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  1. The FIFA World Cup only rolls around once every four years, but when it does, it causes a stir that is felt worldwide. It is officially recognised as the most significant sporting event in the world, with industry experts predicting that viewership with reach an all-time high of 5 billion. If these predictions prove accurate, it will eclipse its 2018 World Cup viewership of 3.5 billion! While many consider the 2022 FIFA World Cup to be more relevant to the online betting community, the truth is that it has had an incredible impact on how casino games are developed. Join us as we delve into the popularity of soccer-themed slots and other casino games. The Popularity of Themed Casino Games Before casino games were infused with stories and incredible graphics, the casino had to grab the attention of its intended audience. Many casinos achieved this by providing thematic experiences which allowed them to stand out from the crowd. While a small number of online casinos like the River Belle, Lucky Luke and Cookie Casino have continued this tradition, most of the heavy lifting in terms of player engagement now lies with the casino games themselves. And once again, games where themes, stories, and fascinating new worlds can be explored lead the charge in terms of interest, entertainment value and revenue generation. The most appealing blank canvas in this regard is the humble slot machine. It allows casino Game developers to overlay any setting they can imagine and fill the reels with characters to support the narrative. Bonus rounds and special features can also be themed to add value to the story and increase player engagement through entertainment. Our slot theme page features 64 game groups, including topics like ancient Egypt, Irish Folklore, Superheroes, Horror, Fishing, Bitcoin, Sports, and dozens more. Each of these then contains a myriad of sub-themes to allow fans to find the exact game that meets their needs. The World Cup Boosts Soccer-Themed Games The soccer theme is one of the genres that have seen a rush of new game releases in recent weeks. What has been surprising is how the application of football as a theme has extended beyond just Online Slots to include several other game types. Here is a breakdown of the new soccer-themed casino games you can enjoy in 2022! ✓ Football video slots As we mentioned, video slots are the ideal playground for software developers looking to create colourful and engaging football-themed titles. One of the hottest new releases in this category has been the Spin & Score Megaways slot by Pragmatic Play. The game has you pick a team to support, and each spin of the reels has you trying to score wins of up to 5000x your bet with the help of the ever-popular Megaways reel feature. ✓ Celebrity Soccer Games If you are a fan of classic footballers, you know who Diego “Dios” Maradona is. Maradona wowed fans and critics in his heyday with his splendid footwork and goal-scoring magic. Even the infamous “Hand of God” goal only added to his legend. One of our favourite releases this World Cup is the D10S Maradona slot by Blueprint Gaming. The slot release pays homage to this football rockstar with gorgeous hand-sketched artwork, a high-value Free Spins feature and the chance to score 10,000x your bet. ✓ Football Table Games While not many innovative football-themed table games exist, developers have not left their fans out in the cold. Playtech offers a Soccer Premium Blackjack table where fans can enjoy a hand of European Blackjack in an environment decked with football imagery and paraphernalia. There are also scratch card games like Ultimate Soccer Scratch 2 by Casino Web Scripts, allowing fans to scratch their football itch without kicking a ball. Each card consists of 9 symbols that need to be cleared. Match any three values to score a big win! ✓ Live Casino Games Fans of soccer and dice games are in for a treat with Football Studio Dice by Evolution Gaming. The game is heralded as the industry’s first-ever dice football game and was released just in time to get on board the FIFA World Cup hype train. Like with any football match, you get to bet on a Home team win, an Away team win or a Draw. The game's outcome is determined by the total of two dice for each side. There are also exciting Draw rewards, one of which is up to 80x your bet. ✓ Soccer Crash Games An increasingly popular genre of games is the Crash Games vertical. The premise is simple, you place your bet and watch an object (generally a plane or rocket) travel across the screen. The further it travels, the greater its win multiplier grows. You can cash out at any time and claim your winnings, but if you are still in the game when the object crashes, you lose your bet. Gamzix swapped out an aeroplane for a soccer ball in their sports-inspired Pilot Cup crash game. With an RTP of 96.6% and a simple gameplay mechanic, Pilot Cup is a fantastic way to get into the World Cup spirit. With its global appeal, it is not surprising that there is a lot of interest in playing new games that feature football players and various soccer symbols and features. After all, it all adds to the hype surrounding the FIFA World Cup spectacle!
  2. Slots may be one of the newest forms of gambling, but it is by far the most popular. Although other casino games predate slot machines, a precursor to the reel games arrived on the scene in the 1890s and since then evolved from card machines to online animated wonders. Since the first Microgaming title hit the internet, a century after Sittman and Pitt’s card machine, a lot has changed and so have the players who enjoy reel action. We’ve seen amazing improvements, brilliantly unique titles, and exciting mechanics reach slots screens, but we’ve also lost some along the way. Some of the biggest hits disappeared instantly and behind the scenes, we’ve seen slot developers rise and fall, while top studios release a massive hit only to bomb out with their next release. Why is it so challenging and what does it take to be successful in the fiercely competitive slots industry? Also, where did our favourite slots disappear to? Now You See Them, Now You Don’t Few things are as disappointing as having a favourite product, and suddenly it is nowhere to be found. Strangely enough, many punters have experienced this with their favourite online slot and the titles that come to mind include superheroes. Truth be told, it’s mainly branded slots that vanish without sight or any warning from the creators, so there must be a reason for this. The Branded Slots Disappearing Act Whether you were a fan of Microgaming’s Lord of the Rings, Playtech’s Marvel collection or NetEnt’s South Park and Aliens hit slots, you would have experienced this disappointment in the last decade. How do slot developers decide on a theme? Why would they pull a slot game off the market if it is popular? To answer the first question, we must understand player behaviour better because this drives slot releases. Trends inspire demand for most products in the consumer market and the igaming industry is no exception to this. Punters want to see popular topics on their slot screen, and Hollywood content is usually a hot topic. It makes sense for slot developers to create titles inspired by blockbuster movies. This attracts players, creates fans of their brand, and brings in the dough. It is good business. As for the second question, the answer lies with distribution rights, known by many as royalties. Branded slots with genuine Marvel, DC, and Lord of the Rings imagery come at a high price and licensing agreements with the owners of the brand. This means providers must shave a bit off their profits to pay royalties for use and hope they renew the licensing deal once it expires. As you can probably tell, either of these reasons leads to branded titles being shelved. Therefore, software developers weigh the risks involved against the exposure and potential revenue injection they can gain from branded slots. License agreements are always subject to renewal and any successful business will remove a product if it is no longer viable to offer it. This is probably why there are fewer branded slots than universal themes and thankfully the most popular ones fall into the last-mentioned category. The Multiplayer Mini-Act As technology advanced and social media took the world by storm, the igaming world became social, although from a distance. It was only a matter of time before social gaming spilt over into the online gambling space and before we knew it, multiplayer slots appeared on the scene. The need was obvious and software developers, gambling operators, and players were thrilled. These community slot games disappeared as quickly as they appeared. Unbeknown to the creators of multiplayer slots, international regulators saw the games as high-risk areas for fraud and money laundering, which led to the cancellation. Some industry experts still believe multiplayer slots are the next thing on the list of innovations and with the metaverse on the rise, they may be right. But until operators, developers, and regulators can agree on how to find the golden midway and eliminate money laundering concerns, the idea remains idle. Hitting the Slot Content Jackpot Finding that sweet spot in the igaming market is not as straightforward as some may think. The sheer amount of Game developers present in the current market proves that some oversimplify the art of successful slot-making. Those that withstand the treacherous waters of changing consumer behaviour, technology innovating at the speed of light, and regulators constantly raising the bar, enjoy the fruits of their labour. Although it isn’t an easy feat, some have conquered the highly competitive market and stayed on top of their game. So, what is their secret and how do they push forward through the sea of developers and create fan-favourite slot games? Brand Identity The trick with slots is that most players do not see the name of the software developer behind the game, because titles rarely display it. Players rarely know which studio developed their favourite game; they only know where to find it in the casino lobby. This is because creating compelling slot content is as much an art as it is designing luxury cars. Any genuine Ferrari fan could spot one from a distance in the dark by recognising its taillights, just like Pragmatic Play fans spot one of their games through a unique spin button. Developers must be very creative and position their brand in players’ subconscious through intentional design work. When they get this right, slot magic happens. Some of the software developers who differentiated themselves from the crowd are NetEnt, Nolimit City, Evoplay, Relax Gaming, and Peter& sons. Players know their games by the look and experience. Something specific sets them apart. Creative Talent: The Wow Factor Some believe lightning doesn’t strike twice in the same spot, and maybe this is why most established studios have specific games that catapulted them to success while the rest of their library attain average popularity ratings. Examples of releases that changed the igaming industry include titles like Starburst and Gonzo’s Quest, mechanics like Megaways, and jackpots like Mega Moolah. While some studios behind these iconic releases make a habit of creating excellent gambling content, others continue with a hit-and-miss trend seen all over the market. Experts from the developer industry ascribe these successes to the individuals who dreamed up the ideas. Although their teams helped to realise the dream, their creative spark started the fire and led to the explosive release. Balancing Reliability with Excitement Earlier slots used to provide punters with a rather predictable gameplay experience of low to medium variance in payouts, which kept gamblers playing for longer. There is a sense of satisfaction with consistent wins, regardless of the size. For a few reasons, this gradually changed and today, most Online Slots have medium to high volatility. The thrill of possibly hitting it big in the base game excites players and developers seem to feed into this need for adrenaline-pumping igaming. Whether this is sustainable is debatable and some argue that high volatility has concerning effects. The effect of high payout variance shows in gaming sessions and wager amounts. Experts advise studios must find a balance on the volatility scale. Collaborate The gambling industry is rife with merger and acquisition news where larger developers buy small studios and land-based operators take over igaming businesses. It is an age-old business strategy, and some might find it bizarre, but when approached with the right mindset, two heads are better than one. The best example that comes to mind is Evolution, the leading live casino games developer. It is the holding company for top brands in igaming, including legendary studios like NetEnt, Red Tiger, Big Time Gaming, and recently NoLimit City. Their partnership and the continuous excellent content from the subsidiaries pay testament to the power of collaboration. The smaller studios have the freedom to create authentic games, while the holding company provides the advantage of global exposure and resources. Collaboration also allows fresh talent to meet with experienced market veterans, presenting more sustainable business outcomes. Smart Technology and Personalisation Once developers have a clear brand goal and marry this with creative talent, it paves their way into the slot world. Many of the bigger providers are also one-stop shops for operators and provide full business suites to power gambling platforms and drive player satisfaction. B2B suppliers and slot aggregators help streamline the data processes for operators and, through technological advances, enable online casinos to stay ahead of their competitors. With proper backend support and processes that allow essential data analytics, providers can offer highly personalised experiences. The Big R Gambling regulators are focusing more on B2B providers, and developers must create content with regulatory compliance as part of the goal. Although most have a role to play in getting a casino platform recognised as a fan favourite, regulatory compliance has not always been a focal point. This is one reason smaller studios benefit from partnerships with bigger companies. Soon, every part of the igaming process will play a vital role in licensing regimes and maintaining healthy levels of player safety protocols. Those agile enough to adapt to changing demands will stay at the top, and those who can’t will disappear along with those missing branded slots.
  3. Technology is a force of nature, and when embraced, it can lead to spectacular things. The same can be said for the online casino industry and all it releases. From the launch of the first online casino, well before its time, to the online casino games we have today, evolution and innovation are always the key terms. Let's take a walk down memory lane and relive the exciting moments through the history of online slot technology. ✓ 1994 – Online Slots Are Born Thanks to Microgaming In 1994, the world of casinos and gambling changed forever. Games of chance and gambling games have been around for millennia, but online casinos were born thanks to Microgaming. In a time when the average household didn't have quick and easy to the internet, Microgaming took a chance and released online casinos along with the first online slot. ✓ 1998 – First Progressive Jackpot Slot Always looking to lead the way, Microgaming took the crown for another industry first with the release of the first progressive jackpot slot – Cash Splash. This single innovative game feature secured Microgaming as one of the most-wanted software providers in the world. Today, progressive jackpot slots are highly popular, and Microgaming remains one of the best providers in the business. Did you know? Online casinos started out as single provider sites where all of the games were provided by one game creator. This later changed when multi-platform casinos were launched. ✓ 2008 – Casino Apps Arrive on the Market Jumping forward a few years, the world is very different from when online casinos first launched. Mobile devices are becoming more popular, and people look for new ways to play. Several prominent online casinos released casino apps. Clunky and slow, these apps used Flash to run online slots, which could easily crash or lose your game when the signal was low. They also required a download which took up valuable space on older model mobile devices. ✓ 2014 – Spin on the Smartwatch When online casinos realised that players wanted more ways to play, they stopped at nothing to create something new and something that would grab the attention of the masses. When smartwatches started making their way onto the scene, software providers jumped at the opportunity to create tiny versions of their most popular games. Because who wouldn't want to hit SPIN on their watch, right? Thankfully, this trend didn't really take off, and it quickly became a fun gimmick, along with being able to play casino games on your smart TV and smart fridge. ✓ 2014 – Welcome the First Bitcoin Casino In 2014, Bitcoin was just starting to become known to those outside of the world of blockchains and cryptocurrencies. In order to cash in on this rising star, Bitcasino.io was born and took its place as the first Bitcoin casino. Today, many online casinos welcome the use of cryptocurrency, while others are still wary of the volatile virtual currency. Along with the first Bitcoin casino came the ability to gamble on the blockchain, play provably fair games, and use crypto to bet and win while playing online slots. ✓ 2014 - Interactive Online Slots More than just another theme for online slots to incorporate, interactive online slots have become very popular, with almost every well-known provider releasing a video game-style creation. These games began with releases such as Castle Builder by Microgaming, where the aim is to win while doing more than just spinning reels. Instead, interactive games slam together online slots and video games for very exciting ways to land a winning combination. Fun Fact: Many players may not know this, but the first online casinos didn't offer deposits and withdrawals online. Players had to phone casino call centres and make manual deposits using a credit card machine. ✓ 2016 – Megaways Slots Take Centre Stage Invented by Australian-based software provider Big Time Gaming, the Megaways game mechanic took the online casino world by storm. This feature, which is now incorporated into more than 200 online slots, gives casino games the ability to run more than 100,000 paylines at a time. This lets players win big regularly, with multipliers on Megaways slots climbing up to 50,000x your bet. ✓ 2017 – Virtual Reality by NetEnt For many years, gamblers looked to technology as a way to increase their chances of winning. While technology can't do this, it can make playing online casinos far more exciting. In 2017, NetEnt took matters into its own hands by releasing the first VR online slot. The popular software provider took the beloved Gonzo's Quest online slot and transformed it into a VR fairytale. While VR may not be everyone's cup of tea, it still remains a fun way to play, even if only for a short time. ✓ 2017 – The Bonus Buy Feature Always aiming to stay ahead of their competition, Big Time Gaming once again released a phenomenal online slot feature. This time, the addition of the Bonus Buy feature left many punters with their jaws on the ground. You no longer have to wait for a bonus to trigger on its own. Instead, the Bonus Buy feature allows you to purchase a bonus round for instant gratification. The first Bonus Buy online slot was White Rabbit, an innovative creation that is still exciting to play. Did you know? Free spins may be the most popular form of casino bonus today, but it wasn't always an option. When online casinos first launched, rewards were almost always in the form of cash or deposit bonuses. ✓ 2020 - HTML5 Mobile Casinos After threatening for years to shut down Flash, Adobe finally bit the bullet in 2020, welcoming the era of HTML5. While HTML5 had existed for many years before 2020, the final closing of Flash games meant that online casinos were forced to fully embrace HTML5. This allows for a seamless and instant way to gamble on the go. Mobile apps are no longer required to enjoy your favourite online slot. Instead, you can load up via your mobile browser and play. ✓ 2022 - Big and Better As time goes on, the world of online slots continues to expand. Software providers are always looking for new ways to entertain users, and the fun simply continues to grow. Themes are more exciting, progressive jackpots are getting bigger by the day, technology continues to evolve, and online slots are still a favourite. With the growth of mobile technology and access to online casino games, we can only begin to imagine what the future holds. Will we finally see the release of an AR online slot? Will Bitcoin casino games grow or fall flat? One thing we know for sure is that the online gambling market will be ready to embrace, innovate and explore without missing a beat.
  4. Our gambler grandmas find it easy to spot how far technology has brought the reel-spinning games, but sometimes it’s not that apparent to modern gamblers. Imagine the journey from single pay-line slot machines to the astonishing 117,000-odd MEGAWAYS in their online counterparts. These changes have decades of work in between, but since the world wide web launched and online casinos appeared, developers (and their imaginations) shifted a gear, or two. Truth be told, innovation moves much faster in this generation than ever before as the improvements from the past five years prove. The popularity of online gambling increased to unprecedented heights since 2020 and quite a few countries joined the regulated market. Higher demand and licensing opportunities opened important doors for developers as casino platforms seek content that engages players and boosts loyalty. Today, we discuss exciting shifts in the online slot space, focusing specifically on what developers do to create thrilling and fresh experiences for gambling enthusiasts. How do they create immersive gaming with players signing in from remote locations? What innovations can we enjoy at this stage? Where may we find our slot-spinning selves in the future of online casinos? Engaging the Senses Some punters who frequent online casino platforms have years of experience with brick-and-mortar gambling facilities. Others discovered their affinity with slot games by clicking spin online. While it is easy to create a sensory experience for patrons at a physical venue, implementing this quality becomes tricky in online gaming. This element has punters returning to land-based casinos and platform providers scratching their heads on how to enable player loyalty. Because it is impossible to engage all the senses with an online experience, igaming developers must employ innovative design principles to focus on the ones they can. The obvious focal points are visual and audio effects. Much like enticing theatre productions or Hollywood blockbusters, an online slot with well-considered sound effects and music leaves the player with an unforgettable experience. Intuitive developers hit the nail on the head by attracting punters with glorious graphic work and inspiring them with a soundtrack worthy of a volume boost. Others, not so much. Inevitably, there will always be those who enjoy sound effects and those who choose to mute audio, much like some choose to spin on slots and others prefer table games. Each to their own.   Modern software providers who grasp the importance of atmospheric and suitable audio effects have dedicated audio teams allowing them to present awe-inspiring slots. These sound experts navigate the intricate details like file sizes and device adaptability while ensuring the most immersive audio experience possible. Punters on the receiving end of these creations can utilise various tools, such as Dolby headsets or surround sound systems on their PCs. With Silicon Valley having a clear intent to launch the Metaverse, we can only wait and watch in amazement at what game developers come up with to improve audio experiences. Innovation Beyond Reels Long gone are the days where punters can only choose between 5 or 10 paylines filled with fruity icons when they feel like a flutter. Games of chance in the golden age of online gambling morphed into a whole new sphere of entertainment with storylines, cinematic artwork, and genres fit for any kind of personality. If we predict what the next couple of years may bring to our screens in gambling entertainment, based on the innovations from the last half-decade, the prospects are extremely exciting. Six years ago, we could never have imagined innovations like Big Time Gaming’s Megaways mechanics. This created a wave of innovation in the slot market with other leading developers introducing impressive features to boost gameplay. Slicing and Shooting In the last year alone, online slot developers broke the mould a few times. In no specific order, Evoplay and Raw iGaming come to mind. The former introduced us to their first-person shooter game, Star Guardians, where punters trade the reels for some action-packed inter-galactic warfare. The latter took the reels to the chopping block and sliced them up, subsequently introducing their SuperSlice slots late last year. Evoplay’s Star Guardians game is a great success, and the approach is unrivalled. The only downside to the game is that it speaks to a very particular segment of gamblers. That being said, this game has the potential to inspire developers as BTG did back in 2016. SuperSlice from Raw iGaming has the potential to become a fan favourite as the innovation doesn’t move too far off from slot game norms. Both types of innovation have their place in the industry and are equally important. Crash Gambles There is another trend making a mark in the slot scene. A whole new genre. Crash gambling games incorporate straightforward mechanics, but developers use unique approaches to attract players to their crash games and slowly chip away at market share because of its commercial success. Improved RTP rates are another reason these games are popular. Some offer a house edge as low as 1%. Suitable for punters who enjoy quick plays, Crash games offer players a sense of more control. The original game appeared in the crypto gambling industry first and slot developers like BGaming jumped on the bandwagon to create one for traditional online casinos. The rules are very simple. Place your bet and risk sticking around for as long as possible while the win multiplier increases like stocks on a good day. Cash-out before it crashes and you walk away as a winner. With the cash-out or crash-and-burn thrill lingering with every increase of the multiplier, the vertical attracts younger audiences and punters that prefer an interactive gambling experience. Crash-style games also offer a higher level of socialising, bringing the human factor closer to remote wagers. Players compete against others in the community, introducing a fresh opportunity for traditionally solo gamblers. What the Future of Slots May Look Like The topic on everyone’s lips in the tech world is blockchain. This is the technology that powers decentralised currency like Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Blockchain technology is revolutionary, to say the least, and the online gambling industry, especially games like slots, can benefit from it. Some software providers have cottoned on to the advantages, allowing punters to reap the benefits of features like provably fair mechanics and crypto gambling. Others remain sceptical or uneducated, but experts believe blockchain adoption is inevitable in the technology-driven gambling industry. ✓ Non-Fungible Token Gambling From the technology that makes cryptocurrency so attractive and unique came NFTs (Non-fungible Tokens), digital collector’s items that are all the rage. These blockchain-based items are as unique as a piece of art from Picasso and, depending on who the creator or owner is, it could be as valuable as one. The authenticity of these digital assets makes them extremely sought after and collectors pay astonishing sums to own one. With crypto gambling enjoying an increasing share of online wagers, the market shows potential for these types of additions to attract more players. Elia Software is so confident of this that they created the NFT gambling concept, Slotie. Capitalising on the niche of NFTs, Sloties introduced Ethereum investors to Defi (decentralised finance) gambling paired with NFT ownership. In time, the success of concepts like Slotie will inspire further innovations with blockchain. We are inclined to bet on the NFT reward increasing in demand. ✓ Spinning in Virtual Reality The adoption of virtual reality in gaming has slowly increased, but the market is still lopsided in this regard. A contributing factor is a high cost of acquiring the right equipment for VR experiences and regarding VR gambling, a lack of suitable content fails to motivate players in this direction. Recent shifts in the tech world show that an expansive virtual world is closer than ever before, as Mark Zuckerberg and others set out to create the metaverse. This may be a long way off, but the prospect of walking into a virtual world and travelling impossible distances in seconds sounds pretty amazing. Imagine gambling in an Aussie casino with kangaroos serving you cocktails. Then, with the click of a button, you change venues (and outfits) to Vegas and step out of your limousine into the streets of Sin City. All from the warm comfort of your recliner in your London home. VR presents online players with the chance to get out while staying in and experience gambling like never before. Anticipate in Wonder Although some of the ideas seem far-fetched and others may take time to materialise, we can only imagine what the reality of online slots could become. Taking stock of all the impressive changes from the last couple of years makes it seem like exciting innovations await us, sooner than we can predict.
  5. Wherever you go, whatever you do, may the luck of the Irish be there with you! This is one of the many well wishes that include Irish luck and with St Patrick’s Day celebrations upon us, we delve into gambling history from the Emerald Isle. Are Irish truly lucky, and why do people say this? We look into the origins and history of Irish gambling and the lucky charms players and gamblers believe in. From dressing in green to finding that extremely rare four-leaf clover, Irish folklore has deep roots in the global gambling community and many game developers look to the Celtic inspirations from Ireland when creating colourful themes. Some traditions extend beyond Celtic influence, and we unveil the surprising origin of a famous Irish saying. The Emerald Isle’s Gambling Legacy When someone wishes the luck of the Irish on another, they may not always have gambling in mind, but this Northern island has centuries of ties with games of chance and wagering. Historians and archaeologists determined that citizens of this lush green island enjoyed gambling before the arrival of the Romans and Christianity. The discovery of gambling-related artefacts brought them to this conclusion, with some being remarkably similar to dice, which date back to the Iron Age. During the Roman period, this region had its fair share of chariot racing and the wagering that went hand-in-hand with this. Manuscripts dating back to the third century speak of these types of events playing out in The Curragh area. Although gambling was present during these early ages, records lead us to believe that during the 16th century, the practice of horse racing caused a gambling revolution in the country. Thanks to the Irish agricultural community’s natural affinity for producing top-class racehorses, the popularity of race days, and later the involvement of British horse racers, the sport became a top choice for gamblers in the region. While colonised by the English, gambling became an extremely popular pastime among townsfolk, as there were no lawmakers to keep a watchful eye. Once the Irish Republican Army claimed their country back, the new Irish government prohibited some forms of gambling. The street betting act came into effect during 1906, and once the Irish Free State reigned, the Betting Act of 1926 came into force. Since then, Sportsbooks need a licence to accept bets from Irish gamblers. Most of the 20th-century regulations included sports betting and later a Lotteries Act came into effect. During the iconic 80s, one of the country’s most famous brands arose and today Paddy Power is still one of the largest gambling operators in the industry. Since then, online gambling has entered the landscape and Ireland is one of the countries moving toward a regulated market. Irish Luck in Gambling and Beyond A popular saying in gambling and other areas is to have ‘The Luck of The Irish’. One has to wonder why the Irish are seen as lucky to begin and when did this novelty start? The truth of the matter is that it originates from another part of the world and the original use was a bit offensive. Strange how these things go. Let’s uncover some sayings and charms tied to luck in the Irish traditions. The Luck of The Irish Many believe this famous saying originates from America and dates back to the 19th century during the gold rush. According to sources and a Professor of History at the Holy Cross College, many of the mining success stories in this era included miners from Ireland or those with Irish-American blood. According to Associate Professor Edward T. O’Donnell, the saying may at first have been an insult from envious local miners who insinuated that it was by pure luck that Irish enjoyed successful mining. The Professor wrote a book titled, 1001 Things Everyone Should Know About Irish American History and recorded that those who referred to ‘Luck of the Irish’ meant these miners weren’t smart enough to succeed by skill. It must be sheer luck. Thanks to the cheerful and resilient disposition of the Gaelic nation, the saying gained a positive tone and is today seen as a good wish. ✓ Leprechauns Celtic mythology includes wonderful legends and superstitions. One of the most legendary fables from this region is that of the magical leprechaun. This fairy-like creature can easily be the country’s mascot, and every gambler hopes to find what the leprechaun guards with his life. The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Fables tell of these water-dwelling creatures that grow approximately 2 to 3 feet in height and love to prank those who seek their treasure. Described as the cobblers of the magical fairy world, which is supposedly the origin of their wealth, leprechauns usually show up wearing green and sporting a long beard. Irish folklore tells how it is lucky to catch a leprechaun as their captor can trade the leprechaun’s life for their pot of gold and win three wishes along the way. ✓ The Shamrock Three-leaf clovers are basic tree-foil plants, but the Irish believe these tiny plants are sacred. The belief stems back to the Celts who recognised 3 as a holy number representing all valuable treasures in the world. A while later, St Patrick introduced the Christian faith to Ireland and instead of using foreign ideas, he incorporated known Celtic symbols to explain details from the Bible. St. Patrick linked the three leaves from the clover to the divine trinity and explained that the leaves represent the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The Shamrock is Ireland’s unofficial national flower and throughout the country’s history, it represented many things. From religious icons to a symbol of unity in rebellion. The clover is synonymous with Ireland and, in the gambling industry, any Irish-themed game without it would be incomplete. ✓ Four-leaf Clovers These are so rare to come across that some could think it is impossible and possibly fictitious. Studies show that the chance of finding a four-leaf clover is 1 in 10,000 and yet many hold on to the possibility of spotting one. Luck tied to this rare variation of the Shamrock dates back thousands of years ago when they believed it wards off evil spirits and provides protection against sorcery. It is said that when you find a four-leaf clover, you should hide it in your shoe for good luck with gambling, and the cross-shaped plant will only bring luck if you keep it a secret. St Patrick used the fourth leaf of these rare finds to explain God’s grace to Christians in Ireland. ✓ A Horseshoe Along with their love for horse racing, the Irish also believe that a horseshoe brings luck and money to those who find a used shoe. Ancient folklore explains how mischievous fairies cannot come close to steel, which is the material that horseshoes are made of. Therefore, a horseshoe protects the owner from the little creatures. One of the most debated topics with good luck charms is their positioning, and the horseshoe falls into this category of superstitious confusion. Some say they must mount it with the open side up to catch all the luck, while others say it should face downward to shower whoever passes underneath it with the luck it brings. ✓ More Lucky Irish Charms Other Irish traditions to practice this St Patrick’s Day include wearing green, looking for lucky pennies, and spreading some Irish luck with well wishes. Apart from green coming from the shamrock, it is said that leprechauns can’t see those who wear the colour, so you may just be able to catch one for his gold. Should you spot a penny laying about with its face up, be sure to pick it up and luck will be on your side. What is the worth of luck if you can’t spread some cheer and hopefully rub some off on those close to you? Do it as the Irish do: “May the luck of the Irish lead to the happiest heights and the highway you travel be lined with green lights.” Be sure to wish your loved ones well on this St Patrick’s Day. St. Patrick and Irish Luck Every year, communities all over the world unite on the 17th of March by dressing in green and enjoying some Irish traditions. St. Patrick’s Day celebrates one of Ireland’s patron saints and wearing o’ the green originates from a few events and beliefs from Emerald Isle. Green became a political and cultural symbol during the 18th century and the belief remained. Some say the green represents the lush green hills of the Irish landscape. Regardless of its origins, the colour remains a staple for St Paddy’s celebrations and for gamblers it represents prosperity as the colour of money as well. The celebration itself dates back to the 5th century when St. Patrick died, on 17 March, 461. This patron saint of Ireland was an apostle and introduced pagan Celts to Christianity. St. Patrick’s links to quintessential Irish symbols like the shamrock tie in with his preachings of the Christian faith, making green the apt colour for celebrating his life. Many attribute the celebration’s widespread success to the number of Irish pubs all over the world. Apart from donning the colour green, most believe that a drink of Irish beer, known as Guinness, or Irish whiskey is a must on St. Paddy’s Day. Punters will recognise these symbols on Irish-themed slots which bear many symbols akin to the celebrations. This year, software developers present gamblers with even more options when celebrating St. Paddy with a wager or two. If you are keen on spinning some reels in celebration of Ireland’s patron saint, take a look at the following Irish-themed slot games. More fun slots to try include Super Rainbow Megaways, Irish Eyes 2, and Clover Bonanza. Are Irish Punters Really Lucky? Is there really something to the luck of the Irish, or is it merely a saying from envious miners? Some gambling events point to the fact that those with Irish blood may indeed have luck on their side. An Irish punter won a record-breaking €4.8 million on a slot machine, which was the highest ever at that time. Another Irish gambler won the biggest EuroMillions Lottery jackpot and took home a massive €115m in July 2005. Regardless of the historical hardships the people of this country faced, the Irish have a warm and welcoming nature and this is possibly why they say: If you’re enough lucky to be Irish, you’re lucky enough.
  6. The Spanish gaming company, MGA Games, understands consumers on a level that very few other software providers do. Tapping into our social nature and understanding our basic human need to belong, they create gambling titles that provide familiarity. Licensed and regulated in the most renowned jurisdictions globally, punters can find MGA titles on many of the largest online casino platforms. Their peers and loyal following of players recognise MGA games for their unique animations, of which many take region-specific shapes and MGA offers over 100 games suited to all kinds of punters. They even push the envelope by running promotions where they release new games every day for a week to keep players entertained. One more feather in their content-leader cap. We delve into the inspiring company’s history and look at what they’ve achieved in the past 20 years. We’ll also reveal some of the innovative plans they have for the year ahead and we’ll discuss exciting new titles. Keep reading and learn about one of the top content developers in the igaming industry and what you can look forward to. MGA Games: Two Decades in the Making The talented team at MGA games has extensive experience in creating localised content for punters from various regions. Established in 2001, it is safe to say that they have clocked their 10,000 hours and mastered their art. With an established core team comprising over thirty individuals and their high-tech headquarters in Barcelona, they present unsurpassed video slots, video bingo, and table games to casino platforms around the globe. MGA already has a stellar content library with a series dedicated to Spanish, Columbian, and Portuguese celebrities. Their partnerships with over 40 international casino brands, such as 888Casino, William Hill, LeoVegas, and others, position MGA as the software provider for every player out there. Punters will find their content in Mexico, Canada, Russia, Ukraine, France, Spain, and Portugal. Players from LATAM can enjoy MGA games from platforms available to Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Columbia, Argentina, and Brazil. In 2022, the team sets out to conquer new markets in regulated parts of Europe and some of these are the Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, Denmark, and Italy. Peers classify them as a ‘different and special’ developer as they present gamblers with a wagering experience like no other. More than 100 games have the MGA-unique touch, and they ensure these speak to very specific market segments. They enhance their localised content by collaborating with the likes of Playtech, pariplay, and most recently, Microgaming. Reel Celebrity Crushes Possibly the most notable work from MGA games includes their celebrity adaptations. Their content library includes a collection of local celebrity series, and they intend to expand this exciting range further during 2022. There are a few software providers who offer punters branded online casino games to gamble with their favourite artists or sports stars, but MGA takes the throne. Spanish, Columbian, and Portuguese players adore MGA games, and for good reason. The developers bring their favourite local celebrities to their gaming screens. MGA has a unique take on branded casino games, as they use digitally rendered 3D versions of local stars and adapt their games for each market. Their Lucky Wave 5-reel slot game presents Carolina Mendes for the Portuguese market and Lucía Martiño for the Spanish market. This unmatched adaptability presents the perfect complement to platforms that focus on specific market segments and want the content to achieve their goals. In 2022, the team will release celebrity titles for their new markets, including Denmark, Sweden, Italy, and more Dutch titles for the Netherlands. As part of their celebrity roll-out for this year, they launched the Magnificent 7 drive. From 3 March until 10 March MGA games introduce a new celebrity game every day. That’s 7 games in 7 days! Other plans for this year include titles with Megaways mechanics and a total of 50 licensed international titles. 7 Magnificent Celebrity Games If you appreciate excellent animation with unique themes and top-notch graphics, you will love MGA titles. These entertaining slots, video bingo, and table games present punters with everything they can hope for while brilliant maths enables lucrative wins. The following slots are new ones to try out and only a small part of their impressive library. ✓ Ruleta Grand Croupier El Dioni This somewhat controversial Spanish celebrity is the most famous ex-security guard in the region. Ruleta Grand Croupier El Dioni is MGA’s Spanish celebrity roulette title and players spin the red and black wheel with the Spanish celebrity. El Dioni’s animated persona takes you on a roulette experience like no other. Punters can place minimum bets of €0.10 and maximum bets of €2,000 in this low variance game, enjoying small frequent wins. Find the roulette table positioned on the deck of a secluded island bar with El Dioni as your host and the life of the party. The thatched bar sits above crystal clear waters and your host spins the roulette wheel for your chance of winning the €28,800 pot. ✓ Amarna Miller Cleopatra The ever-expanding Cleopatra series has a new face from the Spanish celebrity series. Amarna Miller Cleopatra is a 5-reel online slot with the famous performer, artist, and content creator named in the title. Amarna Miller’s drive and determination make her the perfect match for this power-women series. As a fan-favourite, the Cleopatra series comes with attractive bonus features and medium volatility. Stakes range between €0.20 and €25 with a maximum prize worth €14,765. A limestone backdrop covered in carved reliefs surrounds the slot grid with two pharaoh statues on either side of the reels. Access 4 mini-games by landing bonus symbols and experience video slot entertainment like only MGA can give. ✓ Pocholo In the three-reel Spanish celebrity series, the MGA team presents Jose María Martínez-Bordíu, affectionately known by his fans as Pocholo. The crazy, unpredictable, and hilarious Ibiza star opens the floor for vibey spinners in his very own slot titled, Pocholo. Spin with him to the party capital of Europe and explore the exciting bonus features in this colourful game. Take a shot at the maximum prize of €15,000 by wagering at least €0.20 or go all-in with a maximum bet of €15. Energising Ibiza sounds play in the background and, at first glance, this medium-variance slot has a retro, arcade-like design. Five mini-games, side-bet options, and manual reel nudges ensure punters will enjoy a unique slot experience. ✓ King Africa Get moving with the Argentine dance project, King Africa, and MGA’s slot dedicated to the entertainer. This is a very colourful slot with crazy changes in scenery and the Latin star accompanies you all the way. King Africa shows up in his eccentric outfits and the backgrounds bear similarities to some of his music videos. Find the bet levels either on the side of the reels or above it, depending on which game you choose. Place a bet between €0.20 and €15 and see how the visible dynamic paytable adjusts to show your potential wins. Enter the bonus multiplier game with the click of a button and experience the heat with the Argentinian singer’s luck. ✓ Daniela Blume Golden Throne This spin-off on the TV hit Game of Thrones is one of MGA’s most loved 5-reel slots. Joining the Golden Throne series is Daniela Blume, with her fearless persona defending the last dragon egg at all costs. In this Golden Throne instalment, she appears as her celebrity presenter persona and under her stage name. Daniele Blume Golden Throne is a volatile game and punters should manage their bankroll carefully in this fiery online slot. Stakes range between €0.30 and €6, where the possibility of winning €38,100 exists. Four mini-games present brilliant entertainment value and higher possible wins in the ancient kingdom of the Golden Throne. Experience heroism at its best when you spin on this explosive slot game. ✓ Popeye Cazatesoros Time for an adventure with a genuine hero. MGA presents the opportunity for punters to reunite with a childhood favourite and embark on a journey with the video slot, Popeye Cazatesoros. The pipe-smoking sailor is the star of the show on this three-reel slot, and it wouldn’t be complete without Olive Oyl, and Bluto. Spin this medium variance game with excellent sound effects, perfect illustrations, and four mini-games. The bottom value for a bet is €0.20 and the top wager amount is €15. Collect bonus symbols and select the bonus game at will where canned spinach and multipliers combine for a powerful win. ✓ El Cartel Become part of the continuous war against smuggling in Columbia and spin on this crime-fighting adventure slot to win the fight. Characters from either side of the war keep players company from next to the reels, with the base game positioned on the sidewalk of a corner shop and the main bonus screen on the upper level of the shop. Place your bets between 5 and 75 credits with one credit equal to €0.20 and make sure you are on the right side when bullets take flight. Enjoy true Columbian scenery and icons with the possibility of 5 bonus features and base game enhancers to make this dangerous mission an attractive prospect. The MGA Games Magic This 20-year-old company is anything but slowing down and one to keep your eyes on. As they embark on an expansive journey into more regulated markets, MGA and their celebrity series will soon be the talk of the igaming town.
  7. The Lunar New Year, also known as the Chinese New Year, kicked off on 1 February 2022 and this year the king of all animals brings it in. 2022 marks the year of the Tiger and those who believe in the Chinese Zodiac signs are expecting great things. Celebrations take place all around the world and will continue until 15 February. Many are eager to bid last year farewell and with the symbolism that comes with the Zodiac sign of the Tiger, it seems like the most promising year in a long time. The tiger carries great importance in Asian culture as many species of this magnificent animal originate from there. Chinese celebrations for the New Year are equal to that of Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, and Valentine’s Day combined and traditionally workers in China get a weeklong holiday to enjoy the festivities. The Year of the Tiger Ancient Chinese Zodiac signs coincide with the lunar calendar and this belief system dates back thousands of years. The relevant animal and element signs are determined by the Zodiac’s interaction with the heavenly stems. These comprise five elements of Taoism and are wood, fire, earth, metal, and water, and work on a number system from 1 to 10. The twelve Zodiac signs are rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog, and pig. The water tiger represents strength and bravery and is an action-oriented sign which clears away evil. Other significant meanings attached to the tiger are confidence, leadership, vitality, and power. Many believe this is the year to renew everything and this may encourage people to conquer difficulties from the past year. Just like the yin and yang, the tiger power symbol warns you to take your time when making important decisions. This is a wonderful piece of advice, as life’s fast pace sometimes pressures us into making spur-of-the-moment decisions that we later regret. Taking a gentle and level-headed approach with important people and events is always a sign of wisdom. Lunar New Year traditions include spending time with family while enjoying foods that represent prosperity, abundance, and togetherness. It is also the start of a new season, and the spring festival includes cleaning homes thoroughly to rid them of any negative spirits and energies. This invites goodwill and luck into the cleared space. Lunar New Year Celebrations Rituals of food and paper offerings form part of some traditional households and red banners or posters with messages of fortune take their place on walls of homes and businesses. Family members hand out red envelopes, called ang pau. These envelopes filled with money symbolise wishes of prosperity for the new year. Festivities run according to the moon cycle and draw to a close on 15 February this year. The celebrations include parades with acrobatic shows and traditional lion dancers. Chinese people mark the last part of the festivities, when the full moon rises, by lighting paper lanterns. Chinese Symbols and Gambling Despite China’s prohibition of gambling, traditional Chinese symbols show up regularly on wagering games. International gambling destinations appreciate their Eastern visitors and statistics show Chinese tourists make up a third of all foreign guests in the United States. Apart from their love for wagering, a collection of good luck charms makes up Chinese tradition, and many believe these to bring wealth and fortune. These are some of the reasons why so many gambling games have Chinese themes. Some Chinese money charms are so popular that westerners place them in their homes and places of business, hoping to attract wealth. The money-frog is one of those trinkets as well as the colours red and gold. Jin Chan, the three-legged gold bullfrog, sits on the pile of coins and people place this figure at the door’s entrance facing inward, to signify how he brings money in. China’s national colour is red and has represented happiness and good fortune, among other things, for centuries. The age-old tradition of giving a red envelope filled with Chinese coins is a wish for fortune in the new year. Furthermore, software developers include quintessential Eastern icons to cater for Chinese tourists in gambling hubs and this practice continued into the igaming industry. Punters often link Chinese symbolism with luck and the vibrant colour that these games display could evoke energising feelings. Some have Feng Shui symbols and music, which tend to relax people and spinners who want to break away from the rush of life typically choose these zen-inspired slots. Apart from slots and table games, one of the oldest Chinese games inspired modern-day lotteries and bingo. Keno has its origins in ancient China dating back two thousand years ago and it is noteworthy that Chinese citizens may play Lotto, as they do not see it as a form of gambling. Slots to Celebrate the Year of the Tiger With the tiger symbolism that brings renewed energy and the determination that comes with the water sign, punters may feel like wagering on a spin or two for the Lunar New Year. There is no lack of Chinese or Eastern themed online slot games. However, there are only a handful of games with the mighty tiger in them. The following games are right on the money for proper 2022 Lunar New Year celebrations. Take these for a spin and have a prosperous 2022. ✓ Tiger Tiger Wild Life by Yggdrasil Chinese believe that the tiger is the king of the animal world and the Tiger Tiger Wild Life video slot encapsulates this animal’s powerful nature. Gluck Games partnered with Yggdrasil for this visually stunning slot that plays out in the jungle and punters can win up to 3,500 x their stake when spinning on it. The carved stone 5-reel, 4-row slot grid has majestic tigers all over it and on top, you will find the four jackpots up for grabs. Ferocious roars grab your attention now and then with oriental music that adds to the eastern feel of the game. A Bengal tiger is the top paying symbol with three other high-paying tigers in the symbol line-up. Tiger Tiger Wild Life has fortune-bringing bonus features with the Quickhit Money bonus and Free Spins. A monkey will collect money symbols of up to 20x your stake and four jackpots with the Grand prize being 1,000x your bet. ✓ Tiger Rush by Thunderkick This Thunderkick online slot will transport you into a bamboo forest and get your adrenaline pumping as you hunt for the stealthy tiger and his bonus. Tiger Rush is a unique-looking online slot and the ambient sounds create a tip-of-your-seat experience. With 10 fixed paylines in the base game and 25 in the bonus feature, a 5 x 3 grid layout, and medium variance, it is a game for all punters. Symbols represented by cabochon polished gemstones and imagery from traditional Asian art fill the reels that pay both ways. The tiger is an expanding Wild that grows to cover the middle reels. It lands on reels 2 to 4 and awards a respin while staying in place. The middle reels expand during the bonus game, which triggers when either two Scatters land or a combination of one Scatter and one Wild. ✓ Exotic Cats by Microgaming Microgaming takes us deep into the jungle, where only the bravest souls survive. Although this slot is a few years old, the imagery is beautiful, and the slot is aptly positioned above a river. Making it the perfect online slot game for 2022 celebrations. The developers added realistic jungle sounds to create a truly immersive experience. Punters will roar with delight, and sometimes with fright as the prowling Wilds jump out from behind the 5 x 3 slot grid. Click spin and watch how magnificent beasts roll onto the reels with gem card suites, embellished paw prints, and a jungle princess. The tiger, panther, lion, leopard, and cougar can jump onto their marked reel to cover it with a stacked Wild symbol. More than one occurrence of this bonus feature is possible in a single spin. Win 10 Free Spins with 3 golden Scatter symbols and 5 more spins with Scatters that drop during the feature. ✓ Sapphire Tiger by High5 Games This retro-styled slot will appeal to art lovers as High5 Games incorporate graphics inspired by traditional Chinese art. The Sapphire Tiger online slot presents punters with 576 pay ways, ambient sounds true to oriental roots, and a maximum reward of €360,000. The developers went with an unusual grid layout of 3-4-4-4-3 for the five-reels video slot with a floral jungle backdrop. Tigers, frogs, butterflies, and birds come to life when winning combinations land. The jungle-theme slot has a medium variance and players can expect a reasonable number of wins. Win an initial 6 Free Spins with 5 or more flower Scatters in view and see how the sapphire tiger slot grid changes for the bonus feature. Free spins can re-trigger, and lucky punters could win up to 300 free games.
  8. Reflection is key to gratitude, and hindsight sometimes generates powerful realisations and inspires innovative change. Let’s take stock of what technology and the brilliant developers in the igaming industry have given us since remote gambling first became available. Modern punters probably take most of these innovations for granted, but the truth is the past two decades have brought about massive changes for online gambling. Gambling anywhere you find yourself is a very recent development and the level of entertainment available has improved unthinkably since the 90s. Basic features like 3D graphics, animated characters, streaming, and many others are the norm in 2022, so let’s look at 8 advancements developers brought to the table since the inception of online gambling. ✓ 1. Innovations for Slot Mechanics Video slots are by far the most popular choice for online gamblers and, thanks to the popularity of these games, software providers invest intensely in their innovations. The first feature is so common today that it is virtually unthinkable that it wasn’t always there. Free Spins, and other bonus features for that matter, were not always part of online slots. Original video slots were like one-arm-bandits where punters simply clicked spin and hoped for a line win. This feature shows how far technology has brought us. From slots that have 1 line for a winning combination to Megaways that offer over 117,000 ways to win. This slot mechanic broke the mould and Big Time Gaming’s innovation ensured that the industry will never be the same again. Countless brands have since signed agreements with BTG to incorporate this popular concept into their video slots. The Megaways structure opened developers’ minds to what might be possible and this gave rise to plenty more payline innovations. Thinking outside the paylines, developers soon introduced a Cluster Pay system, where lines no longer mattered. As long as matching symbols land next to each other in cluster formations, it awards a win. This feature led to other interesting developments, like uniquely shaped slot grids. Mega Clusters are the amped-up version of cluster pays presented by BTG and combine cluster pays with split symbols. InfiniReels mechanics only recently arrived on the scene when NetEnt did what most only dreamed of. The brilliant design team developed a mechanic with infinite payways and the rules are rather straightforward. Every win generates a new reel to the right of the grid and this continues for an unlimited win sequence. ReelPlay has the same mechanic, called Infinity Reels. Yggdrasil is another team of genius developers and they brought us massive icons to spice up the reels. Gigablox can drop in sizes of 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, and humongous 6x6, taking up most of the slot grid. These symbols make winning combinations more lucrative, and other developers have since unveiled their own versions. Yggdrasil also presented Splitz where one symbol splits in two for more winning potential. With providers feeding off each other’s innovative ideas, we can go on with this list for a while, but it’s clear that slots are better than ever and players can spin their hearts out. ✓ 2. Progressive Jackpots Something the internet does for us which we may take for granted is that it brings a level of connectedness that never existed. Linking the great big world like never before brought on the wonderful thing that gamblers love, called Progressive Jackpots. These eye-watering, life-changing prizes comprise the tally of wagers in a selected game throughout the provider’s network. The progressive nature of these pots means that the prize increases with each bet placed on that game. These are not just limited to online slots and some exciting card and table games incorporate it too. The favourites include Mega Moolah, the Microgaming hit slot, Roulette Royale, and Caribbean Stud Poker. ✓ 3. Live Dealer Games Another hint that we are indeed living in the golden age of online gambling is the fact that we no longer need to visit a land-based casino to experience the thrill of human interaction. Thanks to incredible internet speed and innovative providers, we can enjoy live dealer games streamed from casino studios. Evolution Gaming is a forerunner in the Live Dealer sphere of online gambling and their games are tremendously popular. Interact with the croupier as they spin the roulette wheel, deal your hopeful 21, or flip the cards to reveal your Hold’em fate. Presenters dressed in colourful and themed attire spin the wheel of fortune for you, and punters have online social spaces to interact with peers. Live dealer technology literally brings the casino to you and they fill casino libraries with interesting takes on traditional games as developers ensure their content is unique and exciting. ✓ 4. Tournaments and Multiplayer Games If you feel you are ready to take your igaming to the next level, tournaments and multiplayer games should be on your list. Play with and against gamblers from all over the world in the best kind of social experience you will find in remote gambling. As mentioned, with live dealer games, you have the option of interacting with other players by chatting with them, but tournaments bring a more competitive edge to the table. Casino Races is one form of a tournament where players opt-in to take part in free point-based competitions. These usually run for a set time and at the end of the race, the players with the most points win cash prizes. Games included in these tournaments are usually a collection of slots and table games. Most online casinos offer blackjack and poker tournaments to seasoned players and these winner-takes-all competitions can get really exciting. ✓ 5. Mobile Gambling and Omni-Channel Gradually mobile phones became an appendix we never knew we needed but now can’t be without. The onset of HTML5 technology combined with fast internet made it possible for developers to adapt website interfaces to work seamlessly on mobile devices. Software providers then introduced omnichannel technology that allows players to move between devices on a single user profile, which is partially the reason for the mobile gambling industry boom. Mobile gambling is now the most popular way to wager, and it is strange to think that a while ago, we needed individual profiles for each device we played on. Smartphone technology allows punters to enjoy the immersive experience of live casinos, as some devices have better processors than computers, and the development of mobile gambling has made games of chance accessible to everyone. One more advantage of mobile gambling is the security it offers with payment apps that link directly to the casino and cut out the need for you to link banking details. All around, mobile technology is a massive game-changer for gambling. ✓ 6. VR Technology One of the most exciting advances in gaming is Virtual Reality and, with the looks of it, we have seen nothing yet when it comes to virtual entertainment. VR games transport players to worlds beyond our imagination and certain games will allow you to recreate yourself as an avatar. Enjoy the company of other players who take part with their virtual version of themselves and forget all about the world around you for a while. Evolution gaming incorporated this technology into one of their live games, Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt. This live game allows players to switch to VR mode, using a headset and controller, and experience the most immersive treasure hunt with the Spanish conquistador everyone loves. ✓ 7. Cryptocurrency The unprecedented growth in the online gambling sector makes it an obvious target for chancers. Electronic transactions fill the money web while players and platforms need to find the most trustworthy manner of operating the process. Although many fiat currency processes exist that are highly secure and most punters use them, the undeniable security offered by blockchain has opened the industry’s mind to cryptocurrency. Online casinos like 7Bit Casino focus solely on Bitcoin and offer remote gambling in cryptocurrency, and many top platforms encourage and reward punters for using crypto as their wagering currency of choice. Advantages include guaranteed anonymity, ease of access, and super-fast processing. Cryptocurrency is not the easiest to come by and, for this reason, many avoid it. It is also a seriously volatile currency, and this is probably why many people still think it is too risky. ✓ 8. Provably Fair Blockchain Gambling Apart from the security blockchain technology provides with payments in cryptocurrency, the node-driven tech presents a list of other advantages for igaming. A concern that some punters have is that the casino may cheat them by rigging the game software. Although it is highly unlikely for random number generator games to be rigged, provably fair blockchain technology is a lot more secure. Some Bitcoin casinos now offer players the opportunity to verify the fairness of each round of the game if they want to. Because of the nature of blockchain technology, it is immutable, in other words unchangeable, and this grants unmatched transparency with the game’s randomness. If a casino has games built on blockchain, players will have the peace of mind that it is designed to be provably fair and they can check the data should they wish to.
  9. If you are looking for a new hobby and online gambling is the option, here are a few pointers to make it an enjoyable experience every time. For seasoned gamblers, these may be obvious, and the wisdom may have come with expensive lessons, but even experienced punters forget the basics. With land-based casinos closed for long stretches over the last two years, many countries finally saw the importance of a regulated online gambling market as their citizens turned to igaming. Now that we see many new regulated markets and platform providers popping up from everywhere, it is more important than ever to keep your head cool when taking part in remote betting activities. Especially if you are new at this. Online casinos offer bonus deals to attract players to their platform and developers do their best to make their games stand out. With all the flashing lights and “Free” banners popping up, would-be punters as well as experienced gamblers can easily get carried away. So, before you get caught up in the moment, implement these 5 steps to ensure a relaxing and entertaining online gambling time. ✓ 1. Do Your Homework We get it. If reading was your thing, you would curl up on a sofa and get lost in your favourite book. The thing with reading casino and game reviews, though, is that it saves you a lot of time and unnecessary frustration. How so? Experienced players do the grunt work for you by checking all the important facts to consider when picking your gambling platform and which games you will wager your money on. If you pick a reputable source, you can rest assured that the casinos they write about and suggest to their visitors have the correct licenses in place. It is very important to only gamble at online casinos that are regulated within your country, as this ensures your right to recourse if you are dissatisfied with the service you received. On top of that, licensed and regulated platform providers need to adhere to strict gambling laws to maintain their licensed status within their respective jurisdictions. This ensures that players’ safety is a top priority to the casino and their staff. A good review will include factors such as payment solutions, available currencies, available languages for customers, and the level of customer service provided. With online casinos, punters need to know how long they will wait for their withdrawal as well. Most good review sites will include details on bonus deals from all the leading licensed operators, but always be sure to read the terms and conditions for yourself, to ensure you understand them. Review sites will help you choose the best game for your preferences too. With the multitude of slot games available, rather read a couple of reviews and play demos, if available, before you place your first bet. The important statistics will be on the review as well as the theme and rules. Should slots not interest you, all other casino games will have reviews too. Where your hard-earned money is involved, it is always better to have a good understanding of the game rules. ✓ 2. Manage Your Most Precious Resources: Money and Time Cash-flow mismanagement is the quickest way to get yourself into trouble with gambling and bring an abrupt end to the fun. The habit of setting a monthly and a session budget should be part of your gambling strategy to ensure that you don’t overestimate your betting allowance. Always make sure that you stick to what your budget allows and never overspend. Breaking this rule, even once, is a slippery slope to problematic gambling habits. Another golden rule of money management for gambling is to never wager with borrowed money. Some you win, some you lose. Take this to heart and walk away from your losses. Borrowing money to place a ‘sure bet’ or to cover your losses is a certain trap and one that you should avoid at all costs. Money is not the only precious commodity you own. The mentioned budgets should go further than currency to include how much time you spend on gambling. Time management is just as important, if not more so, and knowing when to stop even if you must ‘end on a high’ or walk away from a big loss will set you up for success in the long run. This, in turn, creates a winning mindset, which is a key component in every successful punter’s arsenal. Make sure that your time spent gambling fits in with your daily schedule and does not take away from other priorities, such as family time, work, etc. If you find it challenging to stick within the budget(s) you set for yourself, consider talking to someone about these challenges. Impulsive gambling can lead to detrimental consequences. ✓ 3. Make Use of Deposit and Time Limits The third point ties in with our discussion above and will make it so much easier to manage your bankroll. Online casinos and gambling regulators created this tool to help punters stick within their means and budgets. This is a great tool that promotes responsible gambling and helps you live to wager another day. Utilising the deposit limit application takes one more thing off your mind, as you only need to focus on the game and your betting strategy. Most veteran gamblers have learnt that it is too easy to give in to temptation and make that extra deposit in the hopes that the tides will turn or that the table is about to turn hot. In the heat of the moment, you may believe that the next spin or hand will bring your fortune but sticking to your budget is a skill to hone and setting a deposit limit helps you do exactly that. Regulators require online casinos to offer punters the deposit limit tool and, in most instances, you can limit yourself in different forms. Daily, weekly, and monthly limits will make it easy to structure your budget. ✓ 4. Check the RTP and Variance RTP, the acronym for Return to Player, refers to the amount the game pays back to the player over thousands of spins. They normally display this value in percentages. For example, if a slot has an RTP of 95%, it will give back 95c for every €1 spent. Essentially, this statistic communicates how much you can expect to lose. The % difference is the house’s edge, which translates to the percentage of player bets retained by the game in the long run. Although it is a theoretical amount, the fact remains that the house always wins. Some games have better return values and lower house edge and naturally, these should be the ones you play. The accepted average RTP for online slot games is around 95.5% but some slots can go as low as 85% as certain regulators allow for it. Finding out what the game’s RTP is will empower you to make better game choices for greater winning potential. Slot games have one more vital element to consider and that is the payout variance, also referred to as the game’s volatility. They rate it from low to high and it has a tremendous impact on how you should manage your bankroll. A low variance game will pay out often, but the returns are usually small. High variance games have erratic payout structures and spinners can experience dry spells and sudden big wins. These games are popular for the big wins but understand that they can stretch your bankroll with wins awarded seldom. ✓ 5. Ignoring Betting Lines on Games Understanding the mechanics of the game you are playing is key to the success of any prospective punter. Betting lines, also known as paylines, are a line-up of specific symbols on which they will reward a payout. Traditional slot machines used to have only one betting line running through the middle of the reels, but most modern slot games can have anything from five to hundreds of paylines with winning combinations in all types of patterns. Some video slot developers allow the player to decide how many lines they want to bet on before the spin and more lines mean more winning opportunities. Most of these slot games have a set number of lines you would need to bet on, so adjust your bet amount accordingly. Usually, there are two different bet settings. One for the currency you bet on and one for how many coins you will use per spin. This mechanic may confuse punters and others may just ignore the fact, but this can push your bet up without you realising it. If you find that your total bet displayed on the game’s dashboard is more than the bet amount you entered, chances are the structure of ‘bet per line’ is in place. These details are available in the paytable menu or the game rules, another point that many punters forget to explore before spinning away. Here you will see what individual symbols will reward you and how many need to match for a pay-out. The payline structure will explain how stakes apply and wins are split. If your bet amount is split between lines, they calculate your payout according to line wager. For example, a €3 bet on a 30-line slot means you are only betting 10c per line and would pay out relative to this. As the saying goes, different strokes for different folks. So always check the mechanics of the game before playing and find a game best suited for your betting style. When the Fun Stops, So Should You Having fun while gambling is about staying in control of the situation. Incorporating the above steps can help gamblers to focus on the entertainment factor while practising responsible gambling habits. If you’re not sure where to start, take a look at our recommended and reviewed GamblersPick online casinos.
  10. Becoming a VIP may not be every punter’s ambition, but let’s be honest, everyone enjoys receiving special treatment. Some throw the term “high-roller” around loosely and perhaps you have a good idea of what a VIP looks like at a land-based casino. In comparison, the perks for online gamblers come in different forms, as it needs to enhance their virtual experience more than anything else. Instead of a luxury hotel room, an online VIP may get a higher deposit match bonus and to make up for the lack of free champagne, online casinos extend invitations to special tournaments for high-rollers. One thing is certain though, online high-rollers get better deals and VIP treatment, so if you want the virtual red-carpet rolled out for you, it is possible. Don’t worry though, some VIP hosts spoil their customers with a surprise now and then, like a bottle of bubbly or the like. Players may think it is unattainable to be dubbed a high-roller as their wagering habits, and budgets, don’t match that of a gambling whale. However, we beg to differ and here we have a few tips that can get you into a virtual VIP lounge without breaking the bank. What is An Online High-Roller? A VIP player at top online casinos will very much function like their land-based counterparts, as they wager sizable sums of money and give the casino a lot of their time. These are the two most basic criteria for high-rolling gamblers. Just like a casino whale would catch the attention of the pit boss by depositing a large sum at their brick and mortar facility, a €4,000 deposit or more will turn heads at the online management office. Receiving that VIP invitation won’t happen unless they detect a consistent wagering rhythm. Once a punter catches the attention of online casino staff because they make big deposits and bet brazenly, they will extend a golden invitation to their coveted VIP loyalty program. This means they want to get to know you better and offer you a tailor-made gambling experience. There is nothing quite like a full-fledged VIP experience at online casinos. Perks can include unique betting limits, tickets to exclusive events, and access to your own private account manager. Champagne on a Beer Budget? If your budget does not allow for large deposits and bold bets, there are other ways of climbing the online status ladder. Using what you have, in combination with what the casino can offer you is one of the easiest and smartest ways of getting exclusive deals. Most bonus deals include deposit match perks, which can go a long way if used wisely. Below we explore the yellow-brick road to your VIP wizard. The path may require some patience, a bit of faking it ‘till you make it, and definitely a lot of savvy. Casino Bonus Offers Because of the fierce competition in the igaming industry, casino platforms do their best to attract customers through bonus offers. This means you will have the pick of the litter with the top bonus offers from the best online casinos. Some online casinos offer deals that include a no deposit bonus and most times, these are available to both new and existing members. All online casinos offer packages to new members, and many of the best casinos have loyalty bonus offers for existing players. These will grant you a wonderful boost to your bankroll and give you a bunch of free spins. In all cases, terms and conditions apply, so be sure to read the fine print in order to maximise the gift. The key here is to pick quality over quantity. Deposit match bonus offers mostly come in the shape of a 100% match, up to a certain amount divided into two to three deposit transactions. Some casinos will give you more than a 1 to 1 bonus, but as we said, there are always conditions that require you to take certain actions before the benefit comes your way. Sometimes, the offers only include certain games, so be sure that the offer is in line with your betting preferences. All free offers come with playthrough requirements, so study these points before you pick a deal and be selective about which games you will use your free spins and bonus on. Picking the best bonus offer to suit your betting goals will go a long way in helping you get to a higher tier, but combining it with the next few tips will make it a sure bet. Loyalty Points Programs Loyalty programs that work on a points-based tier system can help you get to a higher level in the rewards system, by simply gambling at a casino with this type of program. As you level up, the casino will improve their offering to you and, in many cases, they link the level you are on to cashback bonuses. The good news is that qualifying for VIP status usually has a points system attached to it, so you can work your way toward it. Get to know the different levels and what you need to do to level up. Some games may contribute more toward your points than others, so spend the bulk of your time on those. It is also worth finding out whether you keep your level status once you reach it, or whether you need to re-qualify if you haven’t played for a while. Patience and persistence are your best friends here, as you will need to play often and for a while to make the most of climbing the tiers. As the name shows, casinos reward loyal members much more than casual drop-in players. Some casino loyalty programs are by invitation only, and you would need to be a VIP to participate in this type of program. Using your bonus boosted bankroll to play games with better returns can help in this instance. Game Choices to Boost Your Bankroll One of the surest ways to maximise your wager and increase your bankroll to get the attention of casino managers is by playing the right type of games. Obviously, all punters gamble to win, but excellent strategy and game choice will get you there much quicker. Games with lower house edges like blackjack, require skill, so you will need to know a thing or two about the game strategy. Slot games with low stakes and high possible returns can sometimes give your account the balance boost it needs to wager like a high-roller. With table games like blackjack, you can theoretically win more often than you would at a random number generated outcome like a slot machine, but with card games, the wagers need to be higher for a good return. Depending on the house edge, you may look at pay-out ratios of 3:2. Compared to slot payouts, this is a poor return. This being said, there are interesting options like blackjack with win multipliers that could land you big wins. Using slot machines is not as clear cut as card games of skill, however, the returns can be much more attractive. Plus, online slots usually contribute a lot more to loyalty points. Slot machines often have potential payouts at vast multiples of your bet and some have progressive jackpots that pay out daily. Points to keep in mind when gambling on video slot games are the variance, meaning how often the game pays, and stake levels. If a game has a very high variance, it seldom pays, but usually, the wins are bigger, and the opposite is true of a low variance game. Remember that bonus spins and free money have terms attached to them, and these apply to jackpots and payouts most of the time. So remember that they may cap a jackpot win if you used free spins or free money to place that bet. Making It Into the Club The one certain thing is that becoming an online VIP isn’t something that happens in one deposit or bet, as it could in a land-based casino. This is a game of patience, so you may as well use all the tools at your disposal to maximise your odds. Do your homework, pick your online casino, and start wagering. Once you manage to get your profile at a level where the VIP customer care department reaches out to you, be sure to enjoy the perks that come with being a preferred client. You can enjoy customised bet limits and payouts will happen faster. Better bonus deals are at your disposal and you will surely receive invitations to the best tournaments. Oh, and let your host know about a few of your favourite things.
  11. We know that the online casino industry has many misconceptions that are attached to it. Whether or not these myths are a reality make all the difference to just how safe or rewarding playing casino games can be. The world of online gambling, casino games, and even land-based casinos has come a long way since its conception. As gambling regulations are established and laws become more stringent, it’s easy to see that many concerns about casinos are nothing by but a myth. Let’s take a look at the most popular “myths” and debunk them to put your mind at ease. Myth #1 – All Casino Games are Rigged While it may be frustrating when a losing streak drains your bankroll, it doesn’t mean that online casino games are rigged. In fact, it’s the complete opposite. With regulators such as the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gambling Authority keeping a keen eye on how casinos and software providers operate, games are tested on a regular basis. Third-party companies have been created to ensure that casino games are fair and payout as they should. No more or no less than they have been designed to do. You can rest assured that all of the online casino games you play by trusted software providers at licensed online casinos are safe and fair. Myth #2 – Past Results Can Predict Future Wins Unfortunately, no matter how many times you’ve won while playing blackjack or roulette, casino games are based on pure luck. Yes, while certain casino games may take some skill to get the most out of a bet or hand you’re played, only Lady Luck can truly determine who wins or loses. In games such as roulette, where the random outcome of the ball is what determines the winner, this couldn’t be truer. Random results are what make casino games such a gamble – but it’s also what provides a lot of the fun. Myth #3 – Betting Systems are the Key to Winning The online casino industry is filled with betting systems and “experts” who insist that betting systems are the perfect way to make yourself a winner. While certain steps can be taken to get the most out of your bet and make your bankroll last longer, betting systems are no guarantee of landing a win. Depending on the betting system you choose to incorporate into your gaming session, you could end up walking away with a much lighter bankroll instead. Myth #4 – Online Slots Pay Out in a Rhythm While it’s true that all online slots pay out eventually, there’s no way to determine when or how that will happen. If a certain online slot hasn’t paid out in a while, it doesn’t mean that you can force that win by playing it more. When outcomes of a slot are determined by random outcomes, it’s impossible to guess what it will take before a big win lands. Instead, be patient and play responsibly. Myth #5 – Online Casinos Never Pay Winners We can with certainty that this is 100% not true. All trusted, licensed and regulated online casinos are required to pay out winners if they meet the standards set out by the regulator. While there may be some paperwork involved, online casinos worth their salt pay out their winners as quickly as possible. It’s because of this that it’s so important to choose the right online casino. We have a long list of reviewed online casinos that can be trusted but not all casinos are created equally. If you find that an online casino has been blacklisted or has a bad review, steer clear to be safe and keep your money and information safe. Myth #6 – Certain Slots Never Pay Out Jackpots All online slots are created with an RTP percentage. RTP or Return To Player, is the percentage that determines how often an online slots pay outs across its lifetime of spins. This is entirely hypothetical and can range from 92% to 98% depending on how generous the provider is feeling. While this number is hypothetical and cannot truly be tracked, it does give players an idea of what to expect when it comes to winning. A higher RTP means there’s a better chance of winning, but this could be over a long period of time. For instance, if a slot has an RTP of 94%, it should pay out $94 for every $100 bet over the game’s lifetime. Statistically, all online slots are designed to pay out wins. This is what makes them entertaining and rewarding for players who bet. Myth #7 – Online Gambling is Illegal Depending on where you live, this may be true. However, many countries around the world are starting to embrace legal gambling practices and putting regulators in place to keep gambling safe. While this doesn’t mean that online gambling is legal everywhere, the chances of finding legal gambling sites in the country you live are better than ever. If you find yourself in a country where online gambling is legal, make sure that you play at a safe and licensed online casino for the best possible experience. There are many online casinos that offer their services to players in countries where gambling online isn’t legal. This is unsafe and means you’re playing without any protection. Play Safe, Stay Safe The online casino industry is simply a part of the entertainment industry. This means there are rules and regulations that must be met to keep players like you safe. Playing at a safe online casino means you should have a fun and rewarding casino experience and that’s why we want to make sure that you’re always in good hands. Trust our GamblersPick Select casinos for the best experience possible.
  12. The tech world has always been obsessed with the next big thing. Whether that was the advancement of the basic home computer, the release of the first mobile phone, or the chance to step foot on Mars – every day, finding what could be next while on the search for new technology is never a dull experience. While not a new concept, the metaverse is the latest landscape to be conquered and 2021 is the moment that many tech giants have chosen to embrace it. But what does that mean for the online gambling industry? What is the Metaverse? The metaverse is a mimic of real life (or a twin universe) that combines the online world with our own via the use of augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and social media. Naturally, cryptocurrencies are an important part of the metaverse as people aim to remain as anonymous as possible when spending money to protect themselves and their cash. 3D avatars, connecting via virtual spaces, gaming in a virtual world where you can interact with your friends face to face while being on the other end of the world – all of this and so much more can be achieved via the metaverse. Or at least, that’s the hope. For many years, the idea of a virtual world much like our own (but better) has intrigued inquisitive minds. In fact, the term “metaverse” was coined by a sci-fi writer named Neal Stephenson in 1992 in his novel, Snow Crash. In the novel, a 3D world was used to interact with avatar versions of human beings as a metaphor for reality. Facebook and Microsoft Embrace the Metaverse Some are calling it the modern space race – who will be the first to conquer the metaverse? Facebook rocked the world when it recently announced that it would be fully embracing the metaverse and cemented the idea by changing the larger company’s name to Meta. Only days later, Microsoft released their plans for a more immersive Teams experience with 3D avatars and meeting spaces. While many are disappointed that the metaverse’s first real implementation will be for work meetings and presentations, it’s only the start. No matter how the technology is used, it’s apparent that creating virtual versions of ourselves and uploading them to a “twin” world of our own has been the aim for many years now. But where did the obsession begin? The Metaverse: Inspired by Sci-fi The concept of using AR and VR in everyday life has long inspired movie creators to make that dream a reality. Minority Report and that infamous scene where Tom Cruise navigates the world around him using a virtual reality ‘map’ is one that has been recreated again and again. Tony Stark uses similar tech to create his Ironman suit in the Avengers movie by creating, conceptualising and eventually sharing his work all via an AR interface. Fans of Ready Player One, the popular novel that became a film in 2018, will recognise living life in a virtual world. Rather than having AR or VR become one with our world, Ready Player One shows what life could be life if we spent all of our time online instead. Finally, one of the largest mobile games in the world, Pokémon GO, lets players experience AR in a fun and easy to use manner. Players can choose to have the Pokémon they’re attempting to catch appear in the room with them, rather than just appearing on screen. While this is all optional, it still makes AR a normal part of life for those who use it daily. The Future of Online Gambling with AR and VR Anyone who’s been in the online gambling industry for even a short amount of time can tell you that the future is always the aim. What’s next on the cards for technology and casino games? Developers want to know where to focus their talents and expertise. Staying one step ahead of the rest of the world is where casino Game developers thrive. Even the metaverse has always been something they’ve seen as the next big thing. For many years now, analysts and experts have said that VR and AR are where the online casino world will blossom. Up until recently, however, it was nothing more than a gimmick. But now that tech giants such as Facebook and Microsoft are pouring more and more cash into making the metaverse a real-world reality, the advancements for every other industry will begin to flow. Perhaps it’s been the recent worldwide lockdown and subsequent need for human interaction on a new level, or maybe the world is just ready for the metaverse – but things are advancing much faster than was ever predicted. Many believed that the metaverse would only really become a reality within the next 10 years or more. But instead, it’s here. It’s new but it’s here and the future is bright – for everyone, including online gambling enthusiasts. Play with VR Today Currently, augmented reality is not really on the table for online gambling just yet but VR has been embraced with a cautious hand. SlotsMillion Casino launched the first ever virtual reality casino in 2015. While it’s still functional today, it’s not utilised as players realised that it simply wasn’t sustainable. The futuristic and heavy graphics meant spending hours with VR goggles on and this can cause some users to feel ill. Others simply don’t want to be tied to their computers, instead opting for mobile gambling. In 2021, the shift is starting to take place with Evolution releasing the first-ever VR live casino game. Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt in VR combines the excitement of playing an online slot while interacting with a live host, all set in a virtual reality. It may not be as immersive as the metaverse plans to unleash one day but it’s definitely a step in the right direction.
  13. Death. The thought that takes most of us to the end of our life. The end of it all. If you believe in an afterlife, it is the end of this phase of your existence. Mostly, it is a sad and dreaded, though unavoidable, event. For many, this is not the case, as we observe the reason and traditions around Día de Los Muertos, a two-day sacred holiday. Día de Los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, has its roots in Aztec worship and the ancient belief that when a soul departs from this world, they have an extensive journey to the next realm. Aztecs and other Nahua people believed it was disrespectful to see death as a loss and mourn it. Instead, they saw death as a natural phase of the continuum of life. ✓ Two Days for the Dead Although the celebration originated in Mexico and they still celebrate it there today, many people observe Día de Los Muertos throughout Latin America and other parts of the world. They celebrate the holiday on the first and second days of November. Día de Los Angelitos, the Day of little angels, is in remembrance of children who died and precedes the official Day of the Dead. Should you find yourself in Mexico on 1 and 2 November, you will have the privilege of encountering a colourful, shrine-filled world as Mexicans remember the lives of their deceased loved ones. The centrepiece of the celebration is Ofrendas and is an altar created in honour of the deceased. They adorn towns and graves with marigolds, the Mexican flower of death. Synonymous with the celebration are colourful Calacas and Calaveras – skeletons and skulls – and families fill their homes and towns with this symbol. The small altars, Ofrendas, are very personal and families build these in their homes during the days preceding the holiday. The family also adorn the grave with marigold petals and other flowers and scatter a trail of petals from the altar to the grave. ✓ A Few of Their Favourite Things Ofrendas do not represent a place of worship, it is an invitation. An invitation dressed in the dead’s favourite things from this world. It is a multi-level display crowned with a photo of the deceased person, as well as their favourite foods, drinks, sugar skulls, crosses, and a candle for each dead relative. During Día de Los Muertos, family members take part in the deceased’s favourite activities, hoping they will return and share the experience. Should their spirit decide to return, food and drinks await them at their grave as sustenance after the treacherous journey. ✓ Sugar Bread for The Dead If you are wondering what the dead might want to eat, this Mexican tradition believes that we have a sweet tooth once we pass on. Candied sweets and pastries fill the altars, and Pan de Muerto is the quintessential snack for the dead. This is a sugar-glazed traditional Mexican bread in the shape of bones. You will find colourful Calaveras in the shape of masks and candies sitting on gravesites, ofrendas, and painted murals. Those who celebrate Day of the Dead mostly dress up to resemble Calavera Catrina, and suitably wear hats, fancy clothing, and paint their faces. They say the skull symbol and La Catrina originates from the Aztecs worshipping the goddess of death and satiric drawings from José Guadalupe Posada. During the 18th and 19th centuries, literary Calaveras were sarcastic, yet humorous poems often found on tombstones. These poems would make fun of the living. Posada was a political cartoonist, and he created a character inspired by literary Calavera, noting that we are all skeletons. Catrina was born from a drawing inspired by Posada’s, as seen in Diego Rivera’s 1947 mural ‘Dream of Sunday Afternoon in Alameda Park’. Dressed in her famous feather hat and given the name that means “the rich”, Catrina is a reminder that we must not live with pretence. ✓ The Lighter Side of Death One might think that Day of the Dead is a sad day of mourning but, you will find it is a celebration of life. It is notable how Mexicans deal with death and how they view the afterlife. To them, it is not morbid at all, and although they mourn their loved ones, they prefer to incorporate humour into the proceedings. They usually depict the iconic skeletons that feature during the festival in some humorous scenes, like drinking and dancing. Mexicans also believe that children travel faster through the spirit realm. Therefore, their welcoming celebration happens first, as their spirits arrive before the adults. It is believed that the dead come to visit their loved ones on this day. The marigold petals scattered from the altar to the gravesite is to ensure the spirit does not get lost on its way back. ✓ Bizarre Rituals for the Dead In another part of the world, there exists a tradition where families keep the corpse of the deceased in their homes. In Indonesia, Torajan people believe their funeral is the most important day of their life. So much so that they would take on crippling debt to host an elaborate funeral in honour of the dead family member. While the remaining family saves toward a death celebration, the corpse remains with them. They visit the dead person daily and serve them three meals. Social gatherings happen with the dead relative and include children looking on to the embalmed corpse. This can continue for years until the funds are ready for the funeral. These celebrations of death include the slaughter of hundreds of livestock and tau-tau, an expensive wood-carved statue. The remaining family members fork out tens of thousands of dollars to ensure that the celebrations do not put their family to shame. A year after the burial takes place, they exhume the body to dress it with new clothes and allow it to catch a bit of sun. ✓ Fiction, not Fact Many people have the impression that Día de los Muertos is the Mexican version of Halloween. As you can see from the above details, this is not true. Halloween is about death and the Day of the Dead, ironically, is about life and celebrating it. Another myth is that Mexicans take part in huge parades during this festival. The idea came from Spectre, the 2015 James Bond film, and is a dreamed-up scene. It was only in 2016 when the first veritable parade took place in Mexico City. Skull-Candy Slots Enjoy different spin on celebrating life with three popular Día de Los Muertos themed slots. ✓ Day of Dead by Pragmatic Play It seems the dead walking from altar to grave inspired Pragmatic Play. Day of Dead is a high variance video slot with 5 reels and 4 lines that can award up to 4,500x your stake. Fittingly set in a graveyard, they complete this online slot with La Catrina, Calaveras, and slot sounds with Mexican background music. Reels: 5 x 4 Paylines: 20 Volatility: High RTP: 96.49% Max Win: Bet x 4,500 The tombstone Wild turns into a walking Wild and triggers a respin as he leaves the slot grid to the left. The round finishes when he finds his way off the grid. 3 Scatters will trigger the Free Respin Feature and here you have indefinite respins that kick off with two walking Wilds. Once no more Wilds are on the reel, the Bonus Feature ends. This is a good choice for classic slot lovers who don't like surprises. ✓ The Mariachi 5 by Real Time Gaming This colourful rendition of traditional Mexican sights pays tribute to Day of the Dead and has a band of Calaveras wearing sombreros. The Mariachi 5 is a 3D slot by Real Time Gaming with 243 pay ways. Set in a Mexican town with traditional buildings and a cobblestone road. Reels: 5 x 3 Paylines: 243 Volatility: Mid-High RTP: 96.97% Max Win: Bet x 6,000 Royals carved out of bone represent low paying symbols and a donkey pinata Scatter is the premium symbol which awards you 200x your stake for 5 of a kind. The Free Spins feature has Wild Multipliers and during the base game, you have a stacked Wild on reels 2 and 4. Choose one of the 5 Free Spin options when you land 3 pinatas and dance your way to 6,000x your stake. ✓ Grim Muerto by Play’nGo Contrary to the title, this online slot from Play’nGo is anything but grim. The colourful design and friendly mariachi band members pay tribute to Mexico’s Día de Los Muertos. This video slot has beautifully rendered images and is absolutely in line with the Mexican tradition of celebrating life during the Day of the Dead. Reels: 5 x 3 Paylines: 20 Volatility: High RTP: 96% Max Win: Bet x 1,000 Strum your way to a fortune on the Mexican Guitar (vihuela) Wild, which brings you 10 free spins if you land 3. Mexican music will get you in the mood for this fiesta and stacked wilds during the Free Spins game can bring mucho wins. Highlighted reels, extra wilds and second chances make Grim Muerto slot as entertaining as they come.
  14. As lifelong fans of gambling and in particular online gambling it is fantastic to see how many countries are adopting a positive stance towards the hobby. Even if a region does not currently allow local licensing and advertising opportunities, they tend to adopt a ‘no harm, no foul’ approach which allows players to gamble at offshore casinos without any legislative requirements. In a 2021 review of the legal online gambling landscape Slotegrator reported that gambling regulation falls into one of four distinct categories: Those where gambling websites must be licensed by the local regulator (32 countries) Those where only local gaming sites need a license, not foreign sites (32 Countries) Those where online gambling is prohibited, but no legal action is taken against play at foreign sites (28 countries) Those where there are no gambling restrictions at all (93 countries) When looking at the European Union in the context of these categories is becomes clear that the majority of the member states have adopted or are investigating a multi-license regime. ✓EU Free Trade Supports Gambling Regulation For those who are unfamiliar with how the European Union works simply put it is an agreement between 27 member countries that make up most of continental Europe that aim to promote economic and political unity. As a response to the devastating impact of World War 2 on Europe, the European Economic Community (EEC) was created in 1958 to foster financial dependencies. The logic being that when countries are reliant on one another for trade the likelihood of aggression declines. According to a report by the EU Commission in 2021 “82% of products traded in the Single Market are subject to harmonised rules and some 18% of intra-EU trade in goods fall under mutual recognition”. Given that the EU free trade agreement is such a pivotal part of the makeup and longevity of the Union, online gambling became a hotly debated topic as the UK, who was still a member of the EU at the time, promoted full regulation and licensing and expected to be able to trade with its partners. Jurisdictional legislators such as Malta became highly respected markets who expected EU member states to recognise the validity of an MGA licensed casino to trade within the Union. Members that stood against regulated online gambling were seen to be contradicting the compact, and this early friction ultimately led to a burgeoning European online gambling industry. ✓EGBA Striving for Standardised Regulation As with any other multi-party endeavour one of the challenges members of the EU have had to face is how their differing definitions, requirements and even fee structures have become stumbling blocks for their peers. To assist in creating a unified logic to regulation and a set of standards the Brussels-based European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA) was founded. “EGBA works together with national and EU regulatory authorities and other stakeholders towards a well-regulated and well-channelled online gambling market which provides a high level of consumer protection and takes into account the realities of the internet and online consumer demand.” To achieve a sustainable online gambling regime the EGBA strives to: Achieve a well-regulated and competitive market Define an ambitious set of European industry standards Build an integrity-based betting market Address betting-related match-fixing and corruption In addition to creating forums for discourse and staying on top of the day-to-day minutiae associated with tracking the gambling rulings and legislative decision making of 27 member countries the EGBA is also a founding partner of the EU Athletes program, a member of the International Betting Integrity Association (IBIA) and registered with the EU Transparency register since 2009. A July 2021 decision by the EU Commission to not reinstate the Expert Group on Online Gambling to assist regulators in coordinating their legal efforts could see the EGBA having an even more authoritative voice as it fills the role that the Commission renounced. ✓The French Gambling Legislation Interestingly enough when looking at online gambling regulation it is important not to interchange online gambling and online casino, especially if you are looking to play online slots in France. While many gambling sites will say that online casino is legal in France, they are in fact incorrect, however, it is correct to say that online gambling is legal in the country. This is because in 2010 France had a massive overhaul of its gambling law which both created the current body known as the Autorité Nationale des Jeux (ANJ) and legalised all forms of land-based gambling including casino games, card games, and sports betting. However, in an unexpected turn of events when addressing online gambling the regulation only made allowance for the licensing of online poker and online sports betting, while online games of chance remained a restricted category. ✓An Avid Gambling Community Despite the exclusion of online slots and other casino games, online gambling has flourished in France with La Française des Jeux (FDJ) being responsible for betting and lottery games, while Pari Mutuel Urbain (PMU) is specifically responsible for horse racing. The Q2 2021 report by BusinessWire on the financial results of the FDJ reported that the “digitalised and online stakes” showed an impressive 70% growth over its Q1 results reaching €1.1 billion in revenue from stakes of €9.2 billion. Stéphane Pallez, Chairwoman and CEO of FDJ, said: “Our stakes are increasing, both online and in our point-of-sale network. Over the half-year, we accordingly recorded an increase of nearly 9% in revenue compared with the same period in 2019. Barring new restrictions in response to developments in the health situation, the Group expects to maintain good momentum in the second half and is confident in its business and results prospects in accordance with its responsible gaming model.” These reports show that the FDJ’s online performance is tracking perfectly for the body to achieve its target of €2.2 billion for the year. Market analysts expect this to come from just over €19 billion in stakes. However, the growth in both player stakes and overall revenue for France’s online gambling market has raised the question of whether their reasoning for excluding online gambling was genuine. When the regulations were announced in 2010 ARJEL argued that games of chance held too high a risk of gambling addiction. That games like slot machines encouraged high engagement and participation, something they then claimed to be looking to actively discourage. However, with the €9.2 billion in stakes over six months it proves French gamblers are an engaged and active community. Despite numerous calls in recent years for other EU member states to open their borders to regulated online gambling, to protect locals and actively participate in the free trade compact France has silently refused to budge on the issue, deflecting the conversation around casino games to a discussion of regulated online gambling instead. In a decision that further confuses the matter, France declared that its citizens may gamble at international offshore casinos. Yet this puts them at risk of playing with casinos who do not adhere to EU safer gambling standards, reduces channelisation by not offering a casino game option for slots players, and driving revenues offshore which could be funnelled into programs that would uplift the French community such education programs and compulsive disorder treatment centres. ✓The Bitcoin Casino Stumbling Block France is one of the most progressive nations in the world and as such has been at the forefront of cryptocurrency adoption. The French are proud HODLERs with nearly 4% of the population owning Bitcoin, Ethereum and other digital tokens. Unsurprisingly the lion’s share of this ownership sits with wealthy, tech-savvy men and women in their late mid-twenties to mid-thirties. It should come as no surprise then that in the absence of regulation making online casino gambling illegal a large portion of the French casino market is turning to Bitcoin casinos. Not only do they get to engage in leading online slots and tables games, but they stand the chance to withdraw even more of the valuable cryptocurrency in the process. However, July 13th saw a Parisian court rule that French ISPs had to block local users from accessing two cryptocurrency gambling sites. The ruling came of the back of a decision to hand over cryptocurrency regulations to Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF), a securities watchdog with a specific brief to manage digital currency exchanges in the region. In this case while the casino games themselves were not the issue the ability to buy and sell cryptocurrencies in an unregulated marketplace saw the AMF flex its muscle and once again limit French players access to online casino entertainment. Once again, sane minds argue that if France would extend its current online gambling legislation to include online casino games, they could offer local players access to a secure crypto-exchange and secure a valuable revenue resource in the process.
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  16. While the adage "a rose by any other name would smell as sweet" would have you believe that there is no real difference between gambling online or at your local casino, that simply is not true. While land-based casinos do offer certain benefits like the potential to get free drinks, be comped a meal, and the experience of a night out “on the town”, playing at an online casino offers far more benefits for both experienced and beginner gamblers to enjoy. Why Gambling Online is the Best Here are 10 reasons why we believe online casinos trump their land-based peers every day of the week: 1. Perfect Environment for New Players Most online casinos offer free to play versions of the real money games they have on offer. This is the perfect way for new players to get to grips with the mechanics, features and bet sizes of any game they intend to play for real money later. Not only can you play these games for free, but each game comes with handy in-game hints and a detailed help file that explains everything from what each button does to how wins are determined and the games specific return to player percentage. 2. Online Casinos Offer Better Payouts The simple fact of the matter is that the House always has an advantage, whether playing online or at a land-based gambling venue – the trick is optimising that advantage as best possible. This is where online casinos beat out their brick and mortar counterpart’s hands down. Land-based casinos must cover the costs of running sprawling complexes which include restaurants, bars, clubs and all the staff to man these various activities. Online casinos only have support staff and tech-related costs which cost a fraction of what it takes to run an offline casino. This is why online casinos offer payouts of around 96%, this means the average house edge is as low as 4%. 3. Incredibly Range of Online Slots Slot machines are by far the most popular game type whether you choose to play online or offline, this is due to their wide range of themes, interactive features, payline options and jackpot win potential. Plus, individual developers each offer something unique to give their slots even more appeal. Big Time Gaming created their Megaways system offering up to 117,649 ways to win, Microgaming offers incredible progressive jackpot wins on their Mega Moolah slots and so much more. 4. Gamble When It Suits You Unlike online casinos which are open all year round, not all local casinos offer 24/7 access to their games. By playing online you can hop onto your favourite slot machine or play a few hands of blackjack whenever it is best for you. Oftentimes it is also simply not possible to coordinate getting to a casino venue at conventional times given the demands placed on our time by work, travel, family and more. In this instance being able to relax over a cup of coffee and a few spins of the reels when you have downtime available to you is an important feature. When you add this to the fact that you can play on your mobile device online gambling offers the most comprehensive, customer-first, gambling experience you could hope for. 5. Live and Play on Your Mobile The mobile device is far more than just a phone these days, we all run our lives from these tiny handheld computers. Online casinos understand this and offer an engaging gambling experience right there in the palm of your hand. Best of all thanks to high-quality apps and HTML5 these casinos offer the same entertainment on your device as they do when you play on your laptop or desktop computer. Allowing you to gamble whenever and wherever you want to. 6. There is Always a Seat for You A very real downside to gambling at a land-based venue, especially in smaller towns, is limited seating or access to popular games. At an online casino, whether you are playing at peak traffic times or in the middle of the night, your favourite casino table or online slot will be waiting for you to dive right in. This is equally true of buying additional casino chips while playing your favourite game. Online casinos allow you to easily top your chip stack from within the game you are playing rather than expecting you to get out of the action to go get more chips as you would at your local casino. 7. Fantastic Casino Bonus Selection Receiving bonuses at a land-based casino is highly unlikely for a new player. All new players at reputable online casinos will receive some form of welcome bonus. This bonus acts both as a gift basket to make you feel at home and as a safety net with which you can test out casino games without risking your own money. These casino bonuses will include deposit match bonuses, free spins, no deposit bonuses, wager free bonuses or a combination of these. Once you are a regular at the casino you will be able to avail yourself of reload bonuses, cashback and Loyalty bonuses. 8. Choose When to Play with Others A big part of ensuring your mental health though, especially during lockdowns is having the choice to play with others when you need contact and give yourself space when that is more important. One of the fastest-growing niches within the online gaming industry is the live casino sector. This allows players to step away from purely RNG casino games to enjoy the experience of interacting with a live dealer and the players around the table. As the market appetite for live games has grown so developers like Evolution Gaming have stepped up to grow their selection beyond traditional games like blackjack, roulette, and craps, to include custom games like Monopoly Live, Deal or No Deal Live and Mega Ball. 9. Protect Your Privacy with Bitcoin For players who are looking to further enhance the privacy and security offered by online gambling, there is the option to gamble at a Bitcoin casino. These sites are built on the blockchain, offer provably fair gambling, and ensure that your transactions are hidden from prying eyes thanks to Bitcoin’s incredible encryption. This is over and above any other measures, one can take online to protect their search histories and online banking by using virtual private networks (VPN) to connect to the internet. 10. Safety First When making the decision whether to play online or go to a local casino one must consider the potential health risks. Given the current situation we all find ourselves in, it is prudent to avoid crowds of people and rather play from home. With the ease of access to multiple casinos and swathes of cutting edge casino games, not to mention the bonuses and 24/7 personal support, there is very little reason to play at a land-based casino when with the click of a button you can enjoy world-class entertainment from the comfort of your home.
  17. Year after year, April 1st rolls around, and the public waits with bated breath for the latest prank or ploy to hit the newspapers and social media. While it is becoming more and more difficult to pull the wool over the eyes of the masses, now and then a company or individual will get it right and leave their unsuspecting victims red-faced at the fact that they have been duped. Join us as we delve into the origins, history, and evolution of this famous globally celebrated day and take the time to enjoy some short stories of the best pranks ever carried out. April Fool’s Day and its Origins April Fool’s Day falls on the 1st of April every year. It is a traditional celebration of mischief and tomfoolery. Traditionally, individuals, companies, and corporates concoct ridiculous stories and events to trick other members of the public for the sake of a laugh. With the help of circulated media, the internet, radio, and television, pranks can be broadcast to thousands of people, simultaneously. Part of the fun of the day is trying to decipher the real news from fake reports. Did you know? The earliest recorded celebrations of April Fool’s Day go back to the 18th Century (the 1700s) where it was celebrated as a two-day event. The first day would involve sending people on phoney errands, while the second day involved playing pranks on one another, such as pinning fake tales or ‘kick me’ signs on people’s backs. Although the true origin of this celebration and its trickster practices remains a mystery to this day, some have taken educated guesses as to where this tradition all started. Here are three good guesses: ✓ A Change in the Calendars There is some speculation that April Fool’s Day dates back to the change from the Julian Calendar to the Gregorian Calendar by the French in 1582. The Julian Calendar instituted New Year’s Day around the Spring Equinox, which is roughly the 1st of April each year. Once the transition was made to the Gregorian Calendar, New Year fell to the 1st of January, but some people either failed to receive the news in time or outright refused to break from their long-formed traditions. Either way, many continued to celebrate New Year’s during the last week of March to the dismay of others, who brandished them as ‘’April Fools’’. Quick Fact: In the late 1500s, those who observed New Year’s Day on the 1st of April after the transition to the Gregorian calendar, became the victims of pranks and mockery. One of the most popular pranks included tagging a paper fish on their back of an unsuspecting person. This fish (called the ‘’April fish’’) alluded to someone gullible and easily caught. This is honestly one of the most likely origins of the tradition, as the practices observed above fit the mould of the April Fool’s Day that we all know well today. ✓ Roman Ancestry Educated historians have linked the possible genesis of April Fool’s Day to Ancient Roman culture, and specifically, the festival of Hilaria, practised by the Cybele cultists. This festival involved citizens disguising themselves in costumes and then mocking and pranking their kinsmen and other popular officials. The roots of the festival seem to traditionally emanate from Egypt, where it received inspiration from mythological gods like Isis, Osiris, and Seth. ✓ Seasonal Swindle The last credible speculation of the Origin of April Fool’s Day ties in with the vernal equinox. Many believe that the first day of spring in the Northern Hemisphere is a swindle of mother nature on the world. Some believe that she unleashes unpredictable weather to fool the people from one day t