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  1. While we may not all be as lucky as the player who won the lottery in NC twice, you've got no chance at all unless you take part. If you're keen to take a chance on the NC lottery, read on to find out more about how you could take a shot at winning a million or more. A General Overview of the NC Lottery The North Carolina Education Lottery is better-known as the NCEL. At this point, you may be wondering what a lottery has to do with education. By law, all the profits from the NCEL go toward construction of schools, a portion of salary payments for K-3 grade teachers for k-3 grades, pre-kindergarten, and need-based financial aid to colleges. Over the years, the lottery has contributed substantially to education in North Carolina, contributing around 350 million dollars to the cause within 2 years. What Percentage of the NC Lottery Goes To Education? The legislature offers a guideline of 35% with regard to how much of the funds generated should go to education. They calculate this amount on whatever's leftover after payment of the lottery running costs. These expenses include retailer compensation, prize money, and operational expenses. Administrators allocate at least 50% of the total for prize money. A Brief History of the North Carolina Lottery The NC Lottery is one of the youngest in the USA, established in 2005. Under the North Carolina State Lottery Act, a Lottery Commission comprising nine members conducts all the operations regarding the Lottery. Legislation for setting up a lottery in North Carolina came to light as early as 1983, but repeated opposition meant that it never came to light until much later. As neighboring states started to implement lotteries of their own, support for the NC lottery increased. This resulted in a controversial debate in 2005, which ended in favor of the lottery. Interested parties conducted extensive research into the feasibility of the process before the bill finally passed the Senate in 2005. These studies successfully allayed the fears that the Lottery would contribute little to the welfare of learners while preying on the poor. How to Play the NC Lottery When you play the NC Lottery, it's a win-win situation. Not only do you stand a chance of winning a considerable sum of money, but you're helping education in the State of North Carolina. So how do you play the NC lottery? Here are your options when it comes to taking your chances on the NCEL: The NC Powerball Lottery The Powerball Lottery concept is a winning formula around the world, and it’s easy to play too. Here’s the process: Choose five numbers between 1 and 69 Then choose one extra number between 1 and 26 If you don’t have any lucky numbers in mind, you can opt for a Quick Pick, which randomly chooses numbers on your behalf. You can play up to five sets of numbers per slip and enter the same numbers in up to 26 draws by selecting the Multidraw option. Each ticket costs just $2 and you can increase your chances of winning on most tickets by paying an extra dollar for the Power Play advantage. This increases your winnings by up to ten times. Organizers draw the Power Play multiplier just before the start of the draw. This benefit doesn't apply if you win the jackpot. How to Win the NC Powerball Lottery There are several ways to win with this type of lottery ticket. If five of your numbers match five of the white balls and one of the red balls that come out of the machine, you win the jackpot. If your numbers match five balls but not the red power ball, you win the second-level Match-Five prize of $1 million. The fewer balls you match, the less you win. The NC Mega Millions Lottery When you play the NC Mega Millions Lottery, the same process applies. This time you get to choose five numbers between 1 and 70, as well as a Mega Ball number between 1 and 25. You can also choose the Quick Pick option for a set of randomly generated numbers. The tickets cost $2 each plus an extra dollar if you want to add a Magaplier number. The Megaplier works the same way as the Multiplier in Power ball. You can play up to five sets of numbers per slip and select Multidraw if you want to play the same numbers in 26 consecutive draws. How to Win the Mega Millions Lottery On the big night, if your numbers match five of the white balls and no yellow mega ball, you win the jackpot. The second-level prize of $1 million goes to anyone with five matching white balls, but no yellow ball. You can still win if you match fewer balls, but your earnings decrease proportionately. The Keno NC Lottery For fast-paced fun, play Carolina Keno. This rapid-fire lottery-draw-style game is on the go every 4 minutes. It’s flexible, fast, and available at all lottery outlets. There's no waiting around wondering what time the lotto draw is tonight. With Keno, you get almost instant gratification. Each Keno drawing chooses 20 winning numbers out of a possible eighty. You can pick however many numbers you want to play up to a maximum of ten. Plus you can opt for the multiplier to increase your winnings even more. You can win up to $1 million dollars with Carolina Keno. How To Play Keno NC Lottery It's easy to play and win with NC Keno. Just follow these simple steps: Decide how much to play per draw. The minimum bet is $1, and the maximum is $10. The more you put down, the more money you stand to win. Choose how many consecutive draws you’d like to play up to a maximum of 20. Select how many numbers, called ‘’spots’’, you’d like to choose. The number of spots vs the amount you play will determine your winnings. For each spot you’ve chosen, you can pick a number between 1 and 80. Alternatively, opt for a Quick Pick and the terminal will choose numbers for you. When you add the Multiplier, you can increase your prizes up to 10 times. You pay double the original price of your ticket when you add the Multiplier. The NC Lucky for Life Lottery When you play Lucky for Life, you choose 5 numbers between 1 and 48 plus 1 bonus number between 1 and 18. Each ticket costs $2. The Mulitdraw and Quick Pick options are also available on each ticket. When you play this lottery, you stand a chance to win the grand prize of $100 a day for life if you choose 5 winning numbers plus the power ball number. To come in second place and win $25,000 a year for life, you need 5 winning numbers excluding the gold power ball. North Carolina Cash 5 Lottery In this game, you pick five numbers from 1 to 43 or choose the Quick Pick option to have numbers assigned to you. To play for up to 28 consecutive drawings, tick the Multidraw box. You can play up to five sets of numbers per slip. How To Win the Cash 5 Lottery NC If your numbers are a match during the draw, you win the grand prize. Those who match two, three or four numbers also win smaller prizes. Carolina Pick 3 and Pick 4 These games allow you to pick 3 or 4 numbers from 0 to 9 respectively. Next, you choose how to play.Ticket prices start at 0.50c for these games. For more chances to win you can also Play Sum it Up on these cards. This means you can win if the sum of the numbers drawn equals the sum of the numbers you chose. How To Play NC Lottery Scratch Off Tickets NC Lotter Scratch-off tickets are pre-printed cards with a silver or colored veneer printed over a winning board. Each ticket consists of between 3 and 6 lucky numbers or symbols as well as a selection of random numbers and symbols with a prize value. You simply buy your ticket and scratch off the silver lining to reveal your winning numbers as well as the list of prizes. If your lucky numbers or symbols appear, you can win cash equal to the associated value. There are currently four different types of NC Lottery Scratch-Off tickets available: Win $50 or $100! You’re assigned 6 lucky numbers and can win up to $100 for an initial outlay of just $10! Your odds of winning are pretty good with these scratch cards at about 1 in 10 or more! Loose Change When you buy a Loose Change scratch card for just $1, you stand a 1 in 4.8 chance of winning. The top prize is $5,000. 007™ These scratch cards cost only $5 and you could win up to $200,000 from one of the four lucky numbers on these pre-printed cards. Triple Dynamite Triple Dynamite is a slots-themed card with prizes assigned to certain symbols. If your lucky symbols match up to a prize, you could win up to $25,000. The card costs just $2 dollars and offers around 1 in 4.6 odds. The North Carolina Lottery scratch-off cards offer some of the best odds in the business and they're available at over 7,000 retail stores across the state. Look out for the 'PLAY HERE' signs in store. Does NC Have Second Chance Lottery? Yes, you do get a second chance to win with the NC Lottery. You can make your instant and draw tickets go further by entering them in your Lucke-Rewards account. It's totally free and all you need to do is register in advance. How to Play NC Second Chance Lottery Once you've registered, it's a simple click-through process on the NC lottery website. You have several options to choose from like: JAMES BOND Lottery Challenge Second-Chance Promotion 2020 Multiply the Cash Second-Chance Promotion MGM Casino Cash Second-Chance Promotion $300,000,000 Supreme Riches Second-Chance Promotion Colossal Cash Second-Chance Promotion These promotions vary, so keep tabs on the Lottery website for the latest offers. You stand a chance to win awesome prizes like cash, cars, and paid vacations, depending on the ticket you choose. Where To Buy NC Lottery Tickets There are thousands of places where you can buy NC Lottery tickets in North Carolina. You can get them at places like Sheetz, Walmart, and most gas stations. You'll find convenient lotto vending machines at many of these venues too. If you like you can even buy a whole roll of lottery slips for $300 and play to your heart's content. Can You Buy NC Lottery Tickets Online? You can also buy Lottery Tickets online in North Carolina by means of Online Play. You'll need to set up an NC Education Lottery account first though. After that, you simply follow the onscreen prompts and you're in the game. What Time is the NC Lottery Drawing? The Powerball draw takes place every Wednesday and Saturday at 11:59 pm EST and you can watch the Mega Millions draw on Tuesdays and Fridays at 11 pm EST. The Lucky for Life draw is on the telly every Monday and Thursday at 10:35 pm EST. You can watch the lottery draws live on KDKA Channel 2 (CBS), WTAE Channel 4, and WPXI Channel 11. How Late Can You Buy Lottery Tickets In NC? You can buy lottery tickets up until the minute the lottery starts. Sales stop during the draw but you can buy your next tickets a few minutes after it's completed. You can buy lottery tickets during the opening hours of your preferred retailer, or 24/7 online. You can also visit these outlets to scan your ticket to check an check your winnings. Lottery vending machines also have this facility for ticketholders. Otherwise, you can check the NC Lottery website to see the latest winning numbers. Although everyone has an equal chance to win big, small retail stores generally sell the most winning lottery tickets in NC. How to Claim Your NC Lottery Winnings If you win less than $500 in the NC Lottery, you can claim your earnings at the same place you bought your ticket. Should you win more than that, you need to contact one of the Regional Claims Centers or NCEL Headquarters and forward your winning ticket to them via registered post. If you win really big, i.e. more than 1K, you must send your ticket to NCEL headquarters. To claim your winnings over $600, all you need is a photo ID with proof to verify your age, signature, and name, social security card, and a completed NCEL Winner Claim Form. You can claim most lottery winnings anonymously unless you go over the $600 limit too. According to state law, your name is a public record if you win more than that. The state won't publish any of your other details though. It's important to ensure that your ticket and your details arrive at the NCEL headquarters or regional office within 180 days of the relevant draw. You must claim scratch-off game prizes within 30 days of buying your card. Who Won The NC Lottery Most Recently? Some of the most recent winners of the Powerball Lottery include a player from Ruffin who bagged $1 million during March and a player from Sanford who won $1 million in January. Join the Winners You can't join the ranks of these lucky folk without buying a ticket, so sign up for an account and start to play and win with the NC lottery. Sign up to become a member of the GamblersPick community where you can learn about other players' experiences as well as the best way to make great choices when gambling.
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