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  1. As human beings, we are remarkably resilient creatures that can adapt and evolve to survive anything served to us. 2020 quite simply proves this fact and provides yet another historical showcase of how we manage to take a bitter scenario and create a fabulous silver lining from it. The COVID-19 pandemic was certainly one of the worst global disasters we have had to face in recent history, yet we have managed to adapt and become even stronger because of it. One of our greatest assets during the past year has been our push for global digitalisation. Our love for technology has worked tremendously in our favour and has made lockdown and social distancing so much easier. In fact, 2020 is a defining moment in the refinement of the digital realm. Great advancements were made to cater to the scenario, such as improvements in online shopping, digitised payment solutions, advancements in live chat technology, and so much more. The effects of the pandemic challenged us to find a new normal that could pander to our needs as social beings. Fans of online gambling have experienced a similar renaissance in response to these worldwide improvements in working, living, and playing online. In search of our very own silver lining, we have discovered 5 ways in which the online gambling industry has become safer, more secure, and more popular over the last 24 months. Newly Regulated Regions Many countries previously opposed to online gambling have seen reason when it comes to digital gaming and recognise its positive impact on regulated economies. While land-based gambling establishments closed in various countries due to lockdown protocols, online casinos have taken over and provided socially distancing residents with sought-after ways to amuse themselves. Did you know? More states in the USA are looking to legalise online gambling at the moment. These include regions like California, Connecticut, Indiana, Illinois, Massachusetts, and New York. As more countries and regions move to legalise iGaming, it only improves the security of the citizens in those areas. Many players gamble without the security and protection of regulation, so steps to regulate the market are set to create a safer environment for all punters. Thriving Business Where various businesses were forced to close their doors to limit social interaction, digital companies like online casinos have had the privilege of remaining in full operation over the lockdown periods, which has had a hugely positive effect on the overall market. Quick Fact: According to the Online Gambling Market Report 2020-2025, COVID-19 has led to a sudden rise in online gambling revenues, with some reports citing a 67% increase. An influx of people has moved over to the digital gambling realms, as it presents one of the few forms of entertainment available to adults in an environment where social distancing and staying at home is the societal norm. Active Approach Towards Legislation Thankfully, regulators recognised the need for rapid changes to gambling legislation. Laws that would have taken months or years to pass before, were passed quickly to cater to the sudden growth in popularity of internet gambling. Did you know? Official figures show that online gambling has emerged as one of the most popular pass times during the pandemic alongside online retail, food delivery, and subscription services. It’s only natural that its infrastructure would adapt to keep up with its growth. Various regions are in the process of passing laws to establish viable iGaming markets to ride the gravy train to wealth. There is much to recover and make up for, especially with land-based casinos only operating at limited capacity right now. A Proponent for Responsible Gambling The sudden attention of the masses in the online gambling sphere was a positive catalyst for governments and gambling commissions to improve their oversight and increase their focus on maintaining a responsible gambling environment. With much more time to play casino games, it was evident that enhanced responsible gambling protocols were needed to protect the playing public. Regulators in Spain and Britain were among the first to increase their safety protocols. Some of these security measures have included lowering the betting limits, the introduction of enhanced verification measures, and restrictions on marketing. Quick Fact: Spain has been the most heavy-handed with its laws on gambling marketing and has recently passed laws to prohibit sports teams from being sponsored by gambling institutions in the region. Some gaming commissions have limited the types of bonuses and promotions allowed at online casinos with certain regions putting a hold on such offerings. At the end of the day, these improved protocols ensure a safer gaming experience, despite the fact that old-school gamblers have not been in favour of these security enhancements. New Betting Avenues Although it is an online betting practice, sports betting has not faired as well as online casino entertainment because of the banning of live sports events. While football has since made a return, along with many other prominent sports, their initial absence from the scene caused bookmakers to become more innovative. Now that sport is back, there are far more options for the public to enjoy. Egaming became extremely popular thanks to the global lockdown. More and more people took to the exciting video gaming world to pass the time away. Of course, competitive protagonists found it the perfect platform to stage competitions and tournaments. This in turn provided an opportunity for sportsbooks to expand their repertoire and add new gaming options into their libraries – something that has been well-needed to this point anyway. Quick Fact: While you may think that games like FIFA Soccer would have ranked highly in the Esporting arena, the number one game for total winnings in 2020 is held by a shooter game. ‘Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’ forked out $14.75 million in winnings to its players last year! Esports is only gaining momentum and is an area of interest that needs watching over the next few years. Heightened regulation may be needed in this arena to protect under-aged players from getting caught up in the betting aspect of the market. Round-Up It’s always good to find the positive in any negative situation. The iGaming industry is one of the only markets that can safely do this when looking back over the last two years.
