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  1. The tech world has always been obsessed with the next big thing. Whether that was the advancement of the basic home computer, the release of the first mobile phone, or the chance to step foot on Mars – every day, finding what could be next while on the search for new technology is never a dull experience. While not a new concept, the metaverse is the latest landscape to be conquered and 2021 is the moment that many tech giants have chosen to embrace it. But what does that mean for the online gambling industry? What is the Metaverse? The metaverse is a mimic of real life (or a twin universe) that combines the online world with our own via the use of augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and social media. Naturally, cryptocurrencies are an important part of the metaverse as people aim to remain as anonymous as possible when spending money to protect themselves and their cash. 3D avatars, connecting via virtual spaces, gaming in a virtual world where you can interact with your friends face to face while being on the other end of the world – all of this and so much more can be achieved via the metaverse. Or at least, that’s the hope. For many years, the idea of a virtual world much like our own (but better) has intrigued inquisitive minds. In fact, the term “metaverse” was coined by a sci-fi writer named Neal Stephenson in 1992 in his novel, Snow Crash. In the novel, a 3D world was used to interact with avatar versions of human beings as a metaphor for reality. Facebook and Microsoft Embrace the Metaverse Some are calling it the modern space race – who will be the first to conquer the metaverse? Facebook rocked the world when it recently announced that it would be fully embracing the metaverse and cemented the idea by changing the larger company’s name to Meta. Only days later, Microsoft released their plans for a more immersive Teams experience with 3D avatars and meeting spaces. While many are disappointed that the metaverse’s first real implementation will be for work meetings and presentations, it’s only the start. No matter how the technology is used, it’s apparent that creating virtual versions of ourselves and uploading them to a “twin” world of our own has been the aim for many years now. But where did the obsession begin? The Metaverse: Inspired by Sci-fi The concept of using AR and VR in everyday life has long inspired movie creators to make that dream a reality. Minority Report and that infamous scene where Tom Cruise navigates the world around him using a virtual reality ‘map’ is one that has been recreated again and again. Tony Stark uses similar tech to create his Ironman suit in the Avengers movie by creating, conceptualising and eventually sharing his work all via an AR interface. Fans of Ready Player One, the popular novel that became a film in 2018, will recognise living life in a virtual world. Rather than having AR or VR become one with our world, Ready Player One shows what life could be life if we spent all of our time online instead. Finally, one of the largest mobile games in the world, Pokémon GO, lets players experience AR in a fun and easy to use manner. Players can choose to have the Pokémon they’re attempting to catch appear in the room with them, rather than just appearing on screen. While this is all optional, it still makes AR a normal part of life for those who use it daily. The Future of Online Gambling with AR and VR Anyone who’s been in the online gambling industry for even a short amount of time can tell you that the future is always the aim. What’s next on the cards for technology and casino games? Developers want to know where to focus their talents and expertise. Staying one step ahead of the rest of the world is where casino Game developers thrive. Even the metaverse has always been something they’ve seen as the next big thing. For many years now, analysts and experts have said that VR and AR are where the online casino world will blossom. Up until recently, however, it was nothing more than a gimmick. But now that tech giants such as Facebook and Microsoft are pouring more and more cash into making the metaverse a real-world reality, the advancements for every other industry will begin to flow. Perhaps it’s been the recent worldwide lockdown and subsequent need for human interaction on a new level, or maybe the world is just ready for the metaverse – but things are advancing much faster than was ever predicted. Many believed that the metaverse would only really become a reality within the next 10 years or more. But instead, it’s here. It’s new but it’s here and the future is bright – for everyone, including online gambling enthusiasts. Play with VR Today Currently, augmented reality is not really on the table for online gambling just yet but VR has been embraced with a cautious hand. SlotsMillion Casino launched the first ever virtual reality casino in 2015. While it’s still functional today, it’s not utilised as players realised that it simply wasn’t sustainable. The futuristic and heavy graphics meant spending hours with VR goggles on and this can cause some users to feel ill. Others simply don’t want to be tied to their computers, instead opting for mobile gambling. In 2021, the shift is starting to take place with Evolution releasing the first-ever VR live casino game. Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt in VR combines the excitement of playing an online slot while interacting with a live host, all set in a virtual reality. It may not be as immersive as the metaverse plans to unleash one day but it’s definitely a step in the right direction.
