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    In a state where riverboat casinos had their heyday, the State of Mississippi doesn’t offer much in the way of online gambling, but it does have a wide range of brick and mortar, in a manner of speaking, casinos on offer.


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    Regulated Since: 1990

    Gambling Age: 21

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    Sports Betting

    Regulated Since: 1992

    Gambling Age: 18

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    Horse Racing
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    Dog Racing

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    In a state where riverboat casinos had their heyday, the State of Mississippi doesn’t offer much in the way of online gambling, but it does have a wide range of brick and mortar, in a manner of speaking, casinos on offer.

    Mississippi is a very conservative state where change takes a long time and residents enjoy a more old-fashioned way of life. While riverboat casinos were popular in the 1800s, The Great Depression took its toll and the industry never really recovered.
    There is no pari-mutuel betting on horses or provision for social gambling in private either, and this ensures that legal gambling only takes place in licensed establishments.

    This wasn’t always the case though. Lotteries and horse racing were rife in the 1700s before Mississippi became a state. At one time there were also hundreds of riverboat casinos floating up and down the river which were visited by many over and over again. The glamour, together with the chance to play a wide range of casino games held a great deal of appeal and provided a profitable business for many casino owners.

    Hurricane Katrina also changed the landscape of these casino boats and, as a result, many continue to operate while docked. The hurricane picked up entire casinos located in the Gulf Coast of Mississippi and sent them crashing onto the shore, thereby damaging them so severely, that recovery wasn’t possible.

    While larger casinos with deeper pockets were able to rebuild in a manner of speaking, the riverboat market is still trying to find its feet again.

    Despite all these challenges, gambling in the state is centuries-old since, before the time of the colonists, Native American tribes played games of chance. One of the more popular games enjoyed within the tribes was Ishtaboli which means ‘the little brother of war’.

    A cross between football and lacrosse without any padding, the game offered opportunities for betting and excitement on the reservations. Like the sports betting of today, gamblers would bet on the outcome of the game and sometimes included the forfeiture of all the player's possessions.

    With charitable bingo and pull tabs that offer the lottery experience, there are a few gambling options available outside of casinos, particularly for people who have not reached their majority.

    While the minimum age required to access the gaming floor is 21, individuals who have celebrated their 18th birthday can enjoy games of chance in exchange for prizes.


    According to Mississippi State law, as long as you play games of chance in a licensed establishment like a casino, riverboat or on tribal land, you are welcome to gamble legally in the State of Mississippi. The code states:

    If any person shall encourage, promote or play at any game, play or amusement, other than a fight or fighting match between dogs, for money or other valuable thing, or shall wager or bet, promote or encourage the wagering or betting of any money or other valuable things, upon any game, play, amusement, cockfight, Indian ball play or duel, other than a fight or fighting match between dogs, or upon the result of any election, event or contingency whatever, upon conviction thereof, he shall be fined in a sum not more than Five Hundred Dollars ($ 500.00); and, unless such fine and costs be immediately paid, shall be imprisoned for any period not more than ninety (90) days - MS Code § 97-33-1 (2013)

    Outside of these requirements, all other gambling is considered to be illegal and could leave you to face prosecution in the court of law.

    When it comes to sports betting, no online options are legally available to you however, you are welcome to participate while at a licensed casino.

    The law also seeks to stifle illegal gambling institutions with the view of preventing organized crime - Section 87.1.1.

    Section 87.1.5 allows for losers in licensed gambling establishments to sue the person, company or owner where the loss took place.
    With the number of legal gambling venues available within the state, there is really no reason to play games of chance illegally. It isn’t worth the risk and the State of Mississippi has gone out of their way to make sure you have access to every possible casino game you can think of.

    The State of Mississippi has written laws to protect its citizens. It has the view of gambling as a healthy pastime and American tradition which should be allowed to continue within carefully controlled boundaries.
    Whether these boundaries make you feel stifled or not is all up to your perception of the situation.


    Applying to start a new casino is a lengthy and detailed process. Starting with your application for your Notice of Intent where, if it is approved, needs to be posted in local newspapers for no fewer than 3 consecutive weeks, your application also needs to include pictures and maps of the exact site, together with your $5000 application fee.

