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  1. It’s no secret that live dealer games have quickly become one of the most popular forms of online gambling entertainment in the world. While Online Slots may still lead the way, these games of chance are filled with fun themes, entertaining bonus features, and not to mention, interactive gameplay. Among all of the live dealer games that exist, gameshows shine the brightest, and here’s why. Origin of Live Casino Games Live casino games may have only recently taken the industry by storm, but for a long time, these games have been on the mind of providers. As far back as 1998, attempts were made to create live dealer games, but the technology wasn’t what it is today. Fast forward to 2006, and the first real attempts at these games were launched, but they were rare and didn’t last very long. In 2012, when the casino industry started to make the shift to using HTML5 software, the possibility for live dealer titles became even brighter. In 2017, Evolution took the leap and launched their first ever live dealer gameshow - Dream Catcher. It was here that Evolution truly outshone its competition and quickly earned the title of “industry leader”. Since then, live dealer gameshows have been on the rise, with many different providers showing off their skills in creating real-time entertainment via HD streaming with friendly and fun hosts. What Makes Live Dealer Gameshows So Popular? If we consider what makes these games so very popular, it’s easy to see that their appeal goes beyond just fun. They provide a connection to the TV game shows of old, where charismatic hosts captivated audiences. They also provide a connection that can’t be found on regular RNG casino games thanks to the ability to chat with your host like you would at a land-based casino. Here are a few more reasons players can’t get enough of these fun casino games: All fun, no strategy - You don’t need a strategy to enjoy live gameshows. Instead, you can simply be a part of the action while having fun. The atmosphere is relaxed and all about entertainment. New games and old favourites - You can experience many of your favourite games in a whole new light. Whether it’s a childhood board game or a more traditional game like roulette. Innovative gameplay - software providers are always trying to outshine their competitors, and they’ll continue to do so with new innovative ways to play. The technology created for live gameshows is often some of the best and latest. Exciting interactions - Chat with the host or catch up with your fellow punters via the chat box. You can interact with those enjoying the same live dealer gameshow in real-time, which can’t be found on any other casino game. Big bonus features - Many live gameshows show off their skills by adding massive bonus features. These features are often entirely different from the main game and will move to a new section of the studio or even take you on a 3D virtual adventure. With so much to offer, it’s no surprise that live dealer game shows are simply growing in popularity with each new release. And as technology evolves, so will the worlds these games can unlock for players from every corner of the globe. Top 5 Live Casino Gameshows Now that we know why live dealer gameshows are so popular let’s take a look at the best options. Looking for somewhere to start when first exploring these fun casino games? We recommend any of the following titles by some of the best software providers in the industry. 1. Crazy Time by Evolution If there’s one thing we’re willing to bet on, it’s that Evolution is one of the best software creators the industry has ever seen. As the leader in live dealer casino games, their most popular title is easily Crazy Time. Centred around Wheel of Fortune, this game is bright, bold, and filled with fun features. There are 54 segments on the wheel with bonuses, multipliers, and the chance to win up to 10,000x your bet! The bonus features include Coin Flip, Cash Hunt, Pachinko, and Crazy Time. 2. Mega Wheel by Pragmatic Play As Pragmatic Play’s first-ever live dealer gameshow, Mega Wheel quickly grew in popularity with those who were already fans of the provider’s creations. Colourful, immersive, and filled to the brim with fun, Mega Wheel features two hosts that are animated and friendly. They’ll ensure that you’re always having a good time. Featuring 54 numbered segments on a spinning wheel, Mega Wheel is all about predicting which numbers will be chosen by Lady Luck. Thanks to the multipliers on the Wheel, you can win up to 500x your bet. While this may not be as staggering at Crazy Time, the maximum bet of €1000 helps to boost the payout. 