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  1. The Lunar New Year, also known as the Chinese New Year, kicked off on 1 February 2022 and this year the king of all animals brings it in. 2022 marks the year of the Tiger and those who believe in the Chinese Zodiac signs are expecting great things. Celebrations take place all around the world and will continue until 15 February. Many are eager to bid last year farewell and with the symbolism that comes with the Zodiac sign of the Tiger, it seems like the most promising year in a long time. The tiger carries great importance in Asian culture as many species of this magnificent animal originate from there. Chinese celebrations for the New Year are equal to that of Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, and Valentine’s Day combined and traditionally workers in China get a weeklong holiday to enjoy the festivities. The Year of the Tiger Ancient Chinese Zodiac signs coincide with the lunar calendar and this belief system dates back thousands of years. The relevant animal and element signs are determined by the Zodiac’s interaction with the heavenly stems. These comprise five elements of Taoism and are wood, fire, earth, metal, and water, and work on a number system from 1 to 10. The twelve Zodiac signs are rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog, and pig. The water tiger represents strength and bravery and is an action-oriented sign which clears away evil. Other significant meanings attached to the tiger are confidence, leadership, vitality, and power. Many believe this is the year to renew everything and this may encourage people to conquer difficulties from the past year. Just like the yin and yang, the tiger power symbol warns you to take your time when making important decisions. This is a wonderful piece of advice, as life’s fast pace sometimes pressures us into making spur-of-the-moment decisions that we later regret. Taking a gentle and level-headed approach with important people and events is always a sign of wisdom. Lunar New Year traditions include spending time with family while enjoying foods that represent prosperity, abundance, and togetherness. It is also the start of a new season, and the spring festival includes cleaning homes thoroughly to rid them of any negative spirits and energies. This invites goodwill and luck into the cleared space. Lunar New Year Celebrations Rituals of food and paper offerings form part of some traditional households and red banners or posters with messages of fortune take their place on walls of homes and businesses. Family members hand out red envelopes, called ang pau. These envelopes filled with money symbolise wishes of prosperity for the new year. Festivities run according to the moon cycle and draw to a close on 15 February this year. The celebrations include parades with acrobatic shows and traditional lion dancers. Chinese people mark the last part of the festivities, when the full moon rises, by lighting paper lanterns. Chinese Symbols and Gambling Despite China’s prohibition of gambling, traditional Chinese symbols show up regularly on wagering games. International gambling destinations appreciate their Eastern visitors and statistics show Chinese tourists make up a third of all foreign guests in the United States. Apart from their love for wagering, a collection of good luck charms makes up Chinese tradition, and many believe these to bring wealth and fortune. These are some of the reasons why so many gambling games have Chinese themes. Some Chinese money charms are so popular that westerners place them in their homes and places of business, hoping to attract wealth. The money-frog is one of those trinkets as well as the colours red and gold. Jin Chan, the three-legged gold bullfrog, sits on the pile of coins and people place this figure at the door’s entrance facing inward, to signify how he brings money in. China’s national colour is red and has represented happiness and good fortune, among other things, for centuries. The age-old tradition of giving a red envelope filled with Chinese coins is a wish for fortune in the new year. Furthermore, software developers include quintessential Eastern icons to cater for Chinese tourists in gambling hubs and this practice continued into the igaming industry. Punters often link Chinese symbolism with luck and the vibrant colour that these games display could evoke energising feelings. Some have Feng Shui symbols and music, which tend to relax people and spinners who want to break away from the rush of life typically choose these zen-inspired slots. Apart from slots and table games, one of the oldest Chinese games inspired modern-day lotteries and bingo. Keno has its origins in ancient China dating back two thousand years ago and it is noteworthy that Chinese citizens may play Lotto, as they do not see it as a form of gambling. Slots to Celebrate the Year of the Tiger With the tiger symbolism that brings renewed energy and the determination that comes with the water sign, punters may feel like wagering on a spin or two for the Lunar New Year. There is no lack of Chinese or Eastern themed online slot games. However, there are only a handful of games with the mighty tiger in them. The following games are right on the money for proper 2022 Lunar New Year celebrations. Take these for a spin and have a prosperous 2022. ✓ Tiger Tiger Wild Life by Yggdrasil Chinese believe that the tiger is the king of the animal world and the Tiger Tiger Wild Life video slot encapsulates this animal’s powerful nature. Gluck Games partnered with Yggdrasil for this visually stunning slot that plays out in the jungle and punters can win up to 3,500 x their stake when spinning on it. The carved stone 5-reel, 4-row slot grid has majestic tigers all over it and on top, you will find the four jackpots up for grabs. Ferocious roars grab your attention now and then with oriental music that adds to the eastern feel of the game. A Bengal tiger is the top paying symbol with three other high-paying tigers in the symbol line-up. Tiger Tiger Wild Life has fortune-bringing bonus features with the Quickhit Money bonus and Free Spins. A monkey will collect money symbols of up to 20x your stake and four jackpots with the Grand prize being 1,000x your bet. ✓ Tiger Rush by Thunderkick This Thunderkick online slot will transport you into a bamboo forest and get your adrenaline pumping as you hunt for the stealthy tiger and his bonus. Tiger Rush is a unique-looking online slot and the ambient sounds create a tip-of-your-seat experience. With 10 fixed paylines in the base game and 25 in the bonus feature, a 5 x 3 grid layout, and medium variance, it is a game for all punters. Symbols represented by cabochon polished gemstones and imagery from traditional Asian art fill the reels that pay both ways. The tiger is an expanding Wild that grows to cover the middle reels. It lands on reels 2 to 4 and awards a respin while staying in place. The middle reels expand during the bonus game, which triggers when either two Scatters land or a combination of one Scatter and one Wild. ✓ Exotic Cats by Microgaming Microgaming takes us deep into the jungle, where only the bravest souls survive. Although this slot is a few years old, the imagery is beautiful, and the slot is aptly positioned above a river. Making it the perfect online slot game for 2022 celebrations. The developers added realistic jungle sounds to create a truly immersive experience. Punters will roar with delight, and sometimes with fright as the prowling Wilds jump out from behind the 5 x 3 slot grid. Click spin and watch how magnificent beasts roll onto the reels with gem card suites, embellished paw prints, and a jungle princess. The tiger, panther, lion, leopard, and cougar can jump onto their marked reel to cover it with a stacked Wild symbol. More than one occurrence of this bonus feature is possible in a single spin. Win 10 Free Spins with 3 golden Scatter symbols and 5 more spins with Scatters that drop during the feature. ✓ Sapphire Tiger by High5 Games This retro-styled slot will appeal to art lovers as High5 Games incorporate graphics inspired by traditional Chinese art. The Sapphire Tiger online slot presents punters with 576 pay ways, ambient sounds true to oriental roots, and a maximum reward of €360,000. The developers went with an unusual grid layout of 3-4-4-4-3 for the five-reels video slot with a floral jungle backdrop. Tigers, frogs, butterflies, and birds come to life when winning combinations land. The jungle-theme slot has a medium variance and players can expect a reasonable number of wins. Win an initial 6 Free Spins with 5 or more flower Scatters in view and see how the sapphire tiger slot grid changes for the bonus feature. Free spins can re-trigger, and lucky punters could win up to 300 free games.
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