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  1. We know that the online casino industry has many misconceptions that are attached to it. Whether or not these myths are a reality make all the difference to just how safe or rewarding playing casino games can be. The world of online gambling, casino games, and even land-based casinos has come a long way since its conception. As gambling regulations are established and laws become more stringent, it’s easy to see that many concerns about casinos are nothing by but a myth. Let’s take a look at the most popular “myths” and debunk them to put your mind at ease. Myth #1 – All Casino Games are Rigged While it may be frustrating when a losing streak drains your bankroll, it doesn’t mean that online casino games are rigged. In fact, it’s the complete opposite. With regulators such as the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gambling Authority keeping a keen eye on how casinos and software providers operate, games are tested on a regular basis. Third-party companies have been created to ensure that casino games are fair and payout as they should. No more or no less than they have been designed to do. You can rest assured that all of the online casino games you play by trusted software providers at licensed online casinos are safe and fair. Myth #2 – Past Results Can Predict Future Wins Unfortunately, no matter how many times you’ve won while playing blackjack or roulette, casino games are based on pure luck. Yes, while certain casino games may take some skill to get the most out of a bet or hand you’re played, only Lady Luck can truly determine who wins or loses. In games such as roulette, where the random outcome of the ball is what determines the winner, this couldn’t be truer. Random results are what make casino games such a gamble – but it’s also what provides a lot of the fun. Myth #3 – Betting Systems are the Key to Winning The online casino industry is filled with betting systems and “experts” who insist that betting systems are the perfect way to make yourself a winner. While certain steps can be taken to get the most out of your bet and make your bankroll last longer, betting systems are no guarantee of landing a win. Depending on the betting system you choose to incorporate into your gaming session, you could end up walking away with a much lighter bankroll instead. Myth #4 – Online Slots Pay Out in a Rhythm While it’s true that all online slots pay out eventually, there’s no way to determine when or how that will happen. If a certain online slot hasn’t paid out in a while, it doesn’t mean that you can force that win by playing it more. When outcomes of a slot are determined by random outcomes, it’s impossible to guess what it will take before a big win lands. Instead, be patient and play responsibly. Myth #5 – Online Casinos Never Pay Winners We can with certainty that this is 100% not true. All trusted, licensed and regulated online casinos are required to pay out winners if they meet the standards set out by the regulator. While there may be some paperwork involved, online casinos worth their salt pay out their winners as quickly as possible. It’s because of this that it’s so important to choose the right online casino. We have a long list of reviewed online casinos that can be trusted but not all casinos are created equally. If you find that an online casino has been blacklisted or has a bad review, steer clear to be safe and keep your money and information safe. Myth #6 – Certain Slots Never Pay Out Jackpots All online slots are created with an RTP percentage. RTP or Return To Player, is the percentage that determines how often an online slots pay outs across its lifetime of spins. This is entirely hypothetical and can range from 92% to 98% depending on how generous the provider is feeling. While this number is hypothetical and cannot truly be tracked, it does give players an idea of what to expect when it comes to winning. A higher RTP means there’s a better chance of winning, but this could be over a long period of time. For instance, if a slot has an RTP of 94%, it should pay out $94 for every $100 bet over the game’s lifetime. Statistically, all online slots are designed to pay out wins. This is what makes them entertaining and rewarding for players who bet. Myth #7 – Online Gambling is Illegal Depending on where you live, this may be true. However, many countries around the world are starting to embrace legal gambling practices and putting regulators in place to keep gambling safe. While this doesn’t mean that online gambling is legal everywhere, the chances of finding legal gambling sites in the country you live are better than ever. If you find yourself in a country where online gambling is legal, make sure that you play at a safe and licensed online casino for the best possible experience. There are many online casinos that offer their services to players in countries where gambling online isn’t legal. This is unsafe and means you’re playing without any protection. Play Safe, Stay Safe The online casino industry is simply a part of the entertainment industry. This means there are rules and regulations that must be met to keep players like you safe. Playing at a safe online casino means you should have a fun and rewarding casino experience and that’s why we want to make sure that you’re always in good hands. Trust our GamblersPick Select casinos for the best experience possible.
