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  1. It's no secret that gaming is more popular than ever. And now thanks to the internet, you can even enjoy watching other players anywhere in the world via online gaming. This is largely due to websites like Twitch. If you've never used Twitch, you're definitely in for a treat. Twitch makes it possible for users to watch and learn from the best of the best, which is great for taking your gambling and gaming skills to the next level. This article takes a look at how you can make the most of casino streaming. Keep reading to discover insight into the wild world of Twitch gambling and get a better understanding of how it works. What is Online Casino On Twitch Exactly? Twitch was founded in 2011 as a platform for broadcasting video games but has also become extremely popular with users for watching Twitch casino players. It allows users to learn more about the game without having to risk their own money. Watching skilled players at their best is a lot of fun, yet can also be used as a great learning tool for expanding your knowledge of casino games. Why Do People Watch Slots On Twitch? The answer is pretty simply: watching Twitch slots is fun! Twitch also serves as a social platform, enabling users to chat while they play at home or watch live streaming as a community of gaming fans. Watching slots being live streamed is also the ideal way to learn strategy while becoming more familiar with the various types of machines. What Do You Need to Get Started? All it takes to get started is to create an account. This will take only a few minutes on the Twitch website. Next, simply download the streaming software and you'll be ready to connect to the broadcast of your choice. Can You Live Stream In a Casino? Most casinos won't let you live stream from their property. Thus you'll need to limit your live stream activities to online casinos. How Do Casino Streamers Make money? Online casino streamers make money primarily in the same way you'd make money on other platforms such as Youtube. This includes the use of ad revue, Twitch Affiliate Program, or even by attracting sponsorship deals. Keep in mind that becoming a member of the Twitch Affiliate Program isn't easy. You'll need a minimum of 50 followers within the last 30 days, a minimum of 500 total broadcast minutes, and 7 unique broadcast day, with an average of more than 3 concurrent viewers. Just make sure that you're familiar with Twitch affiliate rules before getting started. How Much Do Casino Streamers Make? How much should you expect to make from casino streaming? That demands on the number of followers you have. The secret to building a successful Twitch channel is to get as many followers as possible, get a lucrative sponsorship, and then maximize ad dollars. A Guide to Casino Streaming and Gaming On Twitch Watching casino streaming on Twitch is fun. It can also be lucrative. The key is to leverage your skills as a top player to attract a huge following of loyal viewers. So don't miss out on the fun! Create an account, log on, and start live streaming today!
  2. Grand Theft Auto has been entertaining the masses for years from its humble beginnings to its current hugely popular GTA Online game. Casinos have also been entertaining the masses for years, whether you're hopping from casino to casino in Vegas or a regular at your local spot. Now, these two entertainment giants have combined. GTA Online has recently added a casino to its massive world, and it's one of the most popular spots in the game. Here, thousands flock to gamble their Grand Theft Auto dollars on all the classic games. History of the GTA Online Casino The GTA Online casino has been teasing players for years, with a massive empty building and an "Opening Soon" sign. There was no official opening date, and no way to enter the building, leaving players clamoring for information. On July 23, 2019 the Diamond Casino & Resort finally opened its doors. Located in the downtown are of Los Santos, it immediately became the most popular destination in the game. How Does it Work? The Diamond Casino & Resort at its basics works a little like real-life casinos. You exchange GTA$ for chips, gamble, and when you're ready to cash out, change the chips back for GTA$. In order to gamble at the casino you have to become a member, which is only $500. Upon becoming a member, you receive $1000 in free chips each day you enter the casino, so it's a steal. Much like real casinos, weapons are not allowed inside, so you don't need to worry about getting robbed or killed while trying to have fun. Gambling Activities at the Casino While the Diamond Casino & Resort may not offer as wide of a variety of games as a normal casino, there's still plenty to keep you occupied. Roulette, blackjack, and three-card poker are the main draws on the casino floor, where you can sip on a martini and bet against the house. There are also a variety of slot machines you can play, as well as the Lucky Wheel that you can spin to win prizes. Video & Image Credit: RockStar Games Other Things to do at the Casino While gambling may be the main draw of the casino, there's plenty of other stuff to keep you occupied when you aren't gambling your GTA$ away. If you want to become a VIP member of the casino, you need to buy a penthouse. It won't be cheap, but it's totally worth it. Basic penthouses start at around a million, while the fancy ones with a party area or a spa will run you 3-4 million. Once you have that VIP status you'll have access to more games as well as new missions related to the casino. Need More Gambling Options? While the GTA casino might be the hottest new way to gamble, it's certainly not the only one. If you're looking for more gambling news, advice, and online options, you're at the right place. Keep reading, and have fun rolling the dice.