  2. When Bitcoin first came out in 2009, 1 coin was worth basically nothing. But as of early November 2020, 1 bitcoin is worth over $15,000! And what's even more astonishing is that's not the highest value it's ever held either. It's clear that this cryptocurrency has taken the world by storm. And it's here to stay as well. You might want to get in on this action, but you should probably first learn a little more about this cryptocurrency. Here are 9 other facts about Bitcoin you probably didn't know. 1. The Concept Was Born in the 1980s While Bitcoin didn't come into existence until 2009, someone thought up the concept of cryptocurrency decades before that. David Chaum, an IT specialist, wanted to create an electronic payment system where nothing would be detectable. He first published this concept in a scientific journal in 1983. Chaum then created the first digital cash (or e-cash) under his company DigiCash, which was founded in 1989. 2. The Creator of Bitcoin Is Kind of Unknown We say "kind of" because there is a name associated with the creation of Bitcoin: Satoshi Nakamoto. However, no one's really sure exactly who this is, or if it even is an individual! There's some speculation that "Satoshi Nakamoto" can be anything from one person to a group of people, to a company or even a government organization! In any case, you have this entity to thank for the creation of this amazing cryptocurrency. 3. You Need to Be Particular About Spelling This might be getting nitpicky, but really do need to be particular about spelling when it comes to this cryptocurrency. For one thing, you only capitalize "Bitcoin" when you're talking about the protocol or system. If you're talking about how much currency you have, then the word is not capitalized. So you can have 1 bitcoin, not 1 Bitcoin. Also, you always use the term "bitcoin" when speaking about currency. So whether you have 1 or 5, it's always just "bitcoin," not "bitcoins." 4. Bitcoin Is Purely Digital Bitcoin is a purely digital form of currency that exists on blockchain networks. This is the reason that it's a truly decentralized type of currency, unlike fiat currency. If you receive offers for bitcoin in physical form, then take them as red flags. Again, Bitcoin is a completely digital type of currency. Do note that you can keep your bitcoin in physical "wallets," which are also called hardware wallets. This keeps your bitcoin safe from hackers since they can't access your crypto unless they actually have your hardware wallet and passwords. 5. The First Transaction Was for 2 Pizzas You might think we're kidding here, but we're not! Back in 2010, in the early days of Bitcoin, developer Laszlo Hanyecz gave a friend 10,000 bitcoin in exchange for buying 2 pizzas for him with a credit card. And no, you didn't read that number wrong; that is indeed 4 zeros! Of course, 1 bitcoin didn't hold nearly as much value as it does today. Nowadays, that'd be tens of millions of dollars! 6. January 3, 2009, Is an Important Date If you're into Bitcoin, then you might've noticed a lot of people with this date in their profiles or usernames. This is because January 3, 2009 is the day the first Bitcoin block (or Genesis Block) was mined. Essentially, this is the exact date that Bitcoin went live! As you can see, this is a day that forever changed history. 7. There's a Finite Amount of Bitcoin As you've seen in the above section, Bitcoin came to life when the Genesis Block was mined. Basically, bitcoin isn't "generated," but rather, "retrieved." What this means is that there isn't an infinite amount of bitcoin blocks being generated. Instead, there are only so many blocks that bitcoin miners can "unlock." After they've gone through them all, then there will be no more bitcoin. Currently, there's only an allowance for 21 million bitcoin in the world. However, there's always the possibility that the protocol will be changed and more bitcoin will come into the market. Considering over 18.5 million bitcoin have already been mined, this might come as good news to those who are late to the game. 8. Around a Quarter of Bitcoin Is Gone Forever Not only is there a finite amount of Bitcoin, but unfortunately, around 25% of it is gone forever. We mentioned that you can store bitcoin on hardware wallets, but before that, bitcoin is stored in digital wallets. These wallets require intricate keys that only the owner knows. Many people bought bitcoin at its early stages and then forgot about their crypto because nothing really happened with it for a little bit. Now, years after, people have either completely forgotten they have this cryptocurrency or can't remember and/or find their private keys. As a result, these bitcoin are lost forever, as there's no way to retrieve these keys. 9. Many Online Casinos Accept This Cryptocurrency What's incredible about the popularity of Bitcoin is that it's so widely accepted nowadays that even online casinos accept it, as well as many other cryptocurrencies. This means that if you want to gamble online in pure anonymity, it's entirely possible at these crypto casinos. In fact, many of them don't even require you to register with them, which means you'll get to truly gamble as an anonymous entity on their sites! Now You Know All About Bitcoin After reading this article, you now know a bunch of new facts about Bitcoin. While most are just some fun facts, others will help you make wiser decisions should you decide to invest some money into this cryptocurrency. So remember the Bitcoin facts we've given you here. You never know just when they'll come in handy! Do you want to gamble online with Bitcoin? Then check out our list of cryptocurrency casinos now!
