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  • 22_bulb.pngWe all know what top games are – casino games that are played by thousands of players on the Internet and games that are often advertised and featured by these casinos. If you ask someone to name a few top games, they will probably list poker, blackjack and Online Slots. But, the fact is that there are other top games that are not highlighted and featured that frequently.

    These other top games are actually played by many online casino players, but they seem to be a lot different than the standard top games. Each of these games comes with specific features and setups that cannot be found elsewhere.

    For instance, let’s take Stravaganza. This is a relatively new game that includes some mechanics of blackjack and other card games, but the gameplay is very specific and it has a progressive jackpot prize. The other top games category doesn’t necessarily include games that are new. For example, Sic Bo is a very old game that has been played in China for hundreds of years. For some reason, this great game has just started increasing its popularity on a global level.

    The Other Top Games that we are talking about include a wide range of casino games that are attractive for different categories of gamblers. Whenever you feel tired of playing the same old classic top games, you should check this category where you can find something refreshing. This is a list that will keep growing because there are many newly discovered top games.

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