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  1. The world can be divided into two categories: The known and the unknown. In the unknown category, you’ll find a range of impossible and strange occurrences and experiences. One of these is the existence of Aliens and their strange relations with humankind. The term UFO was coined in 1953 by the United States Air Force, and this term has become one that runs hand in hand with the existence of aliens and extraterrestrial beings. The presence of aliens and the conspiracy theories surrounding them are all linked to UFOs and in a sense, the United States. A significant source of theory and speculation is the infamous Area 51 located in the Nevada desert. This location is “top-secret” and used by the military for unknown operations. Over the years, rumours have arisen, leading many to believe that aliens can be found within this secret space. To this day, it is still unclear what really happens in Area 51 as it was only formally acknowledged in 2013. In essence, the CIA was looking for a secure location to test the Lockheed U-2 spy plane in 1955. The location afterwards became known as Area 51. About a decade earlier, there were 2,000 UFO sightings reported worldwide. However, these reports were mainly made by the Swedish Military. Welcome to Roswell You may have heard mention of the infamous Roswell in New Mexico. Made famous by an incident where a rancher, Max Brazzle, went out to check his pasture and came across debris that had crashed there. He allegedly discovered unusual materials and bodies that were not human on the ground. According to some, the technology available to us today is made possible due to reverse engineering from that strange occurrence. Sure, technology is out of this world but could it really be linked to Roswell? Strangely, a week before Brazzle found the debris in his field, the first UFO sighting took place in the US on June 24, 1947. Three years later, Area 51 was created, and in the ’90s the Air Force published records acknowledging the events connected to Roswell, New Mexico. According to reports, it was nuclear test surveillance balloons and not UFOs. For years, Area 51 remained known as a training base for the Air Force, but this didn’t stop the reporting of strange sightings. No More Denial Year after year, UFO sighting after UFO sighting, there was always another story or excuse to deny the existence of aliens and UFOs. To this day, Pentagon’s once covert program to investigate unidentified flying objects remains underway. The program has been renamed and buried in the Office of Naval Intelligence where any strange encounters with unidentified aerial vehicles continue to be studied. While the program is not up for discussion, the existence thereof has sparked excitement within many. With government resources going to this program, many have strengthened their belief in the presence of beings that live in a world outside of our own. Despite the excitement, Pentagon Officials have stated that the main reason for the program is to collect and report on sightings of unidentified aerial vehicles. Some of these findings must be shared with the public every six months by the Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Task Force. According to Former US Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, the focus of the program is to seek out any potential threats via breakout aviation technology. While there is hope to find evidence of vehicles from other worlds, the program was mainly created for protection. The program is no longer classified, but the information and activity still are. Aliens, UFOs and Abductions Aliens and UFOs are all the rage, and over the years there have even been stories of abductions. In 1957, Antonio Vilas Boas claimed he was abducted from his farm in Minas Gerais, Brazil. According to Boas, he was examined by humanoid aliens and had relations with an alien woman aboard an egg-shaped UFO. In the same year, several people in Levelland, Texas reported sightings of a large, bright, egg-shaped object. During the sighting, about 10 cars experienced issues with their lights and engines. Another reported abduction was that of Betty and Barney Hill in 1961. The two were abducted South of Lancaster on Route 3 in New Hampshire. According to the Hills, they were abducted and medically examined by small aliens after they saw their spacecraft. In 1965, two police officers from Pretoria, South Africa noticed a shiny, copper-coloured craft landing on the street. At the same time, their patrol car up and flew away while witnesses state they saw a red ball and a bright light in the sky. One of the most significant sightings was in 1965 in Pennsylvania when thousands saw a large fireball in six states and Canada. It caused sonic booms near Pittsburgh, and the US military recovered the object with much secrecy from the town of Kecksberg. In 1966, cameraman Leman Hanson managed to get 10 seconds of colour footage of a UFO on the Catalina