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  1. Slots may be one of the newest forms of gambling, but it is by far the most popular. Although other casino games predate slot machines, a precursor to the reel games arrived on the scene in the 1890s and since then evolved from card machines to online animated wonders. Since the first Microgaming title hit the internet, a century after Sittman and Pitt’s card machine, a lot has changed and so have the players who enjoy reel action. We’ve seen amazing improvements, brilliantly unique titles, and exciting mechanics reach slots screens, but we’ve also lost some along the way. Some of the biggest hits disappeared instantly and behind the scenes, we’ve seen slot developers rise and fall, while top studios release a massive hit only to bomb out with their next release. Why is it so challenging and what does it take to be successful in the fiercely competitive slots industry? Also, where did our favourite slots disappear to? Now You See Them, Now You Don’t Few things are as disappointing as having a favourite product, and suddenly it is nowhere to be found. Strangely enough, many punters have experienced this with their favourite online slot and the titles that come to mind include superheroes. Truth be told, it’s mainly branded slots that vanish without sight or any warning from the creators, so there must be a reason for this. The Branded Slots Disappearing Act Whether you were a fan of Microgaming’s Lord of the Rings, Playtech’s Marvel collection or NetEnt’s South Park and Aliens hit slots, you would have experienced this disappointment in the last decade. How do slot developers decide on a theme? Why would they pull a slot game off the market if it is popular? To answer the first question, we must understand player behaviour better because this drives slot releases. Trends inspire demand for most products in the consumer market and the igaming industry is no exception to this. Punters want to see popular topics on their slot screen, and Hollywood content is usually a hot topic. It makes sense for slot developers to create titles inspired by blockbuster movies. This attracts players, creates fans of their brand, and brings in the dough. It is good business. As for the second question, the answer lies with distribution rights, known by many as royalties. Branded slots with genuine Marvel, DC, and Lord of the Rings imagery come at a high price and licensing agreements with the owners of the brand. This means providers must shave a bit off their profits to pay royalties for use and hope they renew the licensing deal once it expires. As you can probably tell, either of these reasons leads to branded titles being shelved. Therefore, software developers weigh the risks involved against the exposure and potential revenue injection they can gain from branded slots. License agreements are always subject to renewal and any successful business will remove a product if it is no longer viable to offer it. This is probably why there are fewer branded slots than universal themes and thankfully the most popular ones fall into the last-mentioned category. The Multiplayer Mini-Act As technology advanced and social media took the world by storm, the igaming world became social, although from a distance. It was only a matter of time before social gaming spilt over into the online gambling space and before we knew it, multiplayer slots appeared on the scene. The need was obvious and software developers, gambling operators, and players were thrilled. These community slot games disappeared as quickly as they appeared. Unbeknown to the creators of multiplayer slots, international regulators saw the games as high-risk areas for fraud and money laundering, which led to the cancellation. Some industry experts still believe multiplayer slots are the next thing on the list of innovations and with the metaverse on the rise, they may be right. But until operators, developers, and regulators can agree on how to find the golden midway and eliminate money laundering concerns, the idea remains idle. Hitting the Slot Content Jackpot Finding that sweet spot in the igaming market is not as straightforward as some may think. The sheer amount of Game developers present in the current market proves that some oversimplify the art of successful slot-making. Those that withstand the treacherous waters of changing consumer behaviour, technology innovating at the speed of light, and regulators constantly raising the bar, enjoy the fruits of their labour. Although it isn’t an easy feat, some have conquered the highly competitive market and stayed on top of their game. So, what is their secret and how do they push forward through the sea of developers and create fan-favourite slot games? Brand Identity The trick with slots is that most players do not see the name of the software developer behind the game, because titles rarely display it. Players rarely know which studio developed their favourite game; they only know where to find it in the casino lobby. This is because creating compelling slot content is as much an art as it is designing luxury cars. Any genuine Ferrari fan could spot one from a distance in the dark by recognising its taillights, just like Pragmatic Play fans spot one of their games through a unique spin button. Developers must be very creative and position their brand in players’ subconscious through intentional design work. When they get this right, slot magic happens. Some of the software developers who differentiated themselves from the crowd are NetEnt, Nolimit City, Evoplay, Relax Gaming, and Peter& sons. Players know their games by the look and experience. Something specific sets them apart. Creative