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  • 22_bulb.pngKeno is a very old casino game that comes with simple rules. It first started in China, but today people all over the world can play keno thanks to online casinos. This lottery-like game promises greats odds and prizes, but these things depend on the casino you select and the strategy used in the process of playing.

    22_keno.png Real Money Keno Explained

    There are two ways in which you can play keno – real money keno and free keno. Obviously, the real money keno requires a certain amount of money that will be used as a bet. Players can play real money keno in land-based casinos and other physical facilities and on the Internet. Most of the online casinos today have at least one real money keno game in their offer.

    Real money keno comes in a few different versions, but most of them come with 20 to 80 spots. If you have decided to play this type of keno you will have to buy at least one of these spots that represent numbers. In case any of these numbers is drawn, you should be able to get a prize. The keno drawings that are part of these real money keno games include numbers from 1 to 80, but players can usually buy up to 20 spots. Keep in mind that even if you buy 20 spots, it is virtually impossible to get 20 out of the first 20 numbers that are drawn.

    In case you are interested in playing real money keno, you should focus on the house edge. Try to use a keno game with the optimal house edge. It’s also a good idea to stick to keno games made by reputable software developers and offered in well-established online casinos. 

    Generally speaking, real money keno is an excellent option for beginner and veteran casino players looking for a simple way to win money.

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