  2. While in-person gambling is a fun tradition that's been around for centuries, the popularity of online gambling is growing at an enormous rate. In fact, by 2020, the global market for gambling online is projected to grow by a whopping 8.77%! As you can probably imagine, the fact that there are two exciting and viable options for getting your gambling fix makes gamer's loves more interesting, but also vastly more complicated. After all, choosing which form of gaming is right for you can be an overwhelming task. Luckily, we're here to help! Today, we're going to talk about offline vs online gambling and outline the pros and cons of each. Read on to get some insight as to which of these alternatives is best for you. Offline Casino Gambling Even back in medieval times, people enjoyed heading to gaming parlors to place bets and socialize with others. That tradition still persists today despite the fact that games are different and casinos have a much more modern aesthetic. Read on to learn some of the merits and downsides of offline casino gaming! How Does Traditional Gambling Work? To partake in traditional gambling, you need to hop in your car, drive to the casino, and start placing bets (as soon as you know the rules!) Most of these locales are attached to other venues like malls, hotels, restaurants, and resorts. At an offline casino, all gamblers are present in the room where bets are being placed. The room is filled with neon lights and a roaring crowd of other gamers, which is an engaging aesthetic that makes lots of gamblers feel high on adrenaline. Pros There are a lot of pros to offline gambling that make for an amazing experience: Social experiences. You're surrounded by other gamblers, which is a fun experience if you're interested in making gaming a social experience. Aesthetic and adrenaline. The lighting and traditional aesthetic of a land-based casino really helps to get the adrenaline pumping and the excitement at an all-time high. This is especially the case because excitement is contagious, so when other people are having a good time in the casino, you're likely to as well. Less paperwork. While online casinos require registrants to include personal information into their accounts, most offline casinos are pretty chill about background verification. This means less paperwork for you so that you can start gaming faster. Opportunities for a high payout. There aren't really any limits as to what you can bet at an in-person casino, so this is a great option for high-risk gamblers. Cons However, there are also a few downsides: Less variety. Since there are space constraints in land-based casinos, they can only have so many gaming options. You won't have the same amount of variety as you would online. Strict unspoken rules. There are a lot of etiquette rules that you'll need to follow at a physical casino. It overall makes for a better experience where all gamblers respect each other, but it can still be annoying sometimes. Lack of disabled accessibility. Casinos can get loud and bright, which a lot of people like. However, for those with sensory processing issues, it can also get overwhelming. Know yourself and your preferences! Online Gambling Now that you know the pros and cons of going to a land-based casino, it's time to take a look at the alternative: online gambling. Read on to learn why this might be the right option for your needs! How Do Online Casinos Work? Online casinos are basically large online rooms where you can play virtual versions of all the games that you would at a casino. You place bets using a bank account or, more popular as of late, bitcoin. Online casinos are great for games like slots that don't require a lot of interaction. However, poker, blackjack, and other card games are an entirely different experience digitally. Pros Here's why online casinos are awesome: Convenience. Online gambling can happen in your PJs from the comfort of your own home! You can be really comfortable while playing as a result. High percentage of payout. While land-based casinos offer opportunities for high payout, you'll likely not win very often. Online casinos offer more chances to win smaller prizes. Opportunities for real-life experiences. When you use an online casino, you aren't sacrificing the opportunity to play against real-life players. Live dealers are an option on most casino sites, so you can play against other people in a virtual room. More variety. Online casinos have no space restrictions and therefore offer more games. Cons However, there are also a few cons: Less social opportunities. You can't bring friends to an online casino for a night out. It's a generally slow experience. The lack of a roaring crowd and neon lights also makes for less adrenaline. More restrictive. High-stakes gamblers have betting restrictions. Many sites also make it so the more you win, the less likely you are to win in the future. This is obviously unfortunate for those who are skilled at gaming. So, Which Option Is Best? Neither offline or online casinos are inherently better than the other. Which alternative is right for you depends on what you want your gaming experience to be like. If your primary goal is winning anything, including small prizes, then online gambling is likely the right choice for you. However, if you have a lot of money and are a high-stakes gambler, you won't like how restrictive most casino sites are with betting and probably want to head to your local offline casino. If you're looking for a social experience, then you're definitely going to want to head to an in-person venue. You can bring friends and hang out with them while placing bets. This is a great way to have a night out- casinos serve most food and alcoholic drinks in addition to the awesome entertainment that they provide. Those who are interested in convenience may want to go with online gaming that you can do from the comfort of your own home. This is also the case for autistic gamers and those with other sensory processing accessibility needs. The bottom line is that you need to know yourself! Place a Bet Today Whether or not you prefer to gamble online or in a casino, there are lots of options out there for the places you can make bets and the types of games you can play. Now that you know the pros and cons of both online and offline gambling, it's time to get started. Check out the 'games' tab on our homepage for more information about the various casino games you can play in the format of your choosing. From slots to poker to blackjack to roulette, we've got you covered.