  3. Finding the best games to play in Vegas could mean different things to different people. Maybe you're looking for a little fun on your honeymoon. Maybe you're trying to win big, or see how long you can stay in the game before you have to bow out. For most of us, getting winning odds on a bet is part of the fun. Nobody likes to feel like the house won too big during their visit. We like to imagine we've got the game locked down, at least somewhat. And that means finding games that give us better odds of winning. So, join us today, as we break down which casino games have the best odds, as well as one that is less likely to payout. Vegas Casino Games With Best Odds Looking for the best odds casino games before your next big trip to Sin City? Check out our pick of the top three, and get ready to win big! Blackjack "What is the easiest game to win at a casino?" This is a question a lot of people will give you passionate answers about. You'll want to ignore people's feelings, in these matters and turn to one source above all others: the numbers. Blackjack has the best odds of winning out of every casino game. It's a simple game, in terms of rules, with players only needing to beat out the dealer without hitting 21. They're not trying to beat out other players and, even though it's a game of chance, there are fewer variables than, say, roulette. What's impressive when it comes to blackjack is your actual, measurable odds of winning. The casino has, on average, a .5% edge, which translates to roughly half a penny lost on every dollar you spend at the table. This number varies depending on the skill of the player, but even someone new to the game can pick it up with some patience and simple observation. As a last note, did you know that casinos will let you bring your cheat sheet with you to the blackjack table? Knowing whether to hit 12 against a dealer with a 2 or to split 4s is all information professionals have committed to memory. There's no rule against bringing your homework with you to the table, though. So, do a little research, find some good cheat sheets, and bring yours with you to the table. You may catch some sideways glances from other players, and they will likely poke fun, but your winnings will speak for themselves. Craps There's a reason craps is one of the more popular games on any casino floor, and that reason is one small number: 1.5%. Those are the house odds during a game, meaning a statistical loss of one penny to every dollar, on average. And some casinos go even lower than this How do you go about winning? Walk up to a table, make a "Pass Line" bet, and hope for the best. This is one of the baseline bets every player makes, and everyone in on it tends to earn a small return. Nothing is ever set in stone, but it's a solid bet for a beginner and a great starting point until you're ready to add more bets to your repertoire. This is a game of chance. You're betting on a roll of the dice that someone else is making, so there isn't even the illusion of control. But, time after time, this produces one of the highest win rates in casinos across the country. Roulette Coming in at a solid third on our list of best casino games in Vegas in terms of their odds is the Roulette wheel. With as little as a 2.7% house edge, the rules are simple. Pick a number, group of numbers, high or low, odd or even, or red or black, and make a bet on the ball landing on one of those. Then let lady luck take the wheel. You'll win back on this more regularly than many other Las Vegas casino games. Bet on reds or blacks, exclusively, and you have a nearly 50-50 chance of winning. Wondering why it's only "nearly" 50-50? The extra green 0 and 00 positions on the wheels, which give the house its edge in this game. Vegas Casino Game With The Worst Odds Of course, where there is a selection of "best" gambling games in Vegas, there must be one with the worst odds, as well. The Slots Your odds when playing the slots are a little hard to calculate, but experts put the house edge at anywhere between 3% and 20%. They're designed to eat up coins in rapid succession, the results are random, and people often feel intimidated to try any of the table games, instead. So, they sit at the slot machines all night, which is behavior that often leads to losses over time. As a note to this, however, we'd like to point out that slot machines can be a fun way to kill a little time in the casino. They're brightly colored, easy to use, and the payouts can be massive if you're lucky. Just don't make them your only game for the whole night. And don't believe the myths and rumors about nearby staff controlling slot machine payouts, either. Casinos are monitored by the Vegas games commission for unethical behavior, and that kind of thing is taken very seriously. The Best Games To Play In Vegas The whole point of gambling is to play a game of chance and see how your luck fares that night. This is why we put bets on horses or wagers on fights. It's why we walk up to machines we know are completely random and let them choose whether to give us any of our money back. Because we want to see if we'll beat the house. Even the best games to play in Vegas are still based on chance. There are ways to play them that give you better odds, but nothing's ever a surefire hit. We support safe gambling, so remember never to bet more than you have, never to cheat, and to take a break from time to time. Enjoy a drink. Enjoy some of that Vegas atmosphere. Then come back to the table with a clear head and, hopefully, enough luck to hit it big! Hopefully, today's article gives you what you need to hit the floor and make some smart gambling decisions this summer. For more news and guides, as well as casinos, bonuses, games, and jackpots, make sure to check out the rest of our website, today!