  2. If you’re getting ready to take a trip somewhere exciting, then you won’t want to miss your chance to experience what we have listed below. We’ve combined the most exotic locations with the best gambling action across the globe. With each of these must-visit spots, you can enjoy various destination-based activities along with the hottest casino gaming action. Take a look at our travel guide to 10 of the best gambling venues in the world. ➀ Monaco If there is an idyllic country to visit, it’s Monaco. It has amazing viewpoints, magical sunsets and great beaches. Depending on what time of year you go, you might also get to catch the streets turn into a racetrack. On top of it all, the second smallest country in the world comes with great gambling entertainment. For gambling action, you can head over to Monte Carlo where there are multiple exciting casinos to choose from of which Casino De Monte Carlo is the best. About Casino de Monte Carlo: Size: 108,000 sq/ft Games: 56 table games, 140 slot machines Accommodation: Linked to the Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo To-do: Fine dining, beach clubs, nightlife entertainment and more Casino de Monte Carlo is a beautiful casino that has been around for decades. The casino is not just a favourite among visitors but has also been featured in popular films including Casino Royale and several other James Bond films. ➁ Las Vegas There’s one place you can automatically put on your bucket list if you’re looking for the ultimate gaming experience. That is indeed Sin City, we’re talking Las Vegas where anything can happen. Las Vegas has plenty to offer in terms of activities, daily entertainment and a whole strip of high-quality casinos. And one casino that remains a must-visit when in Las Vegas is Caesar’s Palace. About Caesar’s Palace: Size: 166,000 sq/ft Games: 169 table games, 1324 slot machines and 16 poker tables Accommodation: Luxurious rooms available To-do: Cocktails in the garden, luxurious spa, retail shopping and more This iconic casino is a Las Vegas trademark and is at the heart of the Las Vegas strip. It puts you in the middle of the action and allows you to indulge in the best gambling action, while also giving you the opportunity to indulge in luxurious spa treatments, cocktail excursions and fine dining. ➂ The Bahamas The name says it all, if you’re in need of a holiday at the beach with minimal clothing, beautiful beaches and quality resort entertainment then it’s time to book your flights to the Bahamas. During your time in the Bahamas, you can indulge by visiting the Atlantis Resort. About the Atlantis Resort: Size: 100,000 sq/ft Games: 90 table games, 1,000 slot games, 1 poker game Accommodation: Pricey hotel suites To-do: Fine dining, water excursions including snorkel and scuba The Atlantis Resort is one of the most famous and largest casinos in the Caribbean. The casino has everything a casino player can dream of. On top of that, you’ll get to relax and take frequent breaks while enjoying the calming beaches and breath-taking views of the Caribbean. ➃ South Africa South Africa is home to more than just beautiful wildlife and nature parks, in this country, you’ll get to enjoy rich cultures, history and get your fix of exciting gambling excursions. South Africa is that hidden gem that has something for everyone, making it an ideal location to bring the entire family. If you’re keen to gamble then you’ll definitely benefit from taking a trip to Sun City Casino Resort. About Sun City Casino Resort: Size: 125,000 sq/ft Games: 33 table games, 852 slot games Accommodation: Multiple hotels To-do: Water park adventures, cinema excursions, arcades and more Sun City gives that Las Vegas feeling but with a twist, it is located in the middle of the bush. A real South African experience where you can enjoy quality gaming entertainment. If you’re looking for proper relaxation, then this is a must-visit resort. And you have the benefit of visiting nearby spots, restaurants and sights for more South African beauty. ➄ Macau Macau is easily one of the most popular travelling destinations for various reasons. Not only is it a beautiful space to visit but it is also home to a great number of amazing casinos. One of which includes the popular Wynn Macau which is located on the waterfront. This giant casino and hotel give you a taste of everything from quality gaming to relaxing stay. About Wynn Macau: Size: 100,000 sq/ft Games: 500 table games, 840 slot machines Accommodation: 1,000+ luxurious rooms To-do: Retail shopping, gourmet restaurants and a world-class spa If you’re looking for a luxurious getaway where you can truly indulge in some retail shopping, fine dining experiences and exciting gambling experiences then Wynn Macau is a must on the bucket list. ➅ Singapore If food, music and quality gambling is at the top of your to do’s for your next trip then Singapore is a must. This beautiful region offers you the chance to indulge in world-class eats, explore new flavours, attend exciting music festivals and of course visit some of the most exotic casinos. This includes one of the most expensive properties ever built, Resorts World Sentosa. About Resorts World Sentosa: Size: 152,000 sq/ft Games: 500 table games, 2,400 slot machines Accommodation: Multiple Hotels To-do: Marine Life Park, Universal Studios Theme Park, fine dining and more During your visit to the Resorts