Island of the coast of California. In 2006, a saucer-shaped, unit craft was seen hovering over a Chicago O’Hare Airport Terminal. It’s said to have shot up at a speed that left a clear blue hole in the clouds. Betting on UFOs Over the years, there have been many strange sightings and, in most cases, logical or bizarre explanations. For most, the existence of aliens is an idea, a belief, or a fantasy that needs to be a reality. It’s something that we want to believe in, even if we haven’t seen it with our own eyes. Any strange occurrence or object is immediately linked to aliens or extraterrestrial life. Maybe the biggest reason is that we don’t want to be alone, or we want to know that there are more life forces out there. The unfortunate reality is that we might never get an answer, living only with the possibility or belief of UFOs and alien existence for the days to come. This seems to be enough for most as many take advantages of this and even place bets at top sportsbooks! Some, such as Paddy Power, enable you to place bets on the likelihood of discovering alien life. Not only do you get to embrace the theories and conspiracies surrounding extraterrestrial life, but you could also beat the odds and grab a significant cash out too. Out of this World Entertainment While there are many films, video games, and TV series that revolve around aliens and the unknown, there’s no need to miss out on the fun at your favourite casino. Several great space-themed online slots will capture the imagination and give you the chance to win big with every spin. ✓ Cosmic Fortune by NetEnt - Blast off with this 2014 slot release that features an adorable space adventurer. Designed with 5 reels and 15 paylines, you’ll have access to free spins and impressive bonus rounds thanks to NetEnt. ✓ Max Damage by Microgaming – If aliens get a little too close for comfort, you can count on Max Damage to protect planet Earth! Action-packed and filled with fun ways to win, this slot has 243 ways to win as well as free spins. ✓ Galacnica by Spinmatic – Reels filled with colourful aliens on a planet far, far away is the playground found on this online slot. Create combinations filled with crazy aliens and win both ways while you spin the reels. Visit any of our top online casinos and play extraterrestrial casino games for out-of-this-world fun!
  2. If you’re a firm believer that we’re not alone and that the truth really is out there, then July 2nd is your new holy day as it is celebrated across the planet as World UFO Day. Fervour surrounding these Unidentified Flying Object hit a fever pitch less than 2 months ago when the US Navy declassified a series of videos from fighter jets based aboard the USS Nimitz and USS Theodore Roosevelt aircraft carriers. The videos themselves were captured in 2004, 2014 and again in 2015. The Pentagon has shied away from making reference to alien life or even calling the craft UFO’s, instead, they simply refer to them as “unidentified aerial phenomena”. Yet is has formalised the process whereby pilots are required to report any such disturbances, especially in light of the events captured in the 2014 footage. Makes you wonder what they’re looking for. Ancient Aliens Love Mother Earth While we often focus on the bizarre and oftentimes creepy stories of alien abductions, UFO sightings and even missing villages that get woven together in our love of the unusual and the macabre stories of alien visitations are scattered all throughout mankind’s existence. The term “ancient astronaut” refers to these advanced alien lifeforms who some believe have been visiting earth for millennia, guiding us and our ancestors towards the advancements needed to leave earth and join them among the stars. Besides the inexplicable appearance of “star people” in the art and stories of many ancient cultures, from the Aztecs in South America to the clans of Japan, there are several ancient architectural wonders that the people of the day could not have created alone: The Pyramids – It is believed that the schematics, tools, and alignment of the pyramids of Giza were handed down to the Egyptians by an advanced alien life form. The technology to so precisely hew the stones need to construct the pyramids and well as the method for perfectly stacking them was unknown at the time. Also, they align perfectly with invisible astronomical configurations which should not have been possible for such a primitive people. Easter Island – The moai of statues of Easter Island are a wonder and a mystery that could only be explained by the intervention of alien intelligence. The more than 900 monolithic stone carvings each stand nearly 4 meters tall and weigh in at up to 14 tons. While researchers write them off as just another example of tribal religious icons there is no trace of the stone-crafting Rapa Nui who formed them. The City of the Gods – Teotihuacán is an ancient sprawling city featuring gargantuan structures displaying the same clean lines and linear perfection