  4. Pop quiz: what growing UK industry entertains more than half of Brits on a regular basis, is incredibly diverse in its offerings, and makes over £14 billion a year? If you guessed gambling and casino gaming, you're right! As with any large industry, there are both small businesses and huge behemoths in gambling. However, none of these behemoths are as large as 888 Holdings, which has the entire industry in the palm of its hand. Sounds interesting, right? Today, we're going to talk a little about 888 Holdings and why it's so successful within the gaming industry. This journey will take us back through to decades and to many, many nations around the world, so get excited and read on for some information, stats, and fun facts about 888- the lone titan of gambling! What Is 888 Holdings? 888 Holdings is a company that has a long, rich history of success. It does a lot of things for many different clients and has evolved into a gambling behemoth as the years have gone by. In this section, we're going to take a look at what exactly 888 Holdings is as well as how it's gotten to be that way. Read on for some basic information of a gaming goliath that's sure to blow you away! The Basics Before looking into its history, it's important to get a clear picture of what 888 Holdings is today. Sometimes colloquially referred to as simply '888,' 888 Holdings PLC is a public company that owns several of the largest gambling brands and websites in the world. The main brands that it owns are 888casino, 888poker, 888sport, and various bingo brands that it's bought out. As you can see, it's a very versatile company that's known for having a foot in all sorts of betting arenas! The conglomerate is currently based in Gibraltar, an overseas territory of the UK that's at the tip of the Iberian peninsula. The CRO is Itai Pazner, who continues to grow the company at an incredible rate. As of last year, they employ 1,350 employees and make about 900,000 GBP annually. These figures make it clear that even the in-house operations of this business are fairly large-scale! Much of the work that 888 does, however, is online. Anyone in the world can access the gaming platforms that they own from the internet. Therefore, the company has even more remote workers than are listed as being in-house workers. Their reach extends all around the world since anyone with internet access can play their games! Humble Beginnings However, 888 Holdings was not always the gambling goliath that it is today. In fact, when it was founded in 1997 on the British Virgin Islands, it had very small reach. It was coined 'Virtual Holdings Limited' and based all of its gaming servers, management, and support staff in Antigua. This was the location in which it had a gaming license, so the founders Avi Shaked, Aaron Shaked, Shay Ben-Yitzhak, Ron Ben-Yitzhak decided to open up shop there. At first, Virtual Holdings Limited only had one product, known as Casino-on-Net. This was one of the first online casinos to exist, so everyone loved the idea. This allowed the growing company to become even larger, launching its second and third casino products in 2002. It eventually expanded into Gilbraltar, where it's now based, when it got a gaming license in 2003. History and Timeline Those were the beginnings of 888 Holdings. Over time, it developed into a name that's well-known internationally. There were a lot of steps in that process, though, so we've taken the liberty to put together a timeline of the main for you: 1997 - Virtual Holdings Limited was founded, as we discuss above. 2002- Virtual Holdings Limited expanded to include two new products, Reef Club Casino and its 888.com brand and poker room. 2003- 888 got a gaming license in Gibraltar. The team in Antigua packed up and moved all its operations there, taking ith them the gaming servers and member support staff. After moving, they had a better place to launch new sites, and so they took it upon themselves to update Casino-on-Net.com and launch v7 of it. 2005- 888 was listed on the London Stock Exchange main market. 2007- 888 made its first acquisition out of Globalcom Limited's Bingo services. After making this first acquisition, 888 just kept them coming. It made agreements with Caesars Interactive, WSOP, and Kambi Sport Solutions. Some of these were acquisitions, and others were partnerships. 888 made these deals while getting gaming licenses in various nations around the world such as Italy (2011), Spain (2012), and Denmark (2015). Types of Betting at 888 Now that you know what 888 Holdings is and a general timeline of its history, it's time to look into the types of betting that you can take part in when you go to 888.com. Here, we're going to look into some of the gaming categories that this company has so that you can find one that you're excited to try out! 888casino Remember Casino-on-Net from the previous sections of the article? Well, 888casino is what grew from that. This is the main online gambling site that 888 Holdings has to offer. It's the general blanket term for the brand that constitutes the internet's oldest casino. All of the games that you can play as a result of 888's offering them fall under the '888casino' category. 