3. Deal or No Deal by Evolution If you’ve always dreamed of stepping foot on the Deal or No Deal stage, then you can live out your dreams with this Evolution creation! Based on the popular TV game show, Deal or No Deal Live puts the numbered boxes in your hand as the host guides you through each round. The game takes place over three rounds, which starts with spinning a three-reel bank vault to qualify for the main game. During round 2 (or The Top-Up Round), players increase the prizes in the cases. The final round is the game show where players must bet their way to the ultimate prize of up to 500x your bet. 4. The Greatest Cards Show by Playtech If you’re a fan of card games and spinning wheels, then you’ll love what Playtech has created with The Greatest Cards Show. Once again, featuring a giant spinning, this one is a little different as it resembles a roulette wheel rather than a Wheel of Fortune. Instead of numbered segments, you’ll spot card numbers and symbols which can be bet on with every round. There are multipliers, jokers, and chances to win up to 2000x your bet, all found as the game plays out with the help of a friendly host. The bonus features include Spotlights, The Light Show, and The Joker. 5. Monopoly Live by Evolution Last on our list, but definitely not least, this game show is for all those who spent hours around the family table fighting with their loved ones while aiming to own the most hotels and streets on the board. But rather than walking away filled with rage, you stand a chance to win up to 10,000x your with the help of Hasbro and Mr Monopoly himself! This game is packed with bonus features that will transport you to a 3D game board where you can relive the game in HD. You’ll have 6 different betting options to help you on your way, a spinning wheel, multipliers, Chance Cards, and so much more. If you want to experience these games for yourself, we don’t blame you! We have a wide range of top online casinos that are ready to welcome you and give you access to the best live dealer gameshow titles around.
  2. Much like online gambling, artificial intelligence (AI) is not a new arrival in the tech world, and although it may be news to some, the impact of AI in iGaming is tremendous. Big data and machine learning are some of the AI integration advantages harnessed by online gambling companies, with results that benefit all stakeholders, especially players. If the only guarantee in life is change, then rapid change is the only guarantee in technology. The gambling industry is not immune to this truth. In fact, because of unprecedented market growth, the iGaming sector experiences intensely rapid change. Through AI integration, operators and software developers gain an advantage and ensure unsurpassed entertainment for their players. Here are the 7 ways AI changed the face of gambling forever. Tangible Effects of Artificial Technology Key components of AI used in online gambling include machine learning, big data harvesting and analysis, and, more recently, computer vision capabilities. Data is at the heart of how AI technology processes information and operates. When iGaming companies leverage historical data and allow AI to determine potential future outcomes, far more accurate pictures of what to expect come into view. Improvements in content, customer support, and security are some benefits revealed through efficient AI integration. ✓ 1. Data Interpretation Big data is an essential tool for every business in the digital era. Understanding consumer behaviour and optimising business strategies to offer competitive services require data collection. Knowledge in consumer science grew by leaps and bounds with the unveiling and implementing of data analytics using AI. A distinguishing factor between AI and humans is how fast AI can harvest, analyse, and store data. Its capability to extract information from various entry points and organise the data in an astonishingly accurate and speedy manner means no human employee can offer the same accuracy and output. Machine learning capabilities allow scientists to program the computers for specific data harvesting while the AI translates the data into actionable information. Online gambling platforms gather player information through AI analytics to better understand what their players look for in wagering entertainment and what they may choose in the future. Efficient application of data leads to more satisfied customers and providers where change is necessary. Operators and other gambling providers accurately anticipate player preferences, efficiently plan marketing strategies, and timeously take charge when players are at risk of harm. ✓ 2. Digital Customer Service Agents The level of service excellence a provider delivers consistently to its patrons has the power to make or break an online business. Because digital businesses face the challenge of attracting customers remotely and meeting their needs from afar, loyalty and relationship breakdown are challenges. Another reality is the vast number of options online patrons have. Therefore, online casinos have much more work to do in the customer retention and satisfaction arena than their land-based counterparts. Here, chatbots become an immediate solution to engage with players. Not only do these digital agents offer service assistance 24 hours a day, but they are also immune to bad moods and won’t match a customer’s aggressive energy. With the right data engineering, chatbots have the power to transform indifferent players into loyal, referring customers. Attentive service and efficient problem-solving can win players over. Chatbots can streamline the bulk of a platform's customer queries by answering straightforward questions and funnelling