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  • 22_bulb.pngBingo, or lotto, as it is called in some countries, still bearing its original Italian name, is one of the famous games in world. As a game of chance, it implies betting real cash in order to win. Popular in brick and mortar casinos and halls, bingo has now come online. Let's see how you can play real money bingo and get cash prizes.

    22_bingo.png Real Money Bingo Explained

    To start playing Bingo with real money, you first need to register an account in an online casino or bingo hall. After picking a reputable casino with good reviews and nice bonuses to new players, you just need to provide your personal details by filling out the signup form, which is really quick. Then, you will usually be offered two options: free play and real money play. If you are a newcomer or want to test some strategies, we recommend you using the free play opportunity, and only after that switching to real money. If you feel confident in playing real cash bingo, then you can start betting real money right away. One way or another, you will be eventually playing real money game, as it is the only way to win.

    To make real bets you will need of course to deposit some money on your account. Most online casinos allow you to leverage all popular payment methods, such as credit cards, bank transfer, and most e-wallet options. Try to determine an amount you're comfortable to risk with and go ahead to deposit it on your account. Once done, you can start making real money bets and winning real cash!

    Most online bingo halls offer different variations of real money bingo, so it may be a good idea to get familiarized with them before choosing the one you want to play. In essence, however, the rules stay the same: numbers are announced one by one, and your goal is to have all numbers covered on your card (or a part of it, i.e. a column or a row).

    Playing bingo is fun, but with real money versions you can have both fun and nice cash wins, which is much better than just fun!

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