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  1. Walking into a casino with an intent to walk out with more than you walked in with provides a thrill experienced by mountaineers, skydivers, and other daredevils. Instinctively, you know that you face incredible odds and a competitor that, quite frankly, holds all the cards. That the house has an advantage isn't only a fact of the game, it amps up the thrill. Developing this type of mentality helps to contextualize the incredible odds of winning big at slots. When it comes to slot machine tips, knowing how to pierce the veil and see the mechanics behind the screen is everything. After all, it takes a certain kind of chutzpah to face a game of pure chance and hope to gain an edge. It's possible, though, because no chance is ever pure when variation exists. Read on to learn how to corner advantages, play smart, and increase your chances (and fun) at these iconic games. Slot Machine Tips Slots are not games of skill. No amount of pressing the button in a specific fashion, flicking your wrist just so, or keeping your face steady matters to the internal mechanisms. The only things that matter are how the machine is programmed and your approach to playing. The following tips break down the how of a slot machine to expose the subtle weaknesses that improve your strikes. It's not about winning every time (which is impossible) but winning more often than you otherwise would. Understand RTP First, you need to understand the way that the house advantage is calculated. Every game of chance has what is known as a Return to Player (RTP) rate. This is how much of the money put into a game comes back out to players. No game has a perfect, 100% RTP, if it did, the casino wouldn't make any money and would stop existing. If it is too low, no player would bother playing and things would fall apart again. The house advantage is important for casinos to succeed financially and for you to have a fair understanding of the chance incorporated into a game. Han Solo may not be big on knowing the odds, but gaming commissions are adamant that they be verifiable. Slots list their RTP either on the machine or within the scrolling text of attract screens. Even within the same machine family, machines of the same type and branding, RTP varies. This is done to allow the casino to strategically place machines with better odds for winning in places of their choosing. Look Out for Volatility While the RTP provides an insight into the overall payouts of a machine, volatility presents you with a sense of how often, and how much, it pays out on a given play. Volatility is something of an open slot machine secret. A low volatility slot machine hits a pay more often but each pay is lower. A high-volatility machine pays less often but can pay far more. The gap between the potential for a pay and the range of a pay contribute to the concept. The math plays out in models. The closer a game is to even money, the less volatile it is. Incorporating multilevel prizes and taking into account concepts such as multiple pay lines makes understanding volatility crucial to gaining an edge. The more complex a machine, the higher the range of volatility. A single line pay machine has fewer possible combinations than a multiline machine. Studies suggest that prior learning is the best predictor of volatility. Embrace RNG With some grasp of volatility and RTP, the only factor remaining is RNG. Computers, and almost all slot machines are computers now, don't have true randomness. They use random number generators (RNG) to determine outcomes. Programers power-weight RNG through a variety of means. This gives the gaming companies control of the numbers reflected both in the volatility and the RTP of a given machine. Machines are neither programmed to pay out at a specific time nor are they made to not payout at any given moment. The way the systems work is to leverage the odds of hitting a specific combination of symbols. There are more lower-paying combinations than there are higher paying. The symbols needed for a jackpot may only appear once per wheel in comparison to dozens of blank spaces or a handful of low-tier pays. Winning at slots isn't about a single spin but the average of spins over a period of time. Play for Fun So the way to play slots and win is to enjoy every spin. The numbers don't come out to you winning money every spin but they do come out to you walking away with most of your money on a long enough timeline. While any given machine will pay out 80+ percent of what is put in, that doesn't mean you will be the one collecting each time. If you're having fun playing, you get something out of the experience. Pick a Budget When it comes to winning money and walking out with more, you need to set a limit on what you are willing to walk in with. This keeps you in the fun mindset and avoids the game becoming a job, or a hole. Mix it Up Since all the random factors affect every machine differently, and no machine is programmed to hit some pre-determined number of spins before a pay, moving around is your best option. You want to play the machines with the highest RTP that covers the volatility you prefer. Think like a floor manager and pick machines you think offer the best and thickest traffic and residual glow when they pay. Those are the machines that are kept looser to draw in more players. Make It Yours Notice that these are slot machine tips, not tricks. There are no tricks because the machines aren't swayed by outside influence. To corner the odds and improve your chances of winning, you have to find the better machines. The more you learn about odds, and how large probabilities play out in discrete moments, the better you will understand the flow fo play and enjoy being a participant. For more information about casino games and playing tips, keep coming here.
