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  1. Online gambling has always been popular, and over the last three decades, it has grown in many different ways. With the rise of mobile casinos, Telegram casinos quickly followed as technology evolved to give access to even more ways to play fun casino games. For some, these casinos are a new discovery, and you may be confused as to how they work or why they’re worth joining. Let’s dive into everything you need to know about Telegram casinos and what they have to offer. What are Telegram Casinos? Telegram casinos are exactly what it says in the name - they’re casinos that are accessible via the Telegram messaging app. The casinos are run by bots that keep you up to date and provide support when you need it. For that reason, these platforms are often called Telegram bot casinos. Other than the bot interaction that’s available 24/7, the games you’ll find at these casinos are exactly like those you’ll find online. They’re provided by the same software creators and use the same RNG mathematics to determine the outcomes fairly. You can make deposits and withdrawals using a wide range of methods, but cryptocurrency is often the banking option of choice for most. Pros and Cons of Telegram Casinos As with any form of online gambling, there are pros and cons to consider. Telegram casinos are no different, so keep these points in mind before you play. Pros: ✓ Games for all - These casinos often have a wide range of options with many different providers available. You won’t be short of something fun to play. ✓ No geo restrictions - Because Telegram has no restrictions on who can access the app from anywhere in the world, there’s no way to restrict who can play and who can’t. ✓ Cryptocurrency supported - This is one of the most common currencies at Telegram casinos. Cryptos allow players around the globe to play without any issues. ✓ 24/7 customer support - Thanks to the way these casinos are operated, you will always have access to customer support when you need it. Even if it is via a bot before a human can take over. ✓ No registration required - Having a Telegram account is all you need to access these casinos. Simply click the PLAY button, and you’ll instantly have access to the casino. Verification may be required before a deposit or withdrawal can be made. Cons: ✕ Bot support - While this is great for the constant access to support, some may not appreciate chatting with a bot when needing help. ✕ Little to no regulation - The number of regulated Telegram casinos is almost zero, with only a couple of sites currently holding a license. This means you need to choose a casino wisely or risk losing your funds. ✕ Crypto only - Many Telegram casinos only accept cryptocurrencies which means you can’t be a part of the fun if you don’t have access to crypto tokens. Interesting Features There are many great features that come with playing at Telegram casinos. Here are a few of the most common. 1. Play in Privacy One of the many reasons that people use Telegram as a messaging app is due to the strict safety measures that make it very private. End-to-end encryption ensures that all communication is 100% private, and the same goes for playing at a Telegram casino. You don’t have to worry about prying eyes having access to your spending and playing habits. 2. Connect with the Community Most Telegram casinos have a community bot that’s attached to the casino. This is where casinos share about new games and recently added software providers while giving you a chance to connect with your fellow punters. Rather than have an on-site chat function, you can discuss the latest releases and announcements via a separate community group. 3. Grab Exclusive Bonuses Another big plus of the community group is that many casinos provide exclusive bonuses and offers to their players this way. Even if the casino is connected to a larger online casino, like Stake, you can look forward to special promotions. How to Play at a Telegram Casino As with any casino, it’s important to choose one that is aboveboard and has good reviews. You should only play at a site where you are certain that your information is safe and you can trust that you’ll receive your withdrawals when requested. Getting started at one of these casinos is easy. Especially once you know which casino you’d like to join. Here are a few quick steps to help you dive into the world of Telegram casinos. Step 1 - Download the App Visit the Play Store for Android devices or the App Store for iOS to download the app for your device. You can also download a version for Windows devices or the web-based app. Once you have the app downloaded, sign up and create your account. Step 2 - Join the Casino Add the casino account name to your contacts and send the command via the chat. This command is generally /start, and it should activate the casino’s welcome bot that gives you the opportunity to visit the actual casino. Step 3 - Make a Deposit Visit the cashier and make a deposit into your new account. If a welcome offer is available, claim it now. Choose a payment method you trust or a cryptocurrency you’re comfortable using when playing casino games. Step 4 - Start Playing Choose from the range of games on offer, quickly load up for your favourite and start playing. Are Telegram Casinos Worth the Hype? If you’re the type of punter who enjoys playing privately and you also want to play on the go, Telegram casinos can be a great option. However, it’s important to ensure that you choose a site that has a good reputation, can cater to your payment needs, and has the games you enjoy. Choose wisely, play responsibly, and make sure that your Telegram casino works for you.
