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  1. Willy Wonka opened up a world of imagination where we believed bubblegum had food-like flavours, jaw-breakers would never grow small, and ice cream would never melt. For many years, we read books about a marvellously big chocolate factory, watched movies about a golden ticket, and saw musicals filled with Oompa Loompas. Now, Willy Wonka adds another exciting addition to the Chocolate Factory franchise and allows us to travel back to the World of Wonka with one more trick up his sleeve. Grab your candy bars, and get ready for another jaw-dropping experience with Game developers Light & Wonder as we prepare for the launch of the new Willy Wonka: World of Wonka slot! A Delicious Start Roald Dahl shared his vision of the largest and most extravagant chocolate factory with people worldwide. His book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was released in 1964 and enabled us to dream about winning a golden ticket. After great success, he released a second book 1972 called Charlie and the Glass Elevator. His books have always been out-of-this-world, crazy, unimaginable, and entertaining. The books did so well that people from all over the world demanded Willy Wonka candy; if they can dream it, they can make it happen, and so it did. The popular book suddenly became a franchise, and everyone wanted a piece of the chocolate pie. Wonka Brought To Life Roald Dahl's imagination came to life when a live-action movie launched before his second book in 1971. The film opened up our eyes to a world of imagination, Oompa Loompas, candy cane trees, and chocolate everything! The release of the Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory movie came out at the same time they launched Wonka Candy through a Swiss-owned candy company we know today as Nestle. A live-action movie, Wonka candy, and a second book; the franchise was booming! In 1985, a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory video game launched, and an updated game also came out 20 years later, in 2005. Along with the popular video games, Disneyland released a whole ride dedicated to the chocolate factory, which operated from 2006 to 2015. Re-opening the Chocolate Factory Willy Wonka re-opened his factory doors in 2005 when Warner Bros released a second making of the film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with popular actors. Once again, the world was reminded of the magic that happened within the factory. Nearly 35 years after the first book's release, the second movie brought the magic back to life with enhanced technology and special effects. To keep the magic alive, two musicals started, namely Roald Dahl's Willy Wonka in 2004 and Charlie in the Chocolate Factory. Both music tours spread the wonder to various countries, once again bringing the magic alive through music and art while popularising songs from both movies. More Wonka Magic After a well-developed and loved Wonka franchise from 1964 to 2015, the never-ending gobstoppers got old. Wonka Candy ended production in 2015 and closed its doors after 44 good years of producing confectionaries from the popular books and movies. It seems people started to forget. So what was next in store for Mr Wonka and the magical chocolate factory? In 2021, Warner Bros released a teasing taste of their brand new movie: Wonka, a film about the young Willie Wonka and how his adventure begins. As the Wonka franchise does, they enjoy providing fans with an array of surprises. Other forms of entertainment that were themed around Willy Wonka include a game by Zynga called Wonka’s World of Candy, land-based video slot machines, and even a Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory Monopoly board game. Also released in 2023 is a new Willie Wonka: World of Wonka video slot! Just like the never-ending gobstopper, this franchise will never end; there is always a new adventure that waits. Willie Wonka: World of Wonka Slot The exciting new slot, proudly developed by Light & Wonder, has been announced for the world to enjoy. L&W successfully turns games into expansive entertainment by enticing players with characters, themes, and storylines they enjoy and know. Here’s some more information about the latest addition to the Wonka universe: ✓ Theme and Soundtrack The video slot hits you with nostalgia like a ton of chocolate bricks by bringing back the original film in 1972. The slot's soundtrack is the popular Pure Imagination song from the original film, and to further tantalise your taste buds, all symbols, high and low, are characters from the original movie. ✓ Slot Gameplay Willie Wonka: World of Wonka has a 6x4 reel grid with an RTP of 96% and medium volatility. Punters can bet as little as £0.10 and a maximum of £100.00 per bet. Punters can select the auto-play or super-speed option for a more relaxed and faster gaming experience. ✓ Game Symbols The video slot is full of special features, including special symbols like an Oompa Loompa Wild and sugar crystal Scatter. High-paying symbols are all our favourite characters from the original movie, including Willy Wonka, Charlie, Grandpa Joe, Veruca, Sam and Violet. Low-paying symbols include several colourful candies. ✓ Special Features The Oompa Loompa randomly triggers, stretching the reels to 8 or 10 columns and adding additional paylines. All wins in this setting are multiplied by x2. Furthermore, 3 or more scatters trigger the wheel feature where punters receive 1 award from the following list: the bet multiplier of 5x - 80x, up to 12 Free Spins, up to 7 individual picks of bet multipliers, or a single selection from a field of options. During Free spins, up to 3 Willy Wonka symbols may land and are naturally oversized, increasing the payout amount. After receiving your reward from the wheel, you’ll get a golden ticket. This feature awards you with a Wonka bar, revealing either a credit prize of up to 10x, nothing, or the jackpot amount of 500x the bet. Wonka's Next Big Idea Light & Wonder providers are not quite done yet; in fact, they have only just begun. The developers project a series of further Wonka-themed titles scheduled within the next few months, which may include a live casino game for the online market. The VP game Developer at Light and Wonder, Rob Procter said: As we prepare ourselves for a year filled with excitement and imagination, let's take a moment to thank the late Roald Dahl for his impeccable imagination that made us believe anything was possible. Thank you for the last 60 years; we're as excited as jumping jelly-beans for the next 60 years to come!
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