World Sentosa, you can enjoy high-quality gaming with thousands of exciting casino games to choose from. During the day you can explore the world’s largest oceanarium or take a trip to the Universal Studios theme park. The best part of staying here is that each hotel has its own theme, allowing you to choose between luxury rooms or treetop lofts if you’re a nature lover. ➆ San Juan There’s a long list of reasons why you should take a trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico but the main reasons include the breathtaking beaches and the buzzing nightlife. Of course, there are also the rich cultures and the outdoor activities that draw most tourists. Whether you adore nature, food or the beach there is plenty to do in San Juan. And for those who prefer gambling entertainment, San Juan is also home to a spectacular casino, the Ritz Carlton. About the Ritz Carlton: Size: 17,000 sq/ft Games: 17 table games, 329 slot games Accommodation: Hotel stay available To-do: Trips to the rain forest, food explorations, beach activities If a proper beach holiday with tons of outdoor excitement is what you’re in the mood for then the Ritz Carlton in San Juan is a must-visit. You will get to enjoy a classy casino atmosphere indoors while taking in the island beauty while outdoors. ➇ Oklahoma One of the main reasons anyone ever adds Oklahoma to their bucket list is to find their way on to Route 66. Other reasons include the beautiful lakes, seeing bison in the wild and getting to relax in the beautiful green country. Of course, Oklahoma is also home to the Winstar World Casino and Resort. About Winstar World Casino and Resort: Size: 370,000 sq/ft Games: 100 table games, 8,500 slot machines, 55 poker tables Accommodation: Resort stay available To-do: Lounge by the pool, quality dining This Chickasaw Nation operated casino and resort is one of the best casinos in the world. It is fully kitted with all the best games including slots, poker tables and table games. There is something for everyone and during the day you can lounge by the pool for sweet relaxation. Or you can take the time to explore all that Oklahoma has to offer. ➈ Spain Spain is the perfect place to visit if you’re looking to visit the best beaches while adding a few must-sees to your itinerary. This includes breath-taking architecture, top museums, and diverse cultures. Of course, another top bonus includes the vibrant culture which brings fun fiestas and delicious local cuisines. You can take your stay at the Ibiza Gran Hotel Casino. About Ibiza Gran Hotel Casino: Size: 51,000 sq/ft Games: 8 table games, 45 slot games, 3 poker games Accommodation: Luxury Rooms To-do: Parties, beaches, restaurants and more During your stay, you will get to indulge in high-quality gaming with the casino being one of the top attractions on the island. It also hosts a lot of Texas Hold’Em tournaments so you might get lucky depending on what time you visit. And with the location overlooking the marina and the Old Town, it’s perfect for a romantic getaway. ➉ Argentina Then there is Argentina, South America, where you can enjoy the beauty of natural landscapes. Here you can explore a range of national parks, wildlife and get to see the Iguazu Falls. On top of that, there is the opportunity to indulge in Argentinian wine, food, art and culture. If you’re visiting Argentina, we suggest taking a trip to the Park Hyatt Mendoza Casino. About Park Hyatt Mendoza Casino: Size: 32,000 sq/ft Games: 22 table games and 656 slot games Accommodation: Luxury hotel rooms To-do: Fitness centre, swimming pool, restaurants and more The Park Hyatt Mendoza Casino is famous for hosting high stakes games, so if you’re a high roller then this is definitely where you’ll want to take your gaming experience. And when you’re not busy dominating the tables or spinning away on the slot machines, you can enjoy the beauty of the natural landscapes.
  3. As the new year settles in, people are still acclimating to life in lockdown. With not much to do but wait until the pandemic sorts itself out, many have begun to heavily indulge in one of America's favorite pastimes – watching movies and TV. While some have been to a theater recently, many remain hesitant to go to them. In the wake of isolation, countless people have transitioned to online streaming services, such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. These companies, along with other competitors, have reaped the rewards of the pandemic – they've seen tremendous growth as theaters became relatively obsolete, for the time being. With their success, streaming platforms are motivated now more than ever to push out content for the general viewing public. As people have been generally satisfied with their streaming experiences – what does the future hold for movie theaters when it's all said and done? Read on to find out more about the current (and potential future) TV and movie watching climate. The Streaming Takeover Regardless of the pandemic, respondent preference between watching movies at home versus going to the theater was a pretty even split – 48% preferred to be on their couch, while 52% wanted the big screen. Still, 69% of them had shelled out money to watch a new release at home, independent of their streaming subscriptions. Fifty-six percent also admitted to purchasing and downloading a movie from a streaming platform. Although 39% of respondents have canceled at least one streaming service since the pandemic started, 82% have added at least one (limited to platforms with at least 100 current subscribers). Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video had the highest jump in usage, with 30% and 29% adding these services, respectively. The most used streaming services were as follows: Amazon Prime Video: 76% Netflix: 71% Disney+: 47% Hulu: 38% HBO Max: 25% The streaming services with the most cancellations since the beginning of the pandemic were as follows: Disney+: 7.2% CBS All Access: 7.0% HBO Max: 5.9% ESPN+: 5.7% Hulu: 5.5% The top streaming services by percentage of new subscribers since the beginning of the pandemic were as follows: Disney+: 30% Amazon Prime Video: 29% Netflix: 17% HBO Max: 15% Hulu: 12% Generally, the most used streaming service has been Amazon Prime Video, covering 76% of respondents. Prime Video has become the people's choice as it offers a ton of benefits. Their streaming service puts out Amazon Original Series, allows for cheap movie renting, and gives consumers the option to subscribe to over 100 channels such as HBO and Showtime. Also, a household can share Prime benefits at no additional cost. Aside from their streaming platform, a subscription offers customers many other perks including online shopping and music streaming. Weighing the Options When asked how eager respondents are to go back to movie theaters, their reactions covered all the bases. Between 19% and 24% were either not at all interested or were very eager, whereas 11% would go right now if they could. Fifty-six percent of them said they were presently able to go to the theater, and 39% had been to one in the last three months. The best part about watching movies at home was the comfort aspect, according to 69% of respondents. In fact, an additional 2 of the top 5 answers revolved around comfort – being able to lie down (47%) and wearing pajamas (46%). On the other hand, half of respondents said that the worst part of the home theater experience was the lack of a "movie magic" feeling. This tied directly into what people missed most about going to the movies – 69% were longing for the "experience." The other top four answers described some aspects of this experience, eating popcorn and candy, having a date night, watching trailers, and enjoying the comfy chairs – these are what make the theater a special place to visit. What respondents were happiest to live without, though, were the overpriced concessions and tickets, according to 69% and 68% of respondents, respectively. It was determined that the typical markup on movie theater popcorn was 788%, soda stood at 558% and candy at 313%. In 2018, Cinemark, an American movie theater chain collected $1.1 billion in concession sales at a cost of $181 million, resulting in an 84% profit margin. Clearly, customers have the right to be a little distraught about the cost of their popcorn and soda. Who's Watching What? The top movies that have been streamed during the pandemic included Hamilton (31%) and Mulan (28%) on Disney+ and Borat Subsequent Moviefilm (25%) on Amazon Prime Video. These movies were streamed most by baby boomers, millennials, and Gen Xers, respectively. Some felt the viewing experience would've been better at a movie theater – 65% of Mulan watchers agreed, as well as 66% of those who watched An American Pickle on HBO Max. Only 30% of respondents would prefer to watch drama movies at the theater, but 62% love seeing action/adventure movies on the big screen. From 1995 to 2021, adventure and action movies have brought in the most box office revenue, at $63.57 billion and $47.72 billion, respectively. Generation with the highest percentage of streams per movie Baby boomers were the most likely to have streamed Hamilton. Millennials were the most likely to have streamed Mulan. Gen Xers were the most likely to have streamed Borat Subsequent Moviefilm Millennials were the most likely to have streamed The Old Guard. Generation X was the most likely to have streamed Enola Holmes. Top movies streamed by each generation, by percentage difference from the mean Compared to other generations, millennials were more likely to have streamed the following: Mulan The Devil All the Time The Old Guard Compared to other generations, Gen Xers were more likely to have streamed the following: Holidate Enola Holmes Bad Hair Compared to other generations, baby boomers were more likely to have streamed the following: The Trial of the Chicago 7 Black Is King An American Pickle Some generations streamed movies more than others, and there were some noticeable genre differences in their choices. Two out of the top three millennial choices were action/fantasy movies (Mulan and The Old Guard). Baby boomers enjoyed drama/dramedies the most (The Trial of the Chicago 7 and An American Pickle), and there was no theme among Gen Xers, who had a romantic comedy (Holidate), crime/adventure (Enola Holmes), and comedy/horror/thriller (Bad Hair) in their top three. Theaters Fight Back Once it's all said and done, 44% of respondents believed movie theaters would be somewhat likely to recover from the pandemic, whereas nearly a quarter believed the industry might not be so lucky. Gen Xers were more skeptical than baby boomers and millennials. Social distancing, wearing masks and post-movie disinfection were the top three measures that movie theaters would need to instill in order to