Talent: The Wow Factor Some believe lightning doesn’t strike twice in the same spot, and maybe this is why most established studios have specific games that catapulted them to success while the rest of their library attain average popularity ratings. Examples of releases that changed the igaming industry include titles like Starburst and Gonzo’s Quest, mechanics like Megaways, and jackpots like Mega Moolah. While some studios behind these iconic releases make a habit of creating excellent gambling content, others continue with a hit-and-miss trend seen all over the market. Experts from the developer industry ascribe these successes to the individuals who dreamed up the ideas. Although their teams helped to realise the dream, their creative spark started the fire and led to the explosive release. Balancing Reliability with Excitement Earlier slots used to provide punters with a rather predictable gameplay experience of low to medium variance in payouts, which kept gamblers playing for longer. There is a sense of satisfaction with consistent wins, regardless of the size. For a few reasons, this gradually changed and today, most Online Slots have medium to high volatility. The thrill of possibly hitting it big in the base game excites players and developers seem to feed into this need for adrenaline-pumping igaming. Whether this is sustainable is debatable and some argue that high volatility has concerning effects. The effect of high payout variance shows in gaming sessions and wager amounts. Experts advise studios must find a balance on the volatility scale. Collaborate The gambling industry is rife with merger and acquisition news where larger developers buy small studios and land-based operators take over igaming businesses. It is an age-old business strategy, and some might find it bizarre, but when approached with the right mindset, two heads are better than one. The best example that comes to mind is Evolution, the leading live casino games developer. It is the holding company for top brands in igaming, including legendary studios like NetEnt, Red Tiger, Big Time Gaming, and recently NoLimit City. Their partnership and the continuous excellent content from the subsidiaries pay testament to the power of collaboration. The smaller studios have the freedom to create authentic games, while the holding company provides the advantage of global exposure and resources. Collaboration also allows fresh talent to meet with experienced market veterans, presenting more sustainable business outcomes. Smart Technology and Personalisation Once developers have a clear brand goal and marry this with creative talent, it paves their way into the slot world. Many of the bigger providers are also one-stop shops for operators and provide full business suites to power gambling platforms and drive player satisfaction. B2B suppliers and slot aggregators help streamline the data processes for operators and, through technological advances, enable online casinos to stay ahead of their competitors. With proper backend support and processes that allow essential data analytics, providers can offer highly personalised experiences. The Big R Gambling regulators are focusing more on B2B providers, and developers must create content with regulatory compliance as part of the goal. Although most have a role to play in getting a casino platform recognised as a fan favourite, regulatory compliance has not always been a focal point. This is one reason smaller studios benefit from partnerships with bigger companies. Soon, every part of the igaming process will play a vital role in licensing regimes and maintaining healthy levels of player safety protocols. Those agile enough to adapt to changing demands will stay at the top, and those who can’t will disappear along with those missing branded slots.
  2. Systems and strategies. Some gamblers use these two words interchangeably, making punters feel that there is a way to beat the house. In reality, gambling remains a risk, and the house edge is not a myth. Some strategies have advantages and may put gamblers in a better position for a win or minimise losses at best. Casino games have rules, betting structures, and that dreaded house edge. Successful punters know these by heart. We unveil gambling strategies that claim to work and delve into game-specific approaches. It's a Gamble: Wing It or Strategise? Whether you enjoy an occasional flutter or gamble on a more regular basis, the goal should remain the same - having fun! The chances are that you, like most gamblers, want to win some money while having fun. The first step would be to choose your game. Some strategies are better suited to specific casino games, while others could work across the board. The second step for successful gambling is having a budget and sticking to it. Don't stake what you can't lose, and don't fall into the trap of trying to make up for losses. With your game of choice ready and a level-headed bankroll budget, the following strategies add to your gameplay, and some claim to work. Take note: The following strategies and systems may CLAIM to work, but winning is always up to the luck of the draw. Use the following strategies at your own risk. General Gambling Systems ✓ Bankroll Strength Apart from setting a session, daily, and monthly budget, your aim must be to strengthen your bankroll, even if it is at a steady and slow pace. A part of achieving this goal is to set a loss limit for yourself and decide what percentage of your winnings to wager before walking away. Wise bankroll management allows for stress-free gambling and keeps you focused even when you are down during a session. Walk away while you are winning. While this may