the rest to service agents in the call centre. ✓ 3. Unparalleled AML and Anti-Fraud Measures AI integration allows platform providers to secure their online casinos better than those who opt for more dated security measures. Although all licensed gambling providers must uphold the highest level of online security protocols and comply with international anti-money laundering laws, AI takes this to the next level. Land-based and online casinos have a shared risk of their exposure to fraudulent transactions. Whether it is a criminal trying to launder illegitimate money, underaged players circumventing age restrictions, or underhanded players trying to cheat their way to big wins, the risk remains. The evolution of AI technology allows for early detection of questionable transactions and, unlike manual processing, can do so in real time. This includes spotting hackers who attempt to cheat through data manipulation and bad actors who use casinos to funnel crime-backed money. Through AI efficacy, operators can inform the authorities and provide better information that may lead to convictions. A newer application of AI in the Know Your Customer (KYC) space lets players use video recordings to identify themselves. This exciting technology streamlines the sign-up process and eliminates the chance of forged identity documents from underaged users. ✓ 4. Player Protection Improvement A major challenge addressed in all gambling regions is protecting players at risk of developing gambling disorders. According to tech experts, AI once again has the answer. Data harvesting and machine learning have the potential to take traditional gambling safeguards from slightly to undeniably effective. Currently, operators and regulators struggle to agree on when to act. Regulators feel that providers should step in earlier, while many licensed providers fall short in this regard. AI integration offers a powerful tool that highlights patterns, much like the current systems. However, the process is much more accurate and swifter. Some believe the complicated nature of player behaviours and compulsive gambling poses their own list of challenges to AI adoption. Essentially, this capability can only grow into its potential once the industry at large shares knowledge and implements AI for effective player protection measures. ✓ 5. Unmatched Betting Statistics Data engineers and AI experts in the sports betting industry are interested in how AI technology can enhance the gambling market. They created exceptional computer vision capabilities for sportsbooks through machine and deep learning tools. The skill of predicting certain events in sports or specific aspects of a game is long-standing, and AI further strengthens the maths behind it. Although prediction companies delivered incredible insights to bettors long before the invention of AI, this technology surpasses the human capacity for data interpretation. AI can crunch numbers like no human, with the help of standard computers, can. A subsection of AI technology with computer vision capabilities teaches models to interpret and understand images and video. This technology is a game changer for data and statistics products in sports betting. Computer vision can offer extremely accurate predictions by calculating a player's velocity and trajectory. ✓ 6. Superior Gaming Experience The extreme competition in iGaming is apparent through the number of software providers and gambling platforms available today. Software providers have a mammoth task of creating unique and engaging content, and platform providers must ensure a superior experience through impressive visual art, user-friendly layout, and responsive pages. Providers who leverage AI data will offer players relevant and enjoyable content. By applying customer data in real time, players receive unsurpassed personalisation. Savvy operators incorporate AI machine learning to guide players through their portals. The same technology that allows operators to spot early warning signs of harmful patterns can teach them to maximise a player's current and future sessions. Through a responsive portal, operators take the guessing work out of the player's hands by suggesting games they may enjoy. Engaging content and a deeply personalised experience secure loyal customers and increase market share. ✓ 7. Data for Insightful and Focused Marketing The ability to constantly collect data at unthinkable rates means AI offers unsurpassed information on players, even before they place a bet. With an interconnected network on the web, marketing strategies powered by AI data allow gaming providers to cast wide nets with specific goals that reach the exact market they cater for. Marketing insights help operators and other stakeholders in iGaming to ensure their message is well received. While driving campaigns through AI allows for a laser-focused reach, the technology also aids operators in creating unique, personalised offers to players in their target demographic. This means players get more of what they want, and operators grow their customer base. Boundless Potential These applications of AI have already changed the face of gambling forever and raised the bar for player expectations. Throw the metaverse and augmented reality gaming into the mix, and we can only begin to imagine what the industry's future looks like.