  3. If you're among the 85% of Americans that love to throw down a bet, you likely are always looking for new ways to gamble online. For the longest time, Smartphone apps have been overtaking desktop as a way to play, but it looks now like there might be a new sheriff in town: Smartwatch gambling. Here, we're going to talk about what exactly this means and give you some tips on how and where to play. Read on to learn all about how you can start hedging your bets from that tiny screen around your wrist (and why this is a good idea). What Is Smartwatch Gambling? Smartwatches are one of the latest technological trends to explode after hitting the market. Since they came onto the scene in the last decade, about one in every five American adults has started to wear either an Apple or Android Smartwatch. This trend is here to stay, too- by 2025, the market is expected to grow by almost 15%! It's natural that these watches have developed the capacity to run many of the same apps that iOS and Android phones can access. Gambling apps are no exception. Smartwatch gambling is the accessing and use of apps that gambling websites have developed for mobile devices from your Smartwatch. However, many apps are designed specifically to be run on these watches. In 2014, Smartwatch gambling was introduced at the Mobile World Congress. Software giants like Playtech and Unibet immediately hopped onto the trend and developed ways that their sites could be accessed on Smartwatches. Another giant, Microgaming, did this as well, and they tweaked and refined the application until it ran seamlessly from the user's wrists. How Does It Work? In the grand scheme of things, Smartwatch gambling is a pretty recent technology. This means that there are a lot of functions yet to be explored on it. However, the apps that have been developed so far are pretty straightforward. Before you start, make sure that your Smartphone has been linked to your Smartwatch. This isn't a difficult process, so you can link them up really quickly if you haven't already done so. The first thing that you need to do is choose the casino that you want to play from. The casino must have adapted their application for Smartwatch. From there, you can download the application onto your Smartphone. It should be automatically linked to your watch. Finally, choose the game from your Smartwatch, place your bets, and play. It really is that simple! What Apps Can You Use? We brushed on the fact that you need to select a gambling app that has been adapted to be Smartwatch compatible. We've compiled some of the best options for you here along with their individual benefits: Slots.LV Free play options for practicing your skills before real money play Up to a $5000 welcome bonus Games exclusive to Slots.LV that can't be found elsewhere Ignition Casino High win rate (97.81%) so you're sure to get at least a bit of money eventually Ignition Casino offers up to $4500 bonus Secure payments within 1-3 days Bovada Casino High win rate (97.31%) $3000 bonus Multiple payment mediums including credit, debit, and bitcoin Intertops Huge selection of casino games Intertops offers up to $5000 welcome bonus Both instant play and download casinos Red Dog Casino Fast and secure payments through multiple mediums Up to $6000 welcome bonus Round-the-clock live support online Double Luck Nudge Designed exclusively for Smartwatch Hundreds of slots games (this is specifically a slots app) Offers the same visuals and sounds as in-person slots for a well-rounded experience Paddy Power Extremely easy-to-use interface Offers sports betting in addition to real-time casino games Incredible bonuses of multiple varieties While there are many more sites that you can access, you can't go wrong with these. As you can see, most Smartwatch casinos offer welcome bonuses to newcomers. You may want to assess these bonuses before choosing a place to play! What Are the Benefits? At this point, you're probably wondering what the benefits of Smartwatch gambling are. First, Smartwatch gambling is incredibly secure and private. Unlike a mobile device, a watch remains firmly affixed to your wrist no matter where you go. This means that you can rest easy that the device containing your financial information and casino account won't be stolen or compromised. You will always know the whereabouts of your device. Betting on a watch is also incredibly subtle. No matter where you are, you can place bets easily without anyone else knowing. This is the case at dinner parties, social gatherings at bars, or even in work meetings! Will the Trend Continue to Grow? It looks like Smartwatch gambling is a trend that will keep growing in the years to come. Not only will more and more people begin investing in Smartwatches, but gambling giants are looking to innovate and design apps that work on as many devices as they can. As of now, most online gambling activity is done from mobile devices, anyway. This was also the case for tracking heart rate and monitoring sleep before the advent of the Smartwatch. It's only a matter of time before online casinos realize that this is also the ideal way to get more players. Start Playing Awesome Games While gambling is an amazing activity to do from the comfort of your couch, it also is a great thing to do anywhere from the convenience of your wrist. Now that you know all about Smartwatch gambling and why it's awesome, it's time to start hedging your bets! Check out the 'casinos' tab on our home page to learn some of the best places to play. Whether you want to win big on your desktop or your Smartwatch, we've got you covered!