sound counter-intuitive, the chances of losing all your gains in the long run are big, so walking away as a winner is the best call. ✓ Fixed Wagers vs Fractional Wagers The most straightforward strategy is to pick a fixed stake amount and stick to it. This strategy is a safe choice with certain games, but it could hold you back with games like blackjack and poker. With slot games and any non-advantage gamble, it is a wise strategy to follow and makes it easy to keep track of your spending. Fractional wagers are the best way to minimise your risks. The system suggests stakes of no less than 1% and no more than 3% of your current bankroll. Naturally, the lower you choose to go, the better. This way, punters bet less while losing and increase stakes as they win. ✓ Positive and Negative Progression Strategies Most mathematical betting systems relate to either a positive bet progression or a negative progression. Simply put, this means players either increase their bets after losing or increase their bets after winning. An example of a negative progression system is the original Martingale system. This system is an excellent way to break the bank, and we advise against this type of gambling. If managed according to your budget and only if you have a big bankroll, positive progression systems work well for balanced odds. When only playing a few hands and staking on red/black at the roulette table (or the banker in baccarat), this strategy claims to help players win. ✓ Take Note of House Edge The danger of using a strategy is falling into the trap of thinking you can beat the house. As mentioned, the house always wins. Putting yourself ahead by understanding the game rules has its advantages. You lose less if you choose games and bets with a lower house edge. With online casino games, this relates directly to RTP. The higher the Return to Player percentage, the lower the house edge. Games with the lowest house edge are traditionally table games, with blackjack at the top of the list and baccarat in second place. It's a good idea to always stake your money on the bets with the lowest house edge. Game-Specific Strategies These are brief versions of strategies suited to specific games. Take a look at our guides section for more in-depth tips to improve your gameplay. ✓ Top Slot Strategies Playing slots is a lot of fun, and it is by far the most popular casino game. Oddly enough, it is the game with the highest house edge, but punters enjoy the instant wins, simple rules, and entertaining themes of the spinning reels. So how do you win in slots? Is there a winning strategy? The short answer here is no. However, there are ways to make your slot experience more fun and increase the chances of better prizes. With slots, punters should consider more than just the RTP. Bonus features, volatility, and betting limits come into the equation when finding the best slot to play. The best slot offers a combination of these along with an acceptable RTP. Wise players match the volatility with their budget. Slots remain a game of luck, and punters can maximise their gameplay with solid bankroll management. Lower your bets when you are not winning and set limits to track your session spend because slots are games of chance; one of the smartest moves is knowing when to walk away. ✓ Video Poker Strategies Playing varieties of 5-card poker online is extremely popular, and video poker is second only to slot games in the igaming industry. Most video poker players use hunches or play streaks, but some strategies claim to increase winning odds. Depending on which 5-card draw you choose, following tips from strategy charts, universal strategies, and game-specific card choices could increase your chances of winning. A fact to keep in mind is that only mathematically derived strategies bring the best returns. A top tip for winning in video poker is choosing the game with the highest return. In other words, full-pay games. You can recognise these games by a 9/6 description. If possible, place the max bet and have strategy charts within reach, as these help players decide to hold or fold. ✓ Best Blackjack Strategies Undoubtedly, the top strategy to win at blackjack is card counting. This practice dates back decades and has a stigma attached to it, but this strategy doesn't work with online blackjack, as Random Number Generators drive online games. Essentially, each hand comes from a reshuffled deck. Fear not, as the game of 21 has many other strategies, and most are not as involved as counting cards. The most basic of these is to know when to make which betting call. By making a strategic decision on when to hit, stand, split, and double down, it is possible to reduce the house edge. When the dealer has face-up cards showing 2 to 6, and you have 12 to 16, rather stand as the dealer may go bust. In the same instance, if the dealer's cards are 7 to Ace, take a hit. Experts advise splitting Aces and 8s for the best chance of winning and to double down on 11 when the dealer has 2 to 10. ✓ Roulette Strategies Although roulette outcomes are random and betting on the exact number the ball will land on is pure luck, there are mathematical strategies that offer punters better chances of winning. Between American and European roulette, the latter is the strategic choice because the house edge is much lower. Outside bets offer players a higher probability of winning. These include column bets, dozen bets, colour bets, odd or even bets, and low or high bets. Most of these options are even bets, meaning you will only double your bet if you win. However, you can enjoy prolonged play with general wagering strategies in place. ✓ Strategies for Online Craps If you are keen to