  3. It's hard to track Bitcoin since it's anonymous, but there are over 633,000 wallets with at least 1 Bitcoin in it. If you're a proud owner of one of these wallets (or maybe more!), then you might be wondering what you can do with this currency. If you're an avid online gambler, then you may be surprised and pleased to know you can actually do some crypto gambling. Are you interested in playing on anonymous casinos, otherwise known as bitcoin casinos? Then read on. We'll tell you 4 things you need to know about this type of online casino. 1. It's Legal For traditional casinos, there are usually restrictions placed on certain players from the world. But with anonymous casinos, gamblers can play from anywhere they wish. This type of casino doesn't have any regional restrictions. And when you're playing anonymously, this means your country's government can't really find out you're playing, so long as you're smart about it. For example, for maximum anonymity, use a VPN (proxy) while playing. 2. You Don't Have to Give up Personal Details With anonymous casinos, you don't have to input any personal details at all, which means there's no registration. All you have to fill out is which bank you want to use. But of course, that gives away your bank details. If you're not comfortable with that, then you can always do online Bitcoin gambling. That way, all you have to enter is your wallet address, which is anonymous. Whichever method you choose, this is how you can make deposits and withdrawals. 3. It's Completely Safe When you consider that you don't have to enter any personal information when you play on anonymous casinos, it's completely safe! This means if anyone does manage to intercept your connection with the online casino, they have nothing of value to "steal." They won't have data to gather, such as your full name, credit card number, or bank account number. Even if they manage to get your bitcoin wallet address, they'll need other bits of information in order to withdraw money from it successfully. However, it's still best if you play on certified sites to avoid any issues. 4. It's Quick to Get Started On As we've mentioned above, you don't have to enter any personal information into the anonymous casinos. This also means you don't have to submit any documents to verify both your identity and address. These extra steps can take quite a bit of time for online casinos to get through. If you're impatient and want to get to playing quickly, then this type of casino is the way to do it. Play on Anonymous Casinos Today As you can see, playing on anonymous casinos is a great way to keep your sensitive data safe. If you're worried about people stealing your information over the internet, then playing on the best casino sites with Bitcoin and other types of crypto can be a great choice. For more information about online casinos, check out our other blog posts.