888casino has won various gambling awards over the years. Most recently, in 2015, it won the Best Casino Operator award from Gaming Intelligence. 888poker Having launched in 2002, 888poker is the online poker room that 888casinos offers. 888poker is an international online poker cardroom that's owned by 888 Holdings. It was established in 2002, making it the first subsection of 888 to come into being (after the broader 888casinos.) Operations for this poker room have expanded out from Gibraltar and the UK. It can currently be accessed in the US, Denmark, and Spain, among other European countries. There are a few types of poker offered by 888poker. The first one, mobile poker, is exactly what it sounds like- a mobile app that launched in 2013 where you can go and make wagers. There also is a more exclusive 888poker club that you can join, which features daily tournaments that you can play against others. By joining this exclusive club, you get the chance to win $100,000 each month in addition to being given scratch tickets for every five poker levels you move up. It's also interesting to note that professional poker players and celebrities play on a team called the '888poker team.' This group of prominent people act as brand ambassadors that give 888poker more visibility than it already has. Some notable players on this team are Kara Scott, Chris Moorman, and Luis Suarez. 888sport 888sport is the sports betting brand that 888 Holdings owns. Launched in 2008, it offers a multitude of services including betting on horse races and betting on other sports. Sports that you can bet on here include football, rugby, and racing, among many more. As with 888poker, 888sport has a partnership with a famous individual to draw others in. Santiago Cañizares joined the game room in 2011 as the brand ambassador of Europe. After that, Ian Wright and Emma Spencer of England joined in 2012 and 2014, respectively. Another fun fact is that 888sport is the first non-US-operated gambling companies to operate online in America. This began in 2013 when the Nevada Gaming Commission gave them a license to do so. Now, in addition to people in Europe, those across the pond can also enjoy sports betting on players from all around the world! Bingo Partners In the history and timeline, we already talked a bit about how 888 bought out various bingo services. 888 Holdings now operates many different online bingo sites, including: ➀ Wink Bingo ➁ Posh Bingo ➂ Tasty Bingo ➃ Redbus Bingo from Daub ➄ Globalcom The official name for 888's bingo room is 888ladies. This space offers 90-ball and 75-ball bingo as well as 5-line bingo games. You can also play scratch cards and instant casino games on this website. Furthermore, there's a mobile app for iPhone and Android that can access the online bingo rooms. The app is known for having a lot of competitions frequently, so you'll b able to play to your heart's content when you download it! What's In a Brand? Just as important as services to any company is the growth of their brand. 888 Holdings definitely has a recognisable brand that has grown and grown as time has gone by. Read on to take a look at the 888 logo's development and marketing strategies that they've been successful at using. These branding strategies have lifted them high up in the stock market and gotten them a huge amount of revenue! The 888 Logo(s) The current logo for 888 Holdings features the numbers '888' beside a couple of pairs of dice. This is the logo for the main 888casinos site as well as 888.com. Additionally, 888 utilises the brands of the companies that it buys out. Rather than changing the logos of these casinos, it simply purchases them along with the rest of the brand. This means that the rights to the image also belong to 888 in addition to the company's services. Marketing and Ads 888 is pretty famous in the eyes of the media. They projected the Wink Bingo logo (a company they own) onto the houses of parliament a few years back. Not only did this publicise them to all who passed by, but it also associated their brand with big British systems like the federal government. Since then, 888 affiliates have also been on many different TV shows and movies. Their logo is placed in content that they sponsor, much like other companies that pay for adverts to be posted. The competitions that they run have been covered in news sources like the Reading Chronicle, too, so people everywhere know their brand. Additionally, 888 invests in all the usual online marketing services that companies use. They have social media pages that they use to convey information to followers and