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  • iPhone casinos let players enjoy a fully-rounded online gambling experience playing from their iPhones, usually without requiring them to download or install any apps.

    Rewind to the late nineties, and the topic of discussion here would have been laughed off. Leaders in the online gambling industry did not see the ‘fit’ for mobile casinos in the industry. Why would they phones were utilitarian devices, the few mobiles around had useless screens and for the most part were barely useful as phones!

    Fast forward to today and the humble phone has become a handheld mini-super computer and mobile gambling has turned the tide by surpassing regular desktop gambling in terms of players, deposits and development importance. The future is now and mobile gambling is king!

    The Mobile Way is the Trendy Way… But Why?

    What is it about the once humble telephone that saw its progeny, the iPhone, get too big for its boots and ultimately oust computers, laptops and even the more recent tablet as the go to device for this generation?

    • The iPhone evolved from merely being a device that make phone calls. They pretty much run our lives today. They run our calendars, they are our memo books, our email inboxes, our banking terminals and much more; all from the palm of your hand. It simply stands to reason that your favourite pass time should also be managed from this same device. The convenience of an ‘all in one’ device, kept in your pocket, is second to none.
    • ‘On the Go’ entertainment saves time a precious commodity in this day and age. Having access to a mobile casino from your iPhone ensures that you can play during your spare time that would otherwise be wasted. Spin the reels while riding the bus or deal a hand of blackjack while waiting in a queue. Any advantage in this ‘rat race’ of a life we lead, is welcome!


    Amidst the rise of ‘mobile’, are two fierce rivals in mobile software, that dominate the market. The highest market share belongs to Android software phones with second place belonging to Apple products, which run their patented iOS.

    Biggest Brand! Although Android dominates the mobile installation market due to many branded devices opting to make Android their operating system of choice, Apples iOS software is exclusive to their products. This exclusivity means a smaller reach yet it is the single most popular mobile brand for gambling.

    Select Your Gambling Destination!

    There are to primary ways of playing at iPhone casinos. Either you can download an iPhone application at the ‘Apple iStore’ or you can play direct from a web browser at a mobile casino near you.

    1. iPhone Apps

    These are downloadable from the ‘Apple iStore’ for your favourite mobile casino applications. Once downloaded you will be able to register an account and link the app to it. Thereafter, all you need to do is pull your phone out of your pocket and click on the casino app. Within seconds you will be able to select one of many games to play or take advantage of an exclusive iPhone bonus package.

    App(licable) info: An ‘app’ is a software application that is downloadable to a mobile device. Its programming ensures that the communication between the hardware and software is enhanced and that the device is able to communicate with the programmed software efficiently.

    The benefits of gambling on an iPhone app:

    • The game play is optimised for use with an iPhone
    • Limited internet connectivity is needed
    • Fast and direct on-device access to the casino


    2. Web Browser

    In the past, playing casino games from an internet browser was a spotty affair. By this, we mean that the gameplay was not smooth as there were constant breaks in transmission and reception. Bigger games would cause constant issues. Game graphics and controls were lost on tiny mobile devices. It was because of these factors that ‘mobile apps’ became so popular for mobile gaming.

    A breakthrough came in the browser segment through the introduction of HTML 5 technology, that optimised a web-based browser for mobile devices, thereby opening a whole new world up to your iPhone.

    The ‘Geekology’ of HTML 5: One of the major benefits of this advanced web coding language is the capability to play audio and video natively. This means no need for unsafe, bandwidth heavy 3rd party plugins – just what the iPhone needed to load its gorgeous mobile slots safely and quickly!

    Coupled together with the advanced hardware technology on phones today, you are now able to play games directly on the internet without the need to download anything to your phone. Most popular online casinos have a mobile version of there casino available for you to play on via mobile specialised browser.

    Benefits of playing on iPhone Browser:

    • No unnecessary downloaded apps cluttering up your phone.
    • A greater variety of iPhone casinos available
    • Easy movement to multiple casinos with a few taps on the screen


    Games, Glorious Games!

