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  • 22_bulb.pngFour of a Kind Bonus Poker is a video poker game that plays very similar to the classic Jacks or Better video poker game in most ways. The paytable is the same and there are no wild cards or jokers involved, so one could easily be tricked into thinking they are playing Jacks or Better.

    The main difference between the two games is the bonus feature that can be triggered in the Four of a Kind Bonus Poker, which makes it very similar to a video slot in many ways.

    The lucrative bonus feature is triggered every time a player makes four of a kind and can award lots of cash compared to the starting bet, adding even more value to the game of video poker.

    22_video-poker.png Hitting the Four of a Kind Bonus

    For the majority of hands, Four of a Kind Bonus Poker is played in an identical fashion to Jacks or Better. Players are looking to make a poker hand stronger than a pair of jacks, with two pair being the first hand that actually makes a profit, while big pairs win back the bet that is made.

    In strategic terms, this means that keeping any pair to chase trips is a good idea and since there are no wilds involved, keeping any winning hand is obligatory. Chasing after straights and flushes can be profitable at times as well. However, going after four of a kind is what this game is really all about.

    Once you are able to hit four of a kind in this game, you will be awarded a bonus feature, which can differ somewhat depending on the particular variation you are playing. Generally speaking, the bonus allows you to pick between 1 and 3 cards from a deck of 53 cards, awarding you money for each card you choose, depending on the card value, with the joker card awarding the top possible prize and the game’s jackpot.

    This interesting twist to the game certainly makes Four of a Kind Bonus Poker a lucrative and extremely fun game to play, so if you were on the lookout for some change from the basic forms of video poker, checking this one will not leave you disappointed.

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