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  1. A weekend of Halloween festivities awaits as everyone gets ready to celebrate All Hallows Eve in a few days. Nothing says fright night quite like a great scary movie, so we've taken it upon ourselves to list 7 all-time favourite Halloween movies to warm us up for the celebrations. You might want to avoid watching some of these on your own, while others are more comedic horror entertainment, but all of them have online slot games, transporting the terrifying stories onto the reels. ✓ The Shining One of the 20th century's most successful horror novelists produced several chilling chart toppers. Stephen King's writings also led to a few Hollywood blockbuster interpretations of his stories, and the 1980 reimagining of The Shining hit home for many horror fans. This psychological horror sees the Torrance family uproot their lives and move into the Overlook Hotel, only to discover their lives will never be the same. Jack Nicholson is the main character, Jack Torrance, who unwittingly leads his family to the haunted destination because he has accepted a position as the hotel's winter caretaker. Upon arrival at Overlook Hotel, Jack learns about the terrible fate of the previous winter caretaker and his family. Danny, Jack's young son, has psychic abilities allowing him to have visions and see spirits, making him the target of violent events and the famous twins luring him to forbidden room 237. Jack is also a recovering alcoholic prone to violent outbursts, and once the spirits get a hold of his mind, he deteriorates quickly. He spirals into madness as the evil spirits in the hotel convince him to kill his wife and son. Mancala Games drew inspiration from this thrilling story. They released a slot game, The Twin Wins Mystery, where eerie imagery includes the evil twins and other familiar sites from the story. ✓ Beetlejuice This movie may not be as terrifying as others in today’s list, but Beetlejuice is a cult classic in the fantasy horror genre. Like only Tim Burton can, this horror comes with hilarious twists and vivid scenes from the frightening imaginations of the story writers, Michael McDowell and Larry Wilson. Newlyweds Adam (Alec Baldwin) and Barbara (Geena Davis) were busy with home décor projects. On their way home from town, they suffer a tragic accident as Barbara swerves to avoid hitting a dog in the road. On their return home, they learn about their passing to the netherworld when they find the Handbook for the Recently Deceased. Soon a new family moves into their home, and after failing to scare the living inhabitants off, they summon Betelgeuse (pronounced and spelt Beetlejuice in the film). Portrayed by Michael Keaton, Beetlejuice is an obnoxious spirit and bio-exorcist and is not what the couple had in mind. However, they are stuck in the house and want the new residents gone. The couple soon realises that Beetlejuice is cunning and has other plans that endanger everyone. Beetlejuice was a tremendous hit and inspired a cartoon series and a Broadway musical. In recent years it inspired Barcrest to release a branded slot filled with all our favourite images from the horrifying fantasy. Take Beetlejuice for a spin and decide if this rambunctious spirit is worthy of haunting the reels. ✓ Stonehearst Asylum A popular storyline in horror is that of madness, and so much about early psychiatric treatments was sinister that it inspired countless tales about asylum hauntings. What's different about Stonehearst Asylum is that the horrifying events have nothing to do with hauntings and everything to do with the current patients and doctors. This 2014 film remained somewhat under the radar but has a talented list of actors, including Kate Beckinsale, Jim Sturgess, Ben Kingsley, and Michael Caine. Fresh out of grad school, at the turn of the century, Dr Edward Newgate (Sturgess) arrives at the Stonehearst Asylum for his apprenticeship only to realise something sinister is brewing. While the plot thickens, Dr Newgate finds himself bewitched by a female patient, Eliza Graves (Beckinsale), and in wonderment of the resident psychiatrist, Dr Lamb, with his modern approaches to healing the mentally ill. It all unravels in a horrifying plot where Dr Newgate realises he is on the wrong side and discovers Dr Lamb's secret. In an elaborate escape plan, Newgate must follow his gut and decide whom he can trust. The creative team at Nolimit City released their reimagining of an asylum horror in the online slot, Mental, where punters can spin away the worries of the world and dive into madness with the sinister characters. ✓ Halloween Talking about mental, this is one of the most famous slasher films of all time that spawned a cult following, a movie franchise, and the list goes on. Halloween is a chilling tale about the 6-year-old Michael Myers, who kills his 15-year-old sister on Halloween night. The first movie plays out on 31 October 1978, 15 years after Michael's incarceration for this unthinkable act. What unfolds after Michael escapes from his psychiatric prison will take the film to become the most successful independent movie of all time. In the original 1978 film, the masked psychopath goes on a killing spree in his hometown, where he stalks and kills teenage babysitters, with a specific interest in Laurie Strode (played by Jamie Lee Curtis). After killing nearly all of Laurie's babysitter friends, he finally attacks Laurie, but she manages to break free just in time for Michael's psychiatrist, Dr Loomis, to shoot him. Later versions of the original movie delve deeper into the Myers family setup and what happened the night Michael killed his older sister. Since the original film smashed the box office, Hollywood released 12 more films. The franchise expanded with novels, comic books, a video game, and a branded Halloween online slot game by Microgaming. ✓ 28 Days Later Danny Boyle introduced his version of the walking dead to movie fans in his 2002 release, 28 Days Later. Although zombies had an established position among the most feared monsters in horror, this movie showed us a different type of monster, deepening the fear of the undead. Filmed in London, the crew managed to close certain sections of the bustling city to recreate the desolate scenes in the