  3. For the greater part, we all either know about games like blackjack and roulette from seeing them in movies, reading about them, or we’ve played them. Even an unusual game like Wheel of Fortune has pre-iGaming roots, and most gamblers know what to do. In this era of gambling, most people around the world have access to casino games, thanks to online casinos. Since the onset of the remote gambling industry, a lot has changed, and with innovative brands like Evolution in the mix, interesting games have followed. Today we explore unconventional live titles from Evolution with unique rules and features. Non-traditional Live Casino Games Many newbies in the iGaming industry may think live casino refers to green-felt tables where croupiers deal cards or spin the roulette wheel. They are not completely wrong, but talented Game developers introduced other exciting live games to online gamblers, and these can be daunting at first. Like any game of chance, these must work according to fair mechanics and have clear rules. But, at first glance, these games look confusing, and for those who do not read manuals, it could take some time to figure out. ✓ Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt We’re willing to bet that you have heard of Gonzo’s Quest, the beloved and pioneering online slot from NetEnt. You may even know that there are a few more slots in Gonzo’s series. What many do not know is Evolution has a live game show based on the Spanish explorer, and it comes with stunning intricacies. Hunt for Ancient Treasure with Gonzo If you’ve met the charming Gonzo on the original slot, you may think this live treasure hunt is a breeze. Although punters with all experience levels can play this live game, it takes a bit more than the click of a button. Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live will blow your mind with its stellar graphics, next-level bonus features, and the option to explore it in Virtual Reality! This live game show draws inspiration from the slot game and takes players to the ruins where Gonzo believes Eldorado may be. In your quest for the lost city of gold, the live presenter accompanying you and RNG mechanics could lead to huge wins. The game starts with a series of selections where players need to pick tiles on the prize wall. Players move through four phases in the game and start with a bet selection comprising two parts. Pick which treasures you want to look for and how many stones you want to turn in search of the treasure. Be sure to calculate your bet before confirming it. Then move on to the selection phase and click on your chosen number of rocks. When you are done, random prizes drop onto positions on the screen. Then the Big Reveal takes place, where you discover whether you have won anything. Top Tips for Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt To get the fully immersive experience of this live treasure hunt, we recommend a solid internet connection. Know your budget and plan your bankroll accordingly. Bets on Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt can quickly become overwhelming because you pay for the number of treasures you choose and how many rocks you want. In other words, if you pick 3 treasures and 10 rocks at a bet of €1, your total bet for one round is (1x3) x 10 = €30. Note the bet timer and selection timer. The game plays in real-time, and players have a set amount of time to select what they will bet on and which stones they want Gonzo to turn. The most basic strategy is to cover as many stones as possible with one treasure. This raises your odds but also your bet. If you pick more positions on the wall, drop your bet accordingly. Different coloured treasures have different odds; the higher its payout value, the smaller the chance of finding it. This means it is very risky to bet on these. Set a time limit with a notification. When you reach your bet limit, walk away, and do not chase a loss. High return tiles are not the only way to win in this game, as multipliers can cause big wins. Other strategies include medium and high risk/reward ratios where you pick the maximum number of treasures and stone reveals. Although these are exciting, they may lead to losses, and a break-even result may be the best goal. They designed Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt for players to enjoy in VR mode. If you have a headset, use it for the best experience. Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt is a unique live casino game, and you can play it at the best online casinos. The bonus prize drop section can drop maximum prizes of 20,000x per stone, and the game has a maximum prize of €1,000,000. Stay in control of your bets and when it is no longer fun, walk away. ✓ Crazy Time If you think this is another spin-off of Wheel of Fortune, think again. Crazy Time is a unique live online game show from Evolution. They built the wheel on the same concept as the provider’s Dream Catcher money wheel, but it has unique bonus features and interactive elements. Spin the Wheel for Crazy Wins This wheel-spinning game comprises advanced RNG features with four bonus games and multipliers of up to 25,000x in an interactive setting. This live game is so popular it can have 10,000 players simultaneously. An enthusiastic and fun presenter welcomes players to the game. Crazy Time has a game wheel and a slot above the wheel, impacting the main and bonus game outcomes. Punters place bets on the wheel segments comprising numbers 1, 2, 5, and 10 plus segments for the 4 bonus games. Place your bets before the timer stops and watch the wheel and Top Slot spin. The Top Slot generates one random multiplier and one random wheel segment it will be added to. When the wheel stops, all becomes clear, and if the segment below the flapper is one you bet on, you win. The Top Slot may or may not have awarded a multiplier to one of your numbers for an increased prize. If you bet on one of the four bonus rounds and the flapper stops on that section, things are about to get crazy. In Coinflip, players can win up to 5,000x with the flip of a blue and red coin and with Cash Hunt, players must trust their gut to take a shot at multiplier prizes. The Pachinko feature is like the original Japanese game, and the puck makes its way down the peg wall to big multipliers. The Crazy Time bonus is an RNG-based wheel of fortune game where the biggest prizes are up for grabs. Top Tips for Crazy Time Crazy Time may seem like a simple wheel of fortune type game, but players must familiarise themselves with the game before staking real money on it. Know what your betting strategy is before starting the game. It is a high-paced live game with short betting intervals. Set a bankroll limit for your game and a time limit, and stick to these. The best strategy with Crazy Time is to know the odds and play according to that. The biggest wins happen in the bonus games, and you can only participate in these with an active bet on them. Although the game has exceptional winning potential, the odds of hitting the 10,000x prizes and over happen rarely. Expect these to strike about once a month. The most frequent wins on Crazy Time are small ones ranging between 5x and 25x, so keep that in mind when planning your bankroll. Crazy Time is a casino game with lots of winning potential, but it remains a game of chance. Remember that losses are inevitable, and wins sweeten the deal but aren’t guaranteed. Using probability is the best strategy on Crazy Time, and players can access historical results to factor probability in. Use the information available to determine where you bet, and always include the bonus bets. When the game is no longer fun, take a break for a while. Crazy Time is all about the bonus rounds, but players get the most wins out of number bets. The wheel is completely mechanical, and that makes the outcomes unpredictable. It can spin past bonus segments for 30 rounds before stopping on these lucrative features as often as every fifth spin. The hit frequency for number 1 is 38.89% and for number 10 is 7.41%, while there is a 1.85% chance of the wheel stopping on the Crazy Time bonus segment. ✓ Monopoly Live We now have the pleasure of exploring a family favourite remastered by the talented team at Evolution. Monopoly Live is the best way to win real money with Monopoly, the world-famous board game. This live casino game show brings the best of online casino and family entertainment together, and here is how you win money while playing Monopoly live. Catching Dreams with Rich Uncle Pennybags Monopoly Live is the predecessor to Crazy Time and offers an extremely immersive bonus round based on the original board game we all know. Punters who enjoy slot games will also love this live title, and the bonus game is the primary goal. Evolution’s Monopoly kicks off with a wheel of fortune containing numbered and bonus segments. Players bet on the segments they think the indicator will land on. The 54 segments contain the numbers 1, 2, 5, and 10, plus Chance, 2 Rolls, and 4 Rolls. These occur in higher to lower frequencies, with 1 showing up 22 times and 4 Rolls only occurring once. Place a bet on the numbers of your choice and always include the bonus bets to avoid disappointment. The friendly presenter spins the wheel while an animated background entertains us. If it lands on one of your chosen numbers, you win your money back plus the payout of the number. If the wheel stops on the Chance segment, all active players win a cash prize or multiplier for the next round. A result containing 2 Rolls or 4 Rolls transports players to the Monopoly board. Before the bonus game starts, players can throw dice to increase their spins. The dealer uses an automated dice shaker and doubles award another throw for the game. Rich Uncle Penny bags, aka the Monopoly Guy, escorts players across the board to discover their prizes. Top Tips for Monopoly Live This is an exciting take on the Dreamcatcher Wheel of Fortune game and a more straightforward version of Crazy Time. It suits most players. Always play according to your financial means, and don’t gamble with money you can’t afford to lose. Plan your bankroll and stick to it. There are many strategies to help you along and minimise your losses. Play the odds and aim to stick