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Found 2 results

  1. With gambling success stories, many tend to believe that luck has a lot to do with the win. We all know that casino games usually stack odds against the gambler and the house mainly wins. For this reason, countless punters believe that charms may add to their fortune and, with some games, players can use all the luck they can get. Certain gambling games require a level of skill to win, but even these skilled punters have superstitions and carry talismans for added luck. Others may even have a ritual they perform before playing their game of choice. Let’s take a look at the interesting lucky charms people believe in around the globe and explore where some of these amulets originated. Some are well-known beliefs while others have questionable roots, but some believe these charms to bring fortune to the wearer. ✓ American Charms Thanks to the media, American traditions seem to be some of the most well-known ideologies in the world. This rings true for superstitions and good luck charms as well. One of the most popular amulets is the horseshoe. This belief stems from folklore about Saint Dunstan, who struck a deal with the devil and from there on out the horseshoe wards off evil and brings luck. Be sure to position your charm in the right direction though as the u-shape will catch the luck for you if pointed up, but lose it if pointed down. The Rabbits Foot is another well-known lucky charm that America seemed to have put on the map. Its origin is debatable but said to be linked with the European mid-century practice of the ‘hand-of-glory’. As it is not the most upbeat of tales, we suggest you rather focus on the luck of the rabbit’s foot. Not to worry, as you do not need to capture and injure a real bunny. Faux rabbit’s foot charms are available, and you can always have one made in silver or gold. If you want a real one though, be sure it is the left hind foot of a rabbit caught in a cemetery at night. Animals seem to play a big role in the realm of superstitions and one more American folk tale states that alligator teeth are a talisman that will bring the wearer luck and money. It is not surprising that American gamblers wear these odd trophies to ensure big wins then. Alligators have better luck than bunnies though, as their teeth fall out periodically, so gator slaughtering isn’t necessary for these trinkets. Moving toward the more ancient parts of America, Peru has a national symbol represented by an ornate ceremonial axe. It is also a lucky charm in Peruvian culture. The origin of this charm is a little strange though as it used to be a ceremonial axe used to perform religious sacrifices and trepanation. The latter is an ancient Incan surgery performed to remove a piece of the skull. Today, they wear it for fortune and hang it on walls of homes to ward off evil. ✓ European and British Lucky Trinkets Beliefs from the European and British continents seem to be well-known ones too like the four-leaf clover everyone hopes to find. The clover symbol is so well-known as a lucky charm that we can find it in many casino games and although the rare four-leafed version is scarce, clovers have a positive meaning. The inspiration comes from the Christian faith of the Holy Trinity and when there is a fourth leaf; it represents God’s grace. In Britain and certain parts of Europe, they believe an acorn to be the symbol of prosperity, wisdom, fertility, and youth. Legend has it that the Norse god Odin hung himself from an oak tree to get wisdom and from there on, people wear the tiny nut for good fortune. The acorn does not need to be real. Simply pick from a variety of jewellery items made with this symbol. Some European traditions are not that well-known and these two smaller countries have unique amulets they believe will bring luck to the wearer. In Poland, it is a tradition to eat carp for Christmas, but the meal includes some scales from the fish. Superstitious Poles then carry a few of these scales in their wallet for the rest of the year to attract wealth, prosperity, and good luck. Swedes carry a Dala horse which originates from the 18th century. Soldiers would carve these horses out of wood and trade them for food. Since then, it represents luck, perseverance, and good fortune. When it comes to luck, many believe that the key is not just to attract it, but also to ward off evil omens. Nazar Boncugu, aka the Turkish evil-eye bead, is for exactly that reason. The name seems counter-intuitive, but many believe this cobalt blue symbol has the power to ward off curses and ill intentions from other’s staring eyes. People from all over the world place these glass beads on key chains, in their cars, their homes, or wear them as jewellery. It is especially lucky to wear while gambling, as opponents could not block your luck. ✓ African and Middle Eastern Amulets for Luck The very popular Hamsa Hand is now found in most western cultures as a universal sign of protection, but it found its origins in the Middle East and North Africa. It is predominantly a Jewish and Islamic symbol with similar meanings in the religions. Also known as Hamesh, Chamsa, or Khamsa, this charm is a hand with five fingers, but the two outside fingers are often symmetrical thumbs. Linked with the meaning of the number five, it wards off evil and brings the wearer happiness, luck, health, and good fortune. Ancient Egypt had a language made up of symbols, so it is easy to find meaning within the cultural signs, but some symbols carry significant weight. All Egyptians wore the Scarab Beetle to protect them and guide them, even in the afterlife. Punters will recognise the symbol, as many slot games have Egyptian inspiration and the beetle is present, more often than not. In Ghana, West Africa, the age-old tradition of Adinkra symbols originates and the Ghanaian people have a symbol for almost everything. They create their beautiful textiles with these symbols printed on them and wear traditional clothes made from them. Wrap yourself in cloth covered with Mmusuyidee to remove bad luck