  4. A virtual private network or VPN is beneficial if you are looking for additional network security or if you want to bypass certain geo-restrictions. The purpose of a private VPN service is to re-route internet traffic to a computer in a different country or network. This computer will then act as the proxy server, allowing you to access and use the same internet connection. Do you want to learn more about VPNs for gambling and gaming? If so, keep reading. How VPNs Help Casino Players Around the World Consider a situation like this. There is an avid British casino player who travels abroad regularly. Some of the countries they visit don’t allow them to access the British online casinos even though it’s completely legal. This is one situation where a VPN is beneficial. It can be set up so the player can access their home network, even when traveling in a different country. What about if you were located somewhere in Eastern Europe where online gambling is considered illegal. If you want to start gambling, just turn on your VPN and create a connection. Before you even know it, you will be connected and using your favorite online casino – just like you are back home. The same thing is possible if you want to watch something on Netflix from another country or if you want to protect your anonymity from prying eyes because of a vulnerable Wi-Fi network. The VPN provides a higher level of security and privacy all while allowing you to bypass any location restrictions. VPNs Provide Superior Services for Safe Gambling Now that you see how useful VPNs really are, you must find one that will help to facilitate your gambling experience. Selecting the right VPN, one that gives you an additional layer of security, needs to be a top priority. As a general rule, VPNs that provide a guarantee to users for a safe and problem-free online shopping experience is also ideal for gambling online. These are the VPNs that use encryption for all financial data used in a transaction and give players anonymity. Many gambling enthusiasts may opt to play online casino games from a public hotspot. In this situation, all it takes is a single computer savvy individual to empty their bank account. If you use a public network with no VPN for forwarding your traffic to another location, you are asking for trouble. Therefore, any casino enthusiast needs to protect their financial data using a VPN with a security-first focus. By doing this, all data will be encrypted as it is sent back and forth and then provide gamblers with an extra layer of peace of mind. If you lose your money at an online roulette table, that’s one thing, but if you lose it before you get to play, that’s much more painful. Selecting the Right VPN for Online Gambling When you are ready to find a VPN for your online gambling ventures, choosing, the right one is paramount. Some of the things to consider are found below. A VPN for Smooth Wages When trying to choose a VPN, you need to find one that is fast and easy to use. If you have ever tried to play a game of blackjack just to lose the connection, you know how important this really is. Consider this – you want the dealer to “hit” you with another card, but the game freezes. This can result in you in an automatic “stand.” That low-end VPN that you decided to use quickly has worked in favor of the house, resulting in you losing the hand. That’s why you must choose a VPN that will give you the fastest connections and an unlimited amount of bandwidth. When you have a high-speed connection, you have a better chance of experiencing a frozen game or getting disconnected. A VPN Offering 24/7 Customer Service and Support As a casino player, you know how vital quality customer support services can be. What is even more important is that you need to get help when you need it. Unlike many other pastimes, playing games on an online casino is something you can do around the clock. This means you also need someone available to help you around the clock. If you win a lot of money but then find out the money isn’t going to your account is a stressful and frustrating situation. However, if you don’t see the money in your account and can’t get in touch with anyone to help, this is even worse. This is a similar situation to VPN services. There is no reason to select a super-secure or fast VPN if you aren’t able to get in touch with someone if it isn’t working correctly. Finding the Right Private VPN Service for Your Needs Not all VPN service providers are the same, and some are better than others. Also, some are more suitable for specific applications than the competition. Keep in mind, though, that there are a lot of VPNs for you to choose from. Some of the top options and what they offer are found below. 1. ExpressVPN When it comes to security, it doesn’t get better than ExpressVPN. This company is based in the British Virgin Islands and located far from all the mass government surveillance that is present in many parts of Europe and North America. This VPN service offers 256-bit AES encryption and ideal forward secrecy. Thanks to DNS protection and a kill switch, your real IP is even more secure. Also, this provider gives a true no-log policy, and you don’t have to hand over any PII – Personally Identifiable Information – to use it. What this means is that you can enjoy betting on any website without having to worry about any tracking or monitoring – at all. With more than 1,500 servers found in 94 different countries, you will have more than a few choices. It also offers fast speeds and provides you with an uninterrupted and reliable connection. This means you never have to worry about missing a betting cutoff. 2. NordVPN Based in Panama, NordVPN is another great option and has a huge focus on maintaining user privacy. No logs are kept with this VPN, not even information about bandwidth data, which means none of your activity can be traced back to you. This VPN service uses a 256-bit AES encryption and offers superior forward secrecy. It also features a kill switch, automatic Wi-Fi protection, and DNS leak protection. When you choose this service, you have the option of over 3,300 servers and more than 60 countries. With servers that have been optimized for speed and the ability to unblock an array of sites, such as Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer, HBO, Hulu, and US Netflix, NordVPN is the perfect option for gambling and streaming. This service also offers live chat support. This means you receive quick answers to any question you have. Just the basic plan will let you connect as much as six devices at one time, which is over the industry standard that is five. 3. CyberGhost This is a VPN service based in Romania. It provides a high level of privacy and security. It also offers 256-bit encryption along with forwarding secrecy to help ensure that others can access none of your information. Additional backup is provided by DNS leak protection and a kill switch. The service provider also has a clean bill when it comes to logs and doesn’t store connection logs or traffic data that may be tied back to a specific user. If you usually use the same Wi-Fi hotspot for accessing various betting sites, you can set up your settings so that specific networks are automatically protected and remembered. CyberGhost provides you with the ability to access over 5,700 different servers that are located in 89 countries. It also provides users with 24/7 support and service for help with issues. 