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  • Online gambling has become such a phenomenon that even those who believed they’d never take up gambling has attempted to get into the action. While slot machines tend to be favourable the card and table games have remained a preferred choice by those who enjoy the timeless classics.

    Roulette is one of the very first games of chance that was ever created and its popularity continues to grow in both land based and online casinos. The downside is that roulette can be quite expensive to play. Luckily there are software developers who’ve thought of it all and now there are various online roulette variants that can be played for free at online casinos and other casino related websites.

    All the Reasons Why Free Play Is Good Play

    Playing roulette for free has its pros and cons but as with all games available for free play the pros will always outweigh the cons. If you are new to online casino gambling or more specifically roulette then playing Free Roulette online is the best and easiest way to get started.

    So Many Pros for Free Roulette…

    • Learning to play: If you haven’t played roulette before doing so in free play mode will allow you to learn how the game works without the fear of losing your entire bankroll while doing so.
    • Finding your lucky numbers: It might be considered an old folks tale but there are many who believe they have lucky numbers especially when it comes to roulette. By playing free roulette games you can take the time to discover your ‘lucky numbers’ without losing a dime.
    • Winning but not losing: No matter how many times you choose to spin the wheel or how many losses you obtain during time spent playing this game variant for free, the cost won’t be to you. You get the pleasure of playing and winning without actually feeling the losses.
    • Discover different variants: Another major benefit of playing free roulette online is discovering the many variants and finding the ones that suit your style without going bankrupt.
    • Play for hours: Roulette can be a very expensive game and because of the pressure on your bankroll you can be subjected to limited game time when playing for real money. Making use of free roulette variants can provide you with all the entertainment for as long as you want with no restrictions or limitations.
    • Up your skill level: While roulette is considered a game of chance there are those who’ve found a way to add strategy to their game for more favourable outcomes. Playing for free might help you come up with your own strategy.


    Free Play Roulettes Single Con…

    While there are many benefits in playing free roulette game variants there is only one con. Any winnings you make during the game won’t be credited to your account. That means if Lady Luck decides to turn the odds in you favour and grant you a ridiculously good win you won’t be able to bag it and cash out.

    French Fries, French Toast… and Roulette?

    We have the French to thank for Roulette even though little creative thought went into the name so popular on gamblers lips nowadays. Roulette literally translates to Little Wheel in English and the game was invented as a combination of several similar games that were played at the time. Although there is very little historical references to the game the miniscule information provided on the game dates back to 1758.

    When the game was first played back in France the wheel had thirty-six numbers, a zero and a double zero. The zero was red and the double zero black before both of the slots eventually became green.

    Then in 1843 two French brothers, Francois and Louis Blanc, introduced a new roulette wheel to a casino in Bad Homburg, Germany. This version of the wheel did not have the double zero slot and became massively popular because of the increased winnings obtained from the game. In fact, this variant became the most popular type of wheel across Europe and was used in most casinos.

    Unfortunately for those in America, when roulette finally reached them via New Orleans and the Mississippi, the double zero wheel was selected. Today even, most land based casinos opt for the double zero wheel because it’s less favourable towards players.

    Luckily, with online casinos the choices are endless and you as a player get to pick whether you want to play a roulette variant with a double zero or single zero wheel.

    Did you know? Like other online casino games, roulette use random number generator (RNG) which generates random results.

    Roulettes Most Popular Variants

    Online Casinos have a slight advantage over land based casinos because they have the opportunity to provide players with a bigger variety of game variants to choose from. Roulette specifically much like Blackjack and Poker might seem like a one game fits all but it comes in many shapes and forms to enhance player entertainment.

    Let’s take a look at some of the many variants found online that are available for free play.

    1. French Roulette

    When you think about land based casinos and the table that is most crowded by players that is French Roulette. This variant is the one that originated in France and gained much popularity after the French revolutions. The game rules are standard but there are some differences than the rules associated with other roulette variants such as European roulette.

    2. Mini Roulette

    This gaming variant is especially popular in Playtech powered online casinos. The game comes with less numbers and a smaller wheel than the ones found in regular roulette games. There are only 13 number ranging from 0 to 12 and the house edge is about 7.69%. Don’t panic, the game follows the same rules as European Roulette so it will be quick and easy to learn.

    3. Multi-ball Roulette

    There’s no denying that regular roulette is a fun game to play but at some point you might get bored and start searching for more exciting alternatives of the game. This is where Multi-ball Roulette will come to your rescue. The game is played with various balls and we mean a lot of balls, some of the game variants are even played with as many as 10 balls. Looks wise it seems the same as European roulette and the game has a low house edge of 2.7% thanks to only one zero pocket featured on the red and black wheel.

