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  1. There has been plenty of speculation regarding the origin of Halloween. There are those who believe it’s simply the “night before All Saints’ Day” which has also been dubbed Hallowmas or All Hallows’ Day. This is the more religious version of the origin of Halloween and it comes from the fact that the 1st of November is All Saints Day. A day to celebrate the faithfully departed through feasting which includes all the saints. Based on the Christian tradition the feasts would start the night before and continue into the next day. The Dead will have their Day There are however historians who believe that modern-day Halloween can be linked to Samhain. Samhain is an ancient Celtic festival celebrating summer’s end and was followed across Ireland, Scotland and the Isle of Man. According to Celtic mythology, the veil between the Otherworld and our world gets thinner during Samhain. Making it easier for the souls of the dead and other spirits to return to the move among the living. To stay on the good side of the spirits and departed ancestors people would make offerings of food. This ritual of giving offerings to appease the dead is what has devolved over time into our fun and fanciful tradition of trick or treating. Dark Celebrations Turned Family Fun Halloween is one of the spookiest and most beloved holidays celebrated all across the globe. Each year people of all ages, shapes and sizes dress up to take part in trick or treating and other Halloween related events. Why Pumpkins? Halloween is all about exploring the mystical, magical and legends of olds. In this modern age, the majority of the days celebrants focus on dressing up, creating comical pumpkin carvings to decorate the yard and perhaps attending haunted houses or other "spooky" events. Pumpkins didn’t just appear on the scene out of nowhere. Whether you know it or not you are keeping the legend of the Irish Folk Figure, Jack O’Lantern, alive. Legend has it that the local drunkard named Jack trapped the Prince of Darkness in a tree by hacking a sing of the cross into the bark. Later they made an exchange, Jack would let Satan climb down in exchange for the Dark Prince to keep his claws of Jack’s Soul. But the old drunkard continued to live life acting like a jerk and got denied entrance to heaven. When Jack tried to go to the underworld to unite with the dark souls' Satan rejected him throwing a lump of hellish coal at him. With nothing but the blazing coal and nowhere to go, Jack too the coal and placed it into a turnip for light. Doomed to wander for eternity in search of a resting place. And so the legend of Jack O’Lantern was born. The idea of bribing the undead with food and soul cakes is also the what started what has become a ‘Trick or Treat’ today. There are so many superstitions, myths, legends and beliefs surrounding this spooky day. In fact, when you take a minute to explore them all, you realize it’s not as fun, warm and kid-friendly as the media portrays it to be. Still, we celebrate and enjoy the hot beverages, endless heaps of candy and flurry of events that fall into our lap. Apples: The Most Magical of Fruits Today, pumpkins are most closely associated with the supernatural, and more specifically Halloween given the tradition of carving Jack-o-lanterns, but it should not be forgotten that apples play an important role in humanities arcana given their appearance in various myths and legends throughout the world. Whether you’re reading up on Christian belief of the fall of mankind or looking to the Norse goddess Idun for eternal youth the humble apple is always front and centre to these tales of wonder. Given this storied history, the apple can claim far deeper occult roots than the pumpkin can ever dream of. Halloween and the Wizarding World In the Wizarding World Halloween held great significant value, especially for Harry Potter. The 31st of October marks the day his life changed, with Lord Voldemort having stormed Godric’s Hollow and murdering his Lily and James Potter on 31 October 1981. For Harry Potter, it meant a life of misery spent with the Dursleys, for the rest of the Wizarding World it brought peace thanks to the mysterious disappearance of Lord Voldemort. It also marks a date where Ron, Hermione and Harry became the fighting trio we know and love. This due to the fight against the troll unleashed in Hogwarts Castle during Halloween festivities. In Harry’s second year at Hogwarts, this date was an introduction to Nearly Headless Nick and the celebration of Death date. Again the treats got swapped for trickery and scares with the mysterious opening of the Chamber of Secrets. So many big moments took place on the 31st of October in Harry Potter. It was the day Sirius Black broke into Hogwarts and Harry was picked as a Triwizard Champion. The Deathly Hallows, iconic