4. IPVanish Similar to the providers above, IPVanish offers superior security (the same as above) and offers many of the same features, such as a built-in kill switch, perfect forward secrecy, and more. When it comes to performance, this VPN service provides a reliable connection and superior speed. It also offers a network of over 1,000 different servers in more than 60 countries. While the service isn’t excellent for streaming anything, it is popular for gambling online. Even though no live chat option is offered, you can use the customer support service, which is both knowledgeable and reliable. Just the basic plan is going to allow you to connect five devices at the same time. One of the biggest cons of this service is that the apps will not work in China. 5. PrivateVPN While PrivateVPN is much smaller than some of the others on the list, this Sweden-based service provider lives up to its name and provides many security and privacy features. It has a strict no-logging policy, you don’t have to worry about any of the things you do online being tracked or stored. This VPN service provider uses 128-bit or 256-bit encryption, but it depends on the protocol that you choose. Also, it has the classic features of DNS leak protection, a kill switch, and forward secrecy. One of the most popular features of PrivateVPN is the high speeds, which are essential if you want the best possible experience while gambling online. The live chat feature means that you will have your questions answered in a timely and efficient manner. You will also have remote support for troubleshooting and setup services. 6. Windscribe This service offers a free and router compatible version of the service with just a few limitations. With this service, you will receive 10GB of free data each month. That means you have enough for about 33 hours of gaming – even on the data-heavy games, such as Destiny 2. You can even get more time when playing data light games such as Call of Duty or Fortnite. That means you get 10 free days of gaming. You can also add another 5GB of data just by tweeting out the company. Windscribe has a network that spans more than 60 countries, but you will only have access to about 10 locations if you stay working as a free user. While this is true, it is still very secure. 7. Hotspot Shield While Hotspot Shield offers a free version, you can also opt for the paid service. If you choose to go with free, you don’t have to enter any type of payment information or register. All you must do is download this app and get connected. With this version, you receive 500MB per day, which gets you about an hour and a half of gaming time every day. This VPN service covers more than 70 countries, but these are reserved for just premium users. Private VPN Services: Which One Is Right for You? As you can see, there are several private VPN services you can use for your online gambling experience. Be sure to consider all the options here and choose one that suits your needs and your budget. When you do this, you will feel confident that while you are gambling, your information is secure, safe, and that your identity is protected. Are you ready to learn more about VPN services or online gambling? If so, check out our online gaming section. With an array of online casino games, you can make good use of your newly selected VPN.
  5. Las Vegas is known as the land of strip clubs and casinos. While many still flock to the Strip for both, technology's made it easy for people to gamble online on digital slots and more. But as for the strip clubs part, many would agree that the in-person experience is a lot better than any online counterpart. This is probably why this industry's been hesitant to embrace things such as VR strip clubs. However, now that COVID-19's struck the world and most people are at home quarantining, strip club owners need to think outside of the box. People need entertainment, after all. For many, this is just the push they need to venture into the virtual reality world. But is this enough to save the industry? And will Las Vegas strip clubs finally go VR/AR? Read on to find out. How Does a VR/AR Strip Club Work? Creating a VR/AR strip club involves lots of camera work. For instance, since users can "walk around" a club, the physical establishment needs to be captured on camera in as many angles as possible. A dance can either be prerecorded from the client's point of view or club owners can provide "live" dances to visitors. The clientele would wear a VR headset that's compatible with the software that the gentlemen's club using. Benefits of Using AR/VR for Strip Clubs Many strip club owners might think that by offering VR strippers, they'll kill their own business. After all, who wants to visit a physical strip club when they can enjoy one from the comforts of their own home? Well, you'd be surprised to find that AR/VR actually has many benefits for gentlemen's clubs. Below are just some ways they can help boost business. Help Clientele Feel More Comfortable The legal age to go to a gentleman's club in the United States is 18 in most clubs if they don't serve alcohol, and 21 if they do. Either way, the patrons are quite young, and they may not feel comfortable going. They may end up feeling very pressured by their peers, and it turns out to be a negative experience for them. If clientele can get a feel for the experience through a virtual strip club, then they know what to expect. Perhaps it's not as scary as they thought it'd be, especially after they've had a few VR "trips." Once they've gotten familiar with some of the girls, he'll be more inclined to go visit them in person. In the end, AR/VR strip clubs can help younger patrons feel more confident and comfortable about going to a physical establishment. Encourage More Patrons to Go to Brick and Mortar Strip Clubs As we've said above, VR strip clubs can help clientele become more comfortable with the idea of visiting an actual gentlemen's club. The younger generation is entranced with devices, but strip club owners can definitely use that to their advantage. Essentially, a VR strip club can be like a "taster." Users will get to see how the experience can go, and they'll be intrigued. Again, VR can't replace the real touch, so