    4. Multi-wheel Roulette

    This variant of roulette is extremely popular in Playtech and Microgaming powered online casinos. Some Playtech variants even come with cool themes surrounding super heroes or mythical creatures. The game as the name indicates is played with multiple roulette wheels and the game is quick to study and easy to play. The objective is to predict where the ball will land on each of the wheels. Some variants provide you with up to 8 wheels and there is the option of activating some or all of them.

    5. Roulette Pro

    This NetEnt powered roulette variant is an alternative to classic roulette. The game is played with American roulette rules and comes with a zero and double zero pocket. The thing that sets this game apart is that it comes with added functionality.

    6. 3D Roulette

    Another Playtech creation that is much like any other European Roulette variant. The game is played with only one zero pocket and follows standard rules. If the name hasn’t given it away completely the game comes with better graphics and everything is viewed in 3D.

    7. Pinball Roulette

    If you’re looking for a thrilling roulette gaming experience then Pinball Roulette is the game to play. This roulette variant has the same table as the European version but there is no roulette wheel. The game numbers are revealed through the use of a classic arcade pinball machine. If you’re looking for this specific variant you might need to visit a Playtech powered online casino.

    Making Good Choices

    Finding a free roulette variant to play isn’t that hard, in fact most of the top rated online casinos available offer them. On the other hand, you might not be ready to sign up at an online casino just yet and if that’s the case we’ve got you covered. You’ll notice that we have a list of Roulette variants listed on the page that you can play at any time for free right here on GamblersPick. And if you need some guidance in which Roulette variant you should be playing why not take a look at what our GamblersPick Community has to say about the listed variants.

    Pssst, voice your opinion… At GamblersPick players have the opportunity to raise their voice, share their concerns and opinions on both casino games and the casinos as a whole. You can sign up for free and if you want to share your experience you can do so unfiltered right here. Who knows? Your opinion or review might just help a fellow player pick the right game to play.

    Playing free roulette online games are relatively straight forward, all you need to do is:

    • Select your bet amount
    • Choose the numbers you wish to bet on
    • Spin the wheel
    • Wait for the wheel to stop spinning and see if the ball lands on any of the numbers you’ve bet on.


    The aim of the game: Roulette is and always will be a fun game of chance. Your aim is to predict which numbers the ball will land on once the wheel comes to a stop.

    If you are a first time player you might feel a little out of place or unsure on how to play roulette. We’ve created a 5 step process that will help you play free roulette successfully from the get go.

    1. Start her up: The first thing you need to do is select free play or ‘Try it for free’ on the game. Normally you can do this by hovering over the game icon where the options will pop up.

    2. Don’t forget to press play: Once you’ve selected free play you can start the game by pressing play.

    3. Decide how much free money you want to spend: After selecting play you will have to select the amount you wish to bet. In most free play variants you will have the opportunity of betting up to $1,000. You can choose to play cautiously with $0.01 bets or be spontaneous and bet like high roller with $100 per number or bet. Remember, this is free play so you don’t have to worry about the risks of speeding through your bankroll. Have fun and take a walk on the wild side with crazy bets.

    4. Colour the table with your chips: One of the best parts of roulette is the moment where you get to place your bets on various numbers and side bets on the table. Seeing as it’s free play you can go wild and even bet on the maximum number of outcomes. The opportunities are endless.

    5. Spin & Wait: Once you’ve placed all your bets you can start spinning the wheel. Enjoy watching the wheel go round and round and keep a close eye on the ball making its rounds and finally coming to a stop. Once the outcome is revealed the number will be shown on a side screen and you’ll get to see if you’ve won or if Lady Luck is on a lunch break.

    Playing Free Roulette games is not just highly entertaining but extremely rewarding. It’s a chance to test and try all different numbers and bet options available and finding what type of betting strategy works for you. It might not reward you with anything other than a good time but at the end of the day a good time is better than an empty bankroll and a frustrated player.

    Spin That Wheel! When you are ready to play Roulette for Real Money you can take a look at our top choice casinos. These casinos are clearly visible with a GamblersPick Select badge on the side.

    You can start playing roulette free casino games without any roulette strategy and play with free chips, that way you can get some practice and try out placing roulette outside bet and inside bet. You can choose any roulette game for free play from the list below. 


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