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  1. Becoming a VIP may not be every punter’s ambition, but let’s be honest, everyone enjoys receiving special treatment. Some throw the term “high-roller” around loosely and perhaps you have a good idea of what a VIP looks like at a land-based casino. In comparison, the perks for online gamblers come in different forms, as it needs to enhance their virtual experience more than anything else. Instead of a luxury hotel room, an online VIP may get a higher deposit match bonus and to make up for the lack of free champagne, online casinos extend invitations to special tournaments for high-rollers. One thing is certain though, online high-rollers get better deals and VIP treatment, so if you want the virtual red-carpet rolled out for you, it is possible. Don’t worry though, some VIP hosts spoil their customers with a surprise now and then, like a bottle of bubbly or the like. Players may think it is unattainable to be dubbed a high-roller as their wagering habits, and budgets, don’t match that of a gambling whale. However, we beg to differ and here we have a few tips that can get you into a virtual VIP lounge without breaking the bank. What is An Online High-Roller? A VIP player at top online casinos will very much function like their land-based counterparts, as they wager sizable sums of money and give the casino a lot of their time. These are the two most basic criteria for high-rolling gamblers. Just like a casino whale would catch the attention of the pit boss by depositing a large sum at their brick and mortar facility, a €4,000 deposit or more will turn heads at the online management office. Receiving that VIP invitation won’t happen unless they detect a consistent wagering rhythm. Once a punter catches the attention of online casino staff because they make big deposits and bet brazenly, they will extend a golden invitation to their coveted VIP loyalty program. This means they want to get to know you better and offer you a tailor-made gambling experience. There is nothing quite like a full-fledged VIP experience at online casinos. Perks can include unique betting limits, tickets to exclusive events, and access to your own private account manager. Champagne on a Beer Budget? If your budget does not allow for large deposits and bold bets, there are other ways of climbing the online status ladder. Using what you have, in combination with what the casino can offer you is one of the easiest and smartest ways of getting exclusive deals. Most bonus deals include deposit match perks, which can go a long way if used wisely. Below we explore the yellow-brick road to your VIP wizard. The path may require some patience, a bit of faking it ‘till you make it, and definitely a lot of savvy. Casino Bonus Offers Because of the fierce competition in the igaming industry, casino platforms do their best to attract customers through bonus offers. This means you will have the pick of the litter with the top bonus offers from the best online casinos. Some online casinos offer deals that include a no deposit bonus and most times, these are available to both new and existing members. All online casinos offer packages to new members, and many of the best casinos have loyalty bonus offers for existing players. These will grant you a wonderful boost to your bankroll and give you a bunch of free spins. In all cases, terms and conditions apply, so be sure to read the fine print in order to maximise the gift. The key here is to pick quality over quantity. Deposit match bonus offers mostly come in the shape of a 100% match, up to a certain amount divided into two to three deposit transactions. Some casinos will give you more than a 1 to 1 bonus, but as we said, there are always conditions that require you to take certain actions before the benefit comes your way. Sometimes, the offers only include certain games, so be sure that the offer is in line with your betting preferences. All free offers come with playthrough requirements, so study these points before you pick a deal and be selective about which games you will use your free spins and bonus on. Picking the best bonus offer to suit your betting goals will go a long way in helping you get to a higher tier, but combining it with the next few tips will make it a sure bet. Loyalty Points Programs Loyalty programs that work on a points-based tier system can help you get to a higher level in the rewards system, by simply gambling at a casino with this type of program. As you level up, the casino will improve their offering to you and, in many cases, they link the level you are on to cashback bonuses. The good news is that qualifying for VIP status usually has a points system attached to it, so you can work your way toward it. Get to know the different levels and what you need to do to level up. Some games may contribute more toward your points than others, so spend the bulk of your time on those. It is also worth finding out whether you keep your level status once you reach it, or whether you need to re-qualify if you haven’t played for a while. Patience and persistence are your best friends here, as you will need to play often and for a while to make the most of climbing the tiers. As the name shows, casinos reward loyal members much more than casual drop-in players. Some casino loyalty programs are by invitation only, and you would need to be a VIP to participate in this type of program. Using your bonus boosted bankroll to play games with better returns can help in this instance. Game Choices to Boost Your Bankroll One of the surest ways to maximise your wager and increase your bankroll to get the attention of casino managers is by playing the right type of games. Obviously, all punters gamble to win, but excellent strategy and game choice will get you there much quicker. Games with lower house edges like blackjack, require skill, so you will need to know a thing or two about the game strategy. Slot games with low stakes and high possible returns can sometimes give your account the balance boost it needs to wager like a high-roller. With table games like blackjack, you can theoretically win more often than you would at a random number generated outcome like a slot machine, but with card games, the wagers need to be higher for a good return. Depending on the house edge, you may look at pay-out ratios of 3:2. Compared to slot payouts, this is a poor return. This being said, there are interesting options like blackjack with win multipliers that could land you big wins. Using slot machines is not as clear cut as card games of skill, however, the returns can be much more attractive. Plus, online slots usually contribute a lot more to loyalty points. Slot machines often have potential payouts at vast multiples of your bet and some have progressive jackpots that pay out daily. Points to keep in mind when gambling on video slot games are the variance, meaning how often the game pays, and stake levels. If a game has a very high variance, it seldom pays, but usually, the wins are bigger, and the opposite is true of a low variance game. Remember that bonus spins and free money have terms attached to them, and these apply to jackpots and payouts most of the time. So remember that they may cap a jackpot win if you used free spins or free money to place that bet. Making It Into the Club The one certain thing is that becoming an online VIP isn’t something that happens in one deposit or bet, as it could in a land-based casino. This is a game of patience, so you may as well use all the tools at your disposal to maximise your odds. Do your homework, pick your online casino, and start wagering. Once you manage to get your profile at a level where the VIP customer care department reaches out to you, be sure to enjoy the perks that come with being a preferred client. You can enjoy customised bet limits and payouts will happen faster. Better bonus deals are at your disposal and you will surely receive invitations to the best tournaments. Oh, and let your host know about a few of your favourite things.
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