make respondents feel comfortable going to one. Only 10% of them were confident in movie theaters' abilities to enforce thorough COVID-related safety procedures. CinemaSafe, a program launched to reintroduce movie theaters with proper health guidelines, have had companies all over the country pledge to meet or even exceed their guidelines. On top of the three previously mentioned measures, additional protocols include employee health training, air filtration, and modified concessions (e.g., contactless payment and eliminating communal food serving equipment). Overall, 68% of people said they'd go back to the movie theater post-pandemic, whereas 32% will opt to continue watching from home. Millennials and Gen Xers were more eager to go out, while baby boomers leaned more heavily toward staying in. We Like What We See (Besides Advertisements) Back to streaming services, most respondents have been satisfied with their subscriptions. Peacock subscribers had the lowest satisfaction rate at 66%, and 17% of CBS All Access users were dissatisfied for one reason or another. The most important quality of streaming services, by far, was deemed to be the quality of content. On top of the usual selection of movies and TV shows, all streaming platforms that ranked above 80% satisfactory level also produced their own original programming. Popular TV show examples include the likes of Stranger Things (Netflix), The Mandalorian (Disney+), and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (Amazon Prime Video). The most common additional benefit that people splurged on was the removal of advertisements from their streaming platforms (33%). Ad blocking, in general, has become a more common practice among internet users – from 2014 to 2021, there was more than an 11 percentage point uptick in ad blocker usage (from 15.7% to 27%). Otherwise, 26% of respondents said they don't pay for any other premium benefits. The rest were primarily interested in live TV, exclusive/original content, and having multiple profiles on one platform. Big Spenders The average spending on streaming services among respondents was $46 a month, and an additional $44 had been spent on renting or buying movies online. Baby boomers spent the least on both, averaging $33 and $36, respectively. Also, in the pandemic-free world, people went to the theater twice a month, on average. On a current monthly basis, respondents reported streaming an average of 7.6 movies from home. As soon as COVID hit our borders, streaming companies knew they had a big year ahead of them. In 2021, they are projected to spend $122 billion on content – an increase of 11% since last year and 31% from 2019. Netflix announced they would be releasing a new film every week this year, and other major streaming platforms like Hulu are investing fortunes into exclusive FX programming. The onslaught of content has surely kept most subscribers happy thus far, and it doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon. The Next Episode Clearly, the pandemic has forced us to change our movie watching tendencies, although the shift toward online streaming has been a welcoming experience for most. Many are confident theaters will make a comeback once it's all said and done, but that doesn't necessarily mean everyone is dying to go to one. There is that certain "movie magic" feeling that only exists in theaters, but the comfort of home has become equally as important. As streaming services continue to release more content and features to their platforms, happy subscribers may never need a reason to leave their house ever again! Netflix surpassed 200 million subscribers thanks in part to the global pandemic, and other platforms have prospered as well as they continue to crank up their efforts heading into 2021 – the year for watching movies and television, apparently. Methodology and Limitations We surveyed 1,062 people about their movie watching habits. Fifty three percent of respondents were men, 46.7% were women, and less than 1% identified as nonbinary. Respondents ranged in age from 18 to 75 with an average of 38. An attention-check question was used to ensure respondents read questions and answers in their entirety. The data we're presenting rely on self-report. There are many issues with self-reported data which include, but are not limited to, the following: attribution, exaggeration, telescoping, and selective memory. Fair Use Statement Before heading off to watch a movie, feel free to share this article with friends and family. We only ask that you do so for noncommercial use and to please provide a link back to the original article page so our contributors can earn credit for their work.
