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  1. Over 42 million people chose to visit Las Vegas in 2019. Most of the tourists crowd the Las Vegas Strip, making this a crowded and often overrated location. But, the smarter tourists visit Fremont Street! Keep reading to discover activities for the ultimate Fremont Street experience in Las Vegas. 1. Swim With the Sharks Even though Las Vegas in landlocked and in the middle of the desert, you can still swim with the sharks! One of the things to do on Fremont Street Las Vegas is to visit the Golden Nugget resort. This resort has a 200,000-gallon shark aquarium that tourists can swim right up to. While there will be a layer of glass separating you and the sharks, this is likely the closest experience you can safely get. In addition, you can arrange a behind-the-scenes tour to get an even closer look at the sharks. The resort also has luxury cabanas, 9 restaurants, 6 bars, and a casino. There's no shortage of fun! 2. Catch a Live Performance When deciding what to do on Fremont Street, don't forget to add a few live performances to your schedule. Freemont Street is home to three stages. The stages hold performers and entertainers every night of the year. Throughout the week, you'll find great performances, but Friday nights are when the more well-known artists perform. If you're planning a trip to Sin City, be sure to check out the entertainment schedule before you book your stay. You may just be able to schedule your trip around a free performance by your favorite performer or musician! 3. Enjoy a Vivi Vision Light Show While many people would categorize the Vivi Vision Light Show as a live performance, this spectacle is so amazing it needs it's own section. Coming in as one of the top things to do on Fremont Street, this show features the largest video screen in the world. The 1,3750-foot long screen runs above the street and plays a 6-minute show hourly each evening. During the performance, you'll see an amazing light show synced to popular music by The Killers, Imagine Dragons, Green Day, and others. 4. Stay Cultured With a Museum Trip When searching for Fremont street attractions, don't downplay the available museums. The Las Vegas Neon Museum lets you take a trip down memory-road with old neon signs from the city. Be sure to visit at night to experience all the signs lit up! There is also the Mob Museum. Learn about the Mobs which once ruled the city. This entertaining history lesson will have you viewing the city in a whole new light. 5. Get Rich Quick And no Fremont experience would be complete without the chance to get rich quick at one of the many casinos. Gambling is a Las Vegas staple, and there is no shortage of opportunities. Explore The D Las Vegas, Four Queens, and Fremont Hotel and Casino. Don't be afraid to explore beyond Fremont Street for this one. We would suggest visiting Tropicana Las Vegas Casino Hotel Resort. Plan Your Trip to Fremont Street Today! With all these fun Fremont Street activities, it's time to add this trip to your travel bucket list! Grab a few friends and plan out your dream trip today. But, before your trip, you'll want to make sure you're prepared for the ultimate trip. Bookmark the Gambler's Pick blog for all the best tips and tricks. There, you can learn about everything from Blackjack card counting to the biggest Las Vegas scandals.
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