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  1. Do you want to make slots great again? Then join the US election 2020 campaign trail, as Donald Trump swaps the world of politics and business for slots and gambling. Thousands of people are online right now playing Trump-themed slots, and if you are not playing you are missing out. If you want to join in with the fun during the US elections, let us guide you. Below, we have collected our top 5 Donald Trump-themed slot games that even Joe Biden supporters would enjoy. 1. Will Donald Trump It Against Biden? The most famous of Donald Trump's games, Trump It is one of the first and best. It contains old enemies Obama and Hilary, one-time acquaintance Vladimir Putin, and some fantastic jackpots. If you get 2 of the main characters on the 5 reels, you can trigger a number of free spins. That means that whenever you see Donald's rotund orange face, you have a chance to win big. But then again, don't we all feel that like that when we see Donald? Play Trump It Slot from Fugaso, right here. 2. US Election 2020 Rocket Man If you were hoping for an Elton John themed slot, then we hope we have not disappointed you. Instead, Rocket Man is a showdown between two missile-obsessed world leaders: Kim Jong Un and Donald J Trump Junior. Published by GTI gaming, it is one of the most topical Donald Trump video game slots available. The game itself has 5 reels on 25 pay lines. It includes all the symbols you would expect such as playing cards and trophies. But what everyone is waiting for in this game is the appearance of the two world leader symbols to trigger a punch-out of cross-continental proportions! Complete review about GTI Gaming Rocket Man slot can be found here. 3. Play Rocket Men During the US Election If you were hoping for another Elton John themed slot, then this will be your second disappointment today. However, you can cheer yourself up with the second of our Kim and Donald Trump games. This time, the two world leaders are having lots of fun playing a game of nuclear detonation golf. Want to give Red Tiger Rocket Men slot a try? Click here. 4. Trump It Deluxe Trump It Deluxe includes some of Donald's nearest and dearest as symbols. As well as Kim Jong Un, we also have Vladimir Putin and an appearance from Angela Merkel, who just can not wait to down a stein of frothy German lager. In fact, that is just one of many hilarious symbols as Putin rides a bear, Kim rides a tiger, and Trump takes a bath. To try Fugaso's Trump It Deluxe slot click here. 5. Glorious Leaders Slots Donald may not be the greatest at sharing the stage with other world leaders, but in this game, he comes out on top. Created by Firebird Entertainment, this slot game has bags of characters, poking fun at some of the world's most famous faces while letting you win big. For more information about Glorious Leaders Slot by Firebird Entertainment click here. Play to Win He may or may not have won the US election, but Donald Trump can help you win big in 2021. All you have to do is sign up to play, start on some of these amazing slot games that even Joe Biden fans would enjoy. Not interested in winning big during the 2020 US election with Trump slots? Then we have a host of other online games and gambling recommendations. Come and visit our articles at Gamblers Pick for the most up to date news on slots and casinos, starting today!