  4. Sherlock Holmes is by far one of the world’s most popular and enigmatic super sleuth’s having regaled us with intrigue and adventure since 1886. May 22nd is celebrated around the world as Sherlock Holmes Day, with the date being significant not to the character but to the author, Sir Conan Arthur Doyle, as it is his birthday. The Origins of Sherlock Holmes In his early years Sir Arthur Conan Doyle worked as an assistant to a brilliant physician named Joseph Bell. As the primary surgeon the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh Bell would often face life and death scenario’s where he proved himself capable of drawing insightful, and lifesaving, conclusions from minute observations. Working closely with someone who personified this level of genius inspired Doyle to pen the adventures of a detective with these same skills. The result was A Study in Scarlet, the first outing of Sherlock Holmes and his friend and chronicler, Dr Watson. The title of the novel is drawn from one of Holmes’ monologues, which would become a staple of the series, where he says to Watson: "There's the scarlet thread of murder running through the colourless skein of life, and our duty is to unravel it, and isolate it, and expose every inch of it.” Doyle would go on to pen a total of four full-length novels (A Study in Scarlet, The Sign of the Four, The Hound of the Baskervilles and The Valley of Fear ) and fifty-six self-contained short stories chronicling the life, losses and adventures of this foremost “consulting detective”. The sixty writing span from 1886 up until 1927 are known collectively by professional and amateur Holmesians as The Cannon. Real World Crime Solving Genius There was something captivating about Doyle’s deep dive into a character like Holmes. As much as Holmes was investigating a crime the author invited us on a journey into the psyche of his detective – always questioning how close to the line of madness does genius get before it begins to blur it. It is a little known fact that Doyle himself is credited with having a major impact on modern forensic science through the stories he told using Holmes. In The Sign of Four, published in 1890, Holmes uses fingerprints to track the story’s villain, eleven years later in 1901 Scotland Yard would officially adopt fingerprints as a legal forensic device. In 1891 Doyle published A Case of Identity where Holmes compares typewritten documents, using the idiosyncrasies of specific machines, as a way to track down the villain. Document analysis would only become a mainstay of the investigative sciences in 1932. Sherlocks Influence on Pop Culture Beyond the world of crime detection, Sherlock Holmes would forever change the landscape for the detective genre, both criminal and beyond. It is Holmes who first introduces us to the use of the magnifying glass as a tool for investigation. From children’s books to board games the magnifying glass is synonymous with being a sleuth. In 1920 Agatha Christie introduced the world to Hercule Poirot. The fastidious little Belgian detective, while Holmes antithesis in terms of cleanliness and substance abuse, followed in his footsteps by employing his “little grey cells” in the solving of hitherto unsolvable crimes. Poirot would also have a friend and chronicler who would act as the foil to his genius, Captain Arthur Hastings. While there was the highly entertaining action-adventure film, Sherlock Holmes, starring Robert Downey Jr, it was really the 2010 British television series that captured the imagination of the current generation. The series brought all of the idiosyncrasies of the original characters into a modern world, giving us a look at what Holmes could have been had Doyle created him now. The 13 episode, 4 part series, showcases Benedict Cumberbatch as the titular Holmes and was nominated for several awards including an Emmy, BAFTA and Golden Globe. Stepping beyond the crime niche we saw actor Hugh Laurie play the part of Dr Gregory House in the hit television series, House. Dr House is a troubled but brilliant physician dealing with an addiction to pain medication and an out of control god complex. He uses his brilliant mind, extensive medical knowledge and observational skills to solve life-threatening medical cases. Once again, the self-absorbed genius of House is balanced against the caring nature of his friend and sounding board, Dr James Wilson. Creator David Shore admitted in an interview that naming his character House is a subtle nod to Holmes, who inspired the character. Slots Based on Sherlock Holmes The character of Sherlock Holmes, as well as the Victorian era setting, has also found a special place in the hearts and minds of casino game developers. There is a slew of online slots based either directly on the super sleuth or which use the elements associated with him (his cap, a pipe or a magnifying glass) to promote the detective-theme of their slot machine. These include the following 7 entertaining slots: Holmes and the Stolen Stones by Yggdrasil Sherlock of London by Rabcat Sherlock Mystery by Playtech Sherlock’s Casebook by 1x2 Gaming Sherlock Holmes: The Hunt for Blackwood by IGT Sherlock: A Scandal in Bohemia by Tom Horn Gaming Sherlock Files by Red Rake All of these video slots will showcase Holmes and Watson working together on the reels to uncover the dastardly deeds of his nemesis Moriarty or some other villain – and offer big wins as a reward for your help. After all, even the most brilliant detective needs to eat. Famous Quotes Here are 7 popular quotes by Sherlock Holmes from the novels, short stores and television series: “Elementary my dear Watson” “The game is afoot.” “There is nothing more deceptive than the obvious fact.” “When you have eliminated the impossible whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.” “You have a grand gift for silence, Watson. It makes you quite invaluable as a companion. “You see, but you do not observe.” “To a great mind, nothing is little.” We hope you enjoyed this look behind the curtain and are inspired to grab a magnifying glass and dig a little deeper into the rich lore of this ageless character for yourself.