shoot some dice, the exciting and much-loved game of craps is a must. In line with games like roulette, craps outcomes are luck-based, so punters must play the odds instead. With a game of craps, you must choose the bet that makes the house edge as low as possible, and sometimes, it can drop below 1. Bets to avoid while shooting dice are single-roll bets, considering the house edge with these can exceed 10%. Using pass and come bets in a craps game is the best strategy as the house edge is 1.41% when doing so. An infrequent occurrence is the opportunity to take and lay odds. Experts advise that when craps players get the chance to do this, they should. House edge drops to a negligible 0.02% if you do. With a come or pass bet in place, this bet becomes an option if the shooter rolls his come-out roll. ✓ Baccarat Systems This sophisticated game is one of the most popular casino games, and contrary to popular belief, it is one of the simplest. Although it is an option, avoid the tie bet at all costs. House edge on a tie bet is 14.36%, and it will flatten your bankroll in no time as it has the worst odds of winning. One of the most straightforward strategies to follow in a game of baccarat is to only bet on the banker. The simple reason for this is, once again, house edge. The positive progression systems may be a good call for players who want to add a system on top of the banker-bet strategy. ✓ Poker Strategies Poker is a game of skill, and during the 20th century, the card game, and specific variations of it, became extremely popular. Thanks to this, there are more than enough strategies for poker players, but they must first grasp the game's rules. A simple rule in all poker variations is to know whether or not your starting hand is good. The next obvious strategy is to fold if your cards present a low to no chance of winning. You could attempt a bluff, but consider your opponent's skill level before choosing that route. Because of the many options with poker, we are not detailing strategies for each game today. You can find brilliant poker betting systems for popular variations in our guides. Hone Your Skills Punters should hone their game skills for the best experience and chances of walking away as a winner. Play free versions and read up on the rules and odds to increase your knowledge. This is the safest bet at the end of the day.
  3. Do you want to make slots great again? Then join the US election 2020 campaign trail, as Donald Trump swaps the world of politics and business for slots and gambling. Thousands of people are online right now playing Trump-themed slots, and if you are not playing you are missing out. If you want to join in with the fun during the US elections, let us guide you. Below, we have collected our top 5 Donald Trump-themed slot games that even Joe Biden supporters would enjoy. 1. Will Donald Trump It Against Biden? The most famous of Donald Trump's games, Trump It is one of the first and best. It contains old enemies Obama and Hilary, one-time acquaintance Vladimir Putin, and some fantastic jackpots. If you get 2 of the main characters on the 5 reels, you can trigger a number of free spins. That means that whenever you see Donald's rotund orange face, you have a chance to win big. But then again, don't we all feel that like that when we see Donald? Play Trump It Slot from Fugaso, right here. 2. US Election 2020 Rocket Man If you were hoping for an Elton John themed slot, then we hope we have not disappointed you. Instead, Rocket Man is a showdown between two missile-obsessed world leaders: Kim Jong Un and Donald J Trump Junior. Published by GTI gaming, it is one of the most topical Donald Trump video game slots available. The game itself has 5 reels on 25 pay lines. It includes all the symbols you would expect such as playing cards and trophies. But what everyone is waiting for in this game is the appearance of the two world leader symbols to trigger a punch-out of cross-continental proportions! Complete review about GTI Gaming Rocket Man slot can be found here. 3. Play Rocket Men During the US Election If you were hoping for another Elton John themed slot, then this will be your second disappointment today. However, you can cheer yourself up with the second of our Kim and Donald Trump games. This time, the two world leaders are having lots of fun playing a game of nuclear detonation golf. Want to give Red Tiger Rocket Men slot a try? Click here. 4. Trump It Deluxe Trump It Deluxe includes some of Donald's nearest and dearest as symbols. As well as Kim Jong Un, we also have Vladimir Putin and an appearance from Angela Merkel, who just can not wait to down a stein of frothy German lager. In fact, that is just one of many hilarious symbols as Putin rides a bear, Kim rides a tiger, and Trump takes a bath. To try Fugaso's Trump It Deluxe slot click here. 5. Glorious Leaders Slots Donald may not be the greatest at sharing the stage with other world leaders, but in this game, he comes out on top. Created by Firebird Entertainment, this slot game has bags of characters, poking fun at some of the world's most famous faces while letting you win big. For more information about Glorious Leaders Slot by Firebird Entertainment click here. Play to Win He may or may not have won the US election, but Donald Trump can help you win big in 2021. All you have to do is sign up to play, start on some of these amazing slot games that even Joe Biden fans would enjoy. Not interested in winning big during the 2020 US election with Trump slots? Then we have a host of other online games and gambling recommendations. Come and visit our articles at Gamblers Pick for the most up to date news on slots and casinos, starting today!
