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    Gambling within the United States is always tricky as there are many states that simply do not allow gambling in any form. Especially online gambling. However, there are states such as Nevada that have embraced gambling in its many forms.

    Nevada in particular has always led the way and set trends as they were the first to jump on the gambling bandwagon. Legalizing and regulating casinos in Nevada set the tone for many other states to follow in their footsteps.

    Since Nevada first opened their borders to casinos in 1931, they’ve expanded and worked at perfecting their laws. With the introduction of online gambling and sports betting, the state has kept a check on what stands to be legalized or not.

    The First Bill

    Starting in 1931, Nevada introduced the Wide Open Gambling bill that ended the prohibition period. Not only does help legalize gambling in the state, it also allows for the collection of fees and taxes on gambling spends.

    In 1949, horse racing and pro sports betting is legalized. Not too long after this, in 1955, the Nevada Gaming Control Board was created to ensure that all gambling activity is kept above board.

    Fast forward to 1975 when the first sports books were opened in casino resorts, attracting many excited customers. Plush furniture and high-end interiors provide a comfortable space to enjoy sports while betting.

    2011 - A Turning Point

    In 2011, the Gaming Control Act bill was introduced which legalized online poker within the state. Once the bill was signed in 2013, the first regulated online poker site was welcomed to Nevada.

    For those who enjoy playing different types of casino games, the great news is that all games are legal in Nevada. Both games of chance and skill are legal and available to play at land-based casinos. You can also enjoy sports betting, online sports books, live poker rooms and online poker with ease.

    Unfortunately, one of the only forms of gambling missing in the state are lotteries. It is not possible to purchase a state lottery ticket in Nevada as they have fought against this addition to their legislation. Lotteries are legal in the other parts of the country which means the possibility of winning is still available to those who wish to drive to another state.

    As Nevada continues to open their doors to different forms of gambling, its definitely the number one state to keep your eye on in the gambling industry.


    Nevada may be the first of its kind to open their doors to the world of gambling but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t strict laws in place. There are many different forms of gambling and casino games available to players within the Nevada, but there are also regulations that must be followed to keep players (and the industry) safe.

    The Nevada Black Book

    One of the most prominent laws that exist within the state is the Nevada Black Book. The NBB excludes all gamblers who have been convicted of a gambling crime from their casinos. This Black Book is easily accessed by the public via the Nevada Gaming Control Board website. Each of the faces displayed are no longer welcome to gamble among the bright lights of Las Vegas.
    Another part of the legislation which draws attention is the lack of state lottery. In order to change this, state legislature and two separate statewide referendums would need to be approved. This one of the main reasons why this has never been changed within Nevada.

    When it comes to the games on offer, there are no restrictions! Play card games, games of skill, games of chance, slot machines, and more all with peace of mind. Slot machines and video poker machines are also available to play in many bars and gas stations. 

    If you’re a fan of live Keno games, you can enjoy this type of gameplay at many casinos in Nevada too.

    Two of the least demanded services in Nevada are bingo and raffles. However, charities are able to hold bingo games and raffles to raise funds if they wish to do so.

    If game providers wish to submit new games, the law requires that a 60-day test period must be passed before the game will be widely available. 

    Online gambling is also available in Nevada. Sports betting can be enjoyed via the internet or mobile apps as long as the user is within Nevada when the bet is placed. Online poker rooms are also readily available to players who wish to partake.


    Nevada has the more than one casino license type available. The first being the Nonrestricted Gaming License and the second being the “Restricted” Gaming License. 

    Within these licenses there are different categories that can be applied for. The Nonrestricted Gaming License is the most popular, allowing casinos to offer the wide variety of games available.

    Nonrestricted gaming licenses are available for major jurisdictions where there are more than 700,000 in the population. In order to hold this license, there must be at least 200 hotel rooms on the property and provide 24-hour dining options, as well as a 30-seat bar.

    If the population is between 100,000 and 700,000, the hotel must have at least 300 rooms.

    On average, any casino that has a Nonrestricted Gaming License must have more than 16 or more slot machines and/or table games. There are fees due on the games found at these casinos and a monthly percentage fee on all gross gaming revenue of up to 6.75%.

    Other Nonrestricted Gaming Licenses include a Distributor License, Manufacturer License, Operator of a Slot Machine Route License, Operator of an Inter-Casino Linked System License, Operator of Mobile Gaming System License, Operator of an Information Service License, Disseminator License, Operator of a Pari-Mutuel System License, Operator of Interactive Gaming License, Interactive Gaming Service Provider License and Manufacturer of Interactive Gaming Systems License.

    If an establishment has less than 15 slot machines and no other games available, they will be issued a Restricted Gaming License.

    Depending on the number of machines available, whether using a Nonrestricted Gaming License or Restricted Gaming License, the fees and taxes will differ.


    The current landscape of online gambling in Nevada is bleak. If you’re a fan of poker, you’ll be excited to know this form of gambling is accepted and provided on many different platforms. Unfortunately, those who enjoy spinning the reels of online slots or playing virtual table games do not have the same luxury.


    Since it was first legalized in 2013, online poker has grown in popularity and become a real hit among Nevada players. The only approved and licensed operators within Nevada currently are Real Gaming and World Series of Poker (WSOP). Up until 2014, it was also possible to play at Ultimate Poker, but it subsequently closed its operations.

    It’s possible to enjoy more than just your run of the mill online poker experience when you’re a Nevada resident. The WSOP is known around the world as being one of the largest poker tournament events organizers and playing online is no different!

    Thanks to the satellite program offered by the World Series of Poker, players in Nevada can partake in the WSOP Main Event (and many others) without leaving home. Players can even try their hand at winning a WSOP bracelet for an online tournament that runs every year.

    As it currently stands there are no other casino games available for online players but there is a good chance that this will change in the future. The same law that legalized online poker allows for casino gambling, but law makers have simply not made this available via a license. 

    This would mean that no new bill would be required for online casino games to be available to players. As more and more states within the US pivot to allow online gambling in every form, it’s only a matter of time before Nevada follows suit.

    Another form of online fun available for players are sportsbooks. There are a number of online sportsbooks available that can be enjoyed via sports betting apps. As always, players must be within Nevada to qualify and play legally.


    Is gambling legal in Nevada?

    Yes, gambling at casinos is legal within the state of Nevada. Slot machines and table games are all available to be enjoyed.

    Is online gambling legal in Nevada? 

    Online poker rooms are the only form of online gambling allowed within Nevada. All other forms of online casino games are illegal.

    What is the minimum gambling age in Nevada?

    The minimum gambling age in Nevada is 21.

    Is sports betting available to players in Nevada?

    Yes. All professional sports including basketball, baseball, football, NASCAR, golf, tennis, boxing, and mixed martial arts can wagered on in Nevada.

    Can players smoke in Nevada casinos?

    Yes, the smoking ban does not apply to casinos.

     What kind of casino games can be played in Nevada?

    Card games, games of skill, games of chance, slot machines and video poker machines can all be enjoyed.

     How can players make deposits at poker sites?

    Use a safe and trusted payment method to make deposits including Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, checks, or cash.

    Are withdrawals possible when playing on sports betting apps?

    Yes. Players can make withdrawals and pick up their winnings via the company associated with the sportsbook.

    Are lotteries legal in Nevada?

     State lotteries are illegal due to the law of the constitution.

    Which forms of gambling can charities use to raise funds?

    Charities can make use of bingo games and raffles to raise funds within Nevada.

    Casinos and Gambling Facilities in Nevada

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