make use of targeted adverts online. This allows them to reach out to their target audience and make their name even bigger. What Does the Future of 888 Holdings Look Like? On the stock market, 888 Holdings is labeled LON:888. Stocks are currently down for this company, but they're certain to begin rising again within the next few months. UK gambling operators are currently under a lot of pressure with a credit card ban, so this is likely impacting their shares at present (as well as the uncertain economic climate surrounding coronavirus). So, what's going to happen with 888 Holdings in the coming years? Well, it looks as though it's only going to continue to expand. As with many companies, 888 makes use of debt, but it never has so much that it hurts the company or inhibits growth. Currently, 888 has about £31.07 million in debt, but it's projected to stay on top of any and all debt it has. This means that it's still a good investment for shareholders. 888 is looking to expand to other nations throughout the world as well. However, its energies are currently on expanding to other US states that it isn't currently licensed to operate in. Give Them a Try Today There are a lot of large gambling companies in the world, but none are so great as 888 is. That's why it's interesting to take a deeper look into what this amazing gaming corporation is like- it gives you some insight into the way that the industry as a whole works and what it takes to be successful in it. Now that you know all about the operations, history, and brand of 888 Holdings, it's time to begin playing your favourite games online. Head to 888 Casino review to learn more about it and try out some of their free games.
  5. The idea of robbing a casino for millions of dollars seems like the kind of thing you only see in movies like Oceans 11. But, the truth is, there have been a lot of crazy casino heists throughout history. What are some of the biggest ones? Check out this guide to learn about the wildest casino heists of all time. 1. Bill Brennan Stardust Robbery While some casino heists involve intricate plots and dozens of people working together to make it happen, some are very simple and straightforward, like the Bill Brennan Stardust Casino robbery. In 1992, a cashier at the Stardust Casino named Bill Brennan filled a trash bag full of cash and chips, threw it over his shoulder, and walked right out of the casino. The bag contained half a million dollars worth of cash and chips, and to this day, Mr. Brennan has never been seen or heard from. He's currently on the FBI's Most Wanted list, although rumor has it that his accomplice stole them money and killed him after the heist. Bill's simple and straightforward theft is still one of the most famous casino heist stories of all time. The heist resulted in many casino security standards that are still active to this day. It's highly unlikely that an employee in today's age could pull off this sort of heist, especially considering all the security cameras and extra monitoring that goes on. 2. Crown Casino Heist If you think walking out of a casino with $500,000 is crazy, think again. In the Crown Casino heist of 2013, robbers from Perth, Australia attempted to smuggle away $32 million! This story involves two men, one who was a card dealer for the casino and the other who was a high roller coming in from a foreign country. Their plan for the heist was simple: The casino employee work at the card tables monitoring security cameras while feeding information to the other robber. The idea was to take the money and move it as though it had been won during regular play. Had the robbers kept the amounts small, the casino may not have noticed anything. But of course, greed took over and the player's consistent luck while playing high hands resulted in the floor staff being alerted. The game was ceased and the employee was terminated on the spot. But, since no money actually left the casino, the foreigner was allowed to go home scot-free! This event has also led to stricter security worldwide, as such a loss could have been completely disastrous for the casino. 3. Circus Circus Heist If you think men are the only ones plotting crazy casino heists, think again. In the fall of 1993, a woman by the name of Heather Tallchief had a job driving armored vehicles. One day, instead of bringing her truck full of cash to the bank like she was supposed to, she simply drove away with nearly $3 million in tow. The 21-year-old fled the country with her boyfriend Robert Solis, and the two headed to the Netherlands where they were able to stay hidden for over a decade. In 2005, Heather succumbed to the guilt and actually turned herself in. Her boyfriend still remains at large. 