    While it is a fact that there are far fewer casino games available on iPhone casinos as opposed to their download versions, however that is simply down to the fact that online casinos have been in business for a decade longer than their mobile compatriots.

    Having said this, we must acknowledge that presently, mobile games are being prioritised by many of the igaming giants. Providers like NetEnt often release a game on mobile before the online version is available. There are also various games titles being released every month, which are exclusive to the mobile igaming platform. This prioritisation of mobile games is an acknowledgement by providers of where the future of gambling lies.

    Gambling on at an iPhone casino will not leave you unsatisfied as all the major casino game types are on offer – with more being added every month, get mobile today and play:

    One of the more recent additions to the iPhone casino games suite, live dealer games have been a huge success. Adding the gambling-on-the-go aspect of mobile games to the thrill of going head-to-head with an actual croupier is simply fantastic!

    Game Optimisation

    iPhone Casinos have optimised games for touch screen interaction, so you will find that the gameplay controls are in different positions to that of the online titles. Each game is also full customised to play better on a small screen. This ensures that your entertainment value remains the same while visiting an iPhone casino.

    Welcome! Grab A Bonus and Enjoy!

    One of the surest ways that iPhone Casinos extend their hand of friendship and hospitality, is in the way that they offer you an exclusive array of promotional bonuses to use at their online establishments. In fact, you are guaranteed to get far more bonus offers at an iPhone casino than you will from an online casino. This is presumably down to the degree of competition in this segment.

    Some of the more popular bonus types offered at these casinos include:

    • Sign-Up Bonuses

    These are once off bonuses that can either be claimed with or without an initial deposit. Some of the more popular variants include:

    These are available to existing customers at the casino. These offers are usually quite similar to some of the sign-up bonuses, but can include:

    - Loyalty Bonuses

    - VIP high roller bonuses

    - Cash Back Bonuses

    Over and above the bonuses already mentioned here casinos regularly hold competitions where the prizes can range from dinner, to a family vacation, to a car! These competitions and giveaways are a great way to get a little extra bang for your buck when playing at your preferred mobile casino.

    Know Your Terms! “Wagering Requirements” are a set of playthrough rules for bonuses. The amount awarded by a bonus will need to be wagered through a stipulated number of times before wins can be claimed. Be sure to visit the ‘terms and conditions’ portion of the bonus page to familiarise yourself with the playthrough/wagering requirements.

    Your Money, Safe As Houses

    For ease of use all your payments and withdrawals can be made directly from your iPhone. Most of the convenient banking methods available at your favourite online casino will be available here as well, including the industry favourites ‘Neteller and Skrill’, which are two of the faster and more efficient forms of e-wallet services.

    Payments are fast and secure through your iPhone Casino, but be sure to read up on the terms of each banking method as they all have their own fees and costs which you need to be aware of.

    Batten down the hatches: Securing your account is one of the casinos priorities. In fact, mobile casinos now offer multi-level SSL (Secure Socket Layer) data encryption algorithms, which is the same level of encryption employed by most banks. Now that’s safety!

    One, Two, Three, Four, Sign Me Up For More!

    With the advances in iOS technology, secure app stores, HTML 5’s plugin free development and SSL browser encryption mobile gambling is both safe and secure, as well as easy to access and massively fun.

    To help you make the best decision when signing up with a reputable mobile casino we recommend reading through the community feedback and reviews. Also give the casinos awarded the GamblersPick Select tag a look as we’ve researched them and consider them to be worth your time.

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    Where can I find iPhone casinos?

    Most of the leading gaming sites these days offer iPhone casinos, allowing their players to log in and play using their iPhone web browsers.

    Is there a difference between iPhone and Android and other types of online casinos?

    These days, gambling sites have made their offer pretty much uniform, so whether you play at an iPhone casino or via any other platform, differences are almost non-existent.

    Do I have to download anything to play at iPhone casinos?

    While there are still some apps available as well, most of iPhone casinos these days are of the instant-play variety, meaning you can play from your browser, without having to download or install any additional apps or software.

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