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  • 22_bulb.pngLosing money is part of the gambling experience whenever you start using some online casino. This is the risk every player is willing to take in order to win big money. However, the money you’ve lost are not lost forever at least not if you are using special casino cashback bonuses.

    22_info.png Casino Cashback Bonuses Explained

    To put it simply, casino cashback bonuses are a specific type of bonuses related to the net loss that a player has endured during a certain period of time. So, the online casinos that have such offer will calculate your net loss and offer a percentage of that loss as free money.

    There are a few different ways in which you can get a bonus offer like this, but mostly you will get a cashback bonus when you deposit a certain amount of money, wager and lose them. After that, the casino will send you a cashback bonus offer that will cover a part of your losses. So, there is nothing that you should do to use this bonus. You just need to accept the offer.

    The casinos use this bonus to show their appreciation and to show that they think and care about their players. With this help, you will get an opportunity to play more and to get more winning opportunities.

    Every online casino has a different policy related to the calculations. Some of them are doing this daily, while others are doing this monthly. In most cases, the bonus is associated with specific casino games. The percentage of the net losses that the online casinos are prepared to cover is usually at least 5% and up to 25%.

    If you have read this page carefully, you have noticed one big difference between casino cashback bonuses and other casino bonuses. Unlike other bonuses, this one doesn’t come with wagering requirements. You don’t have to play with the free money in order to win something. The money are transferred to your account directly and added to your regular money (not in the form of a bonus) even though some casinos provide bonus points instead.

    Casino cashback bonus is not a type of bonus that players want to get, but the fact is that this bonus is quite useful and serves as a good reward for your efforts as a player. When joining an online casino, you should check their cashback bonus offer and find the games that are applicable in this offer.

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    What makes the cashback bonus unique?

    The most important difference between this bonus and other casino bonuses is that you don’t have to wager the free money you get.

    How can I get a cashback bonus?

    Most casinos will give you this bonus automatically after you lose a certain amount of money or after a certain period of time.

    Are there any wagering requirements?

    No. There are no wagering requirements related to this bonus.

    How to select the best casino for a cashback bonus?

    If you think that this bonus will be crucial for your gambling experience, you should focus on casinos that provide cashback bonuses on the games you are playing.

    How much money can I expect?

    The percentage of return promised by cashback casino offers is between 5% and 25%.


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