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  • The online gambling world revolves around offering gamblers the best service, the smoothest deposit and withdrawal options and of course unique and lucrative incentives to ensure they become loyal patrons of the casinos they choose to sign up with.

    The challenge here is that unlike a land-based casino there is very little that can be done to attract a new casino player to a new casino. Land-based gambling meccas host celebrity performers, run crowd magnets like boxing and MMA title fights – or in the case of Las Vegas, setup themselves up as a no holds barred destination. Who doesn’t know the moniker: “What happens in Vegas stays Vegas”?

    The main drawcard for online and mobile casinos, beyond their reputation for fair play and honouring jackpots, is their ability to offer free and deposit based bonuses.

    At GamblersPick we have worked with our promoted online casino brands to compile an excellent suite of exclusive welcome bonuses for you to enjoy!

    Truly Exclusive or Just Hype?

    While there are thousands of online casinos offering players promotions and bonuses to sign up for real money, these offers are available to any Tom, Dick or Harry who visits their site and wants to try them out.

    When it comes to online gambling players with discerning tastes that simply will not do. And the online gambling destinations know this, for this reason they offer select partners the opportunity to promote hand selected bonus offers to an equally select group of gamblers.

    These bonuses are split into two key categories, including bonuses exclusive to a site such as GamblersPick. These are bonuses we alone would have permission to promote on our site. While unique to the site anyone visiting GamblersPick can claim this exclusive promotion.

    The second grouping of exclusive content would be the crème de la crème of gambling incentives. This would be the secret stash of bonuses, promotional codes and even competitions that are only available to the GamblersPick Community.

    To stand in line to access these top tier offers you simply need to sign up for GamblersPick Community and we will send these unique offers to your inbox!

    What Makes an Exclusive Bonus Exclusive?

    Exclusive bonuses are just what they say on the label – exclusive! To carry this prestigious label the exclusivity of the offer needs to follow through to the bonus offering, the access to or availability of the bonus and even the terms associated with the offer.

    There are 4 key compliance factors for a bonus to make this list are:

    1. The bonus or incentive has to be available exclusively through GamblersPick.
    2. The bonus can be shared directly with our community members through email or social media, while not being found online.
    3. The bonus offering is superior in value or enticement to what is found on the casinos current Welcome Bonus or Promotions pages.
    4. The bonus should have more favourable terms for play through and depositing than is found on the casino welcome bonus or Promotions pages.

    The added benefit of these bonuses to you as the player is that it requires nothing more from you than any other promotion would. Simply by your association with GamblersPick do you gain the benefits of these far superior bonuses and promotions.

    We even send them direct to you inbox, saving you the hassle of having to search the site for newly added bonuses that suit your player status.

    What Can I Expect?

    Exclusive bonuses will come in the tried and trusted Welcome Bonus formats you’ll be comfortable with. These bonus types or categories will include:

    • Deposit Match Bonuses: These are bonuses where based on a deposit you make with a specific casino, and parameters such as value, frequency, deposit method and time of year will net you various valuable percentage based bonuses.
    • Free Spins Incentive: These incentives are usually tied to new game launches, or even the growth of progressive jackpot prize pools, and will offer you a number of free games on a specified slot.
    • No Deposit Bonuses: Here you will be awarded a set number of casino credits with zero money down to claim and wager them. Depending on your VIP status and the exclusivity of the promotion on offer this can run from €10 to several hundred Euros!

    These are simply the bonus types you can expect to receive, and as such there is nothing confusing or unorthodox about them. The sweetener will come when you receive the actual individual bonus offers the value exceeds the norm by leaps and bounds.

    The idea of receiving a Deposit Match Bonus is nothing new or exciting, getting up to 100% on your deposit is normal. However the chance to receive a 400% match offer through an exclusive promotional push is absolutely fantastic!

    What about Bonus Terms?

    All online casinos bonuses come with Terms and Conditions related to what needs to be done to claim the bonus, what games will or won’t contribute towards the wagering requirements and terms governing cashout and withdrawal thresholds.