  4. In the online gambling community, it seems like every year brings more and more developments nobody ever saw coming. From month to month, the influx of information, data, law changes, and new opportunities can be a little daunting. So, what's an igaming enthusiast supposed to do if they want to stay up to date with what's going on in their world? Who do we follow if we want to know what's happening, when it's happening, and how it affects us? Join us, today, as we bring you eight of the biggest Twitter influencers in the online gaming industry, right now! David Purdum In the world of online gambler names, ESPN Chalk columnist David Purdum is a name you should know, whatever your sporting preference is. With his hands in nearly everything you can place a bet on, right now, Purdum is also a fairly notable name in fantasy sports. Look for David on Twitter if you want great posts and a solid jumping-off point for joining the online gambling community. Purdum's profile is where many of the top analysts actually gather when they want to have a discussion. This makes it perfect for anybody looking for great commentary. Find David Purdum on Twitter: @DavidPurdum Steve Ruddock The Steve Ruddock Twitter profile sets the stage for the open and honest Tweet content to follow. "Nominated for an award once... didn't win." As Editor in Chief at Gaming Law Review, Steve's insights into the poker and gaming industries are surface deep. What is really intriguing when it comes to Ruddock's Twitter content is his views on the legal and legislative development of gambling in the US. And what is the most intriguing is his coverage of terrestrial and online gambling and their slow growth into each other. What we're saying is Ruddock has a lot of great content and is an insightful influencer in the online gambling sphere. Maybe he should have been given that award, after all. Find Steve Ruddock on Twitter: @SteveRuddock Alun Bowden The well-known Alun Bowden offers unique perspectives on the igaming industry. More important, however, he is actually one of the only gambling names on the platform making the time to interact with his followers in any way. He is, also, quite sarcastic, but that's what we go to Twitter for, right? Based out of the UK, Bowden puts his years of industry experience and gaming industry contacts to good use. Follow him for excellent observations and commentary on gambling, highlighting often overlooked issues. Follow Alun Bowden on Twitter: @gamblinglamb Ryan Rodenberg Ryan Rodenberg is a leading name in the United States sports law community. He's been at the forefront of the legalized sports betting fight over the last few years. It's his informed perspective on the issues and expert commentary that make Rodenberg stand out. When it comes to gambling, on and offline, some of the best content concerns the often-complicated legal perspectives on the topics of the day. Ryan Rodenberg brings that expertise, arguing for legalization and exhibiting why legalization matters. Follow Ryan on Twitter: @SportsLawProf Mike Kowall With regard to legalizing online gambling, Michigan has been the site of many developments in recent years. And State Senator Mike Kowall has been a leading name in drafting and guiding that legislature. Kowall spearheaded online gambling legislation in 2016 and reintroduced it again in 2017. Despite not being as active on Twitter, he has a profile and has been involved directly in legal battles that affect the entire industry. This makes his content a great measure of the state of things. It also makes him an official source of information. This is especially nice when everybody else seems to spend their time sharing any old rumor they've heard recently. Follow Senator Kowall on Twitter: @SenMikeKowall Rosita Youngblood Pennsylvania State Representative, Dr. Rosita Youngblood is a leading proponent of online gambling. She sponsored the first bill to reform gaming laws, by the name of HB 2150, and has been extremely outspoken on the subject. Follow Representative Youngblood on Twitter: @RepYoungblood Sarah Friedman Sara Friedman is a notable name in the gambling compliance creative community. Her focus is largely on new and emerging online gambling laws and regulations. Follow Friedman for updates from the gambling regulation frontlines. Her rapid turnaround on pretty much all updates from the igaming and gambling worlds is unmatched. If it's been announced, Friedman is probably already Tweeting it. Follow Sara on Twitter: @SaraEFriedman Victor Rocha Victor Rocha represents the California online gambling community in a bigger way than most. With content leaning toward tribal gaming, Rocha's Twitter is a great source of content for California game followers. Tune in for unfiltered opinions on the state of California gaming. Follow Victor on Twitter: @VictorRocha1 Matt Assad Industry journalist Matt Assad works the gambling beat for Pennsylvania news site, Morning Call. It's his closeness to the daily news that gives him his understanding of the local scene, including gambling regulations. Chris Krafcik Chris Krafcik works as the research director for Gambling Compliance. This kind of information is worked with under very strict NDAs. That said, Gambling Compliance's work has made it a solid resource when they do release updates. And Krafcik's Tweets, though not all that frequent, epitomize that idea. Follow Chris Krafcik on Twitter: @CKrafcik Stay Up To Date With iGaming By Following Influencers Ultimately, no matter what your preferred industry is, it's always valuable to know who to follow if you want updates right from the horse's mouth. And where better to get up-to-the-minute updates from every industry out there than on Twitter? Hopefully, with the help of today's igaming influencer list, you'll have everything you need to follow all the men and women who know it best. Looking for more great insights into the world of gambling? Check out some of our other blog content.
