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  • 22_bulb.pngA very popular variation of video poker in online casinos, Deuces Wild is a video poker variation that adds an interesting twist. Instead of using a wild card or a joker, the game simply makes all the deuces in the deck wild, as they substitute for any other card needed to make a winning poker hand.

    Of course, the nature of the game gives players more legitimate poker hands, making the value of all payouts much smaller than that in games like Jacks or Better.

    The player has to make at least three of a kind to get his money back in Deuces Wild, but such hand combinations are a lot more common, given that four of the 52 cards in the deck act as wilds.

    22_video-poker.png Deuces Wild Hand Values and Gameplay

    Deuces Wild plays a bit different to regular video poker games as the player needs to pay special attention when drawing new cards. Pairs and two pair hands now hold no value, so players need to go after big hands a lot more often. A hand like four of a kind only pays four times the initial stake, which is significantly less than the same hand in most other video poker variations.

    Players also benefit greatly from betting the maximum five chips per hand every time, as the value of the royal flush payout increases twofold when maximum bets are made. By betting just 5 coins, the player can win 4.000 coins with a royal flush and given the amount of wild cards and the fact there is a draw to be made, making this hand is nowhere close to impossible.

    Deuces Wild is an extremely high paying video poker game with reasonably low variance and a great chance of hitting the major jackpots, which may be lower than those in many other video poker types, but are also a lot more attainable.

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