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  • 22_bulb.pngIf you have always hated that most video poker machines make it so difficult to make a strong poker hand, than Deuces and Jokers video poker is the game you need to try. The game uses a total of five wild cards, with all deuces and a single Joker all acting as substitutes for other cards, making five wilds the top ranked hand in this game, with a payout of 2.000:1.

    As you would expect from a video poker game with so many wilds, Deuces and Jokers only start paying at three of a kind and payouts for hands like straight, flush and four of a kind are quite low. Players will find themselves often breaking even by easily making three of a kind or better and at other times chasing great draws with three wilds or two way straight flush draws with multiple wilds.

    22_video-poker.png Playing Deuces and Jokers

    Deuces and Jokers is an extremely entertaining video poker game as it introduces new gameplay dynamics that is not present in games like Tens or Better. Unlike in those games, you have basically no incentive to chase hands like flushes or full houses, which is why discarding all cards by wilds is often the best possible option. Or course, you will still want to leave winning hands in place sometimes, but keeping high cards or weak draws does not make sense, when payouts for multiple wild hands can be so lucrative.

    Unlike Deuces Wild, Deuces and Joker does not provide any boosts to the payout table when betting the maximum amount of chips, but does offer the players a chance to play a fun double or nothing game, trying to pick out a card higher than the one dealer is holding.

    Players who are looking for a low variance and high paying game with a reasonable chance of making a proper hand will find that Deuces and Jokers is an absolutely thrilling game full of promise and great winning opportunities.

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