around for a bonus game. Players only qualify for the bonus game with an active bet on it. Think of Monopoly Live as a slot game you should play until a bonus triggers. Be patient with the bonus triggers and plan your bankroll accordingly. One of the bonus features hit approximately every 14 spins. If it hasn’t triggered in the last 12 spins, prepare your bets for one. Bet on the two bonus rounds and number 1 but adjust your bets to ensure a win on number 1 covers any losses on the bonus segments. Monopoly Live is available at our top-rated online casinos. When playing Monopoly, have a set time limit and align it with your bankroll limits. Although there is a strategy to minimise your losses, Monopoly Live is a game of chance with no guarantees. The main attraction is the bonus game, where players get to enjoy a 3D version of the traditional board game. The Monopoly Bonus game has a huge potential prize of €500,000 achieved through multipliers and when you pass go, all values double. Win real money with Evolution’s brilliant Monopoly Live.
  4. The online gambling world is a massive industry worldwide and probably one of the most competitive digital markets around. With tons of content released each year at online gambling sites, picking a game as a new player can soon become an overwhelming task. Of course, some of the more prominent industry leaders tend to set the trends, but with the advances in technology of late, even the smaller companies can punch way above their weight. Every now and then, one gaming studio pushes the envelope just that little bit further than their competitors to introduce a game that stands a class apart from the rest. These innovative marvels demand royal mention and their providers deserve praise. It is here that the industry’s gaming awards associations play their part in giving credit, where it is due. Industry Instigators The three foremost gaming awards organisations in the iGaming market are the EGR (eGaming Review) Awards, the IGA (International Gaming Awards), and the Global Gaming Awards (GGA). Should a game provider or casino operator walk away with an acknowledgement of excellence from any of these icons, you can assume that they have dared to venture into the realms of cutting-edge development, service, and innovation. Remembering the Remarkable In an attempt to remember the best entertainment the online casino industry has brought our way, we’ve gathered a list of the most remarkable award-winning games to feature on our desktops and mobile phones in the past 20 years. The following games have proven to be leaders in their time, many of which have received legendary status in the industry and are still widely played today. ✓ King Kong Cash by Atronic (IGA Slot Game of 2008) King Kong Cash deserves an honourable mention here. The game was a VLT phenomenon that boasted new and innovative concepts within the branded slot genre. It was trendy on European casino floors thanks to its 4-level progressive jackpot and a free spin round that were based off scenes from the iconic 2005 King Kong movie. While Altonic no longer exists, their legacy was carried on by GTECH, which is now an IGT subsidiary. ✓ Book of Ra by Novamatic (IGA Slot Game of 2009) This Egyptian-themed game is probably the most popular title of its genre. It has inspired so many copycat versions over the years, such as Book of Dead by Play’n GO. Even so, players keep flocking back to the original. It won its award based off the back of its fabulous Scatter/Wild symbol, which when triggering the free spin bonus, selects a random symbol to become a special expanding icon for that feature round. Each time a symbol lands on the reels and can complete a winning combo, it will expand to cover its reel, thereby providing more winning chances. Combine that bonus round with a Gamble Feature, and Scatter wins, and you have a recipe for success. ✓ Big Bad Wolf by Quickspin (EGR Game of the Year 2013) Quickspin rose to the occasion in 2013 with this title. It has since become their flagship game, having won the EGR award based on the fantastic visual design and animated involvement from the characters on screen. It truly is a stunning sight. Based on the story of the Three Little Pigs, this title offers a flurry of features, including Big Bad Wolf Free Spins, where the K-9 foe attempts to blow down your house. Most notable, however, is the cascading/tumbling reel feature after every win. While many slots use this mechanic today, it was a new concept back in 2013. ✓ Immersive Roulette by Evolution Gaming (EGR Game of the Year 2014) Live Dealer casino games only gained traction around 2009, with the growing momentum of Evolution Gaming. The introduction of Immersive Roulette celebrates one of their award-winning milestones, and it has redefined the immersive quality and innovation of Live Casino games forever. Unlike their other standard Roulette game versions at the time, this one uses multiple close-up camera angles to immerse the player into every action taking place in a single game round. This was an innovative feature unheard of in the gaming world at the time. Not only is each movement captured, but it is rendered in High Definition for the clearest