  4. Many people know that slots are the most popular social casino game, with 53% of social gamblershitting the slots machines above all else. What most people don't know, however, is that slots is a game with a rich history that spans over a century. In order to understand where slots machines come from, it's important to look into the fruit symbols that they boast on their screens. Here, we're going to talk about slot machines, their evolution into something called fruit machines, and the revival of their original purpose- placing monetary bets. Read on to learn more about the history of your favorite casino game so that you can better appreciate it (and wow your friends with some awesome trivia!) Basic Slot Machine History In the beginning, slot machines were called 'one-armed bandits.' This is because you placed a bet and activated the machine by pulling a handle. There were no buttons that could be pushed yet since machines weren't automated. These came into being around 1907. Coins, tokens, or even cash would be entered into the machine to make a bet, and the reels on the machine would spin. These machines were almost exactly like the slot machines that we know and love today- the only real difference was that the symbols were card suits (diamonds, clubs, hearts, and spades) rather than fruit symbols. Some machines did use different symbols, too. Stars, moons, bars, lines, and numbers were all possible symbols for an early slot machine. In 1909, these machines were outlawed in the UK, which rocked the gambling-loving Brits to their core. Evolution Towards the Fruit Machine After slot machines were outlawed, people were saddened. They had loved the games and wanted to keep playing. Because of the high demand, those who manufactured the machines began to turn their slot machines into dispensers of chewing gum. In doing so, they replaced the playing-card reel symbols with images of fruit. Any wins that were made on the machine corresponded to a different flavor of gum that was determined by the fruit symbol shown on the machine. After a while, it became the case that every bet made on these machines resulted in a win. This meant that the machines had undergone a full transition from being slot machines to something else: a dispenser of chewing gum that could be enjoyed by everyone who took a spin on them. These machines were simply called 'fruit machines.' Convenience Stores vs Casinos Fruit machines eventually became completely divorced from the original slot machines that had now gone out of popularity. The line between a slots machine and a vending machine became nonexistent. They moved into convenience stores where children and parents alike would play. Walking away with fruity gum was a fun and age-appropriate reward for everyone. This ultimately evolved into the gumball machines that you can still see today in the lobby of basically every department store. Gumball machines are so incredibly popular with children, even today. They've been separated so much from the concept of slot machines hat they're talked about in public schools where the discussion of gambling is prohibited. The same, of course, applies to vending machines, which line the halls of pretty much every high school cafeteria and commercial building out there. However, as you can guess, this didn't end the history of slot machines- it simply diverged down another path than the path that the fruity gum went down. Slot machines moved forward into a new era and became the casino game that you now know and love. Into a New Era Having forked off in another direction from gumball machines, slots machines moved back to their original place in casinos. Once again, chips were used for gambling at slot machines, and the payout became money. In 1963, Bally and Williams, two of the biggest slot machine developers in the 20th century, began to adapt early models to a modern audience. They created the first fruit machine- which was now a real slots machine- that worked electromechanically. The images on the slots were fruits like oranges, lemons, cherries, and melons, a throwback to the fruity gum that its predecessors dispensed. A machine called Big Bertha even emerged in the late '60s. This machine needed a 5-horsepower engine to power the reels within it! In any case, though, slots machines in casinos began to be equipped with chairs that people could sit at. In fact, since slots machines often lined an entire wall of a casino, there would be dozens of chairs lined up so that multiple people could try to strike it big at once. The new electronic system that Balty and Williams had worked on was also harder to cheat at, so larger casinos that couldn't monitor everyone at once bought them out. Online Slots and Beyond Even in the era of online slots, the fruit symbols that were popular over a century ago still make their appearance. While you can get apps that feature all kinds of slots machines- animals, fashion items, and even movie characters- the fruit symbols are by far the most popular. If you imagine a slot machine, the first things that will come to most people's minds are the fruit symbols. Now you know why! Start Playing Fruit Slots While you likely didn't previously know that there was a relationship between vending machines and slots casino games, you do now! Since knowledge is power, it's time to exercise your newfound powerful gambling skills. Check out the 'casinos' tab on our home page for more information on the places that you can play slots online and in-person near you. This is a game that everyone's sure to love, and now that you know the history of fruit machines, you can fully appreciate where these games came from!
