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  1. Las Vegas is filled with wonder and hidden secrets many don't know about. Did you know that the ex-baseball star Pete Rose can be found in casinos ready to give out his autograph for a price? Are you looking to find out what's hidden underneath Las Vegas as far as scandals and secrets mostly only the locals have heard of? Read on to discover Las Vegas secrets that many would rather have hidden than found out. 1. The Monkey Paw Did you know that Las Vegas calls itself the Entertainment Capital of the World? Tommy Glenn Carmichael stole millions of dollars from casinos by using different methods to rig slot machines. The one method he used was known as the monkey's paw. It was a wire that would insert through the machine's payout chute and trip the microswitch. The machine then released a jackpot. His techniques improved as technology did. His next trick was known as the light wand. The light wand would blind the slot machine's sensor and have the machine spit out coins. He was eventually caught by the FBI and had to serve time in jail and probation. After this, he wasn't allowed in casinos again. 2. Ron Harris Ron Harris was a software engineer who would write anti-cheating software for the Nevada Gaming Control Board. As he was doing this, he was also placing hidden software in the coding machines. This hidden software paid out huge jackpots when players would place coins in a certain sequence. He rigged 30 machines before he had his accomplices play the slots and walk away richer. He was eventually caught when one of his accomplices was found trying to rig a game in Atlantic City. He eventually pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 7 years in prison. 3. The Rat Pack The Sands Hotel and Casino experienced its last great show in 1996 when it crumbled. It was a frequent stop for the Rat Pack and Hollywood directors. It was owned by alleged mobsters such as Sheldon Adelson and Howard Hughes. In 1931, to fight the crumbling economy, gambling was legalized. After World War II a boom came to Las Vegas. First came the restaurants and casinos in the 40s. In the 50s, more modern hotel-casinos started popping up. The Sands was one of the first hotels to be built on the strip. The biggest news for The Sands Hotel was when the Rat Pack made it their home base. Frank Sinatra started singing in the Copa Room at The Sands. Sinatra brought celebrities and glamour to the hotel. The other Rat Packers joined him, Sammy Davis Jr, Peter Lawford, Joey Bishop, and Dean Martin. They brought along celebrities from Lucille Ball, John F. Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe, to Rosemary Clooney and Lauren Bacall. While the 50s and 60s were great for The Sands, it started losing steam. Howard Hughes eventually bought it and had dreams of expanding the property. Frank Sinatra announced that he was going to Caesars Palace. They had eventually cut off his credit because of Sinatra's debt to the hotel. Some claim that Sinatra threw a tantrum climbing on top of the tables and screaming. Then he threw a chair at the casino boss who punched him in the face. Without Sinatra, The Sands started to suffer. It was sold by Howard Hughes to Sheldon Adelson. Adelson decided to blow up the hotel to build the Venetian. 4. Hilton Arson The Las Vegas Hilton had many acts from Liberace to Elvis but also had a terrible crime occur. A fire had broken out in an elevator lobby on the 8th floor. The fire consumed much of the building killing and injuring many. They eventually became suspicious of the busboy Phillip Cline. He eventually admitted to starting the fire and claimed he did it by accident. He claimed he was smoking and the fire had gone onto the curtains. Investigators started to doubt his recalling of the events. After this, he was convicted of arson, murder, and received a life sentence. 5. Al Bramlet Murder The Las Vegas Culinary Worker Local 226 union was run by Al Bramlet. He was as powerful as casino owners and mobsters in the area. They represented almost all of the housekeepers, dishwashers, and waiters in the city's hotels. He not only represented his members but also used violence to go after his goals. In this Vegas secret, he organized almost every service worker in town. A non-union gourmet restaurant was destroyed because of 2 bombs going off on its roof. Another restaurant was destroyed by a bomb a month later. One year later, Bramlet ordered bombs to be placed in front of 2 restaurants which never exploded. They were discovered by the police. Bramlet refused to pay the hitmen Gramby and Thomas Hanley, who were father and son. This father and son duo became angry and started to plot their revenge. They forced him into their van at gunpoint at McCarran International Airport. The Hanleys asked him to arrange payment for the bombs. Bramlet was told he would be released once they were paid. Bramlet then arranged for a loan to pay his kidnappers. After he made the call, Tom Hanley shot Bramlet. His body was later found a few weeks later by hikers. Today, the Culinary Workers Local 226 is one of the most powerful unions in the country. They ensure the wages of the service workers are higher than the national average. 