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  1. Grand Theft Auto has been entertaining the masses for years from its humble beginnings to its current hugely popular GTA Online game. Casinos have also been entertaining the masses for years, whether you're hopping from casino to casino in Vegas or a regular at your local spot. Now, these two entertainment giants have combined. GTA Online has recently added a casino to its massive world, and it's one of the most popular spots in the game. Here, thousands flock to gamble their Grand Theft Auto dollars on all the classic games. History of the GTA Online Casino The GTA Online casino has been teasing players for years, with a massive empty building and an "Opening Soon" sign. There was no official opening date, and no way to enter the building, leaving players clamoring for information. On July 23, 2019 the Diamond Casino & Resort finally opened its doors. Located in the downtown are of Los Santos, it immediately became the most popular destination in the game. How Does it Work? The Diamond Casino & Resort at its basics works a little like real-life casinos. You exchange GTA$ for chips, gamble, and when you're ready to cash out, change the chips back for GTA$. In order to gamble at the casino you have to become a member, which is only $500. Upon becoming a member, you receive $1000 in free chips each day you enter the casino, so it's a steal. Much like real casinos, weapons are not allowed inside, so you don't need to worry about getting robbed or killed while trying to have fun. Gambling Activities at the Casino While the Diamond Casino & Resort may not offer as wide of a variety of games as a normal casino, there's still plenty to keep you occupied. Roulette, blackjack, and three-card poker are the main draws on the casino floor, where you can sip on a martini and bet against the house. There are also a variety of slot machines you can play, as well as the Lucky Wheel that you can spin to win prizes. Video & Image Credit: RockStar Games Other Things to do at the Casino While gambling may be the main draw of the casino, there's plenty of other stuff to keep you occupied when you aren't gambling your GTA$ away. If you want to become a VIP member of the casino, you need to buy a penthouse. It won't be cheap, but it's totally worth it. Basic penthouses start at around a million, while the fancy ones with a party area or a spa will run you 3-4 million. Once you have that VIP status you'll have access to more games as well as new missions related to the casino. Need More Gambling Options? While the GTA casino might be the hottest new way to gamble, it's certainly not the only one. If you're looking for more gambling news, advice, and online options, you're at the right place. Keep reading, and have fun rolling the dice.
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