movie. The plot revolves around the spread of a highly contagious virus, which induces intense aggression in the victims, following a liberation act by anti-cruelty animal activists. The release of the infected chimpanzee triggers an apocalyptic epidemic that creates super-fast and insanely aggressive zombies. Jim, played by Cillian Murphy, wakes from a coma 28 days after the initial exposure event and finds himself isolated in a deserted London hospital without a sign or warning of what happened. As he makes his way through the empty streets of London, zombies attack him, but thanks to other survivors, he escapes uninfected, only to endure more horror. Although the idea of the undead, flesh-eating humans was well-used before this film, it revived the genre and changed its direction. Leading software provider, Pragmatic Play released an undead hit of their own with the slot game Wild Walker where players dodge zombie attacks while spinning for big wins. ✓ IT Another one from the master of horror. Stephen King solidified the fear of clowns, or coulrophobia for some who are petrified of them, with his terrifying novel, It. This 1986 novel became a series in the 90s, and the movies that followed will forever haunt the imaginations of those who watched it. Perhaps it is because the monstrous character kills children or because he taps into our worst fears. Terrorised by ongoing violent events, the small town deals with the disappearance and murder of children from the community. The events in the small town of Derry, Maine, happened before and will happen again unless a close-knit band of school children, dubbed 'The Losers' Club' put an end to it. Stephen King's shapeshifting villain presents himself as a clown living in the town sewers, but the children quickly learn that this evil entity is a lot more than a man with a painted face. Known as 'IT', the clown causes devastation and terrorises the townspeople through psychological tactics. Inspired by this haunting story and other tales of horrifying clown characters, Cristaltec captured their version of a psychotic jester on the reels in the online slot The Clown. ✓ Sleepy Hollow Tim Burton's movies may not be at the top of the most horrifying stories ever, but he has a way of capturing a section of our imaginations that no one else can. His rendition of the age-old tale of the headless horseman captivated audiences around the globe. It brought areas of Washington Irving's story to life in the dark comedic way the writer would've appreciated. In Sleepy Hollow, the main character from Irving's story, Ichabod Crane, travels to the village of Sleepy Hollow to investigate a series of murders. In this version of the story, Ichabod is a police constable from New York, and the plot follows him as he uncovers the truth behind three decapitations. A sceptical Ichabod learns about the town legend of the undead headless Hessian mercenary and that most think the headless horseman is behind the murders. Once he comes face to face with the headless horseman, Ichabod understands what needs to be done. After a series of investigations and a few murders, the constable reveals the truth behind the horseman's torment through plot twists and dramatic adventures with the object of his affection, Katrina. The New York constable saves the town and, in essence, the headless horseman just in time to celebrate the new century with Katrina. The epic haunting of the headless horseman has inspired countless other interpretations of Irving's story. The story remains a favourite for All Hallows Ave, viewed as an American treasure. NetEnt introduced its video slot creation, Halloween Jack, to pay homage to the celebrations on 31 October.
  2. Halloween is one of the best times to get together and tell terrifying ghost stories. Whether it is a tale dreamed up by someone's vivid yet twisted imagination or a recollection of someone's experience with supernatural forces, ghost stories are a part of all cultures. Some stories have been around for ages, and many tell them without thinking about where they all started. Here are six of the most famous ghost stories and their possible origins. ✓ Bloody Mary Most of us heard the legend of Bloody Mary as young teens when someone told us how a person facing a mirror, holding a candle, and standing in a dark room (preferably a bathroom) chanting her name a set number of times, might encounter the terrifying ghost. The story mostly differs in how many times a person should chant ‘Bloody Mary’ and what happens afterwards. Some tell how the mirror drips with blood and how the participant will see the reflection of a bloody female standing behind them. Others say she will inflict harm on the participant by scratching them, attacking them, or trapping their souls in the mirror for eternity. As one of the most universal urban legends, the story of Bloody Mary has many variations and historians trace the story’s origin to multiple events from previous centuries. Some say its roots lie in the story of the first queen of England, Mary l. Others tie it back to Mary Worth from the Salem witch trials. The most horrifying story tied to the urban legend tells how a young girl was buried alive and tried to claw her way out of her grave. Her parent's realised the mistake too late, and after they unearthed her bloodied corpse, they checked for life by holding a mirror under her nose. Legend has it that although she was lifeless, there was fog on the mirror, but only because her spirit became trapped in it. Enjoy terrifying spins with Apollo Games and its horror slot game, Red Evil. ✓ Sleepy Hollow This fictional tale is one of the most enduring horror stories and one of the favourite choices among Halloween observers. Where did the story of the headless horseman come from, or was it merely a figment of Washington Irving's imagination? First published in 1819, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow tells a story of a Dutch settlement near modern-day New York and how a headless horseman haunted the area. Two hundred years ago, Irving fled a pandemic of yellow fever rampant in his native region of New York and took refuge in the small town on the Hudson River, Tarrytown. This is also where the tale of Ichabod Crane and his untimely encounter with the headless