and attract good fortune. It is not uncommon for these traditional prints to show up in high-end fashion collections, so you might even find a scarf or purse to carry along when you place your bets. ✓ Eastern Money Charms In the East, they usually ordain their homes and businesses with gold and red ornaments and symbols, and in Chinese culture, one will find the luckiest charms of all. Laughing Buddha, also known as ‘Hotai’ or ‘Pu-Tai’, is a figurine of Buddhist origin. A version of this chubby figurine holds a pot of gold or gold nugget, and this represents prosperity and wealth, befitting for gambling luck. Best you rub the smiling figurine’s belly so that his luck can rub off on you. Don’t worry, there is no need to carry a statue into the casino. Because he is such a popular charm, laughing Buddha is available in many sizes and in a keyring shape to travel with you. A Chinese money frog, often found at the entrance of a business or Chinese family home, known as Jin Chan is a three-legged gold bullfrog. He has red eyes, a coin in his mouth, and sitting on a pile of traditional Chinese coins. Chinese folklore tells how the golden toad appears near homes or businesses during a full moon to announce the coming of good fortune and wealth. Be sure to place it in the correct direction, as the frog must face inward to bring money. According to tradition, if it faces outward, the money will flow away from you. The colour red is the national colour of China and represents happiness, beauty, vitality, good luck, success, and good fortune. Most Chinese charms and symbols display this colour, and it is a tradition that children receive a red envelope filled with Chinese coins for New Year to bring fortune. This is one of the easiest ways to ensure added luck when placing your stake. Wear something red for added fortune to beat the odds. Maneki Neko is a Japanese talisman known as the beckoning cat. This figurine comes in different colours and always has one front paw waving. Depending on which paw is up and what colour the cat is, the owner will experience different fortunes. It dates to the 17th century and often one will see it at the entrance of Japanese or Chinese businesses. Some of these charms are available with a mechanical paw that waves at you and others come in luxury materials like jade or precious metals. Look for a Maneki Neko that has a coin in its paw and a koi fish, as this charm will bring fortune and wealth. With a raised right paw, it attracts good luck and wealth. This is the feline to accompany you to a gambling outing. ✓ No Charms? Here are Other Tricks for Luck Seasoned gamblers have their charms of choice, although some choose not to carry a trinket for luck. You may wonder what you can do if you don’t have any of the above talismans, and the following tricks will help. Carrying a momento that is sacred to your family is an age-old manner to carry luck around. Many successful gamblers wear an item of clothing they wore when they first won big, so dig out those lucky socks before you place your bets. Craps players sometimes set up their dice with certain numbers facing up and others blow on the dice for luck to transfer on the die. Astrology followers can visit their gambling horoscope to see whether the planets align for their big win to roll in. Finally, you can always bet on 7, the luckiest number, or in increments of it. ✓ Feeling Lucky? At the end of the day, all forms of gambling come down to odds and in some games the numbers are great, but in others not so much. Whether you knock on wood or cross your fingers, the fact remains that the house always wins. Carrying charms should add to the fun of the game and applying wisdom and limits to your betting ensures that the fun doesn’t transform into a negative experience.
  2. There is no doubt that having good luck every now then is a fantastic experience. In an attempt to coax the luck gods, some would even endeavour to enshrine their fortune into lucky charms and trinkets. While some might think this sort of superstition is crazy, other influential celebrities believe wholeheartedly in the advantage that their charms give them. Did you know? The word ‘luck’ originates from the Middle Dutch word ‘gheluc’ which means happiness or good fortune. Contrary to popular belief, it does not stem from the name ‘Lucifer’ and therefore has no devilish connotation. Here is a list of ten A-listers who lean on a little luck from time to time. 1. Colin Farrell – Belts Off To Boxers Irish action star, Colin Farrell, has admitted that he relies on the luck of the Irish for good fortune in the competitive business of Hollywood film production. He had not one, but two lucky charms that he is convinced improved his luck. He admitted in 2004 that he always wears the same boxer shorts when he starts filming a new movie. Lucky four-leafed clovers cover the shorts, and the waistband reads ‘’The Luck of the Irish’’. The second fortune favouring item has ironically been lost. It was an old belt his father gave him. Such was Colin’s urgency to get the item back, that he posted a reward of $25,000 for its return. Unluckily, it has not turned up. 2. “Socksy” Serena Williams Serena Williams is one of the world’s top female tennis players. She believes that talent and training are not enough to remain on the cutting edge of the sport. Instead, she likes to lean on a little superstition to help her by. The sports star confessed that she owes a little bit of good fortune to a lucky pair of socks that she wears on every match day. When we look at her impressive career, how could we ever argue with her magic recipe for success? 