  5. Australians spend at least $24 billion AUD on slot machines every year. But if you use the term slot machine in Australia, people are bound to know you're not from there. Down under, these machines are more often referred to as pokies. Pokies have a long history in Australia and a big influence on the culture today. If you're wondering how the term originated and what makes pokies different from regular slots, you'll need to understand more than just the history of gaming in Australia. Keep reading for an explanation of all that and more. What Is A Pokie? As we've already hinted, a pokie is a slot machine. They're found in casinos across the world and, of course, in Australia too. But here, pokies are allowed in clubs and pubs as well as on casino floors. A pokie room describes a room that has both pokies and video poker machines. It's a reference to all video gambling machines, regardless of how they're played. Pokies have evolved from a machine where you actually insert your money and pull down a lever to machines with video screens and electronic buttons. But the term is also used to describe online slot machines. Where Did the Term Pokie Come From? To understand where the term pokie comes from, you have to understand that Australians abbreviate everything. In fact, Australian English has more than 4300 diminutives in their lexicon. That makes them the country with more shortened words than any other English speaking country. A few examples serve to help understand this. "G'day" is a short form for "good day". "Arvo" means "afternoon". "S'arvo" refers to "this afternoon. "Petty" is the equivalent of petrol or gasoline. "Cuppa" is a "cup of tea". And while some older Australians believe that this shortening of the language is a product of the younger generations, the tradition of abbreviating words is actually far older than millennials. Indeed, the earliest examples of the use of diminutives in Australia date back to the 1800s. While not quite that old, the term pokie dates back as far as the early 19th century. It's believed to be an abbreviation of the word "poker machine". But why would the term for a slot machine be an abbreviated version of poker machine? That has to do with the history of the pokie in Australia. The History of the Pokie The very first slot machine came from the United States and was developed by a man named Charles Fey. In 1895, Fey introduced the game he called the Liberty Bell. This machine became very popular, very quickly and, by the early 1900s, similar gaming machines had made their way over to Australia. It wasn't until the 1950s that the Australian business class saw the potential for slot machines. Although illegal, they had become rather popular among Australian game-players. So, in 1953, a company called Aristocrat developed the Clubman, which was replaced by the Clubmaster in 1955. Only one year after Australia started developing its own gambling games, gaming machines became legal - at least in New South Wales. After this legislation passed and gaming machines were allowed in registered clubs, the future of slot machines in Australia was sealed. It's thought that, by that time, slot machines were already known as pokies. But how did that happen? Some theorize that the first slot machines that arrived on the shores of Australia were actually not slot machines. Rather, they were poker machines. Hence the shortening of the word "poker machine" to "pokie" in the fashion of Australian slang. Another theory holds that the proximity of poker machines to slot machines in pubs and clubs led to them all being called pokies. While they may have had a different name at some point, the Australian fondness for shortening words led to any kind of levered gaming machine being called pokies. Pokies In Australia Today Pokies are extremely popular in Australia. So much so that the country has 200,000 pokie machines. That's more pokies per person than any other country in the world, not including casino-tourism destinations such as Monaco and Macau. That popularity is the result of the liberalization of the slot machine industry that took place in the 1990s. In that decade, pokies moved from casino floors to the floors of clubs and pubs. That rings true across the country, except in Western Australia. In the era of digitization and the internet of things, pokies have moved online as well. Most online Australian casinos offer pokies - and you'll find them under that traditional name instead of "slots". Video Poker Versus Pokies If the term pokie came from video poker, what are the commonalities between those and slot machines? The truth is, not much besides the fact they both have video screens and they're both typically found in casinos. Video poker generally requires a lot more strategy than playing slots. Like poker, every decision you make in terms of keeping and discarding cards has a long term impact on your game and your pay back. Slots, on the other hand, involve very little strategy beyond bankroll management and choosing games with the highest payback. You can also win more money on pokies because they have progressive jackpots, sometimes worth millions of dollars. And although video poker games don't usually have as high payoffs, you do have a better chance of winning. Where Else Uses the Term Pokies? If you're looking for slot machines in Australia or New Zealand, you can use the term pokies and find the nearest casino, club, or pub. Outside of these two countries, you're unlikely to find anybody who knows what you're talking about. But other countries do have their own slang terms for these machines. For example, in England, they're called "one-armed bandits" or "fruit machines". In Scotland, they're called "puggy's". Looking to Play The Pokies? As early as the 1900s, slot machines have been called pokies down under. And that has everything to do with the fact that Australians like to cut their words short. Although the term is probably derived from poker machines, it's grown to refer mostly to slots. Pokies are very popular in Australia, owing to their long history and their availability in casinos, clubs, and pubs. But you can also find pokies on almost any online casino. Check out the slots and other games we have available.