horseman played out. Irving had a knack for dark comedy and dreamed up the legend of Sleepy Hollow, but it also spurred the belief in ghosts and the most famous Halloween story. The headless horseman was a deceased Dutch soldier, killed by a cannonball blow to the head and haunted the area each night in search of his skull. Ichabod's encounter with the headless horseman was the last night anyone saw him in Sleepy Hollow, and this tale inspired many to follow. Disney, Tim Burton, and others brought the legend to our screens in their reimagining of the legend. ✓ The Bell Witch The bizarre happenings recorded by the Bell family of Red River, Tennessee, between 1817 and 1821 remain unsolved. John Bell and his family lived a privileged life in Robertson County, Tennessee. Active members in their community and the local congregation, the Red River Baptists Church, and the Bells had a happy and successful life until 1817. While inspecting his corn field, Mr Bell spotted a strange creature sitting in a corn row. Frightened by the look of this half-dog, half-rabbit being, he shot at it, but it vanished. Following this event, the haunting of the Bell family started. Escalating from beating sounds on the outside walls of their log home to physical beatings on the children, the Bell family endured horrible events for the next three years. Friends and even a military General visited the Bell residence during the time of the hauntings to witness the family's bizarre claims of being haunted by a witch, and all came to the same conclusion. They never wanted to return or experience what they did at the Bell residence. Mr Bell became ill and eventually died. The story tells how he slowly withered and fell into a coma after the entity haunting them claimed to plot his demise. Shortly after his death, the haunting stopped, and the entity said it would return in 7 years. Records about encounters between John Bell junior and the Bell Witch, precisely 7 years later, include philosophical and religious discussions, and these were published approximately a century later. Enjoy bewitching spins on the new slot by R. Franco Games, Witches South. ✓ The Lost Colony of Roanoke This is not just a ghost story; it is one of the most prolific unsolved American mysteries in history. It also made recent waves in pop culture with a version of it told on the famous series American Horror Story. The events play out in 1587, during part of the Tudor reign in England, when Sir Walter Raleigh established the first British settlement on a small island off the coast of North Carolina. The community of approximately 107 included John White as the governor and his wife, daughter, and grandchild, but White's stay was interrupted by what should have been a brief visit to England for supplies. While in England, White got caught up in the Anglo-Spanish war for three years, and on his return to Roanoke, everyone vanished. The only thing left in the village was the fence that surrounded the now vanished buildings. White found one clue, though, a single wooden post with "Croatoan" carved into it. A nearby native American tribe, called the Croatoans, were not too thrilled about the English settlement and some argue that the village people were killed and buried the Roanoke residents. Others believe the villagers faced a drought and left the area for greener pastures. Some even debate that they must have taken to sea and got lost along the way. No one traced a single member of the lost colony, and centuries later, the events baffled investigators. ✓ Baba Yaga This terrifying creature comes from Slavic folklore, and the stories depict Baba Yaga as an elderly female with iron teeth. Baba Yaga has been the object of many Slavic children's worst nightmares, and the ogre-like being inspired many other horror characters. For those who do not know Baba Yaga, it may be easy to mistake her many portrayals as that of a witch. She has a deformed, pronounced nose, grey hair and a severely aged face. She lives in the Slavic woods in her hut that stands on chicken legs, and the door only reveals itself after a secret phrase is spoken. The fence surrounding the cabin has human skulls on top of it to scare off anyone that dares to come into her woods. Stories tell how many Slavic adults scared children by convincing them that Baba Yaga eats children with her long teeth. According to the ancient lore, Baba Yaga can fly in the giant mortar she steers with the pestle. According to folklore, Baba Yaga has two or three sisters, and she frequently accompanies Death on his travels to harvest souls and devours it. Players find horrifying scenery and magical creatures in Spinomenal's reimagining of the monstrous being. Play the Baba Yaga online slot for frightening spins inspired by this folklore. ✓ The Pontianak Talking about creepy female creatures lurking out of sight, Indonesian folklore features many nightmarish tales about ghosts and spirits. One of the culture's most prolific beings is the Pontianak. Most Southern Asian cultures see swamps as places where lost souls may get stuck; the most notorious is the Pontianak. According to legend, in Western Kalimantan, where the Kapuas and Landak Rivers cross, Pontianak spirits used to haunt the area. These vengeful, dark spirits take the form of a beautiful woman and lure men, children, and vulnerable souls as prey. Many believe these demonic beings are spirits of a woman who died in childbirth or violent death. Most agree that Pontianak are Indonesia's and Malaysia's most powerful evil spirits, as these vampire-like creatures eviscerate their victims with their long nails and then dine on their organs. The tales of these water monsters have inspired many movies in the Asian region and are also the reason many locals don't leave laundry out at night. It is said that the scent of drying laundry attracts Pontianak, and one can distinguish the presence of one through the smell of rotting flesh. Slots to Make You Scream If Halloween and all the terrifying sights that accompany it excites you, visit our Horror and Terror section to find the best slot entertainment. software providers worked hard this year to present the most horrific games to ensure this is the scariest Halloween ever.
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