  2. Finding the best games to play in Vegas could mean different things to different people. Maybe you're looking for a little fun on your honeymoon. Maybe you're trying to win big, or see how long you can stay in the game before you have to bow out. For most of us, getting winning odds on a bet is part of the fun. Nobody likes to feel like the house won too big during their visit. We like to imagine we've got the game locked down, at least somewhat. And that means finding games that give us better odds of winning. So, join us today, as we break down which casino games have the best odds, as well as one that is less likely to payout. Vegas Casino Games With Best Odds Looking for the best odds casino games before your next big trip to Sin City? Check out our pick of the top three, and get ready to win big! Blackjack "What is the easiest game to win at a casino?" This is a question a lot of people will give you passionate answers about. You'll want to ignore people's feelings, in these matters and turn to one source above all others: the numbers. Blackjack has the best odds of winning out of every casino game. It's a simple game, in terms of rules, with players only needing to beat out the dealer without hitting 21. They're not trying to beat out other players and, even though it's a game of chance, there are fewer variables than, say, roulette. What's impressive when it comes to blackjack is your actual, measurable odds of winning. The casino has, on average, a .5% edge, which translates to roughly half a penny lost on every dollar you spend at the table. This number varies depending on the skill of the player, but even someone new to the game can pick it up with some patience and simple observation. As a last note, did you know that casinos will let you bring your cheat sheet with you to the blackjack table? Knowing whether to hit 12 against a dealer with a 2 or to split 4s is all information professionals have committed to memory. There's no rule against bringing your homework with you to the table, though. So, do a little research, find some good cheat sheets, and bring yours with you to the table. You may catch some sideways glances from other players, and they will likely poke fun, but your winnings will speak for themselves. Craps There's a reason craps is one of the more popular games on any casino floor, and that reason is one small number: 1.5%. Those are the house odds during a game, meaning a statistical loss of one penny to every dollar, on average. And some casinos go even lower than this How do you go about winning? Walk up to a table, make a "Pass Line" bet, and hope for the best. This is one of the baseline bets every player makes, and everyone in on it tends to earn a small return. Nothing is ever set in stone, but it's a solid bet for a beginner and a great starting point until you're ready to add more bets to your repertoire. This is a game of chance. You're betting on a roll of the dice that someone else is making, so there isn't even the illusion of control. But, time after time, this produces one of the highest win rates in casinos across the country. Roulette Coming in at a solid third on our list of best casino games in Vegas in terms of their odds is the Roulette wheel. With as little as a 2.7% house edge, the rules are simple. Pick a number, group of numbers, high or low, odd or even, or red or black, and make a bet on the ball landing on one of those. Then let lady luck take the wheel. You'll win back on this more regularly than many other Las Vegas casino games. Bet on reds or blacks, exclusively, and you have a nearly 50-50 chance of winning. Wondering why it's only "nearly" 50-50? The extra green 0 and 00 positions on the wheels, which give the house its edge in this game. Vegas Casino Game With The Worst Odds Of course, where there is a selection of "best" gambling games in Vegas, there must be one with the worst odds, as well. The Slots Your odds when playing the slots are a little hard to calculate, but experts put the house edge at anywhere between 3% and 20%. They're designed to eat up coins in rapid succession, the results are random, and people often feel intimidated to try any of the table games, instead. So, they sit at the slot machines all night, which is behavior that often leads to losses over time. As a note to this, however, we'd like to point out that slot machines can be a fun way to kill a little time in the casino. They're brightly colored, easy to use, and the payouts can be massive if you're lucky. Just don't make them your only game for the whole night. And don't believe the myths and rumors about nearby staff controlling slot machine payouts, either. Casinos are monitored by the Vegas games commission for unethical behavior, and that kind of thing is taken very seriously. The Best Games To Play In Vegas The whole point of gambling is to play a game of chance and see how your luck fares that night. This is why we put bets on horses or wagers on fights. It's why we walk up to machines we know are completely random and let them choose whether to give us any of our money back. Because we want to see if we'll beat the house. Even the best games to play in Vegas are still based on chance. There are ways to play them that give you better odds, but nothing's ever a surefire hit. We support safe gambling, so remember never to bet more than you have, never to cheat, and to take a break from time to time. Enjoy a drink. Enjoy some of that Vegas atmosphere. Then come back to the table with a clear head and, hopefully, enough luck to hit it big! Hopefully, today's article gives you what you need to hit the floor and make some smart gambling decisions this summer. For more news and guides, as well as casinos, bonuses, games, and jackpots, make sure to check out the rest of our website, today!
