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  • 22_bulb.pngOnline casinos and those who frequent them cherish diversity especially when it comes to table games. That’s why there are so many different types of blackjack, Baccarat and roulette, but craps is the odd exception. Immensely popular among those who gamble over the Internet, top craps games are played by the same rules and the only differences are visual. Various software developers have produced different looking games, with ever better graphics and animations.

    Those who are in the market for top craps games online casinos instinctively choose those offering the games in live format.

    The concept of live dealer craps is not exactly new even though real croupiers for this game are more recent than for blackjack and roulette. Players who have enjoyed the game in brick-and-mortar locations will find the transition to be smoother. With exactly the same rules in effect, there is no steep learning curve to worry about and transition is silky smooth for those who play for the first time.

    22_craps.png Fun and Engaging Top Craps Games

    Several players can sit down at the same craps table and they tend to flock to real money games. That’s because this is where the adrenaline rush is the strongest and players get more involved in the gaming atmosphere. The negligible difference between the house edge when betting on the player and the one against him explains why craps players prefer to stick together.

    Top craps games are special because action moves around the table and everyone gets to spend a little time in the spotlight. There are so many possible bets and outcomes that each time the shooter throws the dice everything seems possible. Furthermore, this is a game that also rewards people who use strategy and make good use of mathematics to predict the outcome.

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