shots around. ✓ Spinata Grande by NetEnt (EGR Game of the Year 2015) NetEnt needs no introduction to online casino gaming enthusiasts. This beautiful Mexican-themed game got the attention of millions of players around the globe in 2015 and continues to thrill gamblers today. The awesome soundtracks, effects, and animations are very engaging. It truly feels like you are standing on a dusty road in a Mexican village playing for money. The dogs barking, passers-by whistling, sounds of pick-up trucks driving by, and the guitar playing the distance are fully immersive Of course, true to NetEnt’s style, the visuals are not the only award-worthy detail. The features are harnessing too. These include Colossal Symbol wins, a Mini-Slot feature, and Free Spins. Just like a pinata, this game contains many surprises when opened. ✓ Jurassic Park by Microgaming (GGA Digital Product of the Year 2015) The Steven Spielberg movie is a cult classic that has driven the franchise to produce a series of great films based on its storyline. Trust Microgaming to bring it alive on the gambling screen and scoop up the accolades at the same time! All your favourite cast members and dinosaurs are available in full view for you to see. You can relive the cinematics of the movie through the energetic soundtrack and vivid visuals presented in the game. As you play, the screen moves through the forest in search of wild and dangerous sights with winning combo animations bringing each dinosaur alive. The game is no slouch in the bonus game department either, which may have been a real catalyst in the decision-making process for the award. There are 5 distinct free spin rounds based on 5 different dinosaurs from the movie. They all provide free games with different add-on modifiers, such as Wild Reels, Multiplier Wilds, Running Wilds, Mystery Multipliers, and Winning Wilds. Welcome to Jurassic Park! ✓ Guns ‘n Roses by NetEnt (EGR Game of the Year 2016) Arguably one of the best rock bands in history is immortalised on the reels of this slot by NetEnt. Yes, there are tremendous features when playing Guns ‘n Roses, such as Appetite for Destruction Wilds, Legend Spins, Solo Multiplier, Encore Free Spins, and a Crowd Pleaser Bonus. But we all know why this game won the game of the year award in 2016 – BECAUSE THE SOUNDTRACK ROCKS! Set before a stage, while you roll the reels, you can select one of 5 of the band’s best songs to play along with you. Once a track is done, and your foot tapping has warmed up, or your air guitar is in tune, you can select another song to rock along to. You simply won’t want to stop playing until you have heard all the jams. Enjoy songs like Welcome to the Jungle, Sweet Child of Mine, Paradise City, November Rain, and Chinese Democracy. Here is one hint if you are going to give it a go – wear headphones and crank up the volume! ✓ Wild Toro by Elk Studios (EGR Game of the Year 2017) Elk Studios turns the brutal sport of bullfighting on its head in this humorous and quirky slot game. That’s right, in this game the bull always wins, which is probably why it has so many fans and walked away with the game of the year award only 3 years ago. Designed with real Spanish flavour, the game transports you across Europe to enjoy the bull defeat the matador in a flurry of features. These include Walking Wilds, Extra Wilds, and bonus Re-spins of the reels. The mix of authentic sounds and visuals combined with a great maths model and feature selection made this game the winning contender in its class and a firm favourite in the Elk Studios library to this day. ✓ Lighting Roulette by Evolution Gaming (EGR Game of the Year 2018) Innovations in Live Dealer gaming has dominated the online industry in the last few years. Lightning Roulette has seen great success since its introduction to the market because it combines the table gaming world with RNG jackpot entertainment. No longer is 35:1 the best reward for a straight-up bet. If the lightning selects the winning number prior to the spin, and your chips are in place, you could be looking at rewards of between 50x and 500x your stake in prizes. This unique concept is a crowd favourite, earning it the game award by EGR in 2018. ✓ Monopoly Live by Evolution Gaming (IGA Game of the Year 2020) Everyone’s favourite Hasbro board game, Monopoly, came to the Live Casino world thanks to a partnership between the game maker and Evolution Gaming. The new gambling variant is a remake of the famous Dreamcatcher wheel game with unique Monopoly game elements. This innovation combines the two worlds of live game action and augmented reality to produce something that players had never seen before. It is evident by Evolution’s actions, that boldness and chance-taking can lead to significant payoffs, as this game scooped up the International Gaming Award in 2020. Ponder the Pedigree For the ultimate in online casino action, we recommend that you revisit some of these iconic game selections to remind yourself of what true ingenuity and quality is like on the market. Feel free to play some of these titles at one of our Gambler’s Pick partner casinos for a safe and secure gaming experience.
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