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  1. If you’re getting ready to take a trip somewhere exciting, then you won’t want to miss your chance to experience what we have listed below. We’ve combined the most exotic locations with the best gambling action across the globe. With each of these must-visit spots, you can enjoy various destination-based activities along with the hottest casino gaming action. Take a look at our travel guide to 10 of the best gambling venues in the world. ➀ Monaco If there is an idyllic country to visit, it’s Monaco. It has amazing viewpoints, magical sunsets and great beaches. Depending on what time of year you go, you might also get to catch the streets turn into a racetrack. On top of it all, the second smallest country in the world comes with great gambling entertainment. For gambling action, you can head over to Monte Carlo where there are multiple exciting casinos to choose from of which Casino De Monte Carlo is the best. About Casino de Monte Carlo: Size: 108,000 sq/ft Games: 56 table games, 140 slot machines Accommodation: Linked to the Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo To-do: Fine dining, beach clubs, nightlife entertainment and more Casino de Monte Carlo is a beautiful casino that has been around for decades. The casino is not just a favourite among visitors but has also been featured in popular films including Casino Royale and several other James Bond films. ➁ Las Vegas There’s one place you can automatically put on your bucket list if you’re looking for the ultimate gaming experience. That is indeed Sin City, we’re talking Las Vegas where anything can happen. Las Vegas has plenty to offer in terms of activities, daily entertainment and a whole strip of high-quality casinos. And one casino that remains a must-visit when in Las Vegas is Caesar’s Palace. About Caesar’s Palace: Size: 166,000 sq/ft Games: 169 table games, 1324 slot machines and 16 poker tables Accommodation: Luxurious rooms available To-do: Cocktails in the garden, luxurious spa, retail shopping and more This iconic casino is a Las Vegas trademark and is at the heart of the Las Vegas strip. It puts you in the middle of the action and allows you to indulge in the best gambling action, while also giving you the opportunity to indulge in luxurious spa treatments, cocktail excursions and fine dining. ➂ The Bahamas The name says it all, if you’re in need of a holiday at the beach with minimal clothing, beautiful beaches and quality resort entertainment then it’s time to book your flights to the Bahamas. During your time in the Bahamas, you can indulge by visiting the Atlantis Resort. About the Atlantis Resort: Size: 100,000 sq/ft Games: 90 table games, 1,000 slot games, 1 poker game Accommodation: Pricey hotel suites To-do: Fine dining, water excursions including snorkel and scuba The Atlantis Resort is one of the most famous and largest casinos in the Caribbean. The casino has everything a casino player can dream of. On top of that, you’ll get to relax and take frequent breaks while enjoying the calming beaches and breath-taking views of the Caribbean. ➃ South Africa South Africa is home to more than just beautiful wildlife and nature parks, in this country, you’ll get to enjoy rich cultures, history and get your fix of exciting gambling excursions. South Africa is that hidden gem that has something for everyone, making it an ideal location to bring the entire family. If you’re keen to gamble then you’ll definitely benefit from taking a trip to Sun City Casino Resort. About Sun City Casino Resort: Size: 125,000 sq/ft Games: 33 table games, 852 slot games Accommodation: Multiple hotels To-do: Water park adventures, cinema excursions, arcades and more Sun City gives that Las Vegas feeling but with a twist, it is located in the middle of the bush. A real South African experience where you can enjoy quality gaming entertainment. If you’re looking for proper relaxation, then this is a must-visit resort. And you have the benefit of visiting nearby spots, restaurants and sights for more South African beauty. ➄ Macau Macau is easily one of the most popular travelling destinations for various reasons. Not only is it a beautiful space to visit but it is also home to a great number of amazing casinos. One of which includes the popular Wynn Macau which is located on the waterfront. This giant casino and hotel give you a taste of everything from quality gaming to relaxing stay. About Wynn Macau: Size: 100,000 sq/ft Games: 500 table games, 840 slot machines Accommodation: 1,000+ luxurious rooms To-do: Retail shopping, gourmet restaurants and a world-class spa If you’re looking for a luxurious getaway where you can truly indulge