6. The Hole in the Wall Gang You might have heard of Tony "The Ant" Spilotro. He was the main mob boss trusted to ensure millions of dollars in casinos were safe. Spilotro was hired when someone needed to be murdered. He, later on, created his own criminal business with ex-cops and thieves. It was known as the Hole in the Wall Gang. They did loan sharking and robbed drug dealers. They got their name because they would smash a hole in the walls or ceilings of the stores they robbed to get past the alarm systems. He also operated a jewelry store known as the Gold Rush. In the Gold Rush, he kept most of the stolen items. He was later charged with crimes related to the gang, but the jury didn't reach a verdict. Spilotro on top of this had been having an affair with the wife of a Las Vegas mob boss, Frank Rosenthal. There was an assassination attempt on Frank Rosenthal, which the police believe Spilotro was involved in. Spilotro and his brother went to a house in Indiana for a business meeting and met with a group of mafia hitmen. They were strangled, beaten, and buried in a cornfield. Afterward, most of the gang were given long prison terms because of racketeering or burglary. 7. A Glitch in the Machine Some of the best-kept secrets Las Vegas are the casino glitches. One person, John Kane found a software bug in machines when he played video poker. He found a glitch in the Game King line of video poker machines. It let players replay hands with different wagers. Kane would sit at a machine for hours betting one cent at a time. When he received a jackpot-winning hand, he replayed his hand with a maximum amount of $10 and received payouts of several thousand dollars. Kane's friend, Andre Nestor took part in the glitch. They were arrested but were let go since federal prosecutors weren't able to justify the charges of conspiracy and hacking. His attorney argued that they pressed buttons they were legally allowed to press. 8. Kidnapping Steve Wynn's Daughter Since casino moguls are worth billions, their families can be targets to make money. Steve Wynn received a call from someone who claimed to have kidnapped his daughter. Kevyn (Steve Wynn's daughter), had been kidnapped by 2 armed men from her home. They asked for $2.5 million in ransom for his daughter but took $1.45 million since her father claimed that's all he had on hand. After the kidnappers picked up the money they told Wynn he could find his daughter at McCarran International Airport. She was tied up in a car at the parking lot. One day later, the police received a big tip. A sporting club manager (Ray Cuddy) went into a car dealership to buy a Ferrari in cash. When he went to finalize everything a few days later, the FBI was there. After Ray was arrested, his accomplice Jacob Sherwood was as well. They both received decades in prison related to the kidnapping. Las Vegas Hidden Gems While Las Vegas has its fair share of scandals and secrets to find out about, you won't want to miss out on what's right outside the city like The Valley of Fire. While Las Vegas attractions are exciting, you can check out the Valley of Fire State Park to see some breathtaking rock formations. Akhob Don't miss out on this Las Vegas secret, known as Akhob. This is one of the hidden attractions in Vegas. It's underneath the Louis Vuitton store in the Las Vegas City Center. Find an employee and tell them why you're there and they'll take you to this art exhibit. The Bootleg Canyon Another gem is the Bootleg Canyon. It's known for its history of being a smuggling route for prohibition-era bootleggers. You can go hiking or zip-lining there. Millennium Fandom Bar If you're looking to have a geeky time, be sure to check out the Millenium Fandom Bar. It's right off the strip. You can find lightsaber battles and cosplayers. Container Park Check out the container park for a kid-friendly atmosphere. You can find plenty of boutique shops and restaurants within shipping containers. Dream Catcher Sunset Tour If you're a fan of helicopters, don't miss out on the Dream Catcher Sunset Tour. You'll fly over the Hoover Dam, the Grand Canyon, and the Strip. Pahrump Valley Winery For a winery stop, you'll want to head to Pahrump Valley Winery. It's only about an hour from the strip and is a popular destination in the area. The LINQ Promenade You can find this commercial strip which has over 40 attractions, restaurants, and shops. You can also check out the High Roller Observation Wheel which is part of the LINQ Hotel & Casino. Absinthe Don't miss out on seeing Absinthe at Caesar's Palace. It's Rocky Horror Picture Show meets Cirque de Soleil. This is an 18+ show where you can enjoy adult humor and acrobatics. The Mob Museum After learning about all these mobsters and scandals, why not check out The Mob Museum. You can see plenty of mobster memorabilia here. One such item is the wall from the St. Valentine's Day Massacre. Red Rock Canyon When you need a break from the strip and gambling, make sure to check out the Red Rock Canyon. You can enjoy camping, geology, plants, and wildlife, along with trails for hiking. Stop at the visitor center for information about the park. You can also check out their indoor and outdoor exhibits, along with a gift and book store. You can enjoy dozens of trails, whether you're looking to bike or hike. It's conveniently located just a few miles from Last Vegas. It's considered within the Mojave Desert. You can enjoy limestone, red colors of the stone, and iron concretions.