  2. Technology is a force of nature, and when embraced, it can lead to spectacular things. The same can be said for the online casino industry and all it releases. From the launch of the first online casino, well before its time, to the online casino games we have today, evolution and innovation are always the key terms. Let's take a walk down memory lane and relive the exciting moments through the history of online slot technology. ✓ 1994 – Online Slots Are Born Thanks to Microgaming In 1994, the world of casinos and gambling changed forever. Games of chance and gambling games have been around for millennia, but online casinos were born thanks to Microgaming. In a time when the average household didn't have quick and easy to the internet, Microgaming took a chance and released online casinos along with the first online slot. ✓ 1998 – First Progressive Jackpot Slot Always looking to lead the way, Microgaming took the crown for another industry first with the release of the first progressive jackpot slot – Cash Splash. This single innovative game feature secured Microgaming as one of the most-wanted software providers in the world. Today, progressive jackpot slots are highly popular, and Microgaming remains one of the best providers in the business. Did you know? Online casinos started out as single provider sites where all of the games were provided by one game creator. This later changed when multi-platform casinos were launched. ✓ 2008 – Casino Apps Arrive on the Market Jumping forward a few years, the world is very different from when online casinos first launched. Mobile devices are becoming more popular, and people look for new ways to play. Several prominent online casinos released casino apps. Clunky and slow, these apps used Flash to run online slots, which could easily crash or lose your game when the signal was low. They also required a download which took up valuable space on older model mobile devices. ✓ 2014 – Spin on the Smartwatch When online casinos realised that players wanted more ways to play, they stopped at nothing to create something new and something that would grab the attention of the masses. When smartwatches started making their way onto the scene, software providers jumped at the opportunity to create tiny versions of their most popular games. Because who wouldn't want to hit SPIN on their watch, right? Thankfully, this trend didn't really take off, and it quickly became a fun gimmick, along with being able to play casino games on your smart TV and smart fridge. ✓ 2014 – Welcome the First Bitcoin Casino In 2014, Bitcoin was just starting to become known to those outside of the world of blockchains and cryptocurrencies. In order to cash in on this rising star, Bitcasino.io was born and took its place as the first Bitcoin casino. Today, many online casinos welcome the use of cryptocurrency, while others are still wary of the volatile virtual currency. Along with the first Bitcoin casino came the ability to gamble on the blockchain, play provably fair games, and use crypto to bet and win while playing online slots. ✓ 2014 - Interactive Online Slots More than just another theme for online slots to incorporate, interactive online slots have become very popular, with almost every well-known provider releasing a video game-style creation. These games began with releases such as Castle Builder by Microgaming, where the aim is to win while doing more than just spinning reels. Instead, interactive games slam together online slots and video games for very exciting ways to land a winning combination. Fun Fact: Many players may not know this, but the first online casinos didn't offer deposits and withdrawals online. Players had to phone casino call centres and make manual deposits using a credit card machine. ✓ 2016 – Megaways Slots Take Centre Stage Invented by Australian-based software provider Big Time Gaming, the Megaways game mechanic took the online casino world by storm. This feature, which is now incorporated into more than 200 online slots, gives casino games the ability to run more than 100,000 paylines at a time. This lets players win big regularly, with multipliers on Megaways slots climbing up to 50,000x your bet. ✓ 2017 – Virtual Reality by NetEnt For many years, gamblers looked to technology as a way to increase their chances of winning. While technology can't do this, it can make playing online casinos far more exciting. In 2017, NetEnt took matters into its own hands by releasing the first VR online slot. The popular software provider took the beloved Gonzo's Quest online slot and transformed it into a VR fairytale. While VR may not be everyone's cup of tea, it still remains a fun way to play, even if only for a short time. ✓ 2017 – The Bonus Buy Feature Always aiming to stay ahead of their competition, Big Time Gaming once again released a phenomenal online slot feature. This time, the addition of the Bonus Buy feature left many punters with their jaws on the ground. You no longer have to wait for a bonus to trigger on its own. Instead, the Bonus Buy feature allows you to purchase a bonus round for instant gratification. The first Bonus Buy online slot was White Rabbit, an innovative creation that is still exciting to play. Did you know? Free spins may be the most popular form of casino bonus today, but it wasn't always an option. When online casinos first launched, rewards were almost always in the form of cash or deposit bonuses. ✓ 2020 - HTML5 Mobile Casinos After threatening for years to shut down Flash, Adobe finally bit the bullet in 2020, welcoming the era of HTML5. While HTML5 had existed for many years before 2020, the final closing of Flash games meant that online casinos were forced to fully embrace HTML5. This allows for a seamless and instant way to gamble on the go. Mobile apps are no longer required to enjoy your favourite online slot. Instead, you can load up via your mobile browser and play. ✓ 2022 - Big and Better As time goes on, the world of online slots continues to expand. Software providers are always looking for new ways to entertain users, and the fun simply continues to grow. Themes are more exciting, progressive jackpots are getting bigger by the day, technology continues to evolve, and online slots are still a favourite. With the growth of mobile technology and access to online casino games, we can only begin to imagine what the future holds. Will we finally see the release of an AR online slot? Will Bitcoin casino games grow or fall flat? One thing we know for sure is that the online gambling market will be ready to embrace, innovate and explore without missing a beat.
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