4. London Ritz Heist Armed with a mobile phone, a laser, and a computer, three people set out to rob London's Ritz Casino in 2004 for a hefty sum of $1.9 million. The trio consisted of two Serbian men and one Hungarian woman, and the three set up casino games in a private area and devised ways to cheat on them. The group headed for the roulette tables and used lasers on their cellphones in order to determine the speed of the ball's orbit. This made it easy for them to predict where the ball was likely to land on the orbit. This is another story where their heist likely would have gone unnoticed had they not gotten greedy. But once their winnings hit the million-pound mark, authorities were tipped off. While the three were initially arrested and had their accounts frozen, a judge actually ruled in their favor agreeing that no offense had been committed. The three were even able to keep their winnings, although they've all been banned from casinos for life. Needless to say, they've since updated gambling laws to prohibit the use of cameras around the table. 5. The Soboba Robbery In 2007, employee Robert L. Ramos made off with a little over $1.5 million in cash with his accomplice Eric Alan Aguilera. In his position at the casino, Ramos was responsible for setting up security cameras as well as installing other security measures at the casino- a position that set him up nicely to carry out a robbery. On the day of the heist, the pair simply walked into the casino, sprayed staff with pepper spray and tied them up, stuffed some bags with cash, and then zoomed off in a getaway car. However, the casino staff was able to quickly alert the police, which led to a high-speed chase in the desert. Although Aguilera was initially able to escape, he too was eventually arrested alongside Ramos. 6. The Bellagio Biker Bandit Lastly, we have the story of the Bellagio Biker Bandit. In 2010, Anthony Carleo brazenly rode his bike up to the steps of the Bellagio and walked through the doors with his motorcycle helmet in one hand and a gun in the other. He made his way to the craps table where he quickly cleared $1.5 million in chips and then sped off on his bike before security knew what hit them. Unfortunately, the chips contained tracking devices, so Carleo wasn't able to cash them in. Instead, he attempted to sell them online. This proved to be his downfall, as he sold the chips to an undercover cop and was then sentenced to 27 years in prison. Crazy Casino Heists: What Will the Next One Be? Due to stricter security measures, it's becoming tougher and tougher for people to pull off casino heists like the ones mentioned in this article. Luckily, you don't need to pull off a crazy heist to walk out of a casino with a lot of money. All you need is talent, luck, and a winning strategy. If you want to learn more about the crazy world of casinos and gambling, be sure to check out this article.
  6. There's something thrilling about gambling. The excitement, strategy, and prospect of winning bigkeep billions of gamblers coming back for more. Even if you've never won a huge windfall, you've likely heard stories of some of the world's biggest gamblers and their earnings. And it's stories like these that keep the hope alive. But not all high rollers are successful. They say you have to play big to win big and some of these whales did exactly that. Are you ready to learn more about the biggest wins, losses, and most impressive highrollers in gambling history? Put on your poker face and let's get started! 1. Kerry Packer An Australian media mogul, Kerry Packer had the funds to support his gambling habit and he wasn't afraid to show it. Packer was most well known for establishing the World Series Cricket which might explain his affliction to sports gambling. While Packer had his fair share of large winnings, he also incurred some major losses. One of his most notable and painful hits came after gambling nearly $25 million on four roulette tables and losing everything. It was also common for him to bet nearly half a million dollars on a single blackjack hand. Not only is Packer known as one of the biggest gamblers in history, but also one of the most generous with his winnings. It was reported that Packer left waitresses seven-figure tips after a good night at the casino. 2. Terrance Watanabe It's all in the name. Terrance Watanabe was exactly that -- a wannabe. A former millionaire, Wantanabe holds the record for the biggest losing streak in Vegas history! In 2007 alone the high roller lost almost $127 million at the casino tables of Caeser's Palace and the Rio. But Watanabe struggled to accept his shortcomings. He's currently in a legal battle with Harrah's for nearly $15 million. Watanabe claims the casino fed him too many drinks and even slipped him pain medication to trick him into playing and gambling all of his money away. 3. Edward Thorp Switching gears from some of the biggest losers to some of the biggest winners, introducing Edward Thorp. Some argue that Thorp is a genius. He is, after all, a successful math professor and author of a book on how to count cards. Thorp's book entitled Beat the Dealer explains how to use mathematics to beat the house and improve your odds at the blackjack tables. Before writing the book, Thorp tested his methods in Las Vegas, Reno, and Lake Tahoe where he won $11,000. Card counting is illegal and casinos are constantly on the lookout for violators. It's reported that Thorp actually wore disguises to keep the casinos on their toes and avoid detection. But Thorp didn't use his knowledge just at the card tables. He was also quite successful when gambling on backgammon, roulette, and baccarat. 