  5. Did you know that the song "Luck Be a Lady" was written in 1950 for the musical Guys and Dolls? As you may already know or have guessed, the song is about gambling. But what other gambling phrases and quotes are out there? Knowing a quote about gambling (or two) might just allow you to show off your knowledge while sitting at the poker table the next time you're playing with your friends. Here are 10 amazing quotes about gambling you should know. 1. Hunger Games "May the odds be ever in your favor." In context, Hunger Games is a harsh fight to the death where only 1 person wins. In the end, they get to bring home both glory and food for their district. While gambling isn't so much about survival and is, instead, about entertainment, it can still feel like you're facing challenging odds. In that case, this quote can be very fitting for your gambling situation. It can be a good quote to wish someone luck as well. 2. Italian Proverb "The best throw of the dice is to throw them away." This quote was first written down in 1790 and is Catholic in nature. As you may guess, they didn't condone gambling; the quote is saying to not even bother with Lady Luck. However, if you're not Catholic and/or you're an avid gambler who loves to play, pay no mind to this proverb and keep testing your luck! 3. Terrence Murphy (VP Pappy) "A gambler never makes the same mistake twice. It's usually 3 or more times." Terrence Murphy is not only a poker player, but also an author who's also written under the name VP Pappy. He's so well-known for his gambling books that he's been quoted in many gaming magazines as well. As you can see, he has quote some astute and funny observations about betting. If you've placed quite a few bets in your lifetime, then you'll totally understand where he's coming from. 4. Thomas Austin Preston, Jr "Look around the table. If you don't see a sucker, get up, because you are the sucker." This quote is very similar to the previous one. Considering it comes from a professional and renowned player (he's in the Poker Hall of Fame), you should definitely heed his advice. Betting money can be exhilarating, but if you're losing a significant amount, know when to call it quits and cut your losses. 5. Nicholas Dandolos "The house doesn't beat the player. It just gives him an opportunity to beat himself." Nicholas Dandolos is another professional gambler; he's actually known for playing high stakes poker. Again, you should listen to this quote, as it's sage advice from a pro. While it's true that the house always wins, a lot of it has to do with your own psychological warfare. Treat gambling as a source of entertainment, and you won't beat yourself. 6. Mitch Hedberg "I love blackjack. But I'm not addicted to gambling. I'm addicted to sitting in a semi-circle." Mitch Hedberg was a famous comedian who was known for his deadpan style of humor. He often poked fun at himself, which you can see in this quote. Seeing as the comedian died in 2005, you won't find many more quotes from him on gambling, so this is a good one to have in your repertoire. 7. Irish Proverb "Hoping to recoup is what ruins the gambler." This proverb is quite fitting, considering we all know about the "luck of the Irish." But even the Irish know when you should cut your losses and stop chasing wins that probably won't happen. You should keep this proverb in mind whenever you're on a losing streak. Perhaps it'll be what gives you the strength to walk away from the table. 8. Baltasar Gracian y Morales "Quit while you're ahead. All the best gamblers do." Baltasar Gracian y Morales was actually a Spanish Jesuit priest who lived in the 1600s. In addition to being a priest, he was also a philosopher, as well as a writer. In fact, he penned the book "The Art of Worldly Wisdom." As you can see, there's a running theme with many of these quotes: it's extremely important to stop chasing losses early on. 9. Leo Tolstoy "A gentleman is a man who will pay his gambling debts, even when he knows he has been cheated." Leo Tolstoy is a Russian writer who was famous for his works of realistic fiction; his most famous novels are "War and Peace" and "Anna Karenina." While he was known for rejecting extravagant lifestyles, it was discovered after his death that he actually indulged in some vices; specifically, gambling and prostitutes. Although he indulged, Tolstoy still maintained a code of honor, as you can see from this quote. 10. Michael Jordan "Gambling is not a bad thing if you do it within the framework of what it's meant to be, which is fun and entertaining." While many look up to famous NBA player Michael Jordan, this quote is maybe a little ironic. There are rumors that he's actually lost millions of his fortunes due to, you've guessed it, gambling. He might've even retired early from basketball because of this bad habit. Whatever the case is, maybe you can learn from his mistakes and avoid such costly financial fumbles. Now You Know Some Interesting Quotes About Gambling Now that you know some interesting quotes about gambling, you can show off your new knowledge to all your friends. With your impressive library of both thoughtful and funny gambling quotes, you're sure to be the life of any party you attend. Have these gambling quotes gotten you in the mood to try your luck? Then check out the rest of our website for some great guides.