in some retail shopping, fine dining experiences and exciting gambling experiences then Wynn Macau is a must on the bucket list. ➅ Singapore If food, music and quality gambling is at the top of your to do’s for your next trip then Singapore is a must. This beautiful region offers you the chance to indulge in world-class eats, explore new flavours, attend exciting music festivals and of course visit some of the most exotic casinos. This includes one of the most expensive properties ever built, Resorts World Sentosa. About Resorts World Sentosa: Size: 152,000 sq/ft Games: 500 table games, 2,400 slot machines Accommodation: Multiple Hotels To-do: Marine Life Park, Universal Studios Theme Park, fine dining and more During your visit to the Resorts World Sentosa, you can enjoy high-quality gaming with thousands of exciting casino games to choose from. During the day you can explore the world’s largest oceanarium or take a trip to the Universal Studios theme park. The best part of staying here is that each hotel has its own theme, allowing you to choose between luxury rooms or treetop lofts if you’re a nature lover. ➆ San Juan There’s a long list of reasons why you should take a trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico but the main reasons include the breathtaking beaches and the buzzing nightlife. Of course, there are also the rich cultures and the outdoor activities that draw most tourists. Whether you adore nature, food or the beach there is plenty to do in San Juan. And for those who prefer gambling entertainment, San Juan is also home to a spectacular casino, the Ritz Carlton. About the Ritz Carlton: Size: 17,000 sq/ft Games: 17 table games, 329 slot games Accommodation: Hotel stay available To-do: Trips to the rain forest, food explorations, beach activities If a proper beach holiday with tons of outdoor excitement is what you’re in the mood for then the Ritz Carlton in San Juan is a must-visit. You will get to enjoy a classy casino atmosphere indoors while taking in the island beauty while outdoors. ➇ Oklahoma One of the main reasons anyone ever adds Oklahoma to their bucket list is to find their way on to Route 66. Other reasons include the beautiful lakes, seeing bison in the wild and getting to relax in the beautiful green country. Of course, Oklahoma is also home to the Winstar World Casino and Resort. About Winstar World Casino and Resort: Size: 370,000 sq/ft Games: 100 table games, 8,500 slot machines, 55 poker tables Accommodation: Resort stay available To-do: Lounge by the pool, quality dining This Chickasaw Nation operated casino and resort is one of the best casinos in the world. It is fully kitted with all the best games including slots, poker tables and table games. There is something for everyone and during the day you can lounge by the pool for sweet relaxation. Or you can take the time to explore all that Oklahoma has to offer. ➈ Spain Spain is the perfect place to visit if you’re looking to visit the best beaches while adding a few must-sees to your itinerary. This includes breath-taking architecture, top museums, and diverse cultures. Of course, another top bonus includes the vibrant culture which brings fun fiestas and delicious local cuisines. You can take your stay at the Ibiza Gran Hotel Casino. About Ibiza Gran Hotel Casino: Size: 51,000 sq/ft Games: 8 table games, 45 slot games, 3 poker games Accommodation: Luxury Rooms To-do: Parties, beaches, restaurants and more During your stay, you will get to indulge in high-quality gaming with the casino being one of the top attractions on the island. It also hosts a lot of Texas Hold’Em tournaments so you might get lucky depending on what time you visit. And with the location overlooking the marina and the Old Town, it’s perfect for a romantic getaway. ➉ Argentina Then there is Argentina, South America, where you can enjoy the beauty of natural landscapes. Here you can explore a range of national parks, wildlife and get to see the Iguazu Falls. On top of that, there is the opportunity to indulge in Argentinian wine, food, art and culture. If you’re visiting Argentina, we suggest taking a trip to the Park Hyatt Mendoza Casino. About Park Hyatt Mendoza Casino: Size: 32,000 sq/ft Games: 22 table games and 656 slot games Accommodation: Luxury hotel rooms To-do: Fitness centre, swimming pool, restaurants and more The Park Hyatt Mendoza Casino is famous for hosting high stakes games, so if you’re a high roller then this is definitely where you’ll want to take your gaming experience. And when you’re not busy dominating the tables or spinning away on the slot machines, you can enjoy the beauty of the natural landscapes.
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