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    Name: TopGame
    Company: TOPGAME CO., LTD
    Founded: 2000
    Ownership: Private Company


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    TopGames online casinos are one of the leaders in the industry of online and mobile platform gaming. This article is an overview of their work and the ways they could expand in the future

    About TopGame

    The main feature of the TopGame software is its simplicity. The games have great graphic and visual effect, but they are quite small and easy to download. The whole process after downloading is pretty much automatic, the game is set up in a minute and once the player provides the proper information they could start playing right away.

    There’ also detailed support provided to beginners. This could be done as an in-game feature, but there’s also a support team available for both text and phone conversation. There’s also a lot of customization involved, meaning that the players could alter or downplay any aspect of the visual or audio effects they find to be distracting or unpleasant.

    Casinos using TopGame

    Top Game Online Casinos are a very old company at least in terms of software companies. When they have appeared they have caused a bit of an earthquake in the industry by challenging the existing business model. 

    The way things worked before TopGame was that the software company sold their product to the casinos. They used it for their land based devices or they tried to move online, which was a very popular choice during the in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. However, TopGame wanted to control the whole process and create their own online casino that would feature only their games.

     It started with Gold Vegas, Rich, Thebes, Money and 7 Spins casinos, but when TopGame accepted American players the list grew from there.

    TopGame Games

    TopGame has made its name by making simple and classic casino games that have a retro look about them even though they are played on modern devices. This attracts a certain type of players. It would be wrong to say that it’s a feature made for older players only because a lot of young people enjoy retro aesthetic as well.

    The games have a very realistic sound design and visual effect, also adding to the effect of mimicking the look of an old time casino.

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