users will have to go to a real gentlemen's club to get the authentic feel. By providing a digital experience, club owners can actually drive traffic to their establishments. Less Overhead Considering some VR lapdances have to be prerecorded, this means all you need to do is pay the stripper once to perform. Once you've got the footage, then all you need to do is convert it into VR form, and distribute it. Of course, this will be different if the club owner is providing "live" dances. Of course, all this will cost money to do. But considering this one dance can basically last a lifetime and be shown countless times, it'll pay for itself very quickly if it's a popular lapdance with your virtual patrons. Safer for the Dancers Since the strippers won't have to actually touch anyone to do their jobs, it'll be much safer for them. They won't have to deal with anyone sexually assaulting them; if a patron is making them feel uncomfortable, they can simply log off. This can encourage more women to take up jobs as exotic dancers, especially if physical threats are eliminated. Great Promotion During the Coronavirus Pandemic You'd think that during the pandemic, business would be quiet for strip clubs. And it is at the brick and mortar locations. But online is a different story. Some strip clubs have taken to the internet with free VR lapdances for its patrons. People are still lonely, after all. Membership to many establishments cost a pretty penny, so these virtual reality strip clubs are allowing many to get a glimpse into this usually-gated world. Not only that, but it provides them with plenty of entertainment as they're sitting bored in their houses. In fact, this may be the silver lining to the COVID-19 crisis. Since everyone has to stay home, this has provided an excellent opportunity for strip clubs to test out and entice customers for the future. VR Strip Clubs Are the Future Even without the coronavirus pandemic, it was high time that Las Vegas strip clubs (and others) embrace technology instead of shy away from it. Considering the younger generation is tech-savvy and (let's face it) lazy, catering to their needs with a virtual reality strip club is exactly what's needed to bring revenue back into the adult entertainment industry. In fact, VR strip clubs will be what gets them out of the house and into these brick and mortar strip clubs once again.
  6. We live in a fast-paced world powered by countless marvels of technology. Over the past few decades, the world has witnessed things that even some of the biggest visionaries of the past couldn’t dream up. And it seems we’re on the verge of yet another technological revolution that’s being ushered by new 5G technology and that’s likely to have a huge impact on the online gaming niche across the spectrum. Why Is 5G Such a Big Deal? Although most of you reading this have probably heard a lot about 5G already, you might be wondering what all the hype is about. After all, there is already 4G and the switch from 3G to 4G didn’t really have that big of an impact. However, 5G technology will create a huge leap, significantly increasing mobile internet speeds. In the early stages, you may only get download speeds of 300 – 1,000 Mbs but later on, this number could go as high as 10 Gbps. This means you could download a full-length movie in the highest quality in a matter of seconds. And, according to some tests, in certain environments, 5G speeds could reach 25 Gbs, which is 250 times faster than what you currently get with 4G. And, while breaking speed records in such manner is definitely impressive, it is the potential that this new technology will unleash that really matters. Ushering Way for New Style of Gaming You probably remembered 2016 and the hype that was created around Pokemon GO, the first mobile game to really take the concept of Augmented Reality and bring it to the masses. Four days after the initial launch, Pokemon GO had become the number one mobile game in the US, with 21 million downloads. While the game itself wasn’t particularly complex, it was the first real attempt to bring the gaming experience out in the real world. Various pokemons were virtually scattered around the real world locations and players could use their phones to locate and pick them up. Judging by the numbers, players loved it. Of course, the gaming industry as a whole and the gambling niche specifically have been experimenting with AR for some time now. Pokemon Go was definitely a great proof of concept and gave wings to the visionaries out there. However, technology wasn’t there just yet to really go full out. 5G could change things forever. With super-high internet speeds, there will be no more limitations for cloud-based gaming. Players won’t need to have any information stored locally, so it will be possible to feature much more complex and demanding games as all processing will be happening on the cloud servers. With such fast response times, there will no longer be any obstacles. Bringing “Real” Casino to Your Home When it comes to gambling industry, it has been struggling a lot lately to keep new generations of players interested. What used to work before simply doesn’t any more. For millennials, traditional slots that require no skill and offer no real challenge simply don’t cut it. They require more entertainment than traditional RNG doesn’t offer. And, while live casinos still hold their own due to the overall experience they’re able to offer, the online gambling niche is falling behind. However, Virtual and Augmented Reality could offer a solution to this problem and 5G could be the final missing piece, allowing players to enjoy the full experience using just their phones. Although this technology isn’t widely available just yet, it could offer a true lifelike experience, with dealers, other “patrons”, and, of course, gaming tables and slot machines you could actually interact with. You’d still need your VR goggles, of course, but compared to today’s online casinos, this is a whole new level. Shared Gaming Experiences So far, online gambling has been a rather solitary experience. Even though some operators have tried to improve this particular aspect, the whole setup is such that you simply don’t get many opportunities for shared experiences. The combination of 5G and AR platforms could change the whole paradigm quite drastically. The biggest obstacle to this becoming reality right now is the maximum connection speed. The 4G network simply doesn’t have the capacity to carry the amount of information required to create large shared experiences involving multiple players. As 5G evolves and unlocks its capacity, game developers will definitely jump on the opportunity to create complex and immersive worlds that will pull players in. While this may still feel like science fiction even right now, all the signs indicate that this style of