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  1. With the incredible community that sprang up around live dealer casino games and the growing video game streaming industry, it was no surprise that gambling streams became popular on platforms like Twitch. No one could have predicted the combination of online gambling with the soothing medium of ASMR. ✓What is ASMR? At some point, most people experience a scalp-tingling response to another person's voice, a particular piece of music or, more uncommonly, a response to a visual stimulus. The experience is unexpected, a little bizarre, but oddly enjoyable. This involuntary response to an external stimulus is referred to as an Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response or ASMR. The Oxford dictionary defines ASMR as: “A feeling of well-being combined with a tingling sensation in the scalp and down the back of the neck, as experienced by some people in response to a specific gentle stimulus, often a particular sound.” In ASMR parlance, anything that causes a person to have this tingling response is known as a trigger. The Oxford definition notes that these triggers can include "whispering voices, paper tearing, and scalp massage”. ✓ASMR Streaming Becomes Big Business While many ASMR videos and streams are simply a way to relax and even fall asleep, thanks to the inherent feeling of well-being that accompanies it, it is a thriving business sector with a decidedly adult slant. Many attractive men and women have taken advantage of the simulated intimacy of ASMR, specifically the ear whispering triggers, and enhanced its appeal by adding skimpy outfits, quasi-erotic settings, roleplaying scenarios, and ear licking. The latter has become incredibly voracious given the development of special dual-sided ASMR microphones shaped like ears on a head. Infamous Twitch streamer and ASMRtist (a term that blends “ASMR” with “artist” to describe creators of this niche), Amouranth is said to earn more than $10 million per year from the audience she built by creating adult-orientated ASMR content. While she is one of the better-known ASMR content creators, she is by no means alone in this endeavour. An ASMR industry estimate claims that as many as 500,000 channels on YouTube may have posted more than 25 million videos. According to StreamCharts, the top five AMSR streamers on Twitch in 2022 alone have generated a total of 710,665 hours watched. To put this in context, this equates to more than 29,600 days of watch time in less than six months. ✓The Rise of ASMR Online Gambling When there is a willing audience and money to be made, we can always expect the internet to meet that need. In this case, we have begun to see YouTube ASMR casino videos being posted to YouTube and other video platforms. Mostly, these videos are not real money gambling as the ASMRtist is roleplaying a scenario where you, as the viewer, are welcomed to their imaginary casino and walked through several casino-related scenarios designed to highlight various triggers. These triggers can include a whispered welcome by the casino boss and an introduction to the elements on the table, such as clinking the chips, shuffling the cards, and caressing the felt table. Thanks to the high-quality microphones and some post-production magic, these sounds are amplified to be easily heard. Given the popularity of both mediums, there appears to be an untapped market for online casino gambling streams with an ASMR spin. Where most gambling streams focus on the hype and excitement of online slots, a more relaxed table games approach could very well find a lucrative audience in ASMR fans. ✓What is Unintentional Casino ASMR? Alongside these ASMR casino roleplay videos, there has also been an increased number of videos labelled as "unintentional casino ASMR". These "unintentional" videos are a popular subsection of the ASMR industry where users post content of everyday events such as speeches, someone doing woodwork or even something in nature where the activity creates an incredible ASMR-like experience. In the ASMR gambling niche, this has often come from players recording their interactions with live dealers. A live dealer with a pleasant voice who makes smooth sweeping movements on screen and has a card or chip technique that creates brushing or scraping sounds can inadvertently trigger ASMR responses in their viewers. Once again, this unexpected content niche could be a fantastic way for a savvy online casino to grow their social media presence by recording and sharing their live dealer gameplay as ASMR content. If starting your own YouTube channel filled with unintentional casino ASMR videos appeals to you, why not check out our live dealer casinos section to find the best sites to join and record today?
  2. In celebration of National Camera Day, we are taking a look at the development of the humble camera lens, flash photography and how it has influenced one of the fastest growing online gambling verticals – live dealer casinos. Sit back and relax as we take a trip down memory lane to delve into the history of the first camera and revisit some of the most iconic photographs of all time. Where It All Began Unlike the invention of the telephone where it is easy to pinpoint a single creator, the development of photographic theory and the creation of the first portable camera is definitely more a case of “it takes a village”. Some of the important milestones in the development of photography include: Chinese and Greek theories from around the 5th century BC regarding light refraction and how optics work would come to set the standard for early photographic principles. In 1685, based on the concept of ‘camera obscura’ inventor Johann Zahn created a blueprint for a “hand-held device with a mirror-reflex mechanism” which would become the forefather of the modern camera. In 1672 Sir Isaac Newton published his experiments using these early concepts of light refraction. This led to the discovery of the colour spectrum which makes up white light. In 1729 Johann Heinrich Schulze printed the experiments he undertook to prove that when exposed to sunlight, rather than heat, silver nitrate darkens, leading to the ability to “burn” an image onto a surface. Individually each of these discoveries, while astounding, would appear to be somewhat useless for everyday life. However, from our end of the historical lens, we know that cumulatively they have changed the face of the world. How Important Is the Camera? The use of video and photography are so common in modern life that we rarely give it a second thought. Here are a few ways in which the invention of the camera has impacted the world and made it the one we live in today: Media and Entertainment: Without the development of colour theory and photography the film industry, social media tools like Instagram and the burgeoning live video streaming industries such as Twitch would not exist. Social Awareness and Justice: Thanks to the ability for everyone to take high resolution photos and videos on low-cost cameras and even mobile phones the world is far more aware of global injustices and crimes against humanity – claims that now can be proven with photographic evidence. Business and Communication: Easy access to video streaming services and cheap VOIP call costs have been a lifesaver for businesses across the board in the face of the growing need to allow staff to work from home and the fact that often even small businesses need to deal with international suppliers. Preservation of History: Some of our greatest and most heartbreaking moments throughout recent history are perfectly preserved for future generations to admire and learn from. Online Gambling: Without the development of high resolution photography and its evolution into high-resolution streaming we would not have access to the amazing selection of live dealer games on offer from Evolution Gaming and NetEnt. On a more day-to-day basis even something as simple as taking a photograph of the family and sending it to your loved ones during the lockdowns would have been impossible a few hundred years ago. Our Top 7 Historical Photographs There are many photo essays online depicting the Times and other publications “Top 20” to “Top 100” photographs of all time.However, as a hat tip to the superstitions around the lucky number 7 we have handpicked our Top 7 most iconic photographs: ✓1932 - Lunch Atop a Skyscraper by Unknown ✓1945 - V-J Day in Times Square by Alfred Eisenstaedt ✓1948 - Dalí Atomicus by Philippe Halsman ✓1965 - Muhammad Ali versus Sonny Liston by Neil Leifer ✓1969 - A Man on the Moon by NASA and Neil Armstrong ✓1984 - Afghan Girl by Steve McCurry ✓1995 - Pillars of Creation by NASA & the Hubble Telescope
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