  5. The early 2000s were a boom period for online gambling in the United States. The World Series of Poker was huge on ESPN, which helped to create an online gambling craze, and more and more poker rooms and casinos kept popping up. Millions of gamblers were taking to the online tables, not only playing poker but also betting on sports, roulette, and myriad other games of chance. Online gambling was considered perfectly legal, then it all came crashing down. One of America's most unpopular presidents, George W. Bush, signed into law the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2016 (UIGEA), which essentially made online gambling illegal. It wasn't that gambling itself was illegal for citizens, though more of a way to keep Americans from accepting money for gambling or operating any sort of sites. This caused PayPal and other large e-wallets and payment processors to stop dealing with Americans and online gaming, as it also chased most reputable sites away from accepting Americans. Some were shut down, and billions of dollars were left frozen or seized. The end result was a depression, of sorts, where most online gambling options for Americans dried up. The point of this short story is that who our president is in America matters a great deal. Whether we end up with four more years of Donald Trump, or a long-shot like Berne Sanders, the implications on the gaming world will be felt. So it stands to reason that many gamblers have a stake in the 2020 Election, and want to know which potential president would be the best for online gambling. The Presidential Candidates and Their Take on Online Gambling Donald Trump America's current POTUS, and the front-runner for the 2020 Election, Donald Trump, was initially thought a shoo-in for legalized online gaming After all, Trump's name was on many casinos in Atlantic City, and he has deep ties with Las Vegas. So this is a man who understood the love for online sports betting, poker, etc, right? Wrong. If anything, Trump has been pretty bad for online gaming due to the fact that he prefers the status quo. Approve or disapprove of the man's politics, the facts suggest that he's economy-focused, factory jobs and wages and the like. He has shown no interest one way or the other in lifting the UIGEA, nor has he commented on further sanctions. while some might take this indifferent stance to be a good thing, it shows that there's no priority in the Trump administration to even consider legal poker or any relenting on the nation's iGaming regulations. This may actually be worse than if he were to push for more regulations against. The reasoning here is that, if it were the case he wanted to go after online poker, his staunch opposition would gladly battle him on further regulations in the house, just for the fact of it being a Republican pushing the idea, and thus the topic would be brought to the fore, argued and battled. By keeping things within the status quo, the George Bush poker-killing regulations still stand untouched by anyone. Joe Biden The leading Democrat in the race for the 2020 Election for POTUS is Joe Biden, who's seemingly blowing past Bernie Sanders in delegate count. This isn't exactly a worst-case scenario for online gamblers either. While Biden has made no plans to loosen restrictions or to overturn the UIGEA, he has also stated unequivocally that he doesn't plan to impose further sanctions on online sports betting, poker, or any other sort of iGaming in the nation. So, why is this good? It's basically political speak for "I'm open to actually lifting regulations; just let me get settled." Okay, some might think that inference is a little generous, bordering on far-fetched, but also remember that Biden was around with Bush and disagreed on the crackdowns back then. Plus Joe Biden's son was a former lobbyist for Party Gaming. The kicker here, however, is that Joe Biden was also once a potential positive voice for repealing the UIGEA, although the Bill never managed to get off the ground due likely to typical politics cropping up. Suffice to say, however, that the gambling world seems to have Biden's ear, and he's not opposed to online gambling. In his position as Senator and then as Vice President, however, he's never been in a position to push for overturning the stifling anti-Gambling laws. Bernie Sanders At this point. Sanders is the dark horse Democrat candidate, and it's very unlikely he would win. In the past two USA elections for POTUS, media have entirely turned on Sanders, and he has felt this sting; first with Hillary Clinton, now with Joe Biden. Bernie Sanders is an admitted socialist who stands against capitalism and certainly against the status quo in America's business and politics. However, do not allow that to fool you. Sanders is very much anti-gambling. For whatever reasons, it's really unclear, but his voting history shows that every single time something comes from the House into the Senate that's anti-gambling, Sanders votes in favor of it passing. So no matter what it has been, online or not, Bernie has burned his bridges here and has voted to pass anti-gambling legislation time and again. There's absolutely no reason to consider he wouldn't stick with this. At best, he'd ignore the genre entirely and let the UIGEA and other regulations stand. At worst, he'd come after it harder, and online gambling being legal would never happen under a Sanders administration. The Right POTUS Pick for Legalized Online Gambling Whether he'd be good for jobs, the climate, world peace, or anything else is anyone's guess; but for online gambling, Joe Biden is the best friend a betting person has going into the 2020 Election. He has a history of reconnoitering around the edges of repealing the laws already on the books. All he's lacked in doing so is the power and pull. The Vice President's position is largely ceremonial; just ask Mike Pence, Dick Cheney notwithstanding. And as a Senator, he was only one of one hundred. Though as President of the United States, Biden would be in a much better position to argue for legalized online gambling. This is especially true in a House of Representatives with a Democrat majority. The good news for gamblers out there is that Biden is likely going to win the Democrat nod easily, then it's just a matter of facing down an unpopular incumbent. So the point here is that legalized online gambling may be closer than you think. Fingers crossed.
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