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  1. Gambling has been around for thousands of years, dating back to early civilizations. While it may come in different forms, gambling games are often adjusted to suit the time and place they’re being enjoyed. You may know that there are video games currently on the market that feature casinos and gambling games. Titles such as GTA Online and Red Dead Redemption both feature different forms of gambling. You can visit a virtual casino in GTA and play for in-game currency or take a seat at a blackjack table when playing Red Dead 2. However, these are not the only video games where you can play to win (for fun). Let’s take a look at these popular adult-targeting video game titles where you can gamble as you play. Buckle in, as you find yourself very surprised. ✓ Original Pokémon Games One of the most well-known franchises around the world, Pokémon games haven’t always been about catching creatures on your phone. Many Gen I Pokémon games feature a casino building where you can visit to spin the reels of adorable slots. Still available today on consoles such as the Nintendo 2DS and 3DS, you can download early versions of the original Pokémon games. Available in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen, visiting the Rocket Game Corner will give you access to a number of slot machines where you can bet in-game cash. In Gen II to IV games, the building is known as the Game Corner, a large building where you’ll find rows of slots, most of which don’t work. The games are familiar with a fun Pokémon theme where you must match symbols to receive in-game rewards. You can find the casino in the following Pokémon games: Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen Pokémon Gold, Silver, Crystal, HeartGold, and SoulSilver Pokémon Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee! Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal What was once a fun tradition to be found in every Pokémon game, the Game Corner buildings were removed from newer titles to maintain the family-friendly age restriction the games have always held. ✓ Stardew Valley The fun and friendly Stardew Valley may seem like an innocent game but for those who play, it’s easy to see that this video game was created with adults in mind. Sinister storylines, vague and clever descriptions, and an unexpected casino are all a part of the game’s fabric. After completing several tasks for the mysterious Mr Qi, the casino will be unlocked in the Calico Desert. Use Qi coins to play casino games that resemble slots, blackjack, and roulette to win even more Qi coins that can be exchanged for prizes. You can even purchase the coveted Statue of Endless Fortune (from a rather shady customer) for 1,000,000 gold. While the games resemble those you’ll find in land-based casinos, playing is all in the name of fun. There is no way to make real-money deposits or withdrawals, with all in-game currency simply used to purchase farm equipment and upgrade buildings. ✓ The Sims 3 For those who’ve spent any amount of time playing the many games available in the Sims franchise, this may come as a real shock. While many have only ever delved into the newest version of the game, The Sims 4, those who explored The Sims 3 will know that there was once a casino available for download. Lucky Simoleon Casino was available for download from The Sims 3 Store, an online shop that allowed players to purchase additional gameplay items. This item was a premium content venue that featured casino games for your Sims to enjoy. What makes this very surprising is the squeaky clean reputation that The Sims tends to have. Sims only drink juice with no alcohol added to the game and when things get ‘exciting’, they can retire for a bit of WooHoo. While the game is played by millions of adults around the world, The Sims team has always kept playing as PG as possible. The addition of the Lucky Simoleon Casino was interesting and it was an optional extra that could be purchased for real money. It was never added to the game through an expansion pack, which is probably how The Sims team got around the possible implications of affecting their game rating. Honourable mention: The current version of The Sims may not have an official casino available but Sims modder, Arnie, has released a fantastic custom content option for The Sims 4 which can be found on his Patreon page. Look out for the Royal Casino CC available now. ✓ Fable II Pub Games The Fable franchise is one of the most popular series of video games created by Lionhead Studios. Fable II, the second instalment in the series, has an optional addition containing gambling games called the Fable II Pub Games. Available as a download for Xbox 360 players, Pub Games was free for those who preordered Fable II from participating retailers. The games included can be played to win in-game rewards for your Fable II character, as well as in-game currency, giving you the chance to start the game with a fair bit of coin. While not available to play in the game itself, Fable II Pub Games directly impacts the character you play which makes it even more exciting. There are 3 casino-style games included: Fortune’s Tower – A card game featuring multiple decks, the aim of the game is to complete the tower to win the jackpot prize. Complete the card cycles and place your bets to be a winner. Keystone – Described by Peter Molyneux, Fable game creator, as "a bit of a cross between Roulette and Craps", Keystone features 3 dice. Based on the bet you place and the roll that lands, winning is all about luck. Spinnerbox – Slot games that pay out on a chain of wins, there are 6 different slots to choose from, each with its own fun theme. If one thing is for sure, each of these video game titles is aimed at providing even more entertainment for adults who choose to indulge in these creations. Gambling and casino games within video game titles may not be as prevalent anymore but it’s all in the name of fun.