  2. Las Vegas is a destination that attracts many. From the glitzy casinos to the remakes of different monuments, it's easy to see why celebrities flock there. With the chance of winning big such as Elmer Sherwin who won $4.6 million in 1989, many dream of repeating his luck. Are you curious to see what celebrities go up against the pros and could be considered pros themselves? Read on to discover these celebrity gamblers, you might be surprised who you find in Las Vegas! 1. Ben Affleck Imagine being a celebrity gambler who is so good at blackjack you get banned. Ben Affleck enjoys both blackjack and poker. Not too long ago, he found himself banned from the blackjack table in Las Vegas for being too good at it. Some tried to claim he was caught cheating, but Ben Affleck says he was asked to not come back due to consistently winning. Thankfully, he can still be one of the many celebrity poker players, since he says it was just blackjack he was banned from. 2. Floyd Mayweather Jr. Floyd Mayweather is a business magnate and boxer. His specialty? Sports betting. He's known as great at betting, although he's known to exaggerate his earnings a bit. 3. Shannon Elizabeth Shannon Elizabeth, the actress from American Pie, has also made a name for herself in poker. She has competed in many large gambling events. You can still find her active in poker to this day taking down big names. 4. Jennifer Tilly Jennifer Tilly is the voice actress from the Chucky horror series. She's well known in the poker world as well. She also has what's known as a WSOP bracelet. In 2005, she met her boyfriend, professional poker player Phil Laak. During the summer of 2005, she beat 601 to win the Ladies Event at the World Series of Poker, and take home the gold bracelet. She has also won the WPT Ladies Invitational. In 2010, she won the Bellagio Cup 5k tournament. 5. Tobey Maguire Who knew that Spiderman was also a professional poker player? He is rumored to have won over 10 million dollars in poker tournaments. Unfortunately, in 2011, he was sued for being part of an illegal gambling ring. This ring had many multimillion-dollar underground poker games. He had supposedly won more than $300,000 in illegal funds from a hedge fund investor, Bradley Ruderman. The games were rumored to be funded by the CEO of Ruderman Capital Partners, Ruderman. These games were illegal and unlicensed in California Law. Ruderman had lost $25 million of investment money in the games. The games were held at the Four Seasons Hotel, Viper Room, and the Beverly Hills Hotel. Now that Ruderman's company is in bankruptcy, trustees tried to take some of Tobey Maguire's earnings. Some stars who allegedly took part in these games were Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, and Leonardo DiCaprio. 6. Derren Brown Derren Brown is a famous magician/wizard/illusionist from London, UK. He's most known for guessing the National Lottery in England correctly. Before becoming a magician, he was a famous gambler in blackjack. He was even known to have never lost a hand in blackjack. Over time, he was banned from the British casinos since he never lost. At first, he got away with winning, but over time they started recognizing him, even when he tried to go disguised. 7. Ray Romano Ray Romano is a famous American actor, who not only played a gambler on TV, but was a passionate gambler in real life. Since the mid-2000s you can find him in the World Series of Poker. He even placed in 3rd place at one time. He has also done online betting and craps. Eventually, he sought help from Gamblers Anonymous from his gambling addiction. Not so Good Celebrity Gamblers From Charlie Sheen to Matt Damon, just because they're celebrities doesn't mean they're great at poker. Check out this list of the not so great poker players in the celebrity community. Some have lost some, others have lost it all. 1. Charlie Sheen Charlie Sheen is one of the most famous gamblers out there. He has admitted to being addicted to gambling from a young age. He spent several thousands of dollars every week on sports betting. It is said that almost all of his gambling losses have been through sports betting. 2. Allen Iverson You might remember Allen Iverson as being in the NBA and being skilled in basketball. Unfortunately, that skill didn't extend to gambling. He was rumored to have gambled away hundreds of millions of dollars from his professional basketball career. He was asking his fellow teammates for money to pay off his accumulating debt. Iverson was eventually banned from casinos during his time of mounting debt. He was banned from the Greektown and MGM casinos in Detroit. It's claimed that Iverson was banned due to his bad behavior of throwing chips and being disruptive. In 2004, he was found to have urinated into a garbage can at Bally's on the casino floor. In 2005, he was in an argument with a dealer at the Trump Taj Mahal casino after they overpaid him $10,000. Exploring Famous Celebrity Gamblers After exploring this list of famous celebrity gamblers, you don't know who you'll run into next time you're in Las Vegas, or playing online. Would you like to practice your casino skills to someday rub elbows with the pros in Las Vegas? Check out our online casino games today that you can play from the comfort of your own home.