to the book series, also share their name with Halloween. The Hallows are three powerful enchanted objects that can conquer death when united. There was a stage when Harry possessed all three. Halloween is not just a day of mystical and magical celebration for muggles, it is a day of spectacular events taking place throughout the Harry Potter universe. Celebrate Halloween with Spooky Spins If you’re staying home rather than going Trick or Treating this Halloween we have selected 3 ghoulish new slots for you to play. Hopefully your find more treats than tricks when you spin. ✓Helloween by Play ‘n Go For a combination theme game bringing you good music and spooky spins, Helloween is a must. This 5 reels and 10 paylines video slot is based on the German power metal band with the same name. The slot comes with superb graphics, imagery and sounds that will keep you entertained with every spin. Feature-wise the main attraction is the Keeper of the Seven Keys feature wheel which unlocks 7 different free spins features. Each of these come with a unique pumpkin that can award different modifiers including wild reels, roaming wilds and 2x2 wilds. With every spooky spin, there are maximum wins of up to 5,000x your stake up for grabs. ✓Hades: Gigablox by Yggdrasil Yggdrasil is a master in slot creation and Hades: Gigablox does not disappoint. This 6x6 game is based on Greek mythology and played across 50 paylines. Prepare for a trip to the underworld where the King of Darkness awaits. High-quality designs, features and sounds are a guarantee. A highlight in this slot is the Hades Wild Hunt feature where the underworld royalty battles monsters on every spin. Each battle fills the Cerberus Multiplier to increase the win multiplier and stack up the free spins. It’s a 96% RTP slot that can award wins of up to 11,129x your stake. ✓Wild Walker by Pragmatic Play A Zombie has disrupted your Halloween fun! The lates 5-8 reels vide slot by Pragmatic Play is a must. A Zombie has disrupted your Halloween fun! The latest 5-8 reels video slot by Pragmatic Play is a must. This video slot has a superb Zombie theme ideal for Halloween fun. With 25 paylines it gives you the opportunity to trigger wins of up to 4,900x your stake. One of the best features of the slot is the Roaming Walker Wild that will move randomly across the reels throughout the base game. On top of that, the progressive free spins feature starts with 5-6 reels but can expand to 8 reels. Giving you the chance to unlock more ways to win while collecting bonus symbols along the way. Whether you attend Halloween festivities or stay in for spooky spins and monstrous wins, you can rest assured that the tricks and treats have just begun.
  2. Most casino games played both at land-based and online casinos involve a degree of luck when the outcomes roll-out. Even blackjack and poker, which are steeped in skill and strategy, involve the luck of the draw when your card hand is dealt out. Punters will grasp at anything possible to improve their odds in these luck-based environments, with some even resorting to superstitious rituals in a bid to earn good graces from the gambling gods. 10 Most Popular Casino Superstitions Below is a list of 10 of the most popular superstitions to circulate the gambling arena. Perhaps you might even recognise one or two good luck rituals that you, or a family member, adhere to when spending a night at the tables or when watching your favourite team play in an important tournament. ✓Itchy Hands? Scratch that Habit There is a long-held superstition that when your palms get itchy, money is coming your way. Perhaps someone has even said it to you in the past. This saying originates from Western Europe. In Bulgaria, if you suffer from ‘the itch’, it’s best you avoid the casino as it is said to be downright bad luck. Serbians hold the opposing view though, as do many other Westerners. In their region, if your hands are itchy, you better drop everything and hit the gambling halls or online casinos, for it’s a sign that money is on its way to you. ✓The Table is not for Counting It is commonly believed by gamblers worldwide that it is bad luck to count your money while you are still seated at the game table. It has become etched into casino etiquette in many regions, where the house will often advise their visitors to step away from the tables before counting their chips. It is such a big part of casino culture nowadays that Kenny Rogers included the practice in the lyrics of his hit song, ‘’The Gambler”. ✓Beware the Devil’s 13 Number 13 has had an unlucky connotation for hundreds of years. Have you ever noticed that hotels and skyscrapers do not have a 13th floor, or that Friday the 13th is a day that supposedly carries heaps of bad luck? Well, this superstition carries over to the gambling industry as well and it’s a wonder that casinos have not