    These are defined as following:

    • Wagering Requirements: Before you can cash out your credit balance from a bonus you need to play through either your bonus, or the sum of your bonus and your deposit, a set number of times. This can range from 20x to 50x depending on the value of the bonus and your VIP status.
    • Minimum cashout deposit: With many free bonuses once you have satisfied the wagering requirement would still be required to make a small deposit (as little as €10) to activate your withdrawal request.
    • Maximum withdrawal: On free money and Free Spins offers the casinos can set withdrawal limits on your winnings. These can be as low as €100 irrespective of the amount won.

     While these are the default for most online bonuses that is not to say these will be enforced when it comes to exclusive bonuses. Over and above the bigger bonuses and better prizes often exclusive promotions come with reduced wagering requirements, or in cases of game specific promotions those games can add more to your playthrough requirements – in really special cases maximum withdrawal limits have been known to be waived!

    Comp Point Collector: Achievement Unlocked

    Another way in which casinos are known to show their appreciation for your support is through offering Double or even Triple Comp Points on specific bonuses or promotional periods.

    On the surface this might not seem like much however when you consider that, in most cases, every 100 comp points you accumulate can be exchanged for 1 credit. These comp points are calculated automatically every time you wager €10 – irrespective of whether the wager is placed using your own money or casino bonuses or free spins!

    The average gambler can easily rack up 10,000’s in wagers without realising it, and without every knowing they have these Comp, or Loyalty, Points waiting to be cashed in for cash credits.

    The combined effect of playing a boosted exclusive bonus, while receiving 2x or 3x the normal comp points will ensure you have a healthy crop of credits waiting to be claimed at the end of the promotion!

    No Jumping Through Hoops

    Claiming your exclusive online bonus is as easy as claiming any other incentive you’ve ever played. While one would rightly think that you would be made to work for this access to better and more exciting bonuses that couldn’t be farther from the truth!

    • No Promo Code Needed – exclusive bonuses shared via email will only require you to click the link and access your real money account, new players will of course need to register first, and there will be no need for special promotional codes to be submitted!
    • Come As You Are – unlike high roller bonuses exclusive bonuses only require you to be on the community mailing list. There are no predetermined qualification factors such as lifetime deposits to be a recipient.
    • Added Value – claiming and enjoying these excellent exclusive bonuses does not cancel or replace the other offers available from a casino you play with. These are top up bonuses which acknowledge that you’re part of an elite group, and can still claim all the regular promotions as well.

    In some instances making use of an exclusive promotional offer could net you more than one bonus off a single deposit. There have been cases where a casinos weekend offer, for example, has simply stipulated a bonus for each deposit of the weekend. Claiming an exclusive bonus from said casino that weekend has resulted in two bonuses off one deposit. Be sure to read the exclusive bonus terms and the regular bonus terms thoroughly to see if this could play out in your favour.

    Love the Middle Man

    While it would seem possible to simply approach online casinos directly and request access to special bonuses with better than normal requirements the reality is that you simply would not get the attention you deserve without proving yourself to be a true High Roller.

    GamblersPick has built a reputation in the online casino industry as a trusted portal and for this reason we receive access to these private bonuses and other exclusive incentives.

    Best of all we take the time to build these relationships with the best of the best, which means you can spend your time enjoying stellar casino entertainment while we work on getting you access to the a range of offers from an array of premier online and mobile casinos.

    Stake your exclusive bonus claim today by joining our community!

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    How can I increase the chances of getting an exclusive bonus?

    Subscribe to the casino’s website and visit reputable casino-related websites like GamblersPick. We are updating our website on a regular basis.

    Why should I use exclusive bonuses?

    Simply because they don’t require anything from you. As a player, you will just get more chances to win big.

    Does every online casino has an offer like this?

    The answer is no, but most of them have such offers.

    Do I need to use a bonus code?

    The process is usually automated, but there are situations when you have to use a bonus code.

    What can I expect from these bonuses?

    You can expect anything from free spins and free play to cash rewards.


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