3. Bend ‘em Like Beckham? David Beckham is probably one of the best free kick-takers the British football world has ever seen. Ironically, there is no place for bends in the star’s locker room before a game. Instead, the ex-footballer confesses that his togs, accessories, and even items in his hotel room would all have to be lined up dead straight before a match so as not to mess with his juju. His superstition doesn’t stop there though. Mr Beckham had to wear a new pair of football boots before each of his matches. This way, there’s no chance of any bad energy carrying over to his kicking boot from one match to the next. 4. Tiger Woods’ Power Booster While Tiger may have gone through a period of bad luck a few years ago, his return to golf has been admirable. The multiple-time golfing champion obviously has a lucky charm when he is competing in the final rounds of competition, as his iconic red shirt makes an appearance each time. Woods was forthcoming of his reason for wearing red. He said, “I wear red on Sundays because my mom thinks that that’s my power colour, and you know you should always listen to your mom.” Given that our moms always know best, who are we to argue with his traditions? 5. Heidi Klum Bites Off More Than We Can Chew Heidi Klum is not only a pretty face with straight pearly white teeth – she is also a woman given to somewhat weird superstitions. In fact, her teeth have a large part to play in whether she feels lucky or not. Heidi carries a purse full of her old milk teeth as a lucky charm. While not the best conversation starter, the ex-supermodel and America’s Got Talent judge confesses that she has had a few embarrassing moments explaining to others about her incisor intricacies. 6. Diane von Furstenberg Coins a New Tradition Diane von Furstenberg’s shoes are worth just a little more on show day. The fashion mogul has built up a great reputation in the fashion industry and has put a lot of hard work into her success. It seems though, that luck has had its part to play too. She tapes a lucky 20 Franc coin to her shoe when her models take to the catwalk. Apparently, the old lucky charm belonged to her dad who wore it in his shoe for good fortune during the war. 7. Barrack Obama’s Collection of Keepsakes It seems that former US president Barrack Obama’s luck just keeps increasing. Ever since he began running for office, random people would hand him lucky trinkets to wish him well on his way. These lucky charms may have helped him, as we know his campaign was a resounding success. There are far too many keepsakes to carry on his person at all times, but you will catch him with one or two of them in his pocket each day. We guess he must feel like the luckiest guy in the world with such a great bunch of supporters. 8. Mother’s Memento Encourages the Snyder Sisters Danielle and Jodie Snyder are the faces behind the Dannijo jewellery brand which has accrued a massive cult following. Not only do the sisters have themselves to lean on for encouragement, but their mom has proven to be their best good luck charm. The two have a framed picture of their mother from her high school yearbook. The portrait follows them across the world to every trade show where they say it provides them with all the good fortune they need. You can’t fault these mommy’s girls for their choice of charm – no one is as faithful as mom! 9. Courtney Celeste Spears and Her Ring Dance It seems that Tiger Woods and the Snyder Sisters are in great company when it comes on relying on their moms for good fortune. International dancer and member of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre, Courtney Celeste Spears, feels lost without the David Yurman ring that her mom gave her. When she dances, she finds comfort in the thought of her mother’s love for her. When asked in an interview whether she considered it good luck, she affirmed that it was and that it felt strange when she was without it. 10. Tory Burch’s Red Ribbon Rescue Most people take out insurance when they fly across the globe. Others might even say a little prayer upon take-off or before landing. Tory Burch, however, adds to her protection by donning a piece of red ribbon. As someone with great influence in the fashion industry, perhaps Ms Burch will set a new trend for travellers everywhere. The wearing of the good luck ribbon is a tradition that is reportedly handed down from her beloved great grandmother, but it gives her a sense of peace when she is 30,000 feet above the ground. A Duo of Delights from GamblersPick If lucky charms play a big role in your lifestyle, we’d like to introduce you to some fabulous good luck in the GamblersPick way. Enjoy a duo of luck charm-themed slots from game studios like Novamatic and Spinomenal and rack up the potential for great fortunes. ✓ Lucky Lady’s Charms Deluxe by Novamatic If you are into all things superstitious, then Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe is right up your alley. Novamatic has a knack for making suitably themed games to suit your mood. This lucky game comes with the potential for great rewards of up to 4,633x your stake. Reels: 5x3 Paylines: 10 Volatility: High RTP: 95.13% Max Win: 4,633x The colourful game design is a delight to the eyes and the selection of stereotypically lucky items on the rollers bolsters the idea of good fortune on each reel spin. Line these up in combinations of 3 or more matches across the 10 paylines for instant cash prizes. The game maker shares the fortunes via several fabulous features, including a Wild Multiplier, Gamble Feature, and a Free Spins round where you earn up to 15 free games with a triple win multiplier attached. ✓ 8 Lucky Charms by Spinomenal 8 Lucky Charms by Spinomenal is an Asian-themed game where Chinese Lucky charms frequent the reel set to land you wins of up to 200,000 coins on a single spin. Reels: 5x3 Paylines: 50 Volatility: Medium RTP: 97.4% Max Win: 200,000 coins The deep rich red colours of this slot’s background ensure that the bold symbols stand out on the screen. Land wins over 5-reels and up to 50 bet ways. The medium game variance and high RTP combine well to provide a mix of prize sizes. While smaller wins are more frequent, large cash rewards are most assuredly possible. The best luck lands your way when the reels stack with multiplying Wild symbols, or you manage to trigger the free spin bonus round. Muster up all your good fortune to land between 5 to 20 free spins with win multipliers of 2x or 4x on winning combos.
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