4. Billy Walters Some people chalk up years of winning to a lucky streak. The same can't be said about this successful gambler. Billy Walters is one of the most successful sports betters in history, consistently raking in big wins for over 30 years. Walters bet on major league sports including the NBA and NFL but also enjoyed trying his odds at college football. His talent even helped him score a $3.5 million win on Super Bowl XLIV. Another reason so many gamblers look to Billy Waters for inspiration is because of his not-so-successful beginnings. Growing up in Kentucky, Walters was raised by his grandmother after his father died and his mother abandoned him at the age of two. It was the classic rags-to-riches story. Sadly, even a 30-year long winning streak isn't a guarantee. At one point, Walters spent five years in prison for insider trading. 5. Archie Karas No biggest gamblers list would be complete without the mention of Archi Karas. Arguably the best gambler of all time, Karas has had plenty of ups and downs along the way. Archie's love of gambling and winning money began when the Greek-American was waiting tables in the States. He played coworkers and customers in a variety of money games and quickly learned he had a knack for gambling. This hobby turned into a love for poker, where Karas earned nearly $2 million. He quickly lost his millions and was left with just $50 to his name. Most well-known for his Vegas winning streak of the 1990s, Karas took that $50 and turned it into $40 million! This streak went down in the history books as the largest and longest winning streak of all time. Unfortunately, as most famous gamblers seem to do, Karas lost his earnings over the course of a few more years. He racked up countless losses in dice, poker, and baccarat. Karas' bad luck continued and in 2013 he was arrested for marking cards at a California casino. 6. Phil Ivey When it comes to being the poker king, only one man deserves the title -- and that's 10-time World Series of Poker winner Phil Ivey. But poker isn't Ivey's only claim to fame as one of the biggest gamblers of all time. Ivey also won $11 million playing baccarat in London. The problem was, his earnings may not have been legitimate. Ivey was accused of being involved with an edge-sorting scheme. Edge sorting involves studying the deck and looking for inconsistencies and identifiable markings on the backs of the cards. Players use this information to predict whether or not the faced-down cards are high or low. The casino where Ivey earned his biggest winnings refused to pay due to suspicion of cheating. But the London casino wasn't the only one that took issue with Ivey's techniques. The Borgata in Las Vegas also accused Ivey of edge-sorting and the courts later ruled in favor of the casinos. 7. Chris Moneymaker With a name like Moneymaker, it's no wonder this high roller goes down in history as one of the biggest gamblers of all time. Chris Moneymaker is most well known for winning the Main Event in the World Series of Poker in 2003. What makes his story unique is the fact that Moneymaker gained entry to the elusive competition on the internet. The poker phenom went on to turn his $40 entry fee into a $2.5 million haul. Moneymaker's entry into the Series and his impressive win transformed the game of online poker. He also went on to write a book about his experience entitled Moneymaker: How an Amateur Poker Player Turned $40 into $2.5 Million at the World Series of Poker. It's interesting to note that Moneymaker's buy-in fee was actually $86 not $40 as the book title suggests -- a detail that the author claims he forgot. In total, Moneymaker has raked in over $3.5 million and continues to earn money playing poker to this day. Are You Ready to Become the Next Biggest Gambler of All Time? These stories of some of the biggest gamblers and hardest falls from fame are both inspiring and humbling. Whether you're a novice gambler or a professional looking for a new game, we have something for everyone. From playing guides to online slot machines, we offer plenty of information, advice, and game selection. Check out some of our biggest jackpots right now and communicate with other online gamblers just like you who are trying their luck at a big win.
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