  3. Playing poker can be quite profitable if you know your way around cards and chips. There are many people who make a very good living duking it out on the green felt (real and virtual alike). In that large group, there are certain players who stand out, having made millions of dollars over the course of their careers. Figuring out exact net worth of professional poker players isn’t necessarily the easiest of tasks because we only get to see their winnings. However, we’ll give it a good try and provide you with a likely list of the 10 richest poker players based on all the information we’ve been able to gather. Doyle Brunson - $75 Million According to the Celebrity Net Worth site, Doyle Brunson is worth about $75 million. The man who is often dubbed the Godfather of Poker is a true legend of the game who has seen it all over the years. Brunson’s official poker results don’t really reflect his wealth, though, as a bulk of it came from private games all over the US as well as from the sale of his famous Super System and Super System 2 books. Daniel Negreanu - $50+ million Daniel Negreanu is easily one of the best-known names in the poker world. Having made his claim to fame not only through his results but by being the main ambassador for PokerStars for a number of years, the Canadian super star is one of the richest poker players alive. His live tournament winnings stand at more than $42 million but he likely made a lot more thanks to sponsorship deals, high stakes cash game sessions, etc. Justin Bonomo - $45+ million Having accumulated almost $50,000,000 in live tournament winnings, Justin Bonomo is likely to be in the group of the 10 richest poker players alive. However, Bonomo’s net worth is still a bit of a guess as we’re not privy to all the details of the deals going on behind the closed doors of the high stakes poker scene. Erik Seidel - $40+ million Erik Seidel is one of the most recognizable figures in the poker community. Often called the “silent assassin” for his calm and composed demeanor at the tables, the Wall Street trader turned poker player has amassed tournament winnings in excess of $37 million. In addition to his poker results, Seidel was immortalized in the famous poker movie Rounders, in the scene showing his final hand against Johnny Chan in the 1988 WSOP Main Event. Fedor Holz - $33+ million Young German phenom who took the poker world by surprise, Fedor Holz has made quite a bit of money before announcing his “retirement” at the ripe age of 23. At the time of writing this, Fedor has live tournament winnings in excess of $32,000,000 and has also launched a poker coaching site. Despite being retired, he’s regularly playing in tournaments around the world, constantly adding to his net worth and climbing poker’s All Time Money list. Patrik Antonius - $30 Million Hailing from Finland, Patrik Antonius is one of the more remarkable characters the poker world has seen. A professional tennis player who turned to poker after an injury, Antonius has dominated all areas of the game and was featured in numerous poker TV shows. It’s hard to estimate his true net worth due to a bulk of his profits coming from highest stakes cash games both live and online but the best guess seems to be around $30,000,000. Phil Hellmuth - $20+ million According to some sources, the popular ‘Poker Brat’ has net worth of around $20 million. The member of poker’s Hall of Fame and the record holder for most WSOP bracelets won (15 as of the 2019 WSOP), Hellmuth is likely to be worth more than this. His tournament earnings according to Hendon Mob stand at $23,000,000 and Phil also has several successful businesses and has published a number of poker books. Antonio Esfandiari - $20 Million Better known by his nickname “The Magician”, Antonio Esfandiari has managed to make his dreams come true playing poker. From performing tricks under the bright lights of Las Vegas stages to dazzling his opponents at a poker table, Esfandiari has managed to amass a grand total of $27,000,000 in live winnings. His total net worth is estimated to be around $20 million although this number could easily be higher. Phil Galfond - $15+ million Not much information is available on Phil Galfond and his net worth figure is somewhat of a guess, adding up his live and online winnings as well as the fact he’s recently launched a brand new poker site. Galfond has stayed out of the limelight for the most of his career, so it’s no surprise there isn’t much info about his finances but given his success over the years, he’s likely to be in the company of the some of the richest poker players. Doug Polk - $10 million Doug Polk has made most of his money playing online, especially in high stakes heads up skirmishes. Recently, he’s taken a step back from playing and has been focusing on building his elite coaching site called Upswing Poker, which features some of the best players around. Doug Polk’s net worth is estimated at around $10,000,000, albeit this figure seems to be on a conservative side.
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