  3. Scratch cards are fun ways to try and make some quick cash without having to spend too much money. Like playing the lottery, it's pretty much all luck. But, believe it or not, there are ways for you to improve your odds of winning at the scratch-offs. While we can't guarantee that you'll get a winning scratch card every time, we can certainly help you get the most bang for your buck. Interested in learning more? Continue reading and we'll walk you through everything you need to know. 1. Buy Intelligently The number of scratch cards that are available to purchase these days is astronomical. For people who aren't familiar with scratch cards, the experience can be totally overwhelming. There are so many different prizes, brands, prices, and designs that it can all get confusing. When you go to buy a scratch card, do some research beforehand and know which type you're going to purchase. Some cards are way more valuable per cost than others. Many people are tempted to buy big quantities of the cheapest cards but this isn't a good idea. The cheapest cards tend to have the lowest payouts and offer you the least chances of winning. Instead, go ahead and buy fewer higher-priced cards. When it comes to scratch cards, quality is certainly more important than quantity. 2. Play Them Like Slots People who are experienced at playing the slots will hang around the machines and wait until multiple people fail at hitting the jackpot. These long droughts signal to the player that the big jackpot is getting closer. While you don't have to wait around the store all day, you could go to the vendor who sells the scratch cards and ask if any winning cards were purchased lately. 3. Buy in Bulk One method that a lot of experienced scratch card players like to do is buy their tickets in bulk. That means going to the store and buying multiple cards in one shopping trip. This is opposed to buying just one ticket each time you go to the store. If you purchase in bulk, you can increase your odds of winning. The card manufacturer will usually put a win somewhere within the many scratch cards. So if you buy in bulk, there are good odds that the winning ticket will be somewhere in the middle of that pile. 4. Keep Your Old Tickets No, we're not asking you to hold onto your old tickets for nostalgia purposes. We're asking you to hold onto them because humans are prone to making oversights and mistakes. While you're going through your scratch cards, you might think its a loser without fully inspecting it. It's a good idea to keep your old tickets in a safe place and revisit them from time to time in order to see if you might have missed anything the first time. And in some cases, the jackpots on scratch cards are never won. And when that happens, the manufacturer might give out prizes to losing tickets. Storing tickets is easy so you don't have anything to lose by keeping them in a safe place in your home. 5. Stick to a Budget It's important to keep your cool when you're playing with scratch cards. If you end up buying too many losing tickets, you might get frustrated and go out and buy a ton. But this isn't a smart move. In the end, you could end up just losing a lot of money. If you want to get serious about playing scratch cards, then it's important that you set a weekly or monthly budget for yourself and then make sure that you stick to it. Sticking to a budget will stop you from letting your spending get out of control. 6. Research the Scratch Cards Believe it or not, there actually is a method for picking more winnable scratch cards. The Singleton Method was discovered by Mohan Srivastava, a Canadian statistician in 2003. He realized that with certain scratch cards, you could know if the card was a winner or loser simply by looking at the layouts and patterns on the tickets. While most people think that the machines that make scratch cards put on the numbers totally at random, this isn't the case at all. The card companies need to control how many winning and losing cards there are in circulation. So they have specific algorithms. Some of those algorithms are so lazy that people who are smart enough can tell if the card's a winner just by looking at it. 7. Pick the Right Game for You Sticking to one scratch card game can help to significantly increase your odds of winning. Each card manufacturer makes so many winning and losing tickets. And the more you play, the more losing tickets you take out of circulation. If you spread your spending over several different games, then you could just be taking one losing ticket out of each game. And that won't do you much good. Instead, pick a game that's fun to play and comes with a big payout. Then stick with that game for as long as you can. You'll be amazed by how much better you do in the long run. The Importance of Knowing How to Increase Your Scratch Card Odds By knowing how to improve your chances of walking away with a winning scratch card, you can win money and have fun at the same time. And while scratch cards usually depend on luck, you may find yourself buying a lot more winners by following the methods above.
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