  6. More than 4 billion people around the world gamble at least once every year. In casinos, online, and in many other forms, the gambling industry is worth billions of dollars. And while some forms of gambling games are new, most of these games have a long history. Pachinko is one of those games. Pachinko is a Japanese game that is at least a century old. While not formally a gambling game, it's extremely popular among Japanese people and increasing in popularity online. So what is pachinko, where does it come from, and how is it played? We'll tell you all of that and more in this story of pachinko. Origins and History of Pachinko Pachinko takes its name from "pachi pachi". It's a sort of onomatopoeia. The saying refers to the clicking noise that small objects make on a crackling fire, not unlike the noise that these games make. Pachinko dates back to the 1920s when a children's toy game called the "Corinth game" came to Japan. This game was a form of the Corinthian bagatelle, which came from the US. Japanese pachinko is somewhat like pinball in that it uses small, metallic marble-like balls. These get bounced around nails and the point is to hit the jackpot holes. It's mainly a game of chance rather than skill, especially since the flippers on the old machines are now electronic. Although it was intended as a recreational arcade game, pachinko is used mainly for gambling in Japan. And, because of the money that stands to be made from it, it has historically attracted criminal activity. For example, the Japanese Mafia was well-known for controlling the money exchanged in Pachinko winnings. Today, however, that has changed. Parlours are generally run by Korean Japanese who started taking over the industry after World War II, when they were unable to secure other forms of employment in discriminatory Japan. Online vs Offline Pachinko Machines Japanese pachinko is mostly played in pachinko parlors. If you've ever stepped foot in Japan and walked by a large casino-looking establishment, with bright, flashing lights and lots of cigarette smoke, you know what we're talking about. The game works by getting the pachinko balls into the jackpot holes. Unlike pinball where you get coins for hitting jackpots, you get more balls. Top wins can give you as many as 10,000 pachinko balls. And those balls are then exchanged for gifts from the gift shop in the parlor. If you get three balls with three matching symbols, the prizes you can win are even bigger. This game is incredibly popular in Japan but it's also begun to spread outside of the country. This has led to the adaptation of pachinko for online purposes. You can play online pachinko with a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop, or a PC. There are two ways of playing pachinko online: for free or for payment. You can easily find free pachinko online. You won't make any money playing the free versions. But this is a great way to try your hand at the game before deciding to pay for it. The other way to play is to pay an online casino. You pay to play because you make money when you win. You can pay through your credit card, but make sure you always choose an online casino that's credible. Government Regulations and Restrictions Japan has considered gambling illegal for a very long time and doing so was considered criminal activity. But Pachinko sits in a legal grey area in the country. Things like betting on horse racing, motorsports, and the government-sanctioned lottery have enjoyed freedom when it comes to the laws surrounding gambling. Pachinko also managed to squeeze into that category, but largely because they've circumvented the exchange of money in the parlors themselves. They've done this by allowing winners to exchange the gifts they win at the gift shop for cash, but in a building that's separate and apart from the parlor. But other government regulations have been placed on pachinko that parlors can't necessarily circumvent. One of these laws is cutting the maximum payout of each machine. This law is supposed to make it impossible for someone to win more than $450 in a session lasting four hours. Another recent law has to do with casinos. Although long illegal in Japan, casinos are now allowed to operate. But residents of the country aren't allowed to visit them more than three times per week. More than that, they'll have to pay an entrance fee every time they visit. Pachinko Stats Here are some fun stats that reveal just how popular pachinko is and who's playing it: there are more than 10,500 pachinko parlors around Japan almost half of all the available leisure time in Japan is spent playing pachinko in parlors it's estimated that 40 million people play pachinko every year those 40 million people draw more than 30 trillion yen into the gaming economy 30 trillion yen is the same as $270 billion, which is 30 times the annual gambling revenue of Vegas and double the amount that Japan's export car industry makes the pachinko industry employs more people than the top 10 car manufacturers in the country The Future of Pachinko Pachinko parlors are actually on the decline in Japan. Compared to 1995, there are 40% fewer pachinko machines today. They're also drawing in a third less profit than they did in 2005. One of the major reasons for this decline in pachinko playing in Japan is the advent of online options. For the casual player, free online pachinko is readily available. And for those looking to cash in on the potentially high winnings that pachinko offers, paid pachinko can be easily accessed on numerous online casinos. The best part of online casinos is diversity. You're not restricted to playing just pachinko, you can choose from any number of games. Check out the games we have on offer to get started.