removed the number altogether from Roulette wheels and tables yet. Of course, there are those who fly in the face of lucky rituals and opt to play this number just to be otherwise. It would be interesting to see how often the number comes up, to be honest. ✓Faith in 8 While 13 is a number to avoid, many Eastern players have faith in 8. The combination of 888 holds the same degree of luck that 777 does in the Western World. "Did you know that 888 Casino used to be called Casino-on-net but switched to "888" when looking to enter the Asian market. The branding was so catchy, however, that it became their global identity." In China and other eastern countries, it is said that numbers that sound like words that are prosperous are considered good luck. The number 8 in Cantonese sounds similar to the word for wealth, therefore, it is regarded highly by gamblers. ✓Red is the Colour Another superstition that finds its origins in the East, is that the colour ‘red’ is lucky. The Chinese believe that the colour is a symbol of life, joy, and prosperity, so you will find that Asian players will commonly wear red when betting or attending casinos. It is thought that red garments, and especially undergarments, will appease the gods and cause their favour to shine on you. If you have played any number of slots and casino games that boast an Eastern theme, you will have realised that red is a very prominent colour in these titles. It is this colour that draws the superstitious crowds in. ✓Mob Money In America, accepting $50 bills from the cashier can be viewed as bad luck. This superstition ties back to the old mob era. When a mafia hitman killed someone, they would place a $50 bill in the victim’s pocket before they buried the body. Accepting $50 notes, therefore, holds a murderous connection with some US players who may refuse the payout in these denominations. ✓No Whistling Dixie According to some, gambling is a serious affair and should be treated as such, or it could anger the gambling gods. For this reason, whistling or singing at the table is frowned upon and it is believed that it could come back to haunt you in further rounds. Aside from the superstition behind the action, whistling and singing can be off-putting to other players and is just downright bad etiquette, so we would never condone it unless you are playing online. ✓Side Entrance Superstition Originally a Chinese superstition, it seems to have rubbed off in other parts of the world too. It is said that using the main entrance to a casino is bad luck. There are two reasons for this: It is believed that the doors are cursed by Feng Shui masters and using them will invoke bad fortune on your gambling endeavours. Rubbing shoulders with a loser will transfer the bad fortune to you. This is most likely to happen at the main entrance of the casino. If there is no other way into the establishment, be sure to dart in and out when the lines are thin to avoid contact. So, if you see a patron using the side door to access and leave the casino from now on, you know why. Perhaps it’s best that you start finding alternative entrances of your own to the establishment. Fortunately, this is not a worry for online casino gamblers. ✓Wash Away the Worry For those of you are on a losing streak, there is a simple remedy according to Eastern superstition. Simply head to the washbasin and wash your hands thoroughly. This in turn washes away all your poor luck. Winners, however, should not wash their hands, or else they may wash away their good fortunes and invoke some bad luck upon them. If only good fortune was this black and white and that access to good fortune was a given if you had access to a restroom with running water. We would observe the making of many more sanitary millionaires. ✓Betting Rituals 101 Some players use other small rituals when betting at the tables. These vary greatly from person to person. Some of the common ones include the way the chips are stacked, whether you blow on the dice before a throw or not, or whether you place chips with your left or right hand, and others. Often rituals and superstitions are personalised – things that work and don’t work for the individual. In many instances, players stumble across them while gambling. For example, you just so happened to have a great day of wins one day when you stacked your chips in a certain way, now you feel that the only way to repeat that fortune is to make sure the chips are laid out, in the same way, each time you gamble. Get Your Supersitions Here While some swear blind by many of these rituals, others regard them as flaky superstitious rubbish. The question that begs an answering here is – How has your luck been of late? Feel free to join the GamblersPick Community and leave us your thoughts on these and other gambling superstitions. Perhaps you have some to share that we haven't covered?
