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  • 22_bulb.pngOne of the most famous versions of video poker in the world, All American Poker is a game that resembles the classic Jacks or Better in everything except the paytable, which includes certain alterations that make hands like flushes and straights more valuable and hands like one and two pair less lucrative.

    Just like in Jacks or Better, All American Poker starts making payouts for hands that include a pair of jacks or a better poker hand.

    However, the payouts for hands like three of a kind and two pair are lower than they are in Jacks or Better, while payouts for flushes and straights are higher, changing the balance of the game and the optimal strategy players should use to get the best results.

    22_video-poker.png Playing Poker like the Cowboys

    Poker is an American game in many ways, and the All American Poker variation is all about gambling it up trying to hit those big hands, which is what poker in general is about for many people. If you have the kind of gamble in you that this game takes, All American Poker will definitely be a satisfying one.

    While the strategy for playing All American Poker does not differ too significantly for the one used in Jacks or Better, there are some differences when it comes to drawing to straights and flushes. Since the payouts for such hands are now higher, drawing to eight of nine outs for an 8:1 payout is a lot more reasonable than it would be in Jacks or Better.

    All American Poker is a game with a bit more variance and a slightly lower payout rate than Jacks or Better, making it less lucrative to play but a lot more fun for many people. After all, no one wants to stand pat on a single pair and simply get their money back, and All American Poker provides plenty more opportunities to go after draws profitably. You can try a variation of the All American Poker at just about every online casino out there, and if you like gambling it up you will certainly not be disappointed.

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