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  1. The roots of poker go back hundreds of years, but would you like to know which game is older? Believe it or not, the game of keno has its roots in one of the most notable and ancient lotteries in the world. You might not usually think about these origins when you sit down to play, but it's worth learning about one of the most popular casino games on earth. Read on for a quick (and fascinating) history of keno games. What Is Keno? In case you're not familiar with keno, here's a quick rundown. Keno is played with cards or tickets that have numbers in squares, generally between 1-80. Players mark as many numbers as they wish, up to the maximum allowed, and registers his selection before a drawing. Twenty numbered balls are selected at a time, usually once daily. Prizes are given based on how many of each player's chosen numbers are drawn. Where Did Keno Start? That's how we play keno today, but where did this popular casino game begin? For the answer, we have to travel back over 2,000 years to the Han Dynasty in China. Its ruler, Cheung Leung, needed more money to fund an ongoing war. To get his subjects to willingly provide the money, he devised what many consider the first government-run "lottery" in history. The name of the game was baige piao or "white pigeon ticket," named for the bird that appeared on the card. It also featured the first 80 characters from Qianziwen, the Book of a Thousand Characters. Cheung Ling promised the chance of a huge return on a small investment, so the game was an instant success. It provided enough income not only to finance the war but also the rebuilding of the Great Wall. How Did Keno Spread? When the first Chinese immigrants arrived in the US in the 1800s, they brought their favorite game with them. Despite the fact that gambling was illegal, it thrived during the era of westward expansion. The US government legalized gambling in 1931, and the first keno-based games arrived in Reno, Nevada, in 1933. It was first called Race Horse Keno, showing names of horses instead of numbers so it didn't conflict with existing lottery laws. When the laws changed again in 1951, the number-based keno games we know today were reintroduced. Today you'll find keno games in every casino in America, as well as gambling facilities in Australia, South Africa, and eastern Asia. Many online casinos also offer versions of keno so players can enjoy the game from anywhere. Keno Casino Games: Here to Stay Online casino games may be a modern invention, but the game of keno is just the opposite. With roots stretching back thousands of years to ancient China, it's one of the oldest numbers games on earth. As it spread across the world, it gradually evolved into the game we know and love today. So the next time you're hanging out at the casino with your friends, mention a few of these fun facts about keno. Everyone is sure to be impressed with your knowledge of the game! Ready to learn more about all things gambling? Browse our blog for more great information.
  2. Hands up if you thought bingo was just a game for old people? You'd be wrong. Bingo is a popular and exciting game for all generations. You can win cash prizes and it can quickly become a hobby. With new technology for the lockdown age, long gone also are the days where bingo was played in a huge central bingo hall. Now you can enjoy bing from your bedrooms and living rooms and with a host of people from all around the world. Here's everything you need to know about the history of bingo and some bingo tips. What Is Bingo? Bingo is a simple game. Each player has a card with numbers on it. The winner of bingo is the one who matches a pattern of numbers on their card with those that are called out by the host. The game began in Renaissance Italian and as Lo Giuoco del Lotto D'Italia or the lotto. Today there are many lotteries played around the world but this was a specific lottery involving a game that was also used to help children with Math. When the lotto game arrived in America in the early twentieth century but was known as beano. A toyseller, Edwin Lowe, overheard someone mistake the word beano for bingo and the name stuck. This is the history of bingo and who invented bingo. What Countries Play Bingo? Bingo is played all over Europe and America. But it is most popular today in the U.K where there were specific bingo halls made for people to play and also in America. On the Las Vegas Strip, there are multiple casinos that offer it as a game on which players can risk it all for a chance of winning a top cash prize. Today bingo is a multiple million-dollar industry. Bingo in the Lockdown Era It might seem that much of the fun of the game of bingo has been lost thanks to the Corona Virus lockdown which has shut down entertainment venues across the world and confirmed much of the world's population to their homes. However, the lockdown has seen a revival of the game with many people organizing games with their friends and families to pass the time from their bedroom using Skype and Zoom. There are even games with strangers that you can play. Families can have drinks and create a party-like atmosphere to share in the fun and forget about the crisis. Bingo is a Fun Game Bingo is a fun game that has been around for centuries. It was first devised in Italy before it made its way to France and then in the twentieth century to America. A simple game of choosing the correct numbers amongst a community of family and friends has proved timeless. People have started to play it using apps such as Zoom and Skype during the Coronavirus Pandemic. If you are interested in reading more about bingo or want to know some bingo facts then be sure to check out some more articles on Gamblers' Pick.
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