  3. Did you know that nearly 1.6 billion people all over the world gamble at least once a year? Approximately 20% of these people prefer online gambling as they have a multitude of online casinos and games to choose from, depending on preferences and needs. Since so many people gamble, it's only natural for a lot of misinformation and misconceptions to appear. This article is structured like an episode of Mythbusters, so keep reading to find out a few popular myths about casinos, online gambling, luck, arbitrage, addictive gambling, and more! Casino Mythbusters - Debunking the Most Popular Myths About Casinos Various myths and misconceptions about casinos appear as a result of a lack of knowledge among players. Also, people who casually earn money at tables might be tempted to spread false knowledge and advice around, in an attempt to boost their self-esteem and appreciation from others. 1. If a Game Has a 25% Win Rate, You Will Always Win 1 In 4 Times This is a common myth that usually circulates among people who play poker or Russian Roulette. The theory sounds good, but in practice, a 25% win rate doesn't always guarantee that you win one hand in every four dealt. For example, let's say that you play 100 hands at your favorite game. How do you know that you will not get most of the winning hands at the end of those 100 dealt? In other words, you can get a long streak of bad hands and have a short streak of good hands after that. When you calculate the odds over the 100 hands dealt, you might get a 25% win rate, but the winning hands don't necessarily come at regular intervals. 2. You Will Win Your Money Back If You Keep Gambling This myth keeps a lot of players stuck on tables, but unfortunately, the laws of probability can easily debunk it. Gambling is all about chance and there's no way you can predict it. You might be lucky and bet on the winning horse from time to time, but that's just coincidence. Therefore, if you lose most of your money, there's no scientific reassurance that you'll get it back if you keep playing. Even worse, you might be so frustrated that you make very poor decisions and lose even more money, so make sure that you take regular breaks to prevent that. 3. Gambling Is Not Addictive, You Can Stop Whenever You Want This is a dangerous misconception and many people are fooled by it. Gambling can definitely become addictive and it can lead a lot of careless players on the path of failure and bankruptcy. This type of activity is addictive because it acts like a drug. Every time you win, your brain releases endorphins that make you feel good. You automatically want to play more so you can get more rushes of endorphins that make you feel good. However, as you probably already know, not every time you play you also win. Some players get addicted to gambling because they are still unconsciously looking for that "feel good" moment and they cannot stop hunting it. In worst-case scenarios, players bet their family savings, rent money or valuable personal belongings and this is when things get really bad. To prevent gambling from becoming an addiction, you might want to play with small sums of money and take regular breaks. 4. All Casinos Are Rigged and the House Always Wins The term "rigged" in this context means that the casinos have various mechanisms that ensure that the house always wins. This is not true if you play at licensed establishments. Many casinos are trustworthy as they have been inspected by third-party companies and they are closely monitored by the authorities. As long as you find a reliable casino in your area, you should play without being afraid that you'll be scammed. 5. Wearing Certain Jewels and Clothes Can Increase Your Luck This misconception has an air of mystique and fantasy associated with it. You might be happy to find out that there are no magic amulets or special bracelets that increase your chances of winning at casinos. If some people try to push such products for sale, they're definitely taking advantage of the naivety of players. Remember that playing in a casino is all about luck and you should treat it as an entertainment activity without getting too attached to it. 6. Gambling Is an Easy Way to Make Money If this would have been true, it's very likely that many players would have become millionaires by now. As mentioned earlier, gambling should be treated as an entertainment activity, not as a job. It is possible to earn large sums of money by playing at casinos, but no one guarantees your next paycheck. Just as easily you can lose all your money in one night, so it's a very risky activity if you're not careful. In some cases, you might see professional gamblers playing at large Las Vegas tournaments and you're probably wondering how did these legends make their fortunes. Why are they now able to bet thousands of dollars on each hand? Well, the truth is that many of these players are probably established, businessmen or actors. They gamble money they have made outside the casino. Some of them enjoy large winnings, but you should never live with the thought that you will eventually become rich by gambling regularly. Now You Know Why Most Casino Myths and Misconceptions Are Untrue! As you have seen in this Mythbusters-type article, playing at casinos can be a fun as well as a dangerous activity, depending on how you treat it. If you ever hear pompous or extravagant ideas related to casinos again, chances are that they are popular myths that can be easily debunked just like the ones mentioned above. If you decided to play casino games but you're too lazy to go to a brick-and-mortar one, make sure that you check our top recommended casinos. We feature a large collection of gambling games and casinos that offer large payouts and quick withdrawal times, so you can use your earned money as soon as possible!
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