  6. Gambling and betting are huge industries in the United States. In 2019, it averaged out to $261 gambled per American adult. We think of sports betting and casinos as where most Americans place their bets, but it's far from the only things that we like to bet on. Every so often in the history of gambling, you find weird bets and funny bets that have somehow come good for the gambler. Other times, you find strange bets that didn't win but are still noteworthy for their weirdness. We're experts in the field of gambling and can show you how to win, but some of these weird bets leave even us bemused. Ready to take a look at some of the most novel betting that's ever been done around the world? Then keep reading and happy gaming! When UK Gamblers Bet On the World Ending Think back to 2012: Barack Obama was reelected, Curiosity landed on Mars, and Hurricane Sandy tore through New York and New Jersey. All of these were large events, but some believed that there was an even bigger event coming at the end of the year. They believed that the Mayans predicted the world would end in 2012. As it turns out, they were wrong (who would have thought). Yet that didn't stop some UK bookmakers from taking bets that the world would indeed end on December 21st. People did bet on this too, at odds of 5000/1. Quite how they would have claimed their winnings if the four horsemen of the apocalypse had rearer their heads is less than obvious. When a Man Bet Everything He Owned We might joke about betting it all, but how many of us would have the guts to go through with it? One British gambler called Ashley Revell did in 2004 and ended up winning big. The subject of a TV documentary called Double or Nothing, Mr. Revell sold all of his possessions including his clothes and headed to Las Vegas. There, he put it all: £76,840 on a single spin of the roulette wheel. He bet on red and it came up. He walked away with a cool £153,860, or £238,007 in today's money. In dollars, that's just under $300K. Not a bad win, but it's not something that we'd recommend you attempt. The Bet That Produced a Classic Book Friendly wagers between friends are common around the world but few result in a classic children's book being produced. In 1960, one Theodor Geisel wagered that he could write a book that used 50 unique words or fewer. The bet was for $50. The only thing was that Geisel had a trick up his sleeve: he was Dr. Seuss. The result of this bet was the legendary children's book Green Eggs and Ham, which has gone on to be one of the most popular children's books ever written. While you could say that Geisel had the last laugh, it didn't all turn out badly for the other party. The person who wagered with Geisel was Bennet Cerf, the co-founder of Random House, which published the book. A Collection of Fruitful Funny Bets How confident are you in your predictions for the future? Would you like to put money down on them? That's just what one Welsh gambler did back in 1989. We don't know his identity, but what we do know is that he bet £30 on five different things. His bets were: ➀ The TV shows Eastenders, Home and Away, and Neighbours, would all still be on air in the year 2000 ➁ That U2 would still be together by the same year ➂ That the singer Cliff Richard would get a knighthood by the same year The odds of all of these funny bets coming to fruition? A huge 6479/1 according to the UK bookmaker Ladbrokes. A whole 11 years later, he walked back into the bookmakers and claimed his winnings of £194,400, or $320,000. Wife-Carrying It's said that if you can think of something, you can bet on it. Well, this one sport is certainly not well-known, but it's a much-loved favorite of some Irish gamblers. The Finnish sport has become somewhat famous in Ireland and Irish gamblers have been betting on it ever since. What does the sport involve? Well, it's as it says on the tin. A man needs to carry his wife or another woman over a 277-yard obstacle course: the first couple to finish are the winners. Obstacles include a three-foot water obstacle. Would you fancy a go at this sport? We wouldn't, personally, but we wouldn't be averse to putting some money down on this entertaining and unique sport. A Cardinal Sin Betting and religion don't typically go hand-in-hand, so what about betting on religion? Or rather, how about betting on a certain event in the religious calendar? If you're familiar with the workings of the Catholic Church, then you can place one of the most unusual bets around: betting on the next pope. While Pope Francis is still alive and kicking (or rather, preaching), you can place bets on which cardinal will take his place after his death. It must make watching for the white smoke feel like spinning a roulette wheel. Bets On the Hermit Kingdom North Korea doesn't seem like suitable gambling grounds, yet bookmakers have been giving odds on a variety of topics related to Kim Jong-Un. You can bet on when the dictator will no longer be in power, why he will no longer be in power, and even if he will challenge Donald Trump to a round of golf. We imagine you could also put a bet on who'd win that same game of golf. Would You Rather Bet On Something Traditional? We've shown you funny bets from across history, but if you're aching for some less weird bets and something more traditional, take a look around our site. We've got guides and information about games including poker, slots, and blackjack.
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