gaming will become standard in a very near future. There is little doubt that this is exactly what players want and game creators will be happy to accommodate as soon as the opportunity is there. But how far are we, really? Expensive Gear Might Be the Biggest Barrier Right now, the equipment required to enjoy a complete VR and AR experience is still quite expensive. For most players, this is the biggest issue. While you may want a better and more immersive experience, you might not be thrilled about the idea of dishing out $1,000+ just for entertainment. When it comes to the gambling industry, this might be an even bigger obstacle. While there might be a fair number of hardcore gamers ready to dig deep into their pockets, there aren’t that many dedicated casino players. If you couple that with the fact that gambling is, by definition, a losing proposition, this is another issue the industry has to deal with. However, time has shown that prices of technology tend to decline quite rapidly. Just look at the prices of computers or mobile phones. Sure, you can still spend a fortune on a brand new PC, laptop, or even a phone, but you can also get a very good one at a very reasonable price. There is no reason to think AR technology will be any different in this regard. Once 5G takes hold and we get first fully developed AR experiences, the price will likely be very high. However, as the initial craze subsides and sales start to take a hit, companies will begin to create affordable models to tackle a much wider market. It is also quite possible that once this technology goes live in the online gambling world, some of the bigger casinos will provide their biggest players with the gear completely free of charge. For them, it is a drop in a bucket and a great way to advertise the new style of gambling, giving select players an opportunity to experience it at no additional costs. Is Gambling Industry Ready for the Change? Despite all the indicators and all the research, it is no secret that people running some of the biggest names in the world of gambling aren’t that open minded when it comes to changes. The casino industry has established itself over many decades and from the numbers it posts, things clearly work quite well. Taking a step off the well-known and safe path is a big challenge. While there is a big segment of the market that clearly wants the change, the gambling industry is far from being in dire straits. Hundreds of millions all over the world still quite enjoy the traditional way of gambling and are quite happy with the current state of affairs. So, for casinos, it’s a balancing act. They can’t run the risk of alienating existing players whilst they have to find the ways to attract those who just don’t find the current setup very appealing at all. In all likelihood, major online casinos will be the ones to do the heavy lifting in this revolution. While brick and mortar venues have been toying with the idea of AR and definitely want to take advantage of it, they probably don’t have the proper drive to really switch things around. On the other hands, many online operators have always closely followed latest trends in technology, experimenting with different things as early as possible. To be fair, it is probably much easier for the gambling sites to do this as they aren’t nearly as restricted in terms of physical space and costs related to buying equipment. What Does All This Ultimately Mean for Players? At the end of the day, the biggest question is what all these changes will mean for the end-user, i.e. the player? How will AR powered by 5G change your personal gaming experience and is it something that you want to happen? There is really no liner answer to this question. While 5G represents maybe one of the greatest technological developments in the recent history, not everyone is as excited about it. It’s not like we don’t already have fast internet speeds and access to all sorts of entertainment via our numerous devices. Some may even argue that all this VR and AR talk is a bit scary. Going back to the Pokemon Go example, it was sometimes funny to see people chasing invisible monsters all over the place. And Pokemon Go is nowhere near to what modern AR simulations are going to look like. A more immersive virtual casino experience has its upsides but it has its risks as well. Getting completely pulled inside a beautifully designed world filled with bright lights and countless gambling opportunities can easily lead to spending way more than you intended. Walking out of brick and mortar casino isn’t always the easiest thing to do and these AR platforms won’t be much different. But there is no need to take things too far. These new technologies will definitely improve the overall quality of your playing experience if you decide this is something you’d enjoy. There is always a certain feeling that this is just too much but couldn’t the same thing be said about the development of the gaming industry in general? Several decades ago, computer games were flat, simple, and not very exciting. Today, we have fully developed 3D worlds offering exciting adventures and virtual worlds that just pull you in. AR and VR are logical next steps in the process and it was just the matter of time before it happened. With 5G becoming a reality, it seems like it is finally happening. Living the Future For some of us, many of the things happening in the world of technology right about now seem to share many characteristics of things we used to watch in our favorite sci-fi shows. Even if the idea of fully immersive gaming worlds has been present almost for as long as computers have been around, not many people believed it would become a reality so soon. However, it seems that we’re now on the cusp of 5G introducing the necessary missing part to allow game developers to give us these amazing digital worlds that take the idea of entertainment to a whole new level. It is still very early days for Augmented Reality but once it kicks off there will be no stopping it. We’ve already seen just how immersed people can become with an AR game so this effect is likely to be much stronger with more complex games offering more complex tasks and more meaningful rewards. Of course, this technology will likely find its applications in many areas outside of gaming as its potential is almost limitless. It could change the way we receive information and interact with all sorts of digital content, creating a brand new world wide web. But, in all likelihood, the gaming and gambling industry will be the torchbearer for the AR revolution. They have the most incentive to do it and the best target market to test it on. Yes, we’re the generation living the future that will get to experience all the marvels of VR technology and potentially see the biggest technological revolution since the birth of the internet.
  7. Cryptocurrency is a term that is receiving more and more attention in the world at the moment, especially with such massive concentration placed on technological advancements in this day and age. One of the top punters of crypto usage is the online gambling industry, where bold casinos and sportsbooks have begun to accept crypto-tokens as wagers on their platforms. This has opened a new digital world to online gamblers, opening up the market-wide to once restricted regions, as well. Quick Crypto Catch Up! When one speaks of cryptocurrency, there is still very much misunderstood about the term. While education on the subject has improved a lot, there are still way too many people that are not too sure on what it is, never mind how they can use it to play their favourite casino games. Well, we hope to clear up some of the misnomers around the subject, right here. Cryptocurrency is a purely digital currency, which was originally developed as a peer-to-peer payment system. It allows people to transact with one another without the influence of a trusted third-party middleman (banks and financial institutions). The first and largest current currency of its kind was Bitcoin, which was developed in 2008 as a tool to empower the man/woman on the street towards control over his/her wealth. Bitcoin was created under the pseudonym ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’. While many people have come forward to claim the currency as their own, some sceptics remain firm on the fact that Satoshi will never be revealed. These digital tokens are not represented materially, but rather as codes and hashes. These hashes and codes are mined mathematically from the internet by complexed computers, which search for complicated algorithms on the net. They then translate into code and are then placed on a digital register called a blockchain. Once on the blockchain, it can be transferred, bought, and sold. Popular cryptocurrencies used in the gambling business include names like Bitcoin, Etherium, Dash, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, and Torrent to name a few. Each is run by its own Blockchain register, of which none are tied to a central controlling server, but rather spread out over many online nodes across the world. All transactions are verified by each node before authentication is completed, rather than a central controller. Bitcoin Benefits There are clear benefits to using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on casino sites. The advantages include: Fast Payments and withdrawals: Because the transaction is decentralised, no middlemen authorities are slowing the transfer process down. Once all the server nodes verify that the funds requested line up with the documented hashes on the blockchain, the funds will reflect. Secure Payments: Once a transaction is done, it cannot be reversed or cancelled, meaning that committing fraud is next to impossible to do. Once the transfer is done, it will reflect on the blockchain, providing irrefutable proof of payment, which will benefit players if disputes arise from the casino side, and vice versa. Cost: No middle man means no administration fees. Cryptocurrency is also universal and the blockchain transcends borders, meaning that there are no forex costs on transfers either. Anonymity: Blockchain transactions are unregulated, which means that you do not have to supply your identity when making a payment. For this reason, you can gamble under a pseudonym username, granting you the highest degree of privacy possible. Decentralisation: Because crypto is decentralised, the laws that apply to real money do not apply to these tokens. This means that players that are restricted from betting at casino sites with their currency, now have less restriction on their gambling when using Bitcoin and other alternative coins. Crypto Cons With all of the good, there is a little bad: Because crypto is decentralised and therefore unregulated, it does give room for crime to prevail, including money laundering, tax evasion, and payment for criminal acts. Top casinos usually have protocols in place to curb these activities though. There is no fail-safe for stored funds. If you lose your public or private keys, you will lose all of your digital money in that same wallet, as there is no middle man who can tap into a central server to recover your account for you. Cryptocurrency is volatile. Because the value of true crypto is not tied to any central reserve, but rather to the popularity given it by its buyers, the value of the currencies can change vastly from week to week. Though this is not as problematic in the online casino world, it makes other forms of usage in the retail and service industries very challenging. Mechanics of this Mastermind In order to play at an online casino, you will need to get some cryptocurrency in your possession. The easiest way to do this is to purchase it on a Bitcoin exchange with your debit or credit card. The currency will need to be stored in a digital wallet for safekeeping and easy access. There are various ways of storing Bitcoin, either online, in-app, or offline, but as long as you have access to the hash codes, you will be able to use it easily anywhere it is accepted. The easiest and most convenient way for crypto gamblers to store and access their currency is by using one of the wallets offered to you at leading exchanges. When you want to play at a Bitcoin casino, you will need to register a profile with the site and then head over to the cashier's desk to make your deposit. The casino will have a crypto wallet address on their site, which you will enter into your wallet after selecting to make a payment to the operator. In order to release the funds, you will need to remember your private key code to release the funds. Gambling Going Forward The rate of growth in the crypto sphere is on the up and up. As people are becoming more tech-savvy, so the willingness to take a chance is evident. There are already some great casinos out there accepting the currency, such as BitStarz, Bitcasino, and more. More casinos are sure to follow once further regulation is imposed. Regulators, such as the Malta Gaming Authority are already working on ways of regulating Crypto casino play and sportsbook. It’s just a matter of time before the world follows suit.
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