  7. As of 2019, the US gambling industry was at an all-time high. It appeared to be unstoppable, making $41.7 billion and engaging hundreds of millions of people around the nation. However, Covid-19 has changed the state of the American economy as well as everyone's lifestyle, meaning that the performance of the gambling industry is up in the air. If you're someone who wants to get your gaming fix but you have the common sense to quarantine, there are still options for you. Here, we're going to talk about the best casino games that you can play at home with the people you're stuck in the house with. Read on to talk about online casino games that you can play alone as well as fun DIY games that you can use to set up a family or roommate game night! Put On Your Poker Face Poker is a popular game for a lot of reasons. Not only is it a great way to strike it rich, but it's a game that requires strategy, skill, and interactive play. You can play poker online, yes, but it's also the perfect game to play at home with the roommates that you're quarantined with. If you don't feel like betting money, which is likely the case in this unstable economic climate, try betting a favorite candy or some fun party trinkets you order offline. This is a great way to play without worrying about the money you lack when you aren't getting a paycheck. There are a lot of different varieties of poker that you can play, so you'll never get bored of the game while you're in quarantine. If you get bored of Texas Holdem, you can just move on to play a nice game of five-card draw or stud poker. This is a nice way to add a little variety and excitement to your life while you're stuck at home. Image credit: SKM Channel on Youtube Image credit: SKM Channel on Youtube Image credit: SKM Channel on Youtube Cardboard Slots While card games are all well and good, creating DIY games that you and your roommates can play at home is a unique and interesting experience. For example, did you know that you can build a slot machine out of cardboard and other household objects? Not only is this possible, but it's a great way to get creative and have a good time with those around you! To make one of these slots machines, you'll want a cardboard box that you don't care about. You'll also want a wooden cylinder to it and place it inside the box later. Cut it into three parts and draw images on each of these parts. These will serve as the slots that you need to match up. You can get totally creative with the pictures! Think of inside jokes between your roommates or family and incorporate them. If you want a theme, animals or food work, but so do other, less appropriate themes that you can have fun with. After cutting a hole in the box, you can insert it so that the pictures are facing outward. Attach the cylinders to a simple wooden lever and you're ready to go! If you want to see a demo of someone creating a cardboard slots machine that's probably a lot easier to understand (and definitely more detailed) than these text-based instructions, follow instructions on this video and check it out. DIY Roulette Another fun item that you can DIY is a roulette wheel. Cut out a circle of cardboard and divide it into eight differently colored sections. You'll then want to rig the wheel on a yardstick based on the directions given here. Once that's done, you should have an easy-to-use functioning roulette wheel! When it comes to balls to throw inside, you can get creative. Use jelly beans or another type of candy if that's all you have. Superballs also will work if you have enough of them laying around! Safe "Russian Roulette" (Feat. Food) Not to be confused with the much more fun and lower-stakes game of roulette, Russian roulette is a game where you hold a gun to your head with one bullet in it and six empty chambers before pulling the trigger and accepting a 1/6 chance of death. Do not play Russian roulette. We repeat: do not play Russian roulette. However, people have made some really fun and awesome games based on this dangerous game that involve food. A couple of notable ones include a spinner with six pieces of chocolate on it where one of them is infused with hot chile peppers. Another has pretty much the same concept but uses pizza that has the 'hottest chili known to mankind' in one of the six slices. If you're brave, these games can be a ton of fun to play with your roommates or siblings on a boring night. The Best Casino Games to Play at Home Being stuck inside because of coronavirus is no fun, but these DIY gambling games can make the time fly by much faster. Now that you know the best casino games that you can set up and play at home, it's time to start playing! May the odds be ever in your favor!
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