  2. As of late August 2020, the NFL will not be flying a BLM flag at its games, marking a significant departure from actions of the MLB. The football establishment is under particular scrutiny, considering the high percentage of Black players as well as the league’s response to Colin Kaepernick’s protests against police brutality and racial inequality starting in March of 2016. The NFL has, however, announced a $250 million commitment to “combat systematic racism,” and Kaepernick’s former team did fly the BLM flag at Levi’s Stadium. So, do people think this is enough? Is it too much? We spoke directly to the fans to find out. More than 1,000 self-described football fans shared their sentiment on the place of the Black Lives Matter movement in and outside of football. They explained how certain decisions would impact their support for the league and even their most beloved teams. Certain teams’ fans were more opposed than others, while actions beyond flying the BLM flag were also considered. Additionally, we took a quick peek at changing opinions since the Colin Kaepernick decision. Read on to see what we found. Fan Opposition and Support for BLM To kick off our study, we presented fans with one simple question: Do you support the Black Lives Matter movement? Although all were fans of the NFL, the question’s intent was to consider the movement as a whole, beyond the league. We separated their answers, however, by the teams they supported, as well as their political affiliation. NFL fans overwhelmingly expressed support for BLM. Sixty-nine percent said yes, they support the movement. Most Republicans supported the movement as well, in spite of a tweet from President Trump’s Twitter account calling a BLM emblem in New York “a symbol of hate.” Overall, the BLM support represents a pretty significant departure for the league’s fans, most of whom previously felt that sports was simply not a place for politics, no matter how pressing. Just a few short years ago, most fans were also in disagreement with Colin Kaepernick’s protests. Flash-forward to today, where just 14.7% of fans say they oppose BLM. There were, however, some teams whose fans were more opposed to BLM than others. The top three BLM-opposing fan bases were those rooting for the Dallas Cowboys, the Kansas City Chiefs, and Colin K’s team, the San Francisco 49ers. Perhaps the 49ers fans are expressing the highest level of opposition due to the fact that their team has decided to fly the BLM flag, unlike the others. Dallas Cowboys owner/general manager Jerry Jones has yet to make a comment on the issue, though defensive tackle Gerald McCoy has argued, “The Dallas Cowboys are the most recognized franchise in the world. They can get behind it … it would be great to hear a statement from the Cowboys.” Kansas City Chiefs also have superstar player Patrick Mahomes pushing for his team and the NFL to do more to acknowledge past mistakes. Signs of Solidarity Flying the flag and apologizing to Colin Kaepernick seem to be the two overarching requests (or at least topics of conversation) around BLM support in the NFL. But there have been talks of other signs of solidarity as well. The following chart represents the percentage of fans supporting, opposing, and remaining neutral to various acts of solidarity the NFL could theoretically take. The NFL is still reportedly nearing an agreement to allow players to wear decals on their helmets that would honor the victims of police brutality. The decisions of the names on the decal would then be left up to the player. Sixty-four percent of fans were supportive of players honoring the victims in this way, and roughly the same percentage were supportive of them wearing general BLM decals on the field. Taking a knee during the national anthem, which really started with Colin Kaepernick in 2016, was a concept supported by 62.4% of fans. Though the NFL commissioner released a statement several weeks after the killing of George Floyd claiming, “We, the National Football League, admit we were wrong,” Colin Kaepernick’s name was noticeably absent from the apology. Sixty-three percent of fans were supportive of the idea of the NFL issuing an explicit apology to him. Keep reading to see a deep dive into fan sentiment around Kaepernick’s actions. The Kaepernick Conversation The conversation around kneeling and Colin Kaepernick has taken quite a drastic turn since it first began in 2016. Even if he has been vindicated to a certain extent, he still remains uninvited to return and without apology. The next part of our study dives into fan sentiment around these specific issues, as well as how that sentiment has evolved since Kaepernick first started kneeling. In spite of the modern support fans demonstrate for BLM today, Colin Kaepernick’s decision was admittedly resisted among fans at the time. More than a quarter of fans (27.9%) confessed they were opposed to Kaepernicks’ protest when it happened, although nearly half said they have completely changed their opinions since then. The changing of hearts and minds was likely due in large part to the BLM movement itself, which many experts claim is the largest movement in the entirety of the history of the United States. Changing hearts and minds is and was no easy feat, but it did occur across all political parties. Forty-nine percent of Republicans who opposed Kaepernick’s kneel said they now agree with the decision, several years later. Even those who were originally in the middle of the aisle politically felt compelled to change their original opinions: 22.4% of independents who initially opposed Kaepernick’s behavior confessed they were now on board. Maintaining Viewership When a person is getting physically overthrown or crossing the threshold into TD zones, you might not find yourself wondering what their political views are. But many NFL fans just might be. When we asked respondents how important it was that their favorite NFL players share the same views as them, some teams’ fans were pretty adamant that they be similar. In comparison to the COVID-19 pandemic, respondents were also asked to weigh their concern over BLM with that of the coronavirus. In spite of the fact that so many fans demonstrated a likelihood to change their views over time, exactly 51.6% said it was still important that their favorite NFL players share the same views as them in the present. Those identifying as Democrats were the most likely to feel this way, but it was those aligned with Republicans who were the most likely to say they would actually stop watching their favorite teams if they demonstrated any type of support for BLM. But Republicans certainly weren’t the only ones who felt strongly enough about BLM to react this way. Fifty-three percent of respondents overall said they’d too stop watching certain teams if their players protest for BLM. Interestingly, it mattered most to fans of Washington’s Football Team (formerly the Redskins) that the players share their views. Racism against Native Americans has been at the forefront of this team’s discussion as well. Though team owner Dan Snyder had long resisted a name change, FedEx asked them to rebrand, Nike pulled their merchandise, and many investment firms and shareholders also put renewed pressure on the team to change the name in the wake of the current civil rights movement. In comparison to COVID-19, the BLM movement will barely make an impact at all on viewership. Eighty-four percent of fans agreed that they were more concerned about COVID-19 when it came to watching games than a player’s decision to protest. Preliminary studies show that NFL viewership is down roughly 12% this year already, which some attribute to BLM protests but, in reality, may be due to issues with competing against the backdrop of the coronavirus. NFL’s 2020 Season Though we could say their season kicked off with a rocky start, most fans won't be giving up their love of the sport. About half cared if the players shared the same views as themselves. Fans were also likely to be able to change their mind when it came to BLM-related acts of protest, as so many came around on Colin Kaepernick’s actions. In a world where differences of views are not always tolerated, football fans came together. Many changed their minds and came together to support BLM and Colin Kaepernick across all three political parties, despite notoriously different opinions in the past. Perhaps even as the league “gets political,” fans will be more open to it than the world had previously thought. Methodology We surveyed 1,003 NFL fans about their opinions on the Black Lives Matter movement and its impact on the NFL. Respondents were 64.7% men and 35% women. Two respondents identified as nonbinary. The average age of respondents was 37.3 with a standard deviation of 11.9. Respondents had to identify as being fans of the NFL in order to qualify for the study. Respondents were asked to report what teams they were fans of. They were allowed to select as many teams as they wanted. We asked respondents to report whether they oppose or support the Black Lives Matter movement. They were given the following scale of answer options: Strongly oppose Oppose Neither oppose nor support Support Strongly support In our final visualization of the data, we combined these into three groups: oppose, neither oppose nor support, and support. The same answer scale and groupings were used for response about opposition and support for Colin Kaepernick’s 2016 protests. Additionally, we asked respondents on the same answer scale to identify their opposition or support for various actions the league could take to show solidarity with the BLM movement that have been discussed for the 2020 season. Respondents were asked to indicate how unimportant or important it is whether their favorite NFL players share the same views as them. Respondents were given the following options: Extremely unimportant Unimportant Neither unimportant nor important Important Extremely important In our final visualization of the data, we combined these into the following groups: unimportant, neither unimportant nor important, and important. Limitations The data we are presenting rely on self-report. There are many issues with self-reported data. These issues include, but are not limited to, the following: selective memory, telescoping, attribution, and exaggeration. Fair Use Statement Things are certainly up in the air for the NFL. If you know somebody who is trying to keep their finger on the pulse or someone who would benefit from our data, you are welcome to share it with them. Just be sure your purposes are noncommercial and that you link back to this page for proper attribution.
  3. The early 2000s were a boom period for online gambling in the United States. The World Series of Poker was huge on ESPN, which helped to create an online gambling craze, and more and more poker rooms and casinos kept popping up. Millions of gamblers were taking to the online tables, not only playing poker but also betting on sports, roulette, and myriad other games of chance. Online gambling was considered perfectly legal, then it all came crashing down. One of America's most unpopular presidents, George W. Bush, signed into law the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2016 (UIGEA), which essentially made online gambling illegal. It wasn't that gambling itself was illegal for citizens, though more of a way to keep Americans from accepting money for gambling or operating any sort of sites. This caused PayPal and other large e-wallets and payment processors to stop dealing with Americans and online gaming, as it also chased most reputable sites away from accepting Americans. Some were shut down, and billions of dollars were left frozen or seized. The end result was a depression, of sorts, where most online gambling options for Americans dried up. The point of this short story is that who our president is in America matters a great deal. Whether we end up with four more years of Donald Trump, or a long-shot like Berne Sanders, the implications on the gaming world will be felt. So it stands to reason that many gamblers have a stake in the 2020 Election, and want to know which potential president would be the best for online gambling. The Presidential Candidates and Their Take on Online Gambling Donald Trump America's current POTUS, and the front-runner for the 2020 Election, Donald Trump, was initially thought a shoo-in for legalized online gaming After all, Trump's name was on many casinos in Atlantic City, and he has deep ties with Las Vegas. So this is a man who understood the love for online sports betting, poker, etc, right? Wrong. If anything, Trump has been pretty bad for online gaming due to the fact that he prefers the status quo. Approve or disapprove of the man's politics, the facts suggest that he's economy-focused, factory jobs and wages and the like. He has shown no interest one way or the other in lifting the UIGEA, nor has he commented on further sanctions. while some might take this indifferent stance to be a good thing, it shows that there's no priority in the Trump administration to even consider legal poker or any relenting on the nation's iGaming regulations. This may actually be worse than if he were to push for more regulations against. The reasoning here is that, if it were the case he wanted to go after online poker, his staunch opposition would gladly battle him on further regulations in the house, just for the fact of it being a Republican pushing the idea, and thus the topic would be brought to the fore, argued and battled. By keeping things within the status quo, the George Bush poker-killing regulations still stand untouched by anyone. Joe Biden The leading Democrat in the race for the 2020 Election for POTUS is Joe Biden, who's seemingly blowing past Bernie Sanders in delegate count. This isn't exactly a worst-case scenario for online gamblers either. While Biden has made no plans to loosen restrictions or to overturn the UIGEA, he has also stated unequivocally that he doesn't plan to impose further sanctions on online sports betting, poker, or any other sort of iGaming in the nation. So, why is this good? It's basically political speak for "I'm open to actually lifting regulations; just let me get settled." Okay, some might think that inference is a little generous, bordering on far-fetched, but also remember that Biden was around with Bush and disagreed on the crackdowns back then. Plus Joe Biden's son was a former lobbyist for Party Gaming. The kicker here, however, is that Joe Biden was also once a potential positive voice for repealing the UIGEA, although the Bill never managed to get off the ground due likely to typical politics cropping up. Suffice to say, however, that the gambling world seems to have Biden's ear, and he's not opposed to online gambling. In his position as Senator and then as Vice President, however, he's never been in a position to push for overturning the stifling anti-Gambling laws. Bernie Sanders At this point. Sanders is the dark horse Democrat candidate, and it's very unlikely he would win. In the past two USA elections for POTUS, media have entirely turned on Sanders, and he has felt this sting; first with Hillary Clinton, now with Joe Biden. Bernie Sanders is an admitted socialist who stands against capitalism and certainly against the status quo in America's business and politics. However, do not allow that to fool you. Sanders is very much anti-gambling. For whatever reasons, it's really unclear, but his voting history shows that every single time something comes from the House into the Senate that's anti-gambling, Sanders votes in favor of it passing. So no matter what it has been, online or not, Bernie has burned his bridges here and has voted to pass anti-gambling legislation time and again. There's absolutely no reason to consider he wouldn't stick with this. At best, he'd ignore the genre entirely and let the UIGEA and other regulations stand. At worst, he'd come after it harder, and online gambling being legal would never happen under a Sanders administration. The Right POTUS Pick for Legalized Online Gambling Whether he'd be good for jobs, the climate, world peace, or anything else is anyone's guess; but for online gambling, Joe Biden is the best friend a betting person has going into the 2020 Election. He has a history of reconnoitering around the edges of repealing the laws already on the books. All he's lacked in doing so is the power and pull. The Vice President's position is largely ceremonial; just ask Mike Pence, Dick Cheney notwithstanding. And as a Senator, he was only one of one hundred. Though as President of the United States, Biden would be in a much better position to argue for legalized online gambling. This is especially true in a House of Representatives with a Democrat majority. The good news for gamblers out there is that Biden is likely going to win the Democrat nod easily, then it's just a matter of facing down an unpopular incumbent. So the point here is that legalized online gambling may be closer than you think. Fingers crossed.
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