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  1. Over 42 million people chose to visit Las Vegas in 2019. Most of the tourists crowd the Las Vegas Strip, making this a crowded and often overrated location. But, the smarter tourists visit Fremont Street! Keep reading to discover activities for the ultimate Fremont Street experience in Las Vegas. 1. Swim With the Sharks Even though Las Vegas in landlocked and in the middle of the desert, you can still swim with the sharks! One of the things to do on Fremont Street Las Vegas is to visit the Golden Nugget resort. This resort has a 200,000-gallon shark aquarium that tourists can swim right up to. While there will be a layer of glass separating you and the sharks, this is likely the closest experience you can safely get. In addition, you can arrange a behind-the-scenes tour to get an even closer look at the sharks. The resort also has luxury cabanas, 9 restaurants, 6 bars, and a casino. There's no shortage of fun! 2. Catch a Live Performance When deciding what to do on Fremont Street, don't forget to add a few live performances to your schedule. Freemont Street is home to three stages. The stages hold performers and entertainers every night of the year. Throughout the week, you'll find great performances, but Friday nights are when the more well-known artists perform. If you're planning a trip to Sin City, be sure to check out the entertainment schedule before you book your stay. You may just be able to schedule your trip around a free performance by your favorite performer or musician! 3. Enjoy a Vivi Vision Light Show While many people would categorize the Vivi Vision Light Show as a live performance, this spectacle is so amazing it needs it's own section. Coming in as one of the top things to do on Fremont Street, this show features the largest video screen in the world. The 1,3750-foot long screen runs above the street and plays a 6-minute show hourly each evening. During the performance, you'll see an amazing light show synced to popular music by The Killers, Imagine Dragons, Green Day, and others. 4. Stay Cultured With a Museum Trip When searching for Fremont street attractions, don't downplay the available museums. The Las Vegas Neon Museum lets you take a trip down memory-road with old neon signs from the city. Be sure to visit at night to experience all the signs lit up! There is also the Mob Museum. Learn about the Mobs which once ruled the city. This entertaining history lesson will have you viewing the city in a whole new light. 5. Get Rich Quick And no Fremont experience would be complete without the chance to get rich quick at one of the many casinos. Gambling is a Las Vegas staple, and there is no shortage of opportunities. Explore The D Las Vegas, Four Queens, and Fremont Hotel and Casino. Don't be afraid to explore beyond Fremont Street for this one. We would suggest visiting Tropicana Las Vegas Casino Hotel Resort. Plan Your Trip to Fremont Street Today! With all these fun Fremont Street activities, it's time to add this trip to your travel bucket list! Grab a few friends and plan out your dream trip today. But, before your trip, you'll want to make sure you're prepared for the ultimate trip. Bookmark the Gambler's Pick blog for all the best tips and tricks. There, you can learn about everything from Blackjack card counting to the biggest Las Vegas scandals.
  2. Have you noticed those adorable cat figurines waving at you in your local Asian restaurant or supermarket? Did you know the cat has a name and a long, interesting history? In Japanese, these cats are called Maneki-Neko, or "beckoning cat." They're often associated with hospitality and fortune, but there's more to the story than that. Would you like to learn more about this Japanese lucky cat and how it can improve your luck? Read on! The Story of Maneki-Neko The history of Maneki-Neko dates back to the 18th- and 19th-century Edo period in Japan. Legend has it that a wealthy lord named Ii Naotaka got caught in a violent thunderstorm. He saw a cat beckoning to him from a nearby temple and quickly moved into the temple from beneath a tree. Seconds later, a bolt of lightning hit the tree he'd been standing under! Moved with gratitude, the Lord Ii befriended the cat and the temple priests, sharing his fortune and prosperity. Other versions of the story feature an old shopkeeper or a Samurai warrior, but the moral of the story is always the same—a cat that brings good luck. Maneki-Neko Today The legend of Maneki-Neko spread and became popular in China, Thailand, and other Asian countries. It's also known by names like Lucky Cat, Welcoming Cat, and Waving Cat. Today the cat is a common sight in restaurants, hotels, markets, and private homes. If you're a Pokemon fan, you'll also be interested to learn that the Meowth character is based on Maneki-Neko. Variations of the Japanese Lucky Cat Traditionally, Maneki-Neko is a calico cat waving its left paw, but there are many cultural variations. 1. Paws A waving left paw is a sign of welcome for visitors and customers. A waving right paw is thought to invite money and luck into the home or business. If you see a Maneki-Neko with two raised paws, it's both very welcoming and very lucky! 2. Colors A white cat symbolizes happiness and good things to come, while black cats ward off evil spirits. A gold cat (not surprisingly) is connected to wealth and prosperity. There's also a green cat for good health and a red cat for success in romantic relationships. 3. Lucky Items You might occasionally see a lucky cat holding: a coin a fish a mallet (small hammer) a marble a gem a radish or gourd In Asian cultures, each of these items is associated with fortune and good luck. Do you see the common theme here? Japan's Neko Cat: Will It Help Your Luck? We may not know the exact story behind Maneki-Neko's origins, but we do know that the cat has a deep connection with luck. From saving ancient Japanese lords to greeting you at your favorite Chinese restaurant, Maneki-Neko has a rich and fascinating history. So the next time you see one waving at you, now you'll know why! How has your luck been at the casino lately? Could a Neko cat of your own help to turn your luck around? Invest in your own Maneki-Neko and then play of Maneki-Neko slots games, we covered all the best video slots themed with this lucky cat.
  3. The gambling industry is currently making over $41.7 billion in revenue, putting it at an all-time high. If you're someone who loves to gamble, you probably are always looking to media related to your hobby. After all, there's nothing quite like reading about characters doing what you yourself love, and when that hobby is gambling, it's even more fun. The stakes are always high in stories about casino games and betting! If you haven't looked into reading gambling manga yet, we highly recommend that you do so. Japanese comics and their unique, interesting drawings are the perfect media to capture the emotions and ideologies of those who love to gamble. Read on to learn what manga you'll want to start with as a gambling lover! Kaiji Kaiji is one of the most popular gambling manga of all time. This manga is still ongoing despite the fact that it began in 1996. Divided into six parts for easy reading, the latest installment began in 2017! If you're into trying the TV anime out before committing to reading the manga, you're in luck- there's an amazing anime adaptation called Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor. In any case, Kaiji follows a young man named- you guessed it!- Kaiji. This character really should be looking for a job, but he isn't having any luck of finding one, so he turns his attention elsewhere. He decides to focus his energy on playing cheap pranks on others, becoming intoxicated, and, yes, gambling. In comes a loan shark, Endo, who tells him all about high-stakes gambling. Immediately interested Kaiji accepts, only to be double-crossed by Endo. He takes him to an underground labor camp and tells him he must work for 15 years to pay off all the gambling debt he's in! This is obviously not an ideal situation, but Kaiji learns that he has hidden gambling skills. He uses them to get out of many, many situations. You'll need to read the manga to learn what they are, though! We aren't going to spoil you! Kakegurui Kakegurui is different from the rest of the series on this list in that it's shojo. Its art style is slightly different than the other manga we're talking about, and its primary target audience is women! However, men can also enjoy these spirited and lively stories with no shame. This is especially the case when Kakegurui is such a high-stakes series! This series follows students who attend a private school called Hyakkaou, where wealthy and privileged teens must compete in a series of games in which they wager their fortunes against one another. The prize? Elitism in the social hierarchy of the school! However, this social hierarchy is a bit... extreme, to say the least. The poorest students, who lost their money in the gambling that they partook in, are then seen as slaves to the rich students that won their fortunes. However, a new student shortly arrives at the school who simply loves gambling for the thrill of it. She wreaks havoc across the school and its hierarchal structure as she continues to defeat the student council in its attempts to eliminate her time and time again. Legendary Gambler Tetsuya Moving back into the shonen genre, Legendary Gambler Tetsuya is a classic that ran from 1997 until 2004. It has also been adapted into an anime series that ran in 2000 and 2001, so you can check it out that way, too! The plot is set in a post-WWII world, so it's also a historical series for all you history buffs out there. People are struggling to survive after the war has ended and the Axis powers have lost miserably. People lack money, and they can't buy food, shelter, and other necessities, so many of them begin to gamble away what money they do have in hopes of striking it big. The series follows Tetsuya, who is, as you may have guessed, a legendary gambler. He makes his fortune off playing Mahjong, a game in which he defeats his opponents with pretty much zero trouble. However, that all changes when Tetsuya meets a man who is very skilled at the game and realizes that he still has a lot to learn. This action-packed and heartfelt series is sure to have you rooting for Tetsuya to win at his chosen game against any odds that may be stacked against him. Akagi Like Legendary Gambler Tetsuya, Akagi also follows a player of the classic Chinese game Mahjong. This is unsurprising considering the game's popularity in Japan, which persists to this day. Akagi is also known as 'Akagi: The Genius Who Descended Into Darkness,' which is a much more descriptive title. The series follows a boy called Shigeru Asagi, a teenage boy who beats yakuza (Japanese mafia) members in Mahjong. He doesn't know the rules of the game, though- he just relies on his intuition to beat these dangerous men. He winds up disappearing, as those who meddle with the yakuza tend to do. However, six years later, he returns to the game carrying the status of a legend. His ultimate rival is called Washizu. He's one of the wealthiest men in the Japanese underworld who tempts people to bet their lives for great sums of money. The two of them create and play a variety of the game that Akagi calls 'Washizu Mahjong', in which three tiles for every tile type are transparent so that players can see what's underneath them. Bring Gambling Manga to Life No matter which of these gambling manga you choose to read, you're sure to be riveted. After all, the characters and plotlines are all high-stakes, all the time! Now that you know some of the best Japanese gambling manga that you can enjoy, it's time to learn more about gambling and casino games. Head over to the GamblersPick home page and sign up for our newsletter. We'll give you the latest gambling-related news and facts so that you can be as amazing a better as possible in bringing the strategies you learn in manga into the real world. Good luck out there!
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