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  1. The idea of robbing a casino for millions of dollars seems like the kind of thing you only see in movies like Oceans 11. But, the truth is, there have been a lot of crazy casino heists throughout history. What are some of the biggest ones? Check out this guide to learn about the wildest casino heists of all time. 1. Bill Brennan Stardust Robbery While some casino heists involve intricate plots and dozens of people working together to make it happen, some are very simple and straightforward, like the Bill Brennan Stardust Casino robbery. In 1992, a cashier at the Stardust Casino named Bill Brennan filled a trash bag full of cash and chips, threw it over his shoulder, and walked right out of the casino. The bag contained half a million dollars worth of cash and chips, and to this day, Mr. Brennan has never been seen or heard from. He's currently on the FBI's Most Wanted list, although rumor has it that his accomplice stole them money and killed him after the heist. Bill's simple and straightforward theft is still one of the most famous casino heist stories of all time. The heist resulted in many casino security standards that are still active to this day. It's highly unlikely that an employee in today's age could pull off this sort of heist, especially considering all the security cameras and extra monitoring that goes on. 2. Crown Casino Heist If you think walking out of a casino with $500,000 is crazy, think again. In the Crown Casino heist of 2013, robbers from Perth, Australia attempted to smuggle away $32 million! This story involves two men, one who was a card dealer for the casino and the other who was a high roller coming in from a foreign country. Their plan for the heist was simple: The casino employee work at the card tables monitoring security cameras while feeding information to the other robber. The idea was to take the money and move it as though it had been won during regular play. Had the robbers kept the amounts small, the casino may not have noticed anything. But of course, greed took over and the player's consistent luck while playing high hands resulted in the floor staff being alerted. The game was ceased and the employee was terminated on the spot. But, since no money actually left the casino, the foreigner was allowed to go home scot-free! This event has also led to stricter security worldwide, as such a loss could have been completely disastrous for the casino. 3. Circus Circus Heist If you think men are the only ones plotting crazy casino heists, think again. In the fall of 1993, a woman by the name of Heather Tallchief had a job driving armored vehicles. One day, instead of bringing her truck full of cash to the bank like she was supposed to, she simply drove away with nearly $3 million in tow. The 21-year-old fled the country with her boyfriend Robert Solis, and the two headed to the Netherlands where they were able to stay hidden for over a decade. In 2005, Heather succumbed to the guilt and actually turned herself in. Her boyfriend still remains at large. 4. London Ritz Heist Armed with a mobile phone, a laser, and a computer, three people set out to rob London's Ritz Casino in 2004 for a hefty sum of $1.9 million. The trio consisted of two Serbian men and one Hungarian woman, and the three set up casino games in a private area and devised ways to cheat on them. The group headed for the roulette tables and used lasers on their cellphones in order to determine the speed of the ball's orbit. This made it easy for them to predict where the ball was likely to land on the orbit. This is another story where their heist likely would have gone unnoticed had they not gotten greedy. But once their winnings hit the million-pound mark, authorities were tipped off. While the three were initially arrested and had their accounts frozen, a judge actually ruled in their favor agreeing that no offense had been committed. The three were even able to keep their winnings, although they've all been banned from casinos for life. Needless to say, they've since updated gambling laws to prohibit the use of cameras around the table. 5. The Soboba Robbery In 2007, employee Robert L. Ramos made off with a little over $1.5 million in cash with his accomplice Eric Alan Aguilera. In his position at the casino, Ramos was responsible for setting up security cameras as well as installing other security measures at the casino- a position that set him up nicely to carry out a robbery. On the day of the heist, the pair simply walked into the casino, sprayed staff with pepper spray and tied them up, stuffed some bags with cash, and then zoomed off in a getaway car. However, the casino staff was able to quickly alert the police, which led to a high-speed chase in the desert. Although Aguilera was initially able to escape, he too was eventually arrested alongside Ramos. 6. The Bellagio Biker Bandit Lastly, we have the story of the Bellagio Biker Bandit. In 2010, Anthony Carleo brazenly rode his bike up to the steps of the Bellagio and walked through the doors with his motorcycle helmet in one hand and a gun in the other. He made his way to the craps table where he quickly cleared $1.5 million in chips and then sped off on his bike before security knew what hit them. Unfortunately, the chips contained tracking devices, so Carleo wasn't able to cash them in. Instead, he attempted to sell them online. This proved to be his downfall, as he sold the chips to an undercover cop and was then sentenced to 27 years in prison. Crazy Casino Heists: What Will the Next One Be? Due to stricter security measures, it's becoming tougher and tougher for people to pull off casino heists like the ones mentioned in this article. Luckily, you don't need to pull off a crazy heist to walk out of a casino with a lot of money. All you need is talent, luck, and a winning strategy. If you want to learn more about the crazy world of casinos and gambling, be sure to check out this article.
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