As such, you can find the entire list of online casinos at which Igrosoft games can be found and join any one of them right now.


    Igrosoft Games

    The Igrosoft games portfolio currently counts some 20 titles, which is far less than many other developers and less than you would expect from a company that has been at it for almost two decades. Their most popular titles are definitely Crazy Monkey and Crazy Monkey 2, with the likes of Lucky Hunter, Sweet Life and Juicy Fruits also in the mix.

    All Igrosoft games tend to follow a pattern of following some fairly funny protagonists and creating a hilarious story for the player to enjoy. While this can also get dull after a while, if you have a sense of humor and enjoy laughing, than Igrosoft games should be right for you.



    What types of games can I play?

    Igrosoft specialize in the development of video slots and arcade games, with table games not a part of their portfolio.

    What kind of experience can I expect?

    Igrosoft games are very light hearted and usually funny. You can expect a very enjoyable and light mannered experience as you play then.

    Why are there so few games?

    Despite being in the business for a while, Igrosoft have remained a relatively small company that releases about one new game per year.

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