    Your application is also accompanied by fingerprints, your personal and financial histories and permission for the Mississippi Gambling Board to delve into your details on municipal, local and federal levels.

    The investigation process will be implemented as follows:

    1. Interview - both Corporate and Personal
    2. Financial - both Corporate and Personal
    3. Background Check - both Corporate and Personal
    4. Development Plan - Facility (Specification & Design), Shore Development Plans,  Infrastructure Plans and Operation/Implementation

    And a timetable which includes a plan for the implementation of A, B and C.

    When it comes to charitable bingo games, the application process for a license is also extensive and detailed. And, once a license has been approved, you are restricted to the number of games played per week or number of hours in a week.

    There are exemptions though when bingo games for non-profit wildlife, civic, educational or religious organizations however, the Mississippi Gaming Commission encourages organizations to keep a record of the number of participants and value of prizes.
    In order to apply, the Mississippi Gaming Commission requires the following:

    Any charitable organization desiring to conduct bingo games must obtain a license to do so from the Mississippi Gaming Commission.

    Each applicant for such a license shall file with the commission a written application therefore in a form prescribed by the commission on which shall be stated:

    ● (a) The name and address of the applicant, together with sufficient facts relating to its incorporation and organization to enable the commission to determine whether or not the applicant is a bona fide organization;
    ● (b) The names and addresses of its officers;
    ● (c) The place or places where, and the date or dates and the time or times when, bingo games are intended to be conducted by the applicant, under the license applied for;
    ● (d) The items of expense intended to be incurred or paid in connection with the holding, operating and conducting of bingo games and the names and addresses of the persons to whom, and the purposes for which, they are to be paid;
    ● (e) The specific purposes to which the entire net proceeds of the bingo games are to be devoted and in what manner;
    ● (f) That, except as otherwise provided in Section 97-33-69, no commission, salary, compensation, reward or recompense will be paid to any person for holding, operating or conducting bingo games;
    ● (g) A description of all prizes to be offered and given in all bingo games to be held, operated and conducted under such license; and 7
    ● (h) Such other information as shall be prescribed by the commission by its rules and regulations.

    (3) In each application there shall be designated an active member or members of the organization under whom the bingo games are to be held, operated and conducted. 

    Casinos and Gambling Facilities in Mississippi Gambling?


    Is gambling online legal in Mississippi?
    No, it is not legalized and the state discourages residents from playing at online casinos based in Mississippi
    Yes, there are 28 casinos in Mississippi.
    21 years for casino players, 18 years for charitable gambling.
    Slots, video poker, live poker, craps, roulette, blackjack, Mississippi Stud, Caribbean Stud, Three Card Poker, Four Card Poker, Ultimate Texas Hold’em, Texas Hold’em Bonus, baccarat, and Pai Gow Poker are among the many games that are permitted in Mississippi casinos.
    Yes, and they are regulated by the Mississippi Lottery Corporation.
    1) By calling (601) 576-3800 or 1-800-504-7529
    2) Complete the “Report Illegal Gambling” form on the MGC web site
    3) Send illegal gaming information to MGC, P.O. Box 23577, Jackson, MS 39225-3577
    According to the law, only antique slot machines may be purchased for the home. They must be at least 25 years old, and must not be displayed for public use.
    The Charitable Gaming Division of the Mississippi Gaming Commission. They can be contacted on (601) 576-3899 OR 1-800-504-7529.
    According to the Mississippi Gaming Commission, “Self-exclusion” means voluntarily having oneself barred from the premises of any licensed gaming establishment in Mississippi and from all gaming-related activities and privileges, including the issuance of gaming credit and check-cashing privileges; the receipt of direct-marketing and promotional materials regarding gaming opportunities, junket solicitations, player club memberships, complementary goods and services and the like; and collection of any winnings or recovery of any losses during the exclusionary period.
    The Self-Exclusion Division will add your name to the self-exclusion list and distribute a photograph and description of you to each casino. The casino will then remove you from any mailing lists and make notations in their computer files that you are ineligible for any kind of credit or complimentary service.
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