we see in the pyramids but on a massive scale. The city is said to be able to house more than 100,000 people and boasts intricate tools, aqueducts, agricultural systems and even a transportation system – all feats of engineering centuries ahead of its time and certainly beyond the tools and abilities of the indigenous pre-Aztec people who lived there. We can only speculate why these intelligent beings would bless our ancestors with the knowledge to create these magnificent edifices and many others such as the Nasca lines in Peru or even Stonehenge. Perhaps it is a test to see when we will be ready to work together as a unified people, a skill we might need for the day we encounter alien species beyond our atmosphere. The Roswell Incident Roswell New Mexico has become synonymous with alien encounters and unexplained phenomena, albeit mostly due to Hollywood and its early 2000s love affair with extra-terrestrials. The real-life events that led to the Roswell taking its place as the Mecca for alien lovers began in 1947 when Mac Brazel, the foreman of the J.B. Foster ranch, discovered the scattered metallic wreckage of a downed craft just over 50km north of Roswell New Mexico. The Roswell Daily Record reported that the air force had recovered the remains of a “flying saucer” on the ranch, however, the military quickly refuted that statement. General Roger M. Ramey of the Eighth Air Force released a statement clarifying that the recovered debris was simply the remains of a “weather balloon and its kite". It is commonly believed that the Area 51 airbase within the Nevada Test and Training Range is the final resting place for the Roswell alien debris and many other remnants that would prove the existence of extraterrestrial life. Space Age Entertainment Our fascination with the unknowable has given rise to a rich entertainment and media industry that thrives on the tales of aliens and UFOs. Most notably there was the television series the X-Files where two investigators, one believer and one sceptic, went from mystery to mystery trying to determine if “the truth is out there”. The Will Smith alien invasion action film Independence Day was a box office hit in 1996 earning over $800 million from a budget of only $75 million. The film sees aliens invade earth and humanity fighting back on July 4th, turning American Independence Day into a global Independence Day celebration. Hoorah. UFOs and aliens have even infiltrated the online casino space with a slew of online slots using the theme to its fullest, including: ✓Mayan Gods by Red Tiger Red Tiger Gaming transport us back in time to when the Mayan culture was in the throes of the magical presence of ancient aliens, mixing science with magic to create a utopian setting filled with intriguing symbols and big wins. The video slots 5x3 cascading reel set is placed against the backdrop of giant golden arches in a serene field where the air is filled with bird song. The reels are filled with symbols portraying the elements as well as the Mayan belief in spirit animals such as the Condor and the Wild Panther. Create winning combinations across 20 fixed paylines using triggering the Mayan King, unlocking the secrets of the Mayan Eclipse or encountering the Mayan UFO. If our ancient benefactors are pleased with you there is the chance to win as much as 6000x your total bet. ✓Back to Venus slot by Betsoft Gaming Back to Venus is a tongue-in-cheek slot that pokes fun at the idea of an alien invasion taking place on a farm by sentient plants. Only in this video slot the farmer is not taking this intrusion lightly and has cobbled together a spaceship so he can take the fight to Venus where it belongs. The slot is played on 5-reels and 20 fixed ways to win where the giant invading alien plant stands watch over each spin you play chirping and chortling at the results. The reels are filled with perfectly themed symbols which include crop circles, alien fungi, Bonus rockets and even a UFO beaming up a cow. The slot machine offers an out of this world reward of up 4338x your total bet which can be won by triggering the games entertaining Free Spins feature which features up to 4 free games, sticky Wilds and Win Multipliers. ✓Outerspace Invaders slot by PearFiction Studios Outerspace Invaders by PearFiction Studios is a light-hearted adventure slot that sees you take your place alongside the heroine Rachel Page as she battles the tentacled alien leader Zerk in an attempt to save her hapless fiancé. The action takes place against the backdrop of a war-torn city with a UFO floating menacingly in the distance. The reels are filled with portraits of Zerk, Rachel, various soldiers and even a Radar symbol. Triggering Free Spins will see Rachel charge the alien spacecraft and go head to head with Zerk, even blasting him with a shotgun. Successfully rescuing the love of your life and chasing off the invaders could see you winning as much as 1800x your total bet.
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