  2. The world is yet to come up with a widely applicable use for augmented reality. While virtual reality gaming has gained a certain level of momentum due to companies like Sony actively encouraging indie game developers to create VR titles for use with the PS4 and PS5 the same is not true for AR. Yet despite AR not being a mainstream gaming application, there is one mobile-only game that has managed to generate an astounding $5 billion in revenue over its first five years since its launch, Pokémon Go! ✓What Is Pokémon? For newcomers to the world of Pokémon, it is a Japanese franchise owned and operated by gaming legend Nintendo. The world was first introduced to the adorable “pocket monsters” that are collected by Trainers and then used to duel one another in non-lethal Pokémon Battles in 1995. Players would take on the role of a Pokémon Trainer who would wander the world finding, befriending, and training various Pokémon in order to become the “regional Champion” by winning the Pokémon League. Since then, Pokémon has grown to be an international powerhouse comprising dozens of video games, a popular collectable trading card game, an anime series with over 1000 episodes to its credit, a live-action/animation crossover film starring Ryan Reynolds, clothing and toys lines, a multi-billion dollar AR mobile game and even a travelling theme park. ✓Niantic Not Nintendo While Nintendo owns the Pokémon IP and is the main beneficiary of the massive success that the mobile-only AR game has achieved the actual game and its mechanics were conceptualised and developed by Niantic. Here is how they describe what they achieved with Pokémon GO: “We’ve built the world’s only planet-scale augmented reality platform for current and future generations of augmented reality hardware. We think of this platform as a global operating system for applications that unite the digital world with the physical world. We pioneered real-world gaming — adventures on foot with others — which has helped transform the Earth into the new game board.” In 2016 when Niantic unveiled Pokémon GO to the world it was an instant success. The combination of the spellbinding world of Pokémon mixed with this fresh use of AR where you walked around your neighbourhood tracking creatures to catch was intoxicating. While the game is incredibly high-tech and innovative, the gameplay was surprisingly simple. Find a Pokémon, get it on your screen and use your finger to flick, aka throw, a poke ball at it till you manage to catch it. Rinse and repeat. Best of all it is free to play, and you do not need to buy an expensive Nintendo console or VIVE VR headset to play it. All you need to do is download the free app onto your cell phone and you will be collecting Pokémon in minutes. ✓International Appeal Pokémon GO was also released in the sweet spot when mobile technology and internet speeds were peaking. Everyone had access to a tablet or cell phone, and mobile data was commonplace which allowed you to load up the game and play whenever you had a gap. By making it free to play and giving players a reason to stay engaged with the game throughout the day Niantic created a loyal global fan base that has installed the game more than 1 billion times. Unlike other games where installs and active users do not line up a report by Finances Online shows that Pokémon GO fans are dedicated daily players: USA = 827,000 daily users UK = 272,000 daily users Japan = 270,000 daily users Sweden =117,000 daily users Canada = 105,000 daily users When looking at the global player base there is also no real skew towards any sex with 56% of the players being male and 44% being female. With ongoing review, it is highly likely this number will flatten out even closer to 50/50. ✓Player Friendly Monetisation With an average annual income of $1 billion, there is an instinctual inclination to assume that the game must make use of predatory money makers like loot boxes or gacha-themed incentives but that simply is not true. The reality is that Pokémon GO is one of the few games where you can truly get experience everything the augmented reality game has to offer for free. Rather than create loot boxes and using video slot themed monetisation tools Niantic and Nintendo offer a few items for sale in the games store such: Additional Pokéballs Additional Pokémon storage Additional item storage Clothing items for your Trainer However, all these items are fairly cheap in terms of the in-game currency, Gold. For example, additional storage space may cost 200 Gold, but rather than spending real money to buy it you can drop one of your Pokémon at a gym you will earn 50 Gold for “holding” the gym for one day. One of their primary income generators is special events. During events such as the ‘Pokémon GO Fest’ players stand the chance to catch special shiny variants of the events Pokémon and get cosmetic items showing they participated in the event. Tickets to these events usually cost less than $5 and not attending does not negatively impact your gameplay experience. Yet despite this soft sell, no pressure, approach to monetisation fans of the game still spend more than $1 billion a year, proving that creating an engaging experience for your customers is the key to generating revenue. ✓Health Conscious Developer While Pokémon GO always encouraged its players to get out from behind their desks and take their creature hunting on the road Niantic and Nintendo went the extra mile when it came to ensuring that their players could still play during the pandemic. The developer made some helpful quality of life changes to some of the games core mechanics to keep players entertained: They increased the spawn rate of Pokémon in less populated areas so players could make new virtual friends at home. They had enemies fly around in hot air balloons to allow players to battle bosses and win better items and complete quests. They extended the Trainers radius making it easier to trigger Pokéstops from further away to ensure social distancing. They began adding daily free boxes with items and Pokéballs to give players the tools they need to play for free. While they could easily have added a bunch of microtransactions to the shop which their fans would have made use of they chose to not add additional financial stress to players lives and offered all these useful new mechanics for free. ✓Leading the Charge for Mobile Gaming It is interesting to see how mobile casino game developers have responded to the success of mobile games like Pokémon GO and others. When Candy Crush first began to dominate the mobile space, we saw the launch of cluster pays driven mobile slots featuring big square game screens. These games are still popular today with Pragmatic Play having recently launched Gemix 2 using this model. The mobile gaming megalith Clash of Clans spawned its own series of mobile slots built using its premise of base building and pitting competing armies against one another. One of the best examples of this type of mobile slot machine is the SG Digital game Reel Clash. While we have seen the development of several RPG and adventure-themed slot titles what we are yet to see hit the market is a video slot that uses the augmented reality premise of Pokémon GO to allow players the chance to interact with reels and find bonuses by using their phone as a virtual gateway into the world of the casino game. ✓Gotta Catch Em All This is blend of conversation-starting tech wrapped in a model so simple even your grandparents can use it is one of the fundamental development challenges faced by casino companies looking to do new and exciting things in the mobile and AR space. However, with Niantic proving it is possible to create a mobile AR game that generates $1 billion a year from transactions that range from $1 to $5 it is only a matter of time before award-winning